Call for Comments! What’s your go-to “briefcase”?

briefcases for womenWe’re prepping for our next “Hunt” article: this time, we’re tackling briefcases/attaches/totes for businesswomen. Sure, the USB drive is all you need most days, but what do you carry when you’re going to a big meeting or to court and need to carry some serious documents (and look serious doing it)?

Suggestions welcome — please comment below when you get a chance. If possible, please mention where it can be bought. (For example: the classic nylon Kate Spade bags — are those sold anywhere, still? We’ve been trolling the various sites and can’t find them anywhere…)

Photo courtesy of lanuiop’s Flickr set.


  1. Ah, the briefcase. I knew I needed one but waited until after I already got my first real job as a licensed attorney. I looked at tons of them, assuming I would go with basic black or brown leather. I liked nothing I saw, and I feared that a black or brown briefcase would never be a perfect match to my mostly black suit/neutral/conservative palette, and therefore it would always look “off” and, frankly, cheap. So I decided to by a zip-top briefcase in smooth, dark cherry leather. It’s the best choice I could have made — it’s professional and sleek, but also has an element of style and makes the kind of statement I want to make: that it’s possible to be professional and tasteful while still expressing a degree of individuality.

  2. But which briefcase did you end up getting? Where can *we* purchase one, as well? ;)

  3. A couple of years ago I received a briefcase from a client as a gift. It was a TUMI leather briefcase ($395) but slightly on the masculine side. I exchanged it for a more feminine-purse like briefcase ($350). It is professional and feminine but not really sleek and stylish. Unfortunately I did not realize until I carried it around for an entire day that it is pretty heavy empty. Next time I will aim to get a real “lightweight” briefcase and one that has more style. I tried to go to the TUMI website and find it but no luck.

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