Coffee Break: Carolyne 70mm Fabric and Snakeskin Halter Pump

This Manolo Blahnik pump looks perfect — in fact, I don’t know if a pump can get more perfect than this. I love the snakeskin trim, the covered stiletto heel (2.8″), the pointed toe, and the halter slingback strap. I think it’s classic and fun at the same time. Minor detail: It’s $735 — but then, it’s Manolo Blahnik. It’s available in sizes 5–12 at Neiman Marcus. Carolyne 70mm Fabric and Snakeskin Halter Pump

Tough act to follow, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, Violeta (by Mango) has a faux snakeskin slingback. Also, right now Bergdorf’s has a Manolo slingback pump with a snakeskin buckle that’s reduced from $765 to $535.

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  1. earring question :

    for those who wear studs to bed, do they scratch your pillowcases? Debating getting diamond studs which I’d leave in 24/7 but worry they’d shred my satin pillow cases.

    (I asked yesterday but it was too late to get a response!)

  2. Do you notice that you feel more uncomfortable/mediocre/not great about your work during periods where you’re really growing and learning a lot (career-wise)? I’m reflecting on my situation right now and wondering what others’ experiences have been.

    • Anonymous :

      This is me at the moment. But I’m too drained by it all to do anything but follow this conversation and see if anyone has any words of wisdom.

    • Hadn’t thought about it before. But for me it’s just the opposite. It’s when I’m caught in a rut of the same type of project that I start to go into a spiral of feeling like I’m wasting time/failing. I feel way more on my game and energized when I’m chasing something new/getting to be creative/attending education and mixing with others/getting feedback from those with more experience and trying to adapt it to the task at hand. Having something new and shiny in front of me always makes me feel a little more confident that I’m on a good path. Exception being if there’s someone impossible to please on the other end–I can do critical (and kind of like a challenge) but can’t do “nothing I do makes him/her happy” if that makes sense. I could see then where learning periods would be miserable.

    • Yes, definitely and I think most of the time growth can only happen when we do things that are outside our comfort zone.

    • Anonymous :

      This is me right now. I recently started a new job and it’s tough.

    • I hope so. I moved into my first management role about six months ago and I have so many days when I feel average at best and wonder if I made a mistake in switching roles. I miss being the smart, reliable individual contributor. Doesn’t help that my group does a terrible job training/preparing new managers, so it feels like I’m learning everything on the fly.

    • Anonymous :

      A mentor once told me that the times in our career that are the most difficult are the times when we experience the most growth. Solid advice.

      • My longer post was eaten, but I co-sign this and add that from my experience, it takes 6 months to feel comfortable in your new stretch role.

    • Yes. I recall a specific period between making the transition from a junior associate to a mid-level and being asked to take on a lot more responsibility in my cases/be the most senior associate on a case and it was at least 6 months of feeling like a complete failure. I did lots of things wrong, was doing most things for the first time, and I just never felt like I knew what I was doing. A lot of the time I was petrified I was going to mess something up that was important but I didn’t. (I think the partner was keeping just enough of an eye on me to keep me from doing this but needed to give me a big leash to force me to make the transition). In retrospect, almost 5 years on, it was the biggest jump I’ve made in my career. I came out of that 6 months with a skillset I didn’t have before and have been able to refine that skillset and it has really served me well.

      • MeTooInAGoodWay :

        I took a new job that was a pretty big shift to me. There were days in the first 6 months when I would literally get up, look in the bathroom mirror and say, outloud, ‘time to fake it again’. After 18 months they put me in charge.

      • Anonattorney :

        Yep. That was my 2016 — transition to senior associate. It was horrible. So much anxiety and stress, questioning whether this was the right job for me, etc. I weathered the storm, though, and now I’m on a bit of a plateau where I’m getting comfortable doing things that I have done at least once before. It’s much more pleasant. I definitely enjoy working on becoming excellent at my job, rather than just becoming competent.

    • Whenever I am changing roles or taking on new stretch projects, I have mixed feelings – on the one hand, I love learning new things, but on he other hand, I feel incompetent during the first 4-6 months. And the second feeling is tough, even worse when you are a star employee. But after several transitions, I have my methods. First, I make sure that my boss and I are aligned on expectations and starting line (both admit I am starting from zero and I need time to learn new skills and then apply them several times before I can add 100% value). Secondly, roughly once per month, I do a review of what new skills I have learned that month or YTD, to convince myself that I am making progress. Then I reflect on how will this help me in my next role.
      And I remind myself constantly that it takes 6 months to fully get into the new role and I can only doubt myself after this period.

  3. Two Cents :

    This is the perfect height for me — not too tall, but not a kitten heel. Wish more designers made shoes this tall.

    • Anonymous :

      This type of shoe never stays on my foot. And these are so pretty and expensive that I am relieved.

      Question though: what do you wear with this? For some reason St. John suits come to mind or a fancy version of the Loft Julie-fit pants. This is also why I can’t have them: I’d make them look really schlubby somehow.

      • Skirts or dresses? Seems like most pants would get hung in the strap. This is hypothetical for me, my heel is just narrow enough to make sling-backs impossible.

      • To me they seem kind of evening, so I don’t think I would wear them to work

  4. jeans/pants shape :

    5’2 hourglass/pear shaped with athletic calves, need to replace some jeans and maybe some dress pants. I tend to keep pants for years so I want something classic that won’t look outdated quickly. What shape is right?

  5. Pretty shoe! Unfortunately I can’t manage to keep slingbacks on my heels.

  6. Hawaii Guide Books :

    I know people always recommend one Hawaii guide book series, but my google-fu is failing. What is is?

    And for those of you who honeymooned there, what was the highlight?

    If you had to choose between Maui, Hawaii and Oahu, which would you choose if you had 6 days?


    • Legally Brunette :

      The Ultimate guidebook series. Best books for Hawaii hands down.

      For a honeymoon, I would do either Maui (more touristy, amazing beaches) or Kauai (less touristy, amazing beaches and hikes). You can’t really go wrong. Oahu is fine but the other islands are so much nicer.

    • Anonymous :

      Hawaii Revealed is the guidebook series.
      It depends what you’d like to do. If you care about fine dining and want to stay in a luxury resort, Maui is probably your best bet. If you want great snorkeling and adventure (volcanoes!) the Big Island is a great choice. Kauai also has great hiking and beautiful natural scenery and has some fancy resort options too. I would not do Oahu on a first trip to Hawaii.

    • I would get the Ultimate Kauai guidebook and go to Kauai. It’s romantic, so incredibly beautiful, and less crowded/touristy.

    • Not a guidebook, but I highly recommend downloading the Gypsy guide app. It has guided driving tours of all the islands and is very neat!

      Re: which island, I think it depends on what you are into (food, beach, nature, history, isolation vs. development, etc..

      My favorite island to spend time on was actually Oahu, and I disagree that the others are *so* much nicer. Oahu is just more developed, but still has amazingly stunning coastline and rugged areas. I liked Oahu best for its food – best Japanese food in the U.S. and for pretty good prices. I still think about the freshly made noodles from Murakame Udon. The Hawaiian/other ethnic food offerings on Oahu are pretty good too. Basically, because it’s the most developed, it has the most options and with competition comes quality. I am also an avid hiker, and did some really great hikes on Oahu at a variety of levels of difficulty. All gorgeous. For history, you’ve also got the Pearl Harbor museum, Iolani Palace, etc. History is harder to come by on the other islands. Basically, if you want a combination of food/culture, beach, nature – I’d go Oahu.

      I liked Hawaii second best, for similar reasons. The Kona side is a bit more developed, but nothing like Waikiki. Some decent hotel/resort options. Did some really nice snorkeling there, and really enjoyed exploring Volcanoes National Park. The Hilo side was interesting and much more local / less touristy, but also less “nice” in the western luxury vacation sense of the word. Did some really cool tidepool snorkeling over there and explored some small towns (had good Thai food at Ning’s in Pahoa).

      This is a minority opinion, but I enjoyed Maui the least. The Road to Hana was beautiful and is a worthwhile day trip (especially with the Gypsy guide’s suggested stops – the black sand beach and the hike at the end were great). I also enjoyed a pineapple tour we did, and a tour of a dairy. I just found Maui kind of overpriced generally, and many of the nicest beaches require you to be staying at the affiliated resort making them off-limits for most people. If you just want to hang at a nice beach then by all means, stay at a nice resort and enjoy! I guess my view is that you can do that in the Caribbean/Mexico, so if you’re going to trek to Hawaii might as well explore some local culture and nature while there – which I think you can more effectively do on another island.

      • Oh, and duh – I didn’t mention specific Oahu beaches. Lanikai and Kailua Beach Park are pretty hard to beat in terms of beauty! I’d recommend staying around those beaches and renting a car to explore the rest of the island.

    • Mrs. Jones :

      I’d pick the Big Island. We honeymooned there and still talk about how amazing the volcano was.

    • I would choose Maui, but I would choose Kapalua or Kaanapali, not Wailea. I recently stayed in Wailea and found it to be expensive and more corporate than other areas.

      I loved loved loved the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. It was close to Kaanapali, not a lot of kids, and lots of great beaches and snorkeling if you don’t mind a bit of a walk. Lots of neat local restaurants within a 20 minute drive or so (Leoda’s Kitchen and Pies, Star Noodle, The Gateway, Honu). Plus it was just a gorgeous property and not crowded.

      Oahu is cool too, but I would choose something outside of Waikiki.

    • biglawanon :

      Close between Kauai and Big Island.

    • Maui! It has the best mix of activities for you to enjoy and it’s amazing.

  7. Too much print? :

    Thoughts on this dress? I’m really drawn to it. I have the same coloring as the model.,default,pd.html?cmp=AFC_US_CJ_ShopStyle+Inc._Brooks+Brothers+Product+Catalog_2178999&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=cj&utm_campaign=2178999&cvosrc=affiliate.cj.

    • It looks like an adult wearing a catholic school girl uniform to me… the shape is nice though!

      • i like the print but I think it’s the shape that makes it too much. The combo of 50s silhouette and the plaid is just very preppy Xmas part together. BB has a few other plaid options in different silhouettes that I think would be more versatile for work.

        • Rosa has this dress, or something VERY similar to it. I do NOT know where she got it, but she looks like a high school student! Ed loves lookeing at her and when she looks younger, wearing this, Rosa says she barely can walk upstairs b/f he wants to have s-x with her! If ONLEY I could find a decent guy who would treat me like this, I would be MARRIED by now! FOOEY!

    • Anonymous :

      It reads like a private school uniform or Christmas outfit to me. A little costumey.

    • If you’re very preppy in the “I wear chinos with small animals embroidered on them” sort of way, I think this would be pretty for an office Christmas party.

    • It’s cute but feels a bit school girl/girlyish to me.
      If you can pull it off more power to you

    • To be completely honest, my first thought was “American Girl” doll. My second thought was Christmas wrapping paper. I do agree the shape is nice though.

    • Anonymous :

      I effing love it, actually. I do think the cardigan makes it a bit Little Girl in Church, but as a stand-alone garment I think it’s terrific.

    • I’d wear it with pointy high heeled black knee-high boots and a black moto jacket and pretend it was Alexander McQueen.

      I like kind of punky plaid. This is rather little girl, but the right person could probably punk it up nicely.

  8. Anonymous :

    Please help me be more successful at Bumble. I’ve tried it several times before and I find it so hard to get a conversation going. I try to ask questions, referring to their bio or pics, but sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get more than short replies from these guys. What gives?!

    I really want it to work this time. I’m so tired of being the only single person at a party.

    • Honestly, text less. If you exchange a few texts and the guy seems reasonable, just ask him out in person. Texting is not a great way to get to know someone. It took me a few years of online dating to come around on this strategy, but when I did had more, and more successful, dates.

    • That’s just Bumble. Every girlfriend of mine says that. It seems like lots of guys are on there just for the ego boost/for fun. Have you tried Ok Cupid?

      • I also have trouble with these websights. Men are NOT to verbal, even in person. Most just say 3 or 4 word sentences, and if you EVER get them on the phone, they grunt alot tend to say Yea alot but never come up with anything original or smart. If you do ever get to meet them, most just like to stare at your boobies and tuchus and then expect to you to do sexueal stuff with them on the first date! Can you imagine? Who wants to do sexueal stuff with a guy who just grunts? DOUBEL FOOEY ON THAT! THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL UNMARRIED! IT IS NOT YOU! IT IS THE MEN (OR SHOULD I SAY BOYS!) TRIPEL FOOEY!

    • Anonymous :

      I think that’s just how it works. It’s a pyramid. Swipe right lots, open lots of messages, get a few responses, get a few that are worthwhile, go on less dates. I really want it to work to but I don’t think you’re doing it wrong!

      • Anonymous :

        +1 You’re not doing it wrong, there are just limitations to the format. You can’t do anything to make the guy on the other end respond.

        Best bet is to diversify your dating sources – try other websites (like Match, where people have to pay as contrast to the free Bumble app) or in person meet-up groups. Bumble isn’t a magic bullet – it’s just a tool.

        • I’ve tried all the sites and had the most success (relatively) on Bumble, plus it seems like that’s what everyone in my area is using these days.

      • +1 It’s not you–I have had several guys tell me they literally swipe right on every single woman, and then they only actually look at profiles to decide whether they are interested (and hence if they will respond) once they get a message from a woman. (Grrrrrr, what a waste of everyone’s time, IMHO!)

    • Clementine :

      You’re probably not. It’s a numbers/luck game IMO. Read Modern Romance and just go on a lot of dates.
      Although here are my go-to icebreaker conversations.

      -Did you play any sports when you were younger? Dudes LOVED to tell all about their high school selves. This also helped me weed out a couple of guys who genuinely told me that their lives would never get better than HS football/hockey/lacrosse.

      -What’s the most underwhelming place you’ve ever been? More interesting conversations than the best place they’ve been, although conversations often go there.

      -If money were no object, what hobby would you pick up?

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve found it’s easier to have a standard opening line that asks a generic question. Like “I’m searching for a new spot for craft beers, what’s your favorite place?” (or whatever may interest you). Then you can transition the conversation if you’re interested in talking more, or if you’re getting short non-thoughtful responses, just move on. For me, spending less effort up front made it less disappointing when things didn’t go anywhere. And worst case, you have a new recommendation to check out!

  9. To think that I used to work with this guy.

  10. vicarious earring shopping :

    Shopping for small diamond studs or small fake-but-look-real diamond studs, something that could be worn with dress clothes or jeans (not sure what size that is), just to dress up my look a bit and help me feel more pulled together with minimal/no effort.

    The only requirement is no nickel in the jewelry and I think I’d prefer screw-backs since they’d be in 24/7. Lower price point is better but I’d pay a bit more if the price upped the quality since I’ll get lots of wear out of them.

    • Anonymous :

      I have diamond studs from Blue Nile that I wear 24/7. They are not screw-back, but I have never had an issue with them falling out.

    • KateMiddletown :

      • KateMiddletown :

        I have something v similar to this – platinum plated though, and I bought them small enough to look plausibly real.

      • +1 I love these CZs! I got the same carat size as my engagement ring in hopes they pass as a plausible purchase.

        • KateMiddletown :

          They’re great! I’ve had them since anniversary sale, and I wear them or my fake pearls every day.

    • Unsure about nickel :

      I bought these and usually cheap earrings bother my ears but I leave these in all the time with no issues. Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Cushion Cut 5mm Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings (1 cttw)

  11. future in house :

    I had two interviews back to back last week (for an in-house position at a large corporation). I felt like they went well, but it’s been radio silence ever since. They told me they would let me know either way at the end of my second interview. This is a bad sign, right? Would it be appropriate to follow-up with recruiter? I am further in the running for a less desirable position but really wanted that first job…

  12. Baconpancakes :

    Reassure me that my friend who has twice cancelled a visit I would be taking to stay with her for the weekend is just busy and not avoiding me?

    We live 3 hours apart, and while I’ve been up to see her a six or seven times since I moved away from that area, she’s come down to see me once. Neither of us have kids. For the past two years, she was working full time while getting her master’s, so I understood why she wasn’t terribly responsive to texts and wasn’t free to hang out, but she finished this fall, and she’s still not responsive. Last time she cancelled, it was because she sent a text to confirm and I didn’t get it (was having phone issues), and when I called right as I was about to leave for her house, she said she thought my ignoring her text was me cancelling. This time, she said her husband is out of town (my SO was also supposed to come) so she wants to reschedule. I offered to drive up just for lunch on a weekend, asked if she wants to come down here, nothing. I’m probably freaking out over nothing, but I feel like she’s friend-dumping me.

    • Anonymous :

      She sounds like a giant flake, but I wouldn’t necessarily assume she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. (I can totally understand if *you* don’t want to be friends with *her* anymore though, after how she’s been treating you.)

    • Anonymous :

      I would try not to read too much into it. My friends have become more and more like this as we get older. I think it’s just a function of being busy adults with limited free time.

      • Mabye she does not want you to bring your SO with you. I know I had this problem with Sheketvits. No one wanted him in their apartement, b/c they heard my stores about him vomiting and peeing on the floor. I actually could not blame my freinds for me NOT bringing my EX to events with me, b/c they just were not up for haveing to coddle a slob. I put up with it for to long, but finally freed myself from him. I do NOT think he ever got MARRIED either, but I would never take back that schlub! FOOEY!

    • If she is a good friend, tell her how you feel? If she’s not friend-dumping you, then she will react with genuine concern and apology, and if she is friend-dumping you, she’ll be insincere and not try to reschedule immediately.

      It sounds like you put a lot of effort into it and are not getting the response you want/need in a friendship. It’s hard and not what you want, but I would either talk to her honestly about your feelings or step back.

      • This. I would talk to her about it. If her response is “ho-hum” then you have a mismatch in friendship expectations–you consider her worth driving 6 hours for, and she doesn’t particularly even care if you come. If it’s a genuine mistake, I think she’d be pretty apologetic, especially since this is the second time.

    • Anonymous :

      Eh, she may not be friend dumping you but sounds like she also isn’t particularly interested in seeing you.

    • I think you’re overthinking this one – the first incident sounds like a miscommunication & this recent one sounds reasonably related to SO availability. What about offering to go visit on your own, sans SO?

      • Baconpancakes :

        That was the lunch offer – haven’t heard back from her.

        • You’re a dedicated friend – It’s not likely I would drive three hours for just lunch!

        • Eh, I’d still assume good intentions. I find scheduling so hard, life is busy, and people can have a lot going on that has nothing to do with you. I love my friends and want to see them but if they assumed our friendship was ending because I rescheduled getting together a few times, I’d have no friends left. It’s very unlikely that your friend doesn’t want to see you and highly likely your friend just has something else going on.

      • Anonymous :

        Disagree. If you’ve made plans with someone and then they don’t respond to one text, you don’t assume they’re canceling, you assume they didn’t get it/see it/whatever. You don’t assume they’re canceling.

        Idk what’s going on with this friend but she’s not being a very good friend to OP right now. I’d try to talk to her about it and if she gave me more BS I’d stop investing so much. Set a reminder to send her a card or something once a quarter to keep the door open. Friendships ebb and flow over a lifetime and it’s OK to not be as close as you once were, maybe you’ll be close again someday. But for now, spend your emotional energy where it’s going to be reciprocated.

      • To be fair, I think Baconpancakes overthinks a lot of things.

  13. Anonymous :

    Any lawyers here who’ve taken the CFA – just the first part? How much work was it and do you feel it helped you move your career in a business direction?

  14. How can I professionally indicate that I don’t want my current employer contacted in job applications? Obviously if I am offered a position that would change but right now I’d prefer to keep my job search confidential. any suggestions on wording?

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve never heard of a company contacting your references without asking you first.

    • It’s pretty standard that orgs don’t contact your present employer until the very end of the process and they have your express permission.

    • Anonymous :

      Put the word confidential somewhere near the name of your employer. If you’re giving a list of references, say “My job search is confidential right now so please do not contact ___ until after an offer is made and accepted.”

    • applying “in confidence” is the term that most people in the job application process understand to mean this, that your current employer does not now you’re looking for a new job.

  15. Leggings??? :

    Reposting due to request :) Thank you to those who commented. To clarify, I am thinking of these as casual wear (kid drop off and groceries) – I know they are NOT professional wear!

    Can someone with a little junk in the trunk please talk to me about leggings? I have been trying to embrace the idea that they are this magical wardrobe item that is comfortable and, worn with a flowy top, effortlessly polished. So I ordered about 15 of them to try from different brands and some were quite expensive and had rave reviews. All are going back. Conclusions:
    1. I do not find them comfortable. They bind my knees and calves and when I bend my legs, they stretch at the crotch and kind of pull down on everything. I am sure I got the right size (because comparing my measurements to other reviewers) and did try a few in a size up – those were just baggy at the knees and too long.
    2. I did not find them flattering. I have athletic legs that look just fine with skirts or shorts. In leggings, they looked short and stumpy. My “saddle bags” felt both squeezed and jiggly at the same time. Without a huge billowy top that completely obscured my waist, with bright lighting you could see the outline of my hip bones and my hip fat (which I don’t even have that much of!).

    I am going right back to wearing my bootcut yogas with a semi-fitted top.

    So – do you wear them? Are they comfortable to you? Was there a “break-in” period? Do you feel the “squeeze” at your widest parts? Do you feel the jiggle? Or did you give up on this “essential” like me?

    • I have a very common body type for Africans: very flat stomach, tiny waist and a massive derriere. the only leggings I wear are the thick ones from Zara, not all Zara leggings are the same so unless it’s the heavy ones, I don’t buy, the other option is actual riding leggings (for horse riding), these suck in everything, the last option is a specific legging from Lululemon called “All the right places” and this one is only for working out

    • For whatever it’s worth (I have a flat stomach, small waist, average rear, but very thick thighs), I’ve found that I have to pull leggings up very high – higher than would ever seem right – to avoid the crotch problem. They then settle in at the right place to wear normally.

      As for the look, do you regularly wear skinny pants? Are you used to seeing yourself in that silhouette? Because I know it was jarring for me when I first started wearing it. Also, leggings now are intended to be a little long with some scrunching at the ankles. (I think it’s to help out all our really tall friends.)

      My favorite errands leggings are the athletic ones from Old Navy. I’ve found that a space dye or heathered pattern is really fantastic for obscuring saddle bags.

    • It totally depends on brand for me. Some feel like vices and some are more comfortable than sweatpants.

      You could try to find a pair by the brand that make your favorite bootcut yoga pants?

      Also, look for a pair without elastic in the top of the waistband. This squeezes most I find. What you want is a double layer of fabric that provides nice compression and doesn’t cut in.

    • I work out in yoga leggings, but otherwise, they’re just not my style. They seem to look cute on others; I just don’t like how they look on me.

    • Have you ever tried the Hue leggings that are sometimes recommended here? I had no luck with leggings (every problem you mentioned and then some) until I tried these.

      • (I actually prefer compression leggings, and I have a different recommendation for those, but the Hue leggings don’t squeeze at all. I was actually kind of alarmed at how little it felt like I was wearing pants with them on, but if anything they look smoother, I guess since nothing is bunching up?)

    • I’m 5’8, size 16 pear. Large calves. Lumpy thighs. Leggings aren’t my style because I’m not a leg girl. I have great curves but I carry a lot of my weight in my legs. I want wide leg pants to come back in style more than anything. Fitted tops and defined waists FTW!!!

      I have a pair on today that I’m wearing with a long 2-fer sweater top with flowy bottom and boots. It looks *okay*. I’m not strutting around confident and feeling fab in this outfit. I actually think I look a little dumpy, but it’s ice and snow and misery outside and this outfit works with snow boots, so here I am.

      Someone wake me up when it’s 2020 and the world is like, “Ew. Who still wears leggings and skinny jeans?”

      • Also–I can’t tell you how disappointed I am when I check out retailer websites and see lots of pastel and spring colored skin-tight skinny pants on the page. I can’t with this style, people. Looks like another spring/summer of dresses for me.

    • Did you try the NYDJ leggings? I have the ankle zip version, they’re super comfortable and soft, slimming, not binding, and a little more pants-like?

  16. KateMiddletown :

    My favorite pair of lounging around the house pants is from Champion – the target version. They’re black “traditional” yoga pants – aka bootcut/flared black stretchy sweatpants. Old navy also has great ones in the more traditional cut.

  17. New computer? :

    Should I get a new laptop? Or should I get some sort of tablet? Think my options are: full on new PC, Pixelbook, Surface, or just get a keyboard for my existing iPad mini.

    I literally only need one for 3 things: typing personal emails, creating docs I can’t do on my work laptop (like updating my resume), and maybe checking financial statements (but honestly I usually just do that on my work computer). I do pretty much everything else on my work computer since I’m at it for most of the day or my iPad for things like browsing blogs.

    Leaning towards a Pixelbook or Surface but thinking that might even be overkill?

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      If you like your mini and it can do the things you want, I’d just get a keyboard for it. I’m wanting a Surface for when my current laptop dies, but those things are expensive, so if you just need it for emails and docs and can do that on your mini, getting a new laptop seems like overkill.

  18. EuroMover :

    How much of a pay cut would you take to move to Europe?
    We moved to a pretty European capital for reasons unrelated to my work, and after half a year of settling in (moving, unpacking, international shipping, more moving, more unpacking, 20 kilos of paperwork) I started interviewing but have an offer (yay?) but its a paycut from my last American salary (in HCOL city).

    • Depends on the country and really what amount of taxes are you paying (both in country and U.S. assuming you are American). Really need to look at it from your take home perspective. Also, are you in a European HCOL capital like London or Paris?

      Personally, all else being equal and assuming I wanted to move to Europe (which I do some day), I’d probably be okay with a 10-15% cut, adjusting for the fact that I won’t have to pay for things like healthcare out of pocket.

      • EuroMover :

        The question was triggered by some combination of curiosity and friends saying “but you get to enjoy Europe” , so not a super serious analysis or anything :)
        Details – i moved to a cheaper euro capital.
        Not American passports, so local taxes only.. and moved from NY/SF, so tax diff is about 6-7% in the end, COL is ~30% lower :D, cheese is better and mexican food is worse

        • Mineallmine :

          Ooo the best Mexican food I’ve had since moving to Europe was in Prague if you’re anywhere near there or visiting!

    • American in the EU :

      a) It’s not surprising there was a pay difference – that’s how I’d look at this, rather than a cut – unless you’re in Norway or Sweden, salaries are generally lower. b) Think about your purchasing power more than your salary in dollar terms. Can you buy the same level of life? Maybe even better? Can you continue to save – to your standards? I took a considerable pay cut moving to my current country (same org, just relocated from the US) but my ability to save in dollar terms actually rose and my purchasing power locally allows a much better quality of life than my prior US city.

      • EuroMover :

        Agree about the quality of life!
        No complaints on the move, but the sticker shock on salaries is real :D

    • I would not compare your European salary to the one you had in the US for several reasons: different COL, social security and other state-funded benefits you will be entitled to and generally the salaries (but also prices) are much lower compared to the US. Talk to a good recruiter who will be able to give you overview of market prices (salaries) in your area of expertise, figure out your expenses and amount you “need to” make and work from there. From my experience, the cuts will be much deeper than 10% (think 30-40% depending on job & country), but the actual salary will also enable you to live comfortably in Europe.

  19. I’m so sad to see the pictures of starving Rohingya children in the news today. I did some quick research on charities on charity navigator and there are several agencies doing good work there for kids such as Unicef, GlobalGiving, Doctors without Borders and Save the Children etc. Just an FYI in case anyone else had the same reaction from the news and wanted to donate.

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