Coffee Break: Christa Basic Pump

AK Anne Klein Women’s Christa Basic PumpReader J wrote in to sing the praises of these wine-colored pumps from AK Anne Klein:

They’re quite comfortable, the heel isn’t too high, and the cut out on the inside of the shoe gives it a little visual interest. And I love the wine color – not quite a neutral and not so bright that it couldn’t be worn with a wide variety of outfits The price point certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Oooh, we like. They’re on sale at Endless for $37 to $68 (the wine ones are $54), in sizes 6-10. AK Anne Klein Women’s Christa Basic Pump



  1. love!

  2. The black/ivory pattern is also quite pretty.

  3. I agree!

  4. LOVE these. I already have a pair too similar to them to justify buying these. I wear my wine-colored heels all the time, usually with a black/gray combination on top (black pants, gray sweater, or vice versa). I suppose they’d work with navy, too.

  5. I might be in the minority here, but I am so absolutely sick of patent leather already.

    • Hear, hear!

      I love the shape and color of these shoes, but I can’t deal with patent leather.

    • I am soooo over patent leather, even though I am wearing a pair of patent leather pumps at the moment (whoops) …it’s so hard to find any that are normal leather it seems.

  6. I actually got these on sale at Macy’s before Christmas for $29! I wore them with a dressy steel blue shantung dress. I’m curious what other outfits it could be worn with. I’m sort of stuck!

  7. LOVE it. I always love the side cut out on shoes. And the wine color is different without being too flashy.

  8. newassociate :

    OT – nordstrom is doing markdowns again. this dress seems office worthy.

    • I think that’s a great dress! Might be too short on me (I’m 5’9″) but would be a great length on someone just shorter?

  9. Pleather, um, no. (Snobbery, in the first degree, I know).

  10. legalicious07 :

    Nice! I like these!

  11. Hmm, it looks lower than a 3 1/4″ heel, can someone verify?

    • Way lower, I got the deep red ones to wear with my navy interview suit– they run a little big but they are perfect heel length and just beautiful on the foot. I was worried that the point was too long, which I have heard is so 90’s, but when on they look great.

      I would highly recommend them!

  12. Anyone have thoughts on these as office-appropriate (or not)?

    • Only if you’re Minnie Mouse. My office — contrary to what another poster said the other day about not being able to imagine ANY office where a certain pair of peep toes wouldn’t fly — doesn’t allow them at all. But even if it did, between the peep toe and the bow, I wouldn’t wear them. But maybe if I were in a more casual city and field.

  13. Patent leather yes, but not so sure about the super pointy toe. Aside from being uncomfortable and awkward to walk in, they seem kind of early 2000s to me, anyone else?

    • That is exactly what I was thinking! Plus, being from the PNW I had this vision that with the arch cut out I would end up with soggy hosiery.

  14. Chicago K :

    Does anyone have an idea if the wine colored shoe would be appropirate into the summer? I’ve never owned that color, and am thinking it might look good with kahki/beige suit pants when Spring/Summer finally rolls around.

    What is the ettiquite for colored shoes in summer time? Or is there not one?


  15. legalicious07 :

    Ordered these in wine in 1/2 size smaller. I hope they work!

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