Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Milly Ruffled Cotton Pique Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Oooh, great jacket from Milly.  We love the unusual elbow-length sleeves, as well as the ruffle and the single button.  We’d wear it with gray trousers and a bright pastel t-shirt (yellow? mint?) in springtime, and, perhaps, a long silver chain.  It’s $425 at Bloomingdales.  Milly Ruffled Cotton Pique Jacket

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  1. perhaps its because the model needs her hair washed and serious make-up remover, and is wearing what appear to be mom-jeans, but i’m not feeling it.

  2. Second. I simply cannot imagine myself in anything associated with a waistband that high. How can that pass without comment!?!

  3. TallTexGrl :

    Went searching for a less expensive version — thoughts on this one?


    I’m thinking it might also be cute with a spring-y color in a couple of months, and a more comfortable sleeve length too.

    • I actually like this one better. It looks more polished/structured to me. I also prefer the longer sleeves, becuase I think they open it up to wear in more seasons.

    • I like this one better too. Also, jackets like these are notice-able, i.e you can’t wear it each week, and it’ll likely look dated shortly. So a great price like the one you found would be especially important to me.

  4. Not sure how that jacket would look on more “buxom” ladies, as it has a single button with a low stance. That issue aside, very cute.

  5. Jacket is very cute. Model’s hair looks unwashed and stringy and I agree that the mom jeans are ick.

    As an aside, I know that some people on this site shop at QVC. I never have bought any clothes from there but this jacket looks adorable and has mostly good reviews. Anyone purchased this?


    • I own this in the navy and it’s great; good quality for the price. I think the black and brown versions aren’t as updated-looking. While shopping QVC requires a selective eye, you can come away with some stylish, good values.

      • jr – how is the quality of the jacket? Some of the reviews say that the jacket pills and snags easily.

        Also, have you seen the black version in person? That was the color I was looking at. Why does the navy look the most updated?


        • Haven’t had a pilling/snagging problem and I’ve worn in 2-3 times this winter. Haven’t seen the black in person, so just take my recommendation for what it’s worth and don’t let it dissuade you. I’ve always thought that black tweed fabrics look best and most sophisticated/expensive mixed with a single color, not multi like this jacket. The navy multi pairs really well with navy suit separates to look conservative for work and could also pair well with denim for weekend (although I haven’t done that look yet).

  6. Corporate Tool :

    Sorry to threadjack (I know that this is more suited to weekend open, but it’s Monday, and I’m stuck…)

    I work in a male-dominated office, there are NO women of my level of seniorty/responsibility or higher. The guys wear a shirt and tie every day. What does that translate to for me?

    I’m wearing jackets/suits 2-3 days a week, and the other days a button-down with a nice cardigan. Do I need to be wearing a jacket/suit everyday?

    • shirt and tie, no jacket? That’s just weird. Usually it’s shirt and jacket only first, and adding a tie takes it a step up. But if they aren’t wearing a jacket every day, I don’t think you need to. Cardigan should work.

      • I agree, and would actually go farther than that and say that even if they are wearing a jacket every day, you don’t need to, assuming your overall look is professional and polished.

      • Really? I’ve always seen ties before jackets in the U.S. where I’ve worked (and jackets before ties in Europe). I wonder if it’s one of those things you could map out by location.

      • I don’t think it’s weird at all. In my part of FL it’s just too hot for a jacket most of the year, so professional attire often consists of a shirt + tie outside of the courtroom. The practice was similar when I was in Japan during warmer parts of the year. In my experience, if men aren’t wearing jackets, women don’t need to either. A nice shirt with slacks or a skirt + a cardigan if you wish is totally fine.

        • Same. In my office in southern Florida the guys all wear shirt and tie, no jacket, every day. The women in my office are much more casual than the men, oddly enough. I think this might be regional… While the men are in ties every day, the women all wear open toed shoes, slingbacks, even nice leather flipflops during summer. Depending on where you are, you might need to keep it to suits, cardis and separates. But in my corner of the world, it’s just too hot most of the time… Like MelD said, a nice shirt with slacks or skirt or any combination of such with a sweater set and/or cardigan would be more than fine. We often wear a sleevless shell with a cardigan over it and if anyone were to remove the shel it would not be frowned upon.

          • Open-toed shoes seem to be much more acceptable in Florida. I’ve seen them everywhere in the summer, including sandals and the like. However, the women sporting this look always have impeccable pedicures.

          • I think you meant remove the cardigan… :)

            Women in my office are way more casual than men too, but also vary their looks more. The men mostly wear the same thing every day.

    • Men are clueless about women’s clothing and what constitues “business” versus “business casusal” versus “casual.” Short of standing out in a really bad way (i.e., wearing jeans or something ridiculous), I wouldn’t worry too much.

      If they are weaering shirt/tie, no suit, then I think you are fine in any of those combinations mentioned. Honestly, if they really aren’t wearing suits at all, you might be standing out in a bad way if you show up in suits a few days a week.

      Can you try mixing jackets/blazars with different bottoms? One of my favorite quasi-suit combos is a tweedy elbow-length jacket with a brown skirt and off-white shell. Its kind of in between full-on power suit and business casual in my opinion. Combos like that might fit in with your office atmosphere.

    • I have the same problem. The men all wear button down shirts and ties (no jackets) and I am the only female. Until recently, I have gone for the more formal route, full suit, just to avoid any of my co-workers thinking I was dressed inappropriately. Recently though I have gotten more casual and wear twin sets or button down shirts without a full suit. Baby steps…but it seems to be working fine – in all honestly I think I was too dressed up in the full suit.

      It is really hard to find the right line where you look like you “fit in” and are wearing the same “uniform” as your co-workers when they aren’t your sex. That is why corporette is great!!

    • All the men at my office wear shirt and tie, no jacket, too. Most of the women wear slacks or skirts and a sweater or blouse. I don’t think you need to wear a suit.

  7. what is up with those jeans!!

  8. I agree, the art director, photographer, stylist, and hair dresser for this shoot need to be replaced, stet. Lame that you can’t see the jacket detail and there’s no back view… That aside, this jacket does nothing for me. Milly is SOOoooOOoo overrated and overpriced, IMHO.

    • Completely agree. Milly also generally veers toward the ladies who lunch set.

  9. I like the elbow-length sleeves but not the ruffle (or the hair, the jeans and the price!). I’m actually wearing an elbow-lengthed cardigan sans ruffle from Ann Taylor Loft today that was significantly cheaper!

    • I have a ruffled jacket like this from ATL that I got for $50 at the end of December. It has the same length sleeves but 3 hooks instead of one button to make it better for the bustier girls who can’t do one button.

  10. Anne Vohl :

    To me, little ruffled jackets like this look like old lady clothes. Aren’t most of us trying to look younger, not older? And for the very young who are trying to look older, this is probably not the way to do it.

    • The ruffled neckline on dresses, shirts, and jackets is very in right now. I’ve seen women in all age brackets wearing clothes with ruffles lately. I don’t think it’s worth spending $425 on such a trendy item, but it might be fun to buy a few cheaper pieces to update the wardrobe.

    • While arguably ubiquitous to the point of being overdone, ruffles are everywhere now, not just for old ladies.

  11. I own a jacket very similar to that that works very well with black pants and a white or colored shit/camisole underneath and a fun necklace.

  12. uck, uck, uck. those jeans are terrible.

  13. I have to laugh at all the comments about the “mom jeans”, since there was some chatter on the weekend thread about finding jeans with a higher rise.

    • Haha- that was my comment. I have a long torso and most of the “modern fit” jeans are insanely low on me. I just want something high enough that it isn’t indecent when I sit down, not a mom jean like this one. :)

  14. I saw this jacket this morning on sale at Nordstrom and it reminded me of this post.


    I like the Nordstrom one a LOT better.

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