Coffee Break: Bobbie Pump

VOLATILE - Bobbie (Black) - Footwear We’ve been enamored of the brand Volatile since we saw a very fashionable woman wearing a pair of their shoes.  (Alas, we can’t remember if she was a personal style blogger or if she was featured in one of those “women on the street” things in a magazine.)  But:  the brand is part of’s one-day sale today, and the reasonably-priced selection does not disappoint — there are lots of fun shoes to add a bit of vintage flair to your working wardrobe.  We like these black patent pumps with a bow on the side — they were $70, now $35.  (We also really like them in the white.)   VOLATILE – Bobbie (Black) – Footwear



  1. I like them at first glance, but is anyone concerned that the bow + patent makes it look either cheap or childish, or both?

  2. Personally, I’m tired of the patent trend. I have several cute pairs of patent shoes I love, but enough is enough – its becoming impossible to find trendy non-patent black heels.

    • Yeah, I have noticed a lot of patent leather in stores lately. I don’t find it work-appropriate – it’s too shiny and girly and it seems unserious or something. Also, makes my feet sweat.

  3. The bow is more cuteness than I can handle w/ the patent leather for work, but for fun, I can see wearing them out — I also think the heel is cute.

    That said, I can’t imagine a use for white patent leather heels… They just seem like the unloved cousin of lucite heels…and we all know where those hang out….

    • Eh, I think that’s more of a cream or bone. Besides it just might be someone’s “nude”. :)

      • Also, that color is not in patent leather. I personally would not wear them, but I think they’re cute!

      • Good point — as previously discussed “nude” covers a wide range (heck, I’m so pale it might be my tone!)

  4. cute!!! the bow things is too cute for work though.

  5. legalicious07 :

    They should nix the bow!

  6. I’d wear them to work. I have plenty of patent, though, no point in buying another pair of black patent heels.

  7. Just FYI, they apparently had another price cut – the shoes are $28 now.

  8. You sound just like Big C. Why don’t you go somewhere else if you hate these clothes?

    • This is weird- I did not write this comment, but t is showing up on the screen as awaiting moderation as if I did write it.

  9. I love patent leather shoes. Shoes with bows, not so much. Although I could handle a shoe with a nice rosette.

  10. What does everyone think of these (or a similar shoe of the same color), paired with dark brown suits? Usually I wear dark brown/wine colored shoes with a brown suit.

    • Black shoes with a dark brown suit? I wouldn’t — How about these?

      I like that they have different shades of brown, but they might be too much for the office? Opinions?

    • Brown and black make me twitch, but I know plenty of women who do it.

  11. Luvs! Remind of the Pour Victoire Valda (waiting on my teal pair to arrive after months of stalking.)

  12. Blonde lawyer :

    MelD – that happened to me too the other day, but I was at work. I wonder if it means someone on the same IP address was posting. Funny if you were posting at the same time as an anonymous office mate.

  13. That would be funny.

    Does anyone else every sit at the same work station you do? Or get on your computer after you leave it? If so, make sure you clear out your cookies and browsing history each time you leave your computer. Otherwise, it would be easy for someone else to post as you.

    MelD and Blonde lawyer post pretty regularly though, so perhaps someone just used the same name knowing that they would be recognizable? I don’t know.

  14. yikes! creepy.