Coffee Break – DKNY Burnished Pleated Flower Large Hobo

DKNY Burnished Pleated Flower Large HoboI love the look of this burnished leather hobo from DKNY, available in burgundy (pictured, available at Zappos for $206.50), gray (also available at Zappos, for $221.25), green (available at Endless for $228.27 and Amazon for $202) and dark blue (available at Amazon for $177.) I like the pleats on the bag, the general size, the removable chain detailing as well as the “rosette charm.” Looks like a nice size in general, too. Note that most colors (except the gray) seem to be on the brink of selling out, so you may want to move quickly if you love it…



  1. AnonInfinity :

    All that talk yesterday about BarBri vs. Kaplan vs. self-study has helped bring the bar exam to the forefront of my mind.

    Lawyers — Did you start studying for the bar exam before graduation? For context, I did not take many non-required classes in bar subjects, so I have missed out on a couple of bar subjects in law school (Wills and Estates and Criminal Procedure are the biggies). Some days I feel like I need to get started on some of those subjects, and some days I think I should wait for BarBri to teach me everything…

    • I took a week off graduation and then started studying.

    • lawyerette :

      I studied on the Barbri schedule. Other than 1L courses and evidence, I did not take any other “bar” courses. You’ll be fine. There’s plenty of time to study. Oh and I also did not do any of the homework Barbri assigned in the first month (neither did any of my friends) and we all passed. I did do lots of online practice questions and a few practice essays though.

    • in the office :

      Do not start studying before graduation!!! Enjoy it and even take a few days off graduation (depending on when your bar/bri class or whatever starts). Take that time to relax and celebrate your accomplishment, because trust me, the studying will quickly become all-encompassing. Also, don’t worry about not having taken the bar subjects. The amount I learned/retained from my law school classes did not help at ALL for the bar.

      Bar/Bri does a REALLY good job at preparing you for that bar as long as you stick to what they tell you to do. You’ll be okay :) And if you’re thinking about it now, you’re obviously on your game and will be totally prepared. Good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      I am firmly convinced that an intelligent person who (1) has never attended law school but then (2) studies for the exam according to Bar Bri’s schedule could pass it.

      So, no, I didn’t start studying before graduation, and I don’t know anyone who did. Wait until after you graduate – you’ll be just fine.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        I completely agree – any undergraduate-degree-holder could, without going to law school, pass the bar just by going to BarBri and mostly keep pace with the BarBri schedule and assignments.

    • I feel like the few people I knew who did not pass were the ones who burned out because they studied very hard early on. I was a diligent studier doing BarBri from graduation through the end of June and then really buckled down in July. Someone had told me that after July 4th is when you really need to kick it up and I would agree with that. Any sooner and you’re too tired by the time the exam finally rolls around.

      • I did not do anything except attend the classes and take notes until after July 4th and I passes two state exams and the MBE with a high enough score to waive into DC. Don’t stress yourself out in the beginning (but, DO take it seriously for the last month to 3 weeks).

      • Another Sarah :

        This. I studied very hard early on, and could barely function in August. I thought I pulled it together for the Bar, but the bar examiners thought differently. When all is said and done, I probably shouldn’t have taken it in July and waited until February to regain my consciousness after law school and such. But you do not need to start studying before graduation.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Thanks for the reality check, everyone. The fear of catastrophic failure is coming more and more frequently lately. Sometimes I just need to be talked off of the ledge.

      [I know that failing the bar wouldn’t be a literal catastrophe, but I just really really really want to get law school and the whole thing behind me so I can start my career.]

      • AnonInfinity :

        And as a sad sidenote: I graduate on a Saturday and start BarBri the following Monday. Gross.

        • Oh for Pete’s sake: I started BARBRI two weeks BEFORE I graduated. With final exams, papers, etc.

          Cry me a river.

          • One, comments like Anon’s are exactly why I do not miss law school at all. Ahh the one-upmanship; ahhh the borderline sociopaths.

            AnonInfinity, if anecdotal evidence is at all a comfort to you, my Barbri class also started 2 days after graduation. I, however, couldn’t bear the thought, so I went on vacation for a week and missed my first 3 classes. It took a little while to catch up, but the time off did wonders for my mental health and I had no trouble passing the bar. I firmly believe that you do not have to religiously follow the Barbri schedule to pass, so give yourself a little slack.

            Unless you’re taking California, in which case, go to class!! ;)

          • C2, I completely agree with you. Regardless of what someone else had to deal with, starting barbri classes right after graduation is terrible and overwhelming after 3 stressful years of law school.

            Anon, she was looking for some encouragement and sympathy not someone implying that she is weak and can’t handle it. Your comment makes me really sad.

          • AnonInfinity :

            C2 and Miriam — Thanks for your encouragement! Luckily, it’s not terrible because my last final is a week before graduation, so I might go somewhere during that week. I will definitely relax, even if I don’t get to go somewhere.

            Anon — That does suck worse than a situation that already sucks. But the real question: Do you also go 12 hours without eating at work to prove you’re stronger than everyone?

    • K (different from the one above) :

      Even though it’s been eight (!) years….I feel your pain. This is what I tell everyone: Just do what Bar Bri says, and no one gets hurt!

      (And BarBri will *totally* teach you what you need for the Bar, no worries! Now relax, and just do what Bar Bri tells you to do….) ;)

    • OK, ladies taking the bar, listen up. The bar is a test of MINIMUM COMPETENCY. Yes, you need to prepare. Treat it like a job: devote 8-10 hours a day to it (attending classes + studying + a few practice exams), a few hours on the weekend, go to all the Bar Bri classes, and that’s it. I’ve passed 3 of them, all on the first try, and each separated by several years (and have told my husband unequivocally that I will never again move to a state that does not have reciprocity).

      The best advice I got was from my then-boyfriend the first time I took it (actually, this one piece of advice was the only thing of value I got from that whole relationship, now that I think back on it). I was completely stressing out, and he asked, what’s the pass rate? (In case you haven’t checked, it’s at least 70-80% in almost all states, and before you CA people start protesting, your fail rates are artificially — and significantly — inflated – the pass rates for CA first time takers from ABA accredited schools is equal to everywhere else — I know, I looked it up, because that’s one of my 3). So I responded to said old bf, 75%. He asked, when was the last time you were in the bottom 25 % of ANYTHING? Um, never. So why do you think you will be this time? And a light bulb went on, and that was the end of my stress. Yes, I studied, yes I took it seriously, but really, it’s just not that hard. It really isn’t – I should know. So don’t waste a lot of emotional energy stressing over it.

      • Agreed times 100. If you’ve traditionally done well studying and taking tests, don’t stress. Do the work, but don’t kill yourself.

    • I did not start before, AND I did not take bar classes beyond the 1L requirements. That means no Evidence, no Crim Pro, no second half of Civ Pro, nothing!

      And I passed my first time out. The only subject that was hard for me was Evidence, the rest were no more difficult than it was for my comrades in studying. And to be honest, I think Evidence was that hard for everyone (especially since we had a CA Evidence question on our exam…I think everyone failed that one).

      Let Barbri teach you everything, and don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a break from Barbri from time to time.

  2. I like this bag a lot, and like that the flower accent is removable. It gives the bag a youthful and unique edge that I would leave on the bag when using it on the weekend.

    Ladies, I have a question about reselling used handbags on ebay. Does anyone have any advice? I am over my Coach obsession from five or six years ago, and plan to list six or seven bags for $30-$40 a piece just to get rid of them. If I end up with enough to buy one new one for spring that I like, I will be happy.

    • BTW- I have no idea how that link ended up in my comment. I didn’t put it there.

    • Kanye East :

      The Purse Forum is a great resource. It’s geared more toward purchasers, but probably still worth getting acquainted with.

    • If you happen to have a Hamptons leather book tote (I think it’s called), I’ll take it off your hands! I love that style and I don’t think they make it anymore.

      • My favorite work tote is from the Hamptons collection and I keep wishing they would bring it back – it is worn out and despite looking around over the past few months, I can’t find the perfect replacement. The bags Coach has now are an improvement, logo and simplicity-wise, but not QUITE there.

    • Bag Borrow or Steal will also buy used handbags – no idea what their prices are, but it would be a guaranteed sale.

      For ebay – anything you have guaranteeing their authenticity will be important, and put up lots of actual pictures of the item. There are so many counterfeit items on that site, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

      • If you’re selling them that cheap, you could even try Craigslist.

        • problem with craigslist is you can only search your local area. you need a tool like that searches all of craigslist

    • I’ve sold many bags on ebay. Start your auctions as low as you can stomach letting the bag go for, but no lower. Provide lots and lots of photos (at least 4), including of the inside tag to show authenticity. Your photos should be well lit, detailed and not blurry. Disclose anything at all wrong with the bag and show a picture of it – (e.g. small pen mark on the inside lining) – this will help you get good reviews. Note that the bag comes from a smoke free and pet free home if that is true. Offer to combine shipping and make sure your shipping charges are reasonable. Time your auctions so that they end in the afternoon or evening on a weekend (Sunday is a great day). Good luck!

    • Any pics of your bags? :) I think I’d like to buy them!

    • Sell them here! I bet people would take them off your hands!

    • I’m definitely interested in any black bags you have!

  3. Threadjack/PSA: If you click this link, you can get 30% off from now through Sunday at the Gap, PLUS 5% of anything you spend goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Enjoy!

  4. Threadjack – Hair help!

    I’m a 22 year old accountant with straight mousy brown hair that is about five inches past my shoulders. It’s lightly layered and I have bangs. I’m starting to feel like my hairstyle isn’t very professional. My hair just hangs there and doesn’t look nice. What should I do? Should I cut it? Dye it? Both? I don’t want to look matronly since I’m only 22 but I also don’t want to look like I’m still in college. Please help!

    • If you’re truly open to anything, I think you should look through some magazines and/or just consult with a hairdresser you trust on the day of the appointment. Wanting to look professional but not matronly is a pretty common goal, and there are a lot of ways to do it–this should be a lot of fun, really! My one tip would be not to commit to anything that requires more maintenance than you’re willing to do every morning.

    • I agree with Monday. If you need help finding a good stylist, ask some friends or coworkers who you think have good looking hair where they go to get it done. I finally found a hair dresser who talks to me about what is a good cut for me (and who also won’t let me get stuck in too much of a rut, she wants me to move with the trends) and it made a huge difference.

    • I would consider highlights since you said it was mousy brown. The color can really make a difference, but make sure you are prepared for the time and financial commitment. I can’t make that commitment so I have ‘virgin’ hair. Also, I’m just not a fan of bangs, but it depends on the person.

      • Try a bun? Goody Spin Pins. HTH!

      • Another options for highlights is to be very honest with your stylist about how frequently (or infrequently) you want to re-do them. I have medium blonde hair and get it highlighted about 4 times a year. My stylist colors very, very thin sections of hair, so I get a nice lightening effect but the growing out is fairly unnoticeable. She also uses at least two (sometimes three if we’re in the mood) different colors so I get a nice blend of blondes, which also may make the growing out phase less noticeable.

        My hair is straight, only slightly layered at the bottom, right around shoulder length and doesn’t grow particularly slowly, if that’s useful information.

    • If you don’t want to commit to the maintenance of highlights, you can ask for a semi-permanent toner. In my experience, toners wash out gradually in about 4 weeks without visible roots. I have brown hair as well and use them to amp up the color slightly. Toners are also much cheaper than highlights.

  5. A pair of two-tone pumps that are ivory and cognac worn before Memorial Day. Yes/no?

    • AnonInfinity :


    • Yes!

    • Thanks ladies! This is for a trip, so I won’t be able to change my mind last minute–glad to hear I wasn’t too off. (But–if anyone has concerns–please still say so!)

    • lawstudent :

      Are you wondering about wearing ivory before the end of May, or something else? I’ve never heard anything against ivory or cream before Memorial Day. That’s probably where that barely cream, “winter white” color got its name.

  6. lawyerette :

    I’m getting a 403 error at work on IE and firefox but can see the site on my iPhone. I was able to comment at least once before it broke about an hour ago …

  7. lawyerette :

    I’m getting a 403 error at work on IE and firefox but can see the site on my iPhone. I was able to comment at least once before it broke about an hour ago …Now can’t comment

  8. L from Oz :

    Nice bag, but I can’t be the only one who has to haul so much stuff around that only a backpack or something rather more sensible works, unless I want to be lugging three bags.

    Other public service announcement: when your boss, your departmental secretary and three other people inbetween tell you to go home sick, listen to them…I worked today and am now regretting it, between headache tablets and mountains of tissues.

  9. Threadjack, dress review: Just got this cute little number from Target, $24.99, arrived just in time for St. Patty’s day (I thought it was cute anyway, but was kind of hoping that it would arrive in time).

    Overall, it’s great for the price. But, I wouldn’t let the picture fool you into thinking that it is nicer than it is. The color is great, almost exactly as represented in the picture. The fabric, however, is a lot more “cotton-y” than it looks there- like a very soft T-shirt material. It seems kind of clingy around the bottom, and I might need (to purchase) a slip. It’s also on the short side- about 2 inches above my knee (I’m average height.), so it’s not something that I could wear in a professional environment. But I absolutely love casual dresses in the summer, so I’m happy with it.

    Also, it looks like it runs big, the X-S is definitely large enough for me. The dress is completely shapeless without the sash (or I’m sure you could put a cute belt there), but cinches nicely. I’m not super-crazy about the sleeves, which are more “flutter” than cap in my book. But overall, it’s cute for casual wear.

    I tried it with my gray tights as well, and it looked great with them, but wearing tights says to me that I should be wearing something more up top, too, but I’m not sure what. I have a brown cardi that looks good with the dress, but not the tights. Jacket seems too formal for the dress. I work from home today, but plan to wear it to a meeting tonight.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Cute dress! Would a casual-ish scarf work up top while you’re wearing the tights?

    • ooh, exactly what I look for in summer weekend wear–thanks for the review!

  10. Hopefully my new favorite casual spring shoes. Ran across these while “accidentally” shopping at work and couldn’t resist.

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