Coffee Break – Eloise Satchel

Botkier - Eloise Satchel (Green) - Bags and LuggageZappos has a number of Botkier bags on sale today, and I love this dark green satchel. In addition to having super soft leathers and beautiful colors, I like Botkier bags for the intelligent pockets — and this Eloise stachel is no exception. Was $545, currently marked 20% off to $436. Botkier – Eloise Satchel (Green) – Bags and Luggage


P.S. Note that Shopbop has the same bag in black for 30% off, down to $381.


  1. ooh, too expensive for me but i love!!

  2. Does anyone know how Orla Kiely clothing sizes run. I’m normally a 4, but wonder if I should order a 6 in that line?

  3. I decided at the last minute to head to NYC for the weekend. The show we were considering is sold out and our hotel’s ticket broker typically sells the premium seats. I do not care to pay for the premium seats. Any recommendations of reputable resellers would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • If you’re flexible, go online and check out You might have to register but they have great prices and ticket availability for tons of shows. Otherwise, stubhub has lots of tickets but the prices are higher.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      You can try the TKTS booth later in the day (6:30 or 7ish). Sometimes people turn in tickets if they aren’t able to go.

  4. Recruiting firm :

    Any attorneys use Lateral Link as a legal recruiting firm? Thoughts or reviews? This is for a job search in Boston. Any other Boston recommendations on recruiting firms also appreciated.

    • There was a post on this recently but I don’t remember the answers. Try a search.

  5. Holy gorgeous bag, Kat!!

  6. Well, the pager is turned in and my office is empty. After six years in Seattle, a place where I truly feel like I turned onto an adult, we are headed South to the Sierras. The new adventure begins! Thanks for all the good wishes along the way. Im still following along faithfully to figure out what a mountain surgeon should wear!

  7. FYI – I’ve seen a lot of Botkier on Gilt Group and Hautelook lately. I don’t know if this particular bag is on there.

  8. Need some help from the hivemind, ladies.
    A co-worker with whom I’m getting to be good friends just told me and a few other people in our office that her mother has lung cancer and it sounds like she’s already stepping into the role of making doctors’ appointments, etc.
    I feel so bad for her, but don’t know what to do. I’ve offered to help her clear her schedule, but beyond that I’m not sure.
    What did you want to hear from your co-workers when going through a tough time? What were some ways the people you work with have helped you? FWIW, our boss knows and will be really supportive.
    Thanks for any advice!

    • Valleygirl :

      Personally, I like my co-workers to give me the “how are you doing question?” but not over do it (if that makes sense). When my father had a heart attack and I was helping with medical stuff – I shared with coworkers to some extent but for me, I prefer to keep family health issues private – so I’d suggest being supportive, esp. when it comes to making her work life easier – but don’t make it seem like you’re hungry for info about her mom’s cancer. I have a few coworkers who just seem to love to know the negative and gory details and it’s always off putting for me to feel pressure to share…

      • I think just a general suggetion that are available to do things as needed. And follow-up with the suggestion. Perhaps once a week, “Is there anything I can help you with this week.” Do you need me to do X? Take your cues from her. If she’s open to talking about it, talk about it. If she’s open to having you help out with work tasks, do so.

    • Obviously I don’t know this person, but I have to somewhat agree with above. When I first came back from being sick, people constantly asked me how I was feeling, doing, whatever. It started to get a bit draining because I didn’t really want to talk about my health all the time.

      One thing you can probably do for her is just take her out for an occasional lunch, after-work drinks, whatever and let her talk about whatever she wants. Which may not be her mom’s illness. Having an escape valve or two in a situation like this is key.

    • When my mom went through the same thing, friends brought us pre-made meals (casseroles, etc.) that could be frozen and popped in the oven at mealtime. It took a huge weight off my mom since she didn’t have to worry about every meal or feel guilty that she was neglecting her family when she needed to be at the hospital almost daily.

      My heart goes out to your coworker. She is so fortunate to have you and an understanding workplace!

      • Agree with this one, even if your coworker isn’t a mom. When one of my coworkers had a family health crisis, she really appreciated the food — spending long hours at the hospital leaves very little time for self-care, and eating a home-cooked meal that could just be reheated from frozen was a great “luxury.”

  9. Rural Juror :

    Anyone have tips on where I can find a nice clear lucite necklace? I remember Kat featured one a while back but it was on ebay, and I didn’t see what I wanted there when I just searched (no dice on etsy either). I would like something similar to a long strand of pearls, just clear. Thanks!

    • I did a quick search for “clear bead necklace” on etsy and got a lot of hits:


      There’s also an Alchemy Team on Etsy if you want to request something custom-made.

      you might try also searching for lucite and acrylic.

      (Love your handle, btw)

  10. housecounsel :

    Golf clap to Rural Juror for the 30 Rock reference!

    Dee, thank you for being concerned enough to post the question. During my dad’s battle with cancer, I very much appreciated my co-workers who took the time to ask how he was doing. It doesn’t really matter what they said; what matters is that they said SOMETHING.

    • Anonymous :


      The least helpful comments are along the lines of, “My mother/father/cousin had that and was back to work/running/writing in a couple of months… ” or “My ___ had that. It was awful. Doctor said it was the worst case ever…”

      Just asking is a very kind gesture.

      • One of my co-workers recently was diagnosed with throat cancer, and I actually knew someone who just finished treatment and was in remission, so I did tell him about that person. I told him that the radiation treatments were a rough 6 months, but she got through it, and was now cancer free. I hope that wasn’t the wrong thing to say, I didn’t sugar coat it, but thought it might be encouraging for him to know that people do get through it.

        • FWIW, I think that specific information like this about recent treatment is helpful and informative to someone beginning treatment. My sister and a good friend both went through cancer treatment recently, and although medical personnel try to be helpful, often they do not give you the details that a layperson really needs.

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