Coffee Break: Genevieve Small Triangle Tote

Genevieve Small Triangle ToteEndless has a lot of sales on Cole Haan handbags today, for some reason, including this lovely brown bag.  We like the details (the feet, the technology pockets), as well as the general look of the bag.  We can’t help but think it would look great with the white suit we featured on Wednesday…  The tote was $395, now $276, at Endless.   Cole Haan Genevieve Small Triangle Tote,Saddle,one size

UPDATE: We just realized it’s even cheaper at Zappos — $213. FYI…


  1. I don’t usually like the woven look, but this one speaks to me for some reason.

    On a completely different subject, our academic calendar for ’10-’11 just came out and my graduation date is on there! 422 more days of law school!!!

    • Anonymous :

      so funny, I have a desktop countdown to when I’ll take the bar. 488 more days to learn EVERYTHING.

      • Bar schmar!! (Though I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in about 400 days…)

      • Just bought the purse – reading Corporette is an expensive experience (but hey, it was nearly half off!). To Anon: DO NOT worry about learning everything in 488 days – the bar review course will teach you what you need to know, and in far less than 488 days. So instead focus on taking courses with the best professors, no matter what subject they’re teaching. And of course also take the subjects that you’ll really need for the area in which you intend to practice (like evidence and Fed Jur if you think you’ll be a litigator).

        • anon - chi :

          Especially if you don’t have a job lined up yet. We just interviewed someone for a litigation associate position who had not taken evidence or any practical litigation-focused courses, and it made all of us think the guy really wanted to be a transactional attorney but was going for lit positions as a second choice because of the scarcity of corporate openings for new associates. Nothing wrong with wanting to practice in a transactional field, of course – but make sure your transcript reflects what you think you want to do!

          (Sorry for the thread hijack …)

          • Anonymous :

            Original Anonymous here … interviewing in Chicago, eh? for litigation, you say? Haha kidding, but boy would that be a story …

  2. Didn’t see it mentioned but Kate Spade is having a spring sale – 25% extra off sale and free shipping. !!

    • thanks for the tip, just ordered a bag. I also used the code dontfret, which was supposed to have expired, but worked for me. It is supposed to be 20% off sale price. It wasn’t exactly 20% off the regular sale price, or the extra 25% sale price. It was somewhere in between, but it saved me $30 additional dollars over the extra 25% price.

  3. I like the woven look — I just don’t think that I would like a handbag – I like being able to put my purse on my shoulder and have my hands free. Do any of you actually use handbags that can’t be put on your shoulders on a regular basis?

    • I do all the time. I actually have this bag too and love it! I get so many compliments on it as well.

      • Delta Sierra :

        I had a chance to buy this bag in beautiful deep red at a Saks outlet store two weeks ago for $199 – didn’t – already have 3 nice red bags – but still sooo desirable. Cole Haan’s woven bags caught my eye and held it when they first came out a few years ago. I lurves them too much.

    • I carry my bag on my arm, usually. Its straps are long enough to carry it on my shoulder, but it’s a big bag so I prefer it on the arm. I’ve noticed that some of my friends have been doing the same thing lately. Guess that’s what happens when purses become big bags.

    • Yes. I trashed my right shoulder in law school, courtesy of carrying my loaded backpack on only one shoulder, not using both straps. Bad, bad, bad. I now can’t really carry anything on one shoulder for long; I feel pain pretty fast. So handbags it is. I can put my handbag over my elbow to keep hands free, if needed. I’ve grown to love them.

      • I have several, but end up going back to the shoulder bags because I’m a mom and you can’t dedicate a whole hand to a handbag when you’re trying to keep 1-2 kids from accidentally killing themselves.

        Someday I’ll carry arm bags again.

  4. Oh, this would fit over your shouders- the purse would just sit higher/closer to your body. I actually seek out shoulder straps of this length.

    • And I love the bag. I’ll have to check the close up pics, hopefully there’s a snap that holds the top of the bag closed.

  5. The weave is beautiful, but unless the leather is very thin (Bottega Veneta, anyone?) I’d worry about it getting caught on or snagging my clothes in a way that a smoother surface doesn’t.

    • I have this weave style of Cole Haan bag, just in a different size/shape, and it does not get caught on or snag anything (at least as far as I noticed).

    • Delta Sierra :

      It’s tightly woven and very nicely finished, can’t see it snagging on anything.

    • I drool over Bottega Veneta bags… Have never brought myself to buy one (way out of the price range, and I suspect that if I spent that much I would be too scared to actually take it out of the house), but oh, they are soooo beautiful!

  6. I have this bag in bronze and get tons of compliments on it. It does fit over my shoulder, though it’s a little snug.

    • If I got this bag I would want to be able to use it regardless of the thickness of my shirt/sweater/jacket/coat… I’m guessing that wearing on my shoulder over a coat isn’t going to work

  7. I have had this bag for over a year and have carried it almost every day. I love it so much that I got rid of most of my other purses. It is very durable and worth every penny. I get so many compliments on it as well, even from men who admire it.

  8. The zappos link above shows a mannequin wearing it over her shoulder. I wouldn’t that stop me if I liked more or could afford it :(
    Can anyone comment on the bag pictured at the link below as an interview tote/summer associateship tote. I know it is a cheaper line, but I read good reviews on several websites, and I feel like it doesn’t scream cheap. I need something that is not too expensive and fairly lightweight (not solid leather), and I want it to be able to hold a laptop or legal pad/portfolio. Thanks!

    • I think that looks fine and will do the job – good find for a law school budget. I used to have a bag that did the job but wasn’t an expensive line, and I’d just turn it around so that the stamp/label thing didn’t show. The attorneys usually understand you’re not rolling in the dough. Good luck this summer!

    • Cute! I love the price, and its really nice looking :-)

  9. love it. if only i had the money. I have a psychological block spending a lot of money on something designed to carry my money. but I’m going to have to break down and buy a nice purse one of these days… (My plan for all my lexis points when I graduate law school in may is perhaps to use them for this purpose)

    • Anonymous :

      i bought a le crueset oval french oven and an all clad nonstick fry pan with my lexis points. i use the nonstick literally every day, and the stockpot once a week. every time i use my “free” pots, i feel victorious, especially since i ended up at a firm that only uses westlaw. at least i got *something* for my lexis skills.

    • last year i used all my westlaw points to get an ipod. after that, i’ve made a concentrated effort to get lexis points this year. They really are pretty awesome.

      • I just got two DVD players and a cookware set with my Westlaw points! So great!

    • Delta Sierra :

      KZ: things I wish I’d known when I was younger: fewer bags, better quality. Call me shallow, but wearing good shoes, or carrying a good bag, makes me stand up a bit straighter.

    • woah, what are lexis points? how do I get them? (I’m already thinking that because I don’t know what they are, they probably don’t exist in Canada?)

      • You get them in law school for going to Lexis/Westlaw workshops, doing trivia questions, and (on westlaw only) doing research. Afterward, you get to buy stuff with them (kind of like Marlboro miles used to be).

        It’s their way of hooking you on using their research tools. It’s also a great motivator for actually learning research skills. If you’re not in law school, you’re not eligible.

  10. this is so beautiful. I am in love with the color and the weaving.

  11. Soo pretty, and I was about to order it when I realized that it probably won’t hold 8 1/2″ x 11″ work papers what with the sloping design. Katie, or anyone else who may have this bag – please tell me that it will fit work papers.

    Not that I need to spend any more $$ this week. I bought the pretty gray dress from net-a-porter that was featured the other day and it arrived yesterday – really great, well-constructed dress, but that (plus the shoes) pretty much blew this month’s clothing budget …

    • I have the bag in white. You can put in several 8 1/2 x 11 files – it does result in a slight change in shape at the top.

    • I have the bag in white. You can put in several 8 1/2 x 11 files – it does result in a slight change in shape at the top.

      • Thanks! I am going to get it, I think. Looks like a good spring/summer bag.

  12. regarding the feet… the photo on Zappos has no feet, the one on Endless has the little metal feet… maybe different versions, maybe that’s why the Zappos one is cheaper?

  13. Have to confess to having bought this bag shortly after it came out (~2 1/2 years ago?) – talk about a splurge at that point! It’s really been my go-to bag ever since, and it still looks great. Haven’t had any problems with clothes snags, and I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments on it. And mine has feet.

    It’s unfortunately *not* Bottega Veneta though….

  14. Thread hijack – I feel less guilty doing this, since we’re talking about bags. My first major bag purchase was an LV Epi (tan/camel colour) that I’ve never ever used. It’s gorgeous (classic shape, great neutral colour etc) BUT sadly I never considered my lifeestyle (don’t need such a large bag, double straps just don’t work for me etc).

    What do you guys do if you need to sell bags? Is e-bay the best option? Any advice appreciated. (I feel horribly guilty even writing this as the bag cost a lot of $$$)

    • Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a consignment shop – Boston has some nice ones that specialize in high end, gently used bags, clothes and even shoes.

    • Second on the consignment shop idea. Also, e-bay is a good option. Just set a min. price — this way you won’t get less than you are willing to take. And, if you do e-bay, take the time to photograph the bag well, and add whatever accessories it comes with (e.g., the “bag” to store it, etc.). A lot of stuff on e-bay is fake, but real stuff gets sold too and it’s the extra items that help distiguish the genuine items. Also, carefully look at the shipping options — you may want to set the shipping a bit higher to add insurance, etc. Wouldn’t be good to go through all that trouble, just to lose the bag in the mail.

    • I’ve sold many, many bags on ebay and the most important thing is that you want to ensure the buyers that it’s authentic. If it’s authentic and never used, you should be able to get a price pretty close to the price you paid. I would include a million photos, including photos of the bag it came in, etc. If you still have the receipt, I would add a photo of that in too (I keep all my expensive-bag receipts for this exact reason). Also, have you used ebay before? It’s important to have some feedback (even if you’ve never sold anything and all your feedback is from buying, it still looks better than having no feedback).

      You could also try posting on craigslist if you live in a major metro area.

    • High end consignment is where you’ll get your best bang for your buck – but try a listing on Craigslist first – its free, and if no one bites, you can move on… I would say that Ebay is like roulette – for both shoppers and sellers

    • I would try ebay or bonanzle. Bonanzle has lower fees and that is a plus for a lot of sellers.

    • Delta Sierra :

      Is it a Speedy bag? I have one in gorgeous deep blue, I love it too much to sell it, but I agree about the handles. I had a nice black leather strap, with clips at each end, left over from another bag, and use it on the Speedy, so it can go on my shoulder if need be, I get more use out of it that way. Not for work, given the improvised strap.

      If I did ever sell it, I would go to a consignment shop, knowing I would get less than on, say, ebay, but also knowing I have a low threshold for fuss, and setting up on ebay, and shipping once I’d sold it = too much fiddling around, for me.

      • Anonymous :

        Thanks, ladies. I don’t live in the USA, but ebay probably best bet. Will check out my local consignment store options too!!

  15. It is taking alot of willpower for me not to buy this bag. I love it.

  16. I love this bag, I got it last year with the shoes to match. The crazy thing was that I got the shoes @ TJ Maxx for $100.00, size 11’s :-). I almost passed out in the store! I guess it was just my lucky day.

    • Awesome! I’m totally impressed/jealous of your fashion victory :-) I think I’m more excited about fabulous fashion that I found at TJ Maxx or on clearance than on the big splurges… probably because then there’s a lot less guilt!

  17. I love love love this bag. Saw a woman carrying it on the subway last week and almost stopped her to ask her where it was from. I am buying it! So nice! Reading Corporette is breaking my bank. I want to buy everything you recommend C!

  18. What’s the answer with a snap versus open or zip closure?

    Been drooling myself.

    Anyone seen it for sale in the RED? Lurve red of all things.


  19. I am trying to order this bag on zappos but it’s coming up full price. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get the discounted $213?

  20. I have this bag in 3 colors, I love it so much. Bought it immediately after it came out. I was on call at my local CH to get it as soon as they got it in stock.

    The other 2 I have purchased on sale. CH has wonderful sales direct off their web site, especially at the end of a seaon.

    It does fit under the arm, but very snug. Straps adjust down just slightly.

    All 3 have held up great. I wore the first one for 6 months straight and the leather has patinaed nicely. I rotate them now with other bags, but my CH bags always get the most compliments.

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