Coffee Break: Owl Wallet

Owl Wallet I like to have a bit of fun with my wallets, and I look for things like a colorful print or a whimsical pattern.  Tilly’s has a number that fit the bill (haha) right now, including this fun owl wallet, which offers four card pockets, two open pockets, one window ID and one zip pocket (all with a snap lock closure).  It’s $11.99 at Tilly’s. Owl Wallet



  1. Runnin' for it :

    Very cute and affordable. Does anyone know about the quality of these wallets, whether they can stay closed or fall apart?

  2. Hi Corporettes!
    Houda here! I have disappeared for a while but I have great news to share.
    I have finally got the courage to finish writing up my thesis (wrapped it up 4 VERY intensive days).
    After a big emotional rollercoaster about whetehr or not I would find a committee, I got the decision in extremis that I am defending ater tomorrow at 2 PM.
    This means that I will be part of this year’s commencement on saturday. And Buzz Aldrin is going to be our keynote speaker (first time he is visiting Morocco). Shameless plug for my university
    I am excited and though I had several scares lately, I am finally unwinding and getting the feeling I am close to having that burden behind me.
    Just wanted to thank all of you for the emotional support, I feel blessed being part of such a supportive community.

    • Congratulations!!

    • Congrats! And you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

    • Diana Barry :

      Awesome, congrats!

    • Wow, that’s great! Congrats

    • Two cents :

      Yea, congrats Houda! I love your comments on this site. All the best.

    • We MISSED you! Welcome back! Glad all is well!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Congratulations Houda! I’m completely jealous that you get to hear Buzz Aldrin speak at the ceremony.

    • Houda, congratulations! I’m so excited for you!!!

    • Congratulations Houda! Amazing accomplishment and you must be so excited :)

    • That’s wonderful!

      What an accomplishment…reminds me of my defense trials. The “lady at the library” sat and measured all margins in the documents for my PhD dissertation. Suddenly, I had to reprint, cut and paste my tables to be all at the top of each page, not centered. Wow. That was after the defense resulted in me needing to do more statistics. More? (Frankkly, I think the all male committe was irritated that I chose to go ahead with my Nov 30th wedding rarther than abandoning it and using the remains of that semester for more work, writing, and defending to graduate at the end of the fall term … some things ARE more important :) in the big scheme of things). Yes, that was in the days of using punch cards and actually typing (on a typewriter) my dissertation. Still alive and kicking, and working, and corporette-ing after all that.

      Bask in the accomplishment! Here’s to a vibrant future for you!

    • Big congrats, Houda!

    • great news Houda, you rock! Congratulations!

    • Thank you all. I feel valued

  3. Anonymous :

    after months of carrying a structured smallish leather, chain handled bag, I have recently switch to a hobo bag. The problem is that I keep losing things inside the bag and having to grope around in its depths for things that were easily accessible in the other bag. Certainly this bag is lighter and more appropriate for summer. Do you have any advice as to organizing the contents or making the contents easily accessible in a large unstructured bag, besides the “purse organizers” that they sell on late night TV?


    • Get several zippered mesh bags of different colors.
      They are see-through so you know what is in it.

    • You can get cheap small mesh bags in the school supply aisle.

    • I have two great suggestions:

      1. Marketanewyork makes these amazingly practical but fun and bright clutches at If you buy several, you can organize by color. They come in several sizes, including large enough for a laptop, and can be folded over used on their own.

      2. I discovered Vemayca cosmetic bags ( last month. Once I saw the pockets for organizing and the removable, washable liner, I was sold. I use the middle part for cosmetics, etc. and the pockets for sunglasses and business cards. It’s been great knowing where everything is, but it’s also an adjustment not having so much clutter to sort through any more!

      • OMG, I’ve been looking for a great clutch and this is exactly what I want. Perfect for putting my phone, keys etc. in and then throwing it into my tote bag. Love, thank you!

    • I carry large bags, though a little more structured than hobo style. I lose things in them, too, if I am not careful.

      First of all, I use the built-in compartments religiously. Otherwise, I won’t be able to find my cell phone when it’s ringing, which is really annoying. So there’s a little interior pocket for the cell phone, and that holds my blackberry and my company ID card. I have to force myself to put those items back in the pocket every single time.

      I use the zippered compartment for really basic cosmetics – for me, that’s a compact and two lipsticks. For all other cosmetics, I have a separate cosmetic bag. (Those freebie gift-with-purchase cosmetic bags are great for this purpose.)

      I keep my sunglasses and my reading glasses in their cases in my bag. My Kindle is in there too, in its case as a stand-alone thing.

      So the only loose things in my bag right now are pens and keys and breath mints. Having everything else bagged up makes it easy to feel around in the bottom of my bag for a pen or my keys and not be rooting around a bunch of stuff.

    • I have my things organized in several smaller bags. Also, my purse has a lot of pockets.

  4. Anonymous :

    I’ve owned two owl wallets, both from Gama-Go (and both vegan). They can make even the grumpiest store clerk smile.

    This isn’t exactly mine, but pretty close to what I now carry:

    • Cute!

    • S in Chicago :

      What a great find! I’m going to have to search that brand out now. I just love the retro feel.

      (First drooling over Ru’s Mad Men-esque Anthropologie dresses from this morning and now this. I swear, I think I was born in the wrong era!)

    • Fossil also has really cute owl wallets, although they are leather, not vegan. If people are looking for a higher-quality owl wallet than the Tilly one, I recommend Fossil.

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