Coffee Break: Vintage Check Cashmere Scarf

This cashmere scarf is from Burberry, and I think this “viridian green” is fabulous because I personally am not a fan of the beige/red/black classic Burberry look. (The other option for this scarf is a “vibrant yellow” plaid.) It’s still the trademark check, but I like that it’s something a little different. (Of course, if you’re a big Burberry fan, you may prefer the classic.) This really looks like a great layering piece as the weather turns colder. It’s $430 at Nordstrom. Vintage Check Cashmere Scarf

Nordstrom has two more affordable options from Sole Society and Madewell.

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  1. Its the Little Things :

    So this is quite frivolous and inappropriate but I work in a political-adjacent field which means on occasion a picture of Justin Trudeau ends up in an email or correspondence and every time it makes me happy, meow.

    • Equestrian Attorney :

      Ha – I live in Canada and some people are pretty disgruntled with him (and I myself disagree with some of his decisions) but he is still nice to look at, and we’re alums from the same university and major (go English!). Also, as an American citizen, whenever people complain about him, I think of the alternative down South and conclude we are still way better off. My DH does get irritated by my slight infatuation with him :)

  2. NYC peeps. I’m looking for a restaurant for a dinner for two old friends, mid priced, somewhere we can hear each other, with delicious food!

    Midtown east side (near grand central) or the village preferred. Thanks so much!

  3. Anonymous :

    Has anyone tried the Korean skincare box at Costco right now? Or any of the products?

    • eertmeert :

      Not personally, but I hear rave reviews about the May Coop Raw Sauce. If I didn’t have plenty of stuff at home already, I would purchase. Korean skincare really turned my skin around.

    • I bought it and started using it a few days ago. It’s a nice collection and I like having it all organized for me. I really like the cleanser, toner, essence and eye cream. I don’t care for the spray serum or the sunblock. Overall a great value and a fun box.

  4. Anonymous :

    If you’ve been doing good at a macro and weight lifting program for 4 weeks but haven’t lost any weight would you reassess or stay the course? Feel stronger than I have in a while, haven’t taken measurements, scale counts muscle but shows no major change.

    • Stay the course!!! But also reassess your mindset. Do you want to lose weight or lose fat? Weight is nothing but a measure of gravitational pull. If you are feeling stronger, that means things are working!! I’d almost encourage you to track your progress not by the scale but by your measurements, photos, fit of your clothes, and your confidence/happiness. G-0gle ‘scr3w the scale’ for it to really sink in.

    • Scale is not accurate. You are awesome.

    • And Peggy :

      If you feel stronger, that’s awesome! If you’re gaining muscle, that’s gonna cancel out the fat loss when you look at the scale. You may want to use waist and hip measurements to determine if you’re losing weight, or pay attention to whether your clothes fit better or feel a bit looser.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Also start taking measurements!

  5. Ugh.

    I broke my foot and pinched a nerve in it also and just hobbled around most of the spring and summer. I didn’t gain a ton of weight, but what I gained was all in my stomach. I look pregnant (am not pregnant) and my clothes look like I’m hiding a baby bump.

    What I can I do to look less “pregnant”? I’ve never had this problem before. On these boards, everyone says “just get into maternity clothes already,” but that’s not the route for me.

    What can I do to look less “expectant” while I think I’ll lose the weight / shape now that I’m all healed and back to my usual activities? It’s been so hot that I dressed more comfy this summer, but I tried on my “real” work clothes on Monday and then I realized that I have acquired a bump in my middle.

    It’s a fashion challenge, hopefully better a month from now, so not (I’m hoping) even worth doing anything but styling fixes now that it’s cooling off.

    • Anonymous :

      You probably don’t really look that pregnant. I am actually pregnant and have been gaining weight in my mid-section for 30 weeks. No one noticed until I was ~25 weeks along. I wouldn’t worry as much about looking pregnant– just do what you’re planning to do to lose the weight. FWIW the going advice for hiding an actual pregnant belly is to wear flowy tops in dark colors.

      • Anonymous :

        Eh, I’m not saying the OP looks pregnant, but people gain weight differently, and it is definitely possible for some people. For me, I gain first in the mid-section, and at some point between a healthy weight and significantly overweight (which I am now), I look pregnant. As in, I get multiple comments or questions from well-meaning acquaintances and complete strangers. Once I gain or lose more weight, I no longer look pregnant.

    • Google how to dress an apple shape.

    • Lots of long drapey cardigans and open front blazers, combined with a loose top underneath, and then skinny pants.

    • Anonymous :

      Jockey slipshorts if you are wearing dresses smooth things out without creating Spanx agony.

    • Anonymous :

      get a couple inexpensive “swing” style dresses for the transition. use bright accessories (Earrings, scarf, necklace), to draw the eye upward. you probably want to have somewhat of a monochromatic look so no one part of your body stands out.

    • All in the belly :

      Fit and Flare dresses, High waisted pants or loose-fitting tops. High-waisted spanx are really good for days I’m feeling extra bloated and a bit pregnant-y

    • Anonymous :

      Spanks control tank top or slip? Target has cheaper versions. Pick up a couple swingy dresses from lift or old navy, or some looser blouses. Wear bright lipstick, a scarf, fun jewelry. Treat yourself to a hair appointment.

  6. Has anybody tried the gekks “socks” shoe inserts for heels? Do they stay put, do they help you not get blisters? I haven’t had good experiences with no-show socks for heels or flats yet, they always show.

    • They do stay put. They cannot be moved from shoe to shoe easily and while washable they do have a limited lifespan. Overall they are a huge improvement for me over no show socks/ liners that were always sliding off at the heel. I just ordered a second time.

  7. Favorite place for casual tops? :

    I am trying to figure out some cute, casual tops for the weekend. I don’t want to look frumpy but I have kids so I also don’t want anything fancy. Everything is pick out seems to be either unflattering or twee. I stink at casual clothes.

    I tried Trunk Club and Stitch Fix and only received a couple of tops (depiste my requests for TOPS) and of those only 1 worked. Most of what I received was trendy but not flattering on me. The current styles at Madewell are a total fail for me.

    I am usuall a size 6 or M in clothes. I am 34D with a smaller waist and large hips. So the boxy, flowing tops that are popular look awful on me – I’m one big box. I think that tops that end right at my hip are unflattering because they emphasize my widest part. I have a bit of stomach pooch so slim fit tee shirts don’t seem flattering. And then there’s color! Pattern!

    My unicorn shirt would be not-too-plain, maybe have a cute or trendy detail or pattern; not be boxy or skin tight and not be over $100.

    I think I am ok with pants – I bought some JCrew skinny cut chino type pants and couple pairs of tendier jeans at the NAS. But somehow tops kill me!

    • Anonymous :

      I like WHBM for T-s, they aren’t cut too slim and some have details I like, such as beading or lace appliqué.

    • Anonymous :


      • Anonymous :

        +1 to this. I have to spend some time looking online to weed out the weird hemline/cutouts/colors/etc., but they have some classic shapes that have a pop of something to them to make them unique and interesting. Usually, if you wait for a sale, you can get a lot of good finds in the $35-$55 range.

    • Anonymous :

      I like Loft for these kinds of tops.

    • Anonymous :

      Loft has those kind of tops

    • Anonymous :

      Try J.Jill. I’m similarly shaped, though a bit heavier, and I really appreciate that many (most?) of their tops are a-line cut and skim my hips. They’re having a 30% off sale right now too.

  8. YOU GUYS. I need a place to be a fangirl for a second…

    I had to email Ashton Kutcher for work reasons and he wrote me back!! And it was completely professional, and I would definitely look like a teenager if I told my co-workers that I found this exchange even a little bit exciting.

    But I had SUCH a crush on him when I was in college (over a decade ago)! And so, here on the wonderfully anonymous internet, I can say…. squeeeeee I can’t believe I had *an interaction* with someone I idolized years ago!!

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