Cyber Monday Sales from The Affordable Style Network

This is a sponsored post written by Kat Griffin, but brought to you by The Affordable Style Network.

Noteworthy Cyber Monday sales seem few and far between this year, but I like the extra 25% off that the various stores in The Affordable Style Network are offering — especially given the low (extra low!) (really low!) prices the stores have regularly. The stores in the Affordable Style Network are Inexpensive Watches, Handbag Heaven, Affordable Scarves, ABC Neckties, Reading Glasses Shopper, Sunglass Warehouse and Socks 4 Life.

For example, Handbag Heaven has an extra 25% off. That means that great bags, such as the red Colby Oversized Canvas Hobo (pictured at top,was $47.95, now $35.96) or the Quinn Geometric Tote (pictured at right, was $50.95, now $38.21) are even more affordable.
I’m always a fan of fashionably large shades, including these simple polarized ones in tortoise. They were $17.95, now $13.46 at Sunglass Warehouse. SW Polarized Style #9927
OK, I’ve mentioned my love of the new/old cape trend before — but no one wants to spend too much money on a trend that just happens to catch your fancy. I love this Sherrie Button Cape as a great way to try it out — in either white or black. Was$27.95, now $20.96 (25% off at Affordable Scarves).


  1. Ugh. I know these aren’t truly counterfeit bags/glasses, but I have to say I really hate these sister sites knock-off mentality.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hate the mentality, but I def. have zero interest in buying something that obviously tries to be something else. Makes me think of those XoXo bags that are done in whatever way LV does their latest logos, etc.

      • Chicago S :

        I agree. Also I looked at two of the sites and the watches and bags just looked cheap, like something you would buy on the street in New York or even here in Chicago.

  2. skippy pea :

    Speaking of affordable, I am looking for an inexpensive green bag and came across this one. Its ofcourse not real leather but does not look bad IRL. But I am not sure if it looks too much of a mature bag.

    I need to figure out how to shorten the links.

    • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

      Someone passed this knowledge onto me and now I will do the same: Go there, enter your long link, and voila!

    • I have a somewhat similar Dana Buchman bag from Kohls from last holiday season – it’s held up really well and I’ve received numerous compliments on it from my (big-law) co-workers. I’m mid-20s and didn’t worry about it looking “mature” – just simple and stylish.

      • skippy pea :

        Thanks. :)

        The bag looks good in person though the material is not soft. But it holds shape. I think that I will just buy it.

    • Subject to your in-person assessment of quality, I say buy it! It looks like a nice bag to me.

  3. Cyber Monday Deal – Cole Haan is doing 40% off the regular price of one item, check the web site for the code/details.

    • There’s also a ton of Cole Haan on Rue La La today.
      Kind of disappointed by the general lack of bargains elsewhere though. Would love to hear of good deals if people are finding them.

      • I just bought a shirt and wallet at 25% off and free shipping. And I used the 40% off at cole haan for a gift for my husband.

      • Anonymous :

        There are a ton of great things in that RueLaLa Cole Haan sale, and they also have Honora pearl jewelry today with some nice work-appropriate pieces, as well as some unique stuff I haven’t seen before.

        Hautelook has some Lodis bags today that are nice, including nice totes that would be great for hauling papers and/or a netbook around.

        I know some people were grousing about the exclusions in the sale, but there are still some great shoes and bags that are on sale and go on sale even further with the applied discount. I saved about $220 off retail, with discount applied, on my $200 purchase yesterday (that only ended up costing me $140).

        • SF Bay Associate :

          I had Nordstrom price match the Endless $30 off $100 promo for a pair of shoes – I try to buy everything at Nordstrom due to the customer service/return policy. They weren’t able to price match on free shipping, but Nordstrom does free shipping with $100 purchase anyway so I threw another tshirt in as a ridealong.

      • 40% off plus free shipping on any order at Ann Taylor…finally picked up a burgundy dress that looked perfect for work (and just in time, as it was the last in my size!)

        • Jones New York is selling their clearance suits at 60-70 bucks a pop- a lot of them are cheaper material but not bad for the price.

        • Can I just take a moment and express frustration that Ann Taylor promoted its 40% off sale on Black Friday as till noon-only, sending hordes of women to my local store where they formed long lines to get in the dressing room and then longer lines to pay at the register … giant headache and fury … and then at 12:09 p.m. I got an e-mail ad saying the sale was extended through the weekend.

          Really? I might have enjoyed being in the store a bit more if I hadn’t been tricked, along with hundreds of other women, into thinking we had to be there early.

          • That SUCKS!!! :(

          • I would be pissed too, that’s awful. When that kind of thing happens, I feel (however irrationally) that the company maliciously wasted my time :)

          • former at associate :

            they do that every year. and continue to do it routinely on weekends until christmas. it pissed off the sales associates too.

    • thanks! I finally got the air violet oxfords I’ve been eyeing!

  4. surrounded by lawyers :

    I want to get my boyfriend a GPS for Christmas. (I’m confident it will be taken in the spirit that is intended: laughing WITH him about how often we get lost.) Any recommendations in terms of best performance for best price? Any particular seller I should use?

    • i think these are becoming obsolete. If your boyfriend has an iphone or droid, the google maps application provides free gps navigation.

      • surrounded by lawyers :

        Does it talk out loud? The issue right now is that he looks down at his phone to see the directions while driving. I don’t like it, and moreover it’s illegal where we live (or might as well be, since it’s physically the same as texting.)

        • It does. I keep mine plugged in with a car charger to avoid battery drainage.

        • Don’t know if newer generations are different, but my iPhone 2 does not talk.

      • The iphone battery drains really fast when it’s used as a GPS though (or at least mine does; for all I know it’s defective).

        • No, it really sucks down the battery quickly. I keep mine plugged into the console while using the GPS for this reason.

    • I disagree that they are becoming obsolete. On my 7-hour drive this weekend, I noticed them in at least 50% of cars, possibly more. They are much more user-friendly than the cell-phone versions and I’ve found them to be more accurate.

      I think Tom Toms give you the best bang-for-your-buck. Garmins are great, too, but, IMO, Tom Toms are just as good and tend to be slightly less costly.

      • Chicago S :

        I got my Dad a Garmin w/free map updates for life last year and he loved it. It replaced his Tom Tom.

    • skippy pea :

      I think that Garmins are well reviewed.

    • Very happy with my Garmin, but I’ve never used a Tom Tom.

    • I love my TomTom. They have great deals on them at Costco, and I think perhaps I saw a holiday coupon for them at Costco as well.

      • surrounded by lawyers :

        Too bad! He holds our Costco membership, so I could not get anything there for him if I want it to be a surprise.

        • Another Sarah :

          Can you ask to borrow his card for “toilet paper”? They scan the card at the checkout, but I’ve never noticed them actually look at the little black-and-white pixel picture on the back to make sure it’s actually me using the card… And if you don’t want to do that, you could get it off, and you just put in his membership number.

          • surrounded by lawyers :

            Good idea! I think I am more likely to get away with the online maneuver. Here’s hoping he doesn’t catch me digging through his wallet (for the membership card…)–that would definitely be a first for me.

          • Another Sarah :

            Meh, if he does catch you, just say you saw in the mailer (I just got my mailer today) some good online-only deals for printer ink or something and you wanted to get it. Or if you don’t want to get caught, ask him for the card, as you saw some good online-only deals for “printer ink” and you want to get it.

            Also, if your name is on the account, you should be able to go to Costco and get your own card. If it’s not, maybe ask him to add you to get your own card? Adding someone is free, I’m pretty sure… :-)

          • skippy pea :

            ha. Mine looks nothing like me! Be sure to use american express for Costco purchases though. They do not take any other cards.

          • They take any type of debit card (visa or MC is okay), just no credit cards except Amex.

          • What’s up with that? Sam’s Club only takes Discover. It’s weird. Always catches me off guard that they won’t take my Visa.

      • I have a 5″ Tom Tom – love it. I would definitely go with the biggest size you can find.

        • I bought my bf one for Xmas last year…. but he had already bought one for himself :) I ended up keeping it and discovered an amazing feature: it takes traffic into account when calculating the shortest route, which has really helped me out on some long drives.

          • We have two – one that does the traffic and one that does not, and the traffic feature has been a major timesaver on many occassions. Definitely get one with the live traffic feature included.

    • You should also look at Amazon, they have a lot of “Cyber Monday” deals on different GPS brands.

      • This. I just saw a great deal a few minutes ago. The Amazon deals will likely continue throughout December.

        I have a Garmin and like it a lot. I don’t like looking at the phone while driving. It’s nice to have a voice tell you that a turn is coming up. Sometimes the voice gets on my nerves, however.

    • Clearly you don’t really need anymore advice, but I also loved my Garmin until I moved to NYC and sold my car. My friend had a TomTom, which was also great. I think either one is a solid choice, so go with whatever deal is best.

  5. lawyergrrl :

    PSA: The Kate Spade Halle wedge featured / discussed in the NYT in August (and also discussed here on Corporette) is available again at — along with free shipping! Conventional wisdom is to order a half-size up for Kate Spade shoes!!

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I bought the Kate Spade wedges from Zappos after the (im)famous article. Yes, buy a half size up and holy wow are they more comfortable than any of my other heels. Are they as comfortable as sneakers? Of course not, but they are the shoe of choice for long court days now. Adore!

  6. Ladies, really. You do exist.
    In this time of momentous change, you still spend time and money on this.
    C’mon, you’ve lost all the battles and are about to lose it all. The feminine is going up in smoke and it is not holy. And you r clothing (or lack thereof) has much to do with it.
    Blinders off ladies, women, females…..

  7. govvie girl :

    Wow, serious troll there. Yikes.

    • And it’s weird, too, the language is strange (idiomatic but it still seems to be not the person’s native language, etc.).

    • Anonymous :

      Maybe not trolling so much as just trying to get blog hits? Which I unfortunately participated in as I went to the blog. It’s just as random, weird and unstable-sounding as the post here. Hope someone in the FBI or Homeland Security is watching this guy :)

    • Govvie girl, troll? Really?
      A call to find your true nature is troll-like? Sure, completely off topic for you, but with-in two minutes, one of the readers from here had posted a cogent response to my post on my blog.
      And truth be told, you and the ladies below, you really need to look inwards.
      I spent 12 years of my life in the US and can tell you, it does not look good. You do not look good. I saw the feminine wither. 21 year old’s that looked twice their age.
      But you are too busy thinking about what to wear tomorrow to bother with all this high-flautin find your-self stuff right?

      Good luck all around.


      • Anonymous :

        Oy vey.

      • trollings for the birds

      • Another Sarah :

        It’s “high-fAlutin,'” not high-flautin. Flautas are not tall – they are yummy. If you are going to tell us how to change our ways after your “extended” stay in the US, at least proofread. Or try some flautas. :-)

        • Sarah is right. Flautas are extremely delicious. Everyone should have some flautas and forget this guy ever posted here. :)

    • Eh, I’m with you, govvie girl and Anonymous. Obvious troll/trying to get blog hits.

      • A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off -topic messages online in order to provoke a skirmish. This person clears means to say something they sincerely believe. That’s not so much a troll, as someone you (or most/all of us) disagree with. Different concept. Maybe deserving of its own word, but def. not a “troll. “

        • Eh, to me, these statements:

          And truth be told, you and the ladies below, you really need to look inwards.

          I spent 12 years of my life in the US and can tell you, it does not look good. You do not look good. I saw the feminine wither. 21 year old’s that looked twice their age.

          The feminine is going up in smoke and it is not holy

          were trollish. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • I guess my point is only that they also seemed sincere. To me the whole point of a troll is that it’s someone who doesn’t believe what they’re saying so much as says it to provoke controversy.
            “Ellen” would be a good recent example.

          • I think you can troll by posting things in entirely inappropriate places too, though it is just semantics at a certain point.

        • Good god, you are :


          This is the hill you want to die on. Good luck.

  8. What to wear with this? :

    What sort of shell/top would look good underneath this jacket? I just bought this but can’t imagine not wearing anything underneath, as the model does here.

    • Anonymous :

      Cute jacket!
      I’d wear it with a close-fitting black tank underneath, one with a round (not v-neck) neckline.

    • Really cute!

      Agree on the black tank; would also consider doing it with a tissue thin black turtleneck (i know, not for everyone!).

      • ooh, but I would maybe not do a scoop neck blacktank. I think straight across would work better.

    • I’d just wear a cami or tank to prevent a wardrobe malfunction, but that wouldn’t actually be visible. The jacket looks fine and is modest enough without it. You could get a black, white, or bright-colored scoopneck that will just peek above the collar of the jacket, if you really don’t want it to look like you have nothing underneath.

      The jacket would also look nice layered over a colorful tissueweight turtleneck, if you like that look.

    • What to wear with this? :

      Thanks all! The jacket actually doesn’t have any black in it (dark brown) so I’m assuming a dark brown cami would work better, right?

  9. Threadjack – I’m attending a wedding in a few weeks where it’s super important that I look both cute and modest – i.e. half sleeves at least, no cleavage, knee length skirt. I’m tired of wearing cardigans over dresses, and I magically just found a navy dress that’s clearly an Inspired By Kate Middleton dress, which is great. Based on the website photo alone (going to the store to check it out after work today), I’m a little worried that the jersey fabric is a teeny bit casual for an evening wedding. I’m planning on blinging it up a little with a necklace (gold-tone, or gold and silver, since my permanent jewelry is yellow gold). My sister and I were discussing adding a pop of colour through shoes and clutch and were thinking also a metallic, or a coral. Any input?

    • I would not do coral at this time of year. Metallic could be great with navy; as could deep pink, burgundy, etc.

    • Send a link so we can see it

    • i love navy with a mix of metallics or burgandy/plum this time of year. but i have no idea what the dress looks like, i don’t follow enough pop culture i guess. but i do know who kate middleton is!

    • Another Sarah :

      If it’s like Kate’s dress (which I covet in the biblical sense) then you may need something underneath, since Kate’s dress a bit low cut. Although it may work when you go and try it on. Personally, I’m not a fan of mixing metals and so if I were going with metallic accessories, I would keep them all gold or all silver. But that’s personal taste. :-)

      I think if you dress it up, the jersey fabric would be fine.

    • I’m not sure your reasons for needing to look “modest”, but if you’re trying to adhere to cultural or religious customs, you’ll also want to be on the lookout for how the jersey clings and fits. Jersey can be so sexy! Which is awesome in some circumstances, of course … But if that’s not what you’re going for here, try on a few slip options (including a full slip) and/or sizing up to see if that helps it fit a bit more comfortably for the occasion.

      In case it doesn’t work out, take a look at separates, too. I’ve had better luck dressing for “modest” formal events by going this route: for you, a full party skirt that hits just below the knee can be paired with any number of adorable blouses/tops in various cuts to look very chic … and get future use out of both by mix and match!

      • It’s a combination of religious reasons (mine) and in-law/family reasons (which mean I’m being a bit more careful than I otherwise would). Thanks for the slip suggestion! I usually do stick to separates but I’m for some reason dying for a wearable dress this time.

  10. Cole Haan handbag :

    What do we think of this bag in black for $200?

    Is this a good everyday bag? I tend to wear so much black and gray that I’ve usually used colored leather bags to liven things up. I like the port wine color, but I think the black suede and the patent is interesting enough on its own and would be more versatile.

    I’m not a big handbag person so this would be the most I’ve ever spent on a bag (hence the internal debate). Opinions appreciated!

    • I really like it! I say pull the trigger before that 40% off goes away… :)

    • Just one word of warning, I looked at this bag in a different color and in person it “looks” much larger than I envisioned it (even though I knew what the dimensions were). I’m very petite so that made it a no-go for me. I think, however, that you can return from the website within 30 days (even in store), so maybe it’s not the end of the world if you don’t end up loving it.

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