Deal Alert: Theory’s 50% Off Sale

Eva Silk Button-Down ShirtTheory’s private sale started today, with a lot of great pieces marked 50% off.  Both the Gabrielle and the Rory blazers are marked down to $197.50 from $395, and the Max C wool pant is $147.50 (down from $295) while the cotton version is marked to $117.50 (from $235). The Juin cotton tee is down to $37.50 from $75, and the classic Eva silk button-down shirt (pictured) is down to $112.50 (was $225).  Lots of great deals, ladies.  I’ve picked out a few other favorites below… readers who love Theory, which are the classic styles that you stalk?1


  1. I would love to order a couple of pairs of the Max C cotton pants but am leery of sizing. I own the Max C is wool blend. Does anyone out there know how the sizing compares in the cotton? I’d hate to get a final sale item that doesn’t fit.

    • I need sizing advice too! Does anyone know how theory compares to say, Ann Taylor or Banana Republic? If I’m a pear-shaped size 2 in AT, what would I be in Theory?

      • Pants fit very slim., so while I think the sizing at the waist is similar, AT is fuller in the hip and thigh. I am narrow in the jip and thigh and they fit me very well. See if other pears weigh in.

      • I find theory to fit quite a bit smaller than AT or BR– I wear a 4 or 2 in BR pants and skirts, and a 6 in theory pants (I think I have theory skirts in both size 6 and 4). I also have to take all of them (pants AND skirts) in at the waist; they seem to be cut for narrow-hipped/straight body types, and I am much more hourglass. I have to say I’d be a little suspicious of making a first theory order (if you don’t already know what size you take in a particular style) on final sale!

  2. Their suiting is on this site a lot, but personally I looove their dresses. I also like that their suits and skirts are not too wide through the hips. Mine are pretty narrow, and I have a small bust, so their stuff is really great for me. Most businesswear brands run too big, since I don’t really have curves.

    • Actually, I have a question for you gals, now that I’m thinking about it. My mother used to tell me that my hips would get bigger once I had children. I assume this is true and not an age thing since I am now in my late 20s, have gained weight over the past several years (15-20 lbs.), AND YET the hips thing is still an issue for me. I simply cannot wear many business-y brands, because my pants will fall off! Or if I find a size small enough for my hips, my legs don’t fit!

      Did any of you have that experience– your bone structure actually being different after pregnancy? How much of a difference was there? Did you have to buy a new wardrobe and find new brands? I’m not going to run out and get myself pregnant, or anything. I’m just curious.

      • That’s something that I’ve always worried about, as a fairly slim but pear-shaped person already. I’ve gotten some sort of hip-shrinking band that you’re supposed to wear post-pregnancy (while your bones are still soft) to shrink them (this thing: ). I’m somewhat skeptical, but the last thing that I want is to have to worry about getting a whole new bottom and dress wardrobe, particularly when finding dresses that fit on bottom and aren’t ridiculously big on top is already near-impossible). It says that it can even shrink your hips to smaller than they were post pregnancy, but, again, skeptical (though I guess not that skeptical, since I bought it and it wasn’t cheap).

        I’ll let you guys know in a couple of months!

      • I have 4 kids and hips on the narrow side (pants or skirts with what I call “built-in hips” never work for me). Or maybe it’s less narrow hips and more lack of defined waist? In any case, I lack curves and I never permanently changed hip size/shape with my pregnancies and always went back to my pre-preg wardrobe within 2-6 months. FWIW. I think people’s experiences with this will be all over the map.

        • I’m sort of the same build. I either don’t have hips or don’t have a defined waist, and I can’t say that my hips got wider after having a baby. My baby is not 15 months old, and my pre-pregnancy pants fit the same as they did before I was pregnant. I agree though that experiences will be all over the map with this one.

      • Maybe the hip expansion is just a side effect of weight gain and/or loss?

        I have always had proportionately narrow hips, even when I was 40 lbs overweight. But when I lost the weight, it came off differently than I put it on, so now I am kind of hippy with big thighs and a bubble butt.

        I think Mila Kunis said that when she regained the weight she lost for Black Swan, it went to her hips and butt, too.

      • Anonymous :

        I was on the tall/slim side before I had my son, now 8 months old. I’ve lost almost all the weight but I’m still a size or 2 bigger than I was pre-baby. I definietly always had a bit of an ass, but the curvy hips are new to me, and the belly is still there (although its also still shrinking, which is good!). Also, if you breastfeed, your boobs might stay a lot bigger. Mine went up two cup sizes while pregnant and have stayed that way. Honestly, although I’ve had to buy all new clothes (not even my winter coat fits anymore), I’m a lot more proportionate than I was before and things do not need nearly as much tailoring. I always needed a large shirt to have the length actually cover my arms and torso, but I lacked the chest to fill it out. I no longer have that problem. Even with the bigger hips, pants fit better too, just in a few sizes bigger. I got a few pairs of the Theory Max C’s at the outlet in a larger size and they fit fantastically, even with the curves. They’re super flattering. I do miss my old clothes though. I wish I hadn’t bought some of the pricier things I purchased before I got pregnant, because I’m starting to think I’ll never wear them again.

        My weight gain experience was similar to my mothers. My sister in law lost all the weight within the first month post partum and ended up skinner than she was before by 6 mos post baby. It all depends on your body. That said, I wouldn’t buy any investment type clothing purchases if you’re planning to get pregnant anytime soon. Not worth it.

  3. Nice!! I love Theory pants at 5’10”! Just ordered 3 pairs – thanks for the head’s up! I got the Emory pants in Tailor fabric in Indigo color b/c I need a new blue/navy suit but the coordinating jacket was not on sale so I am going to do a little online searching to see if I can find the Gabe Tailor jacket cheaper than the going rate of $395. Any ideas would be appreciated! Happy Friday ladies.

  4. I need some shopping help! I’m looking for a two-tone watch in the $100-$150 range. Stylish, durable. GO! (Thanks!)

  5. I ordered the wrong size Rory Blazer (size 12) by accident, ugh! Just posted it (at a further discount) in eBay. Please search there if interested. Sorry for the commercial post–I know I would appreciate it if I were a size 12.

    Total blonde moment.

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