Giveaway: Two Dresses From Muse

Last year, during one of those flash sales, I bought a Muse dress — a purple sheath with matching purple snakeskin accents. It wound up being one of my favorite dresses: it was flattering, hugged my curves (but with a nice thick fabric) and, much to my surprise, was machine washable (even with the faux leather accents!). Score. So I’m thrilled to announce that Muse has offered to give one lucky reader two dresses — up to $300 worth — by offering a Corporette giveaway.  (My suggestion:  get a great office-appropriate dress like this dolman-sleeved sheath (normally $138), and then use your second dress to get one of Muse’s great cocktail dresses.)

So how can you enter?  Just click this link ( and enter your email address to win!  The contest ends on 12/20.

Disclosure:  Corporette charges advertisers a fee to promote giveaways.  In this instance, the contest is being administered by the advertiser, not Corporette.


  1. Woods-comma-Elle :

    I just wanted to say thanks to the person who mentioned Make It or Break It on here the other day – I had never seen it, but decided to give it a go as it was in the same sentence with Gossip Girl, which I love.

    Obviously I am now addicted.

    Also a thank you to the person who mentioned the Android sleep cycle app. I downloaded it and it seems great (although I still go back to sleep, think I just need to get used to it).

    • What is the Android Sleep Cycle app?

      Also, if you like the other shows, you might need to check out Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. New episodes for both start on January 2nd.

  2. Woo, giveaways!

    (Equity’s Darling – check your email!) :-)

  3. Another Perspective :

    If this is not the ugliest dress I have ever seen, I can’t remember what is.

    • This dress is a bit bold but a lot of the other dresses on the site are surprisingly different from other brands. Nice bright colors with different cuts.

  4. Many of the dresses on the site have really great, flattering shapes. Love!

  5. This would not be an office dress for any office I have ever worked in. Uh-uh.

  6. I would totally wear this dress to work…it is bold yet sophisticated. I checked out the site and ordered the royal blue/white maxi dress and can’t wait to get it!! There are so many more cute dresses I want them all!

  7. these dresses are great for women who work in creative companies! love them and you can’t beat the price!

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