Coffee Break: Posture and Activity Tracker

Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Tracker | CorporetteMy posture is one of those things that I continually wish I could improve. I’m ok in public spaces, I feel, but once I get behind closed doors I’m Queen Slouchy. Bad, bad, bad. I saw this little posture “coach” on Amazon a while ago and made the purchase. The idea is that once you align your posture, the device will help you track how many hours of good posture you have, and you can turn on a “coaching session” where the device will “tap” you when you’re slouching. Visibly, it’s very innocuous (you can clip it to your bra strap), and the small vibrations when you’re being “coached” have not yet started to grate on my nerves. I also like that you can set the length of your coaching session; the default is one hour but you can expand or contract based on your other metrics. It’s $79 at Amazon. Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Tracker



  1. Gail the Goldfish :

    Paging Miss Behaved–Since you’ve been recently, I’ve got a few questions about Vieques. Would you mind emailing me? corporetteclothesswap at gmail. Also, a couple of people said they had been to Grenada-I’ve got some questions about that too if anyone wouldn’t mind emailing. (I’m having a hard time deciding between the two).

  2. Wedding Guest Dress- Again :

    Hi all – I asked last week if this dress was too white to wear to a wedding, and the answer was no. Now I am wondering if it is inappropriate because of the bare back. It’s a casual afternoon outdoor ceremony and backyard reception. Any thoughts? And yes I realize I am probably overthinking this!

    ETA: Also, any recs for a good backless or adhesive [email protected] thing?

    • I don’t think it’s too bare, but if the ceremony is religious, you can bring a wrap or cardigan and remove it after the religious part.

    • I think it’s a lovely dress, but if you keep being concerned about different aspects of the dress, maybe it would just be easier to pick a different dress that you have no concerns about?

    • S in Chicago :

      Just wanted to say gorgeous dress and seems perfect for the occasion. It screams outdoor wedding guest to me.

  3. Yay! Coffee Break! I love Coffee Break, but I have never heard of this device. I will have to look at it more closeley b/c the Judge is ALWAYS asking me to stand up straight, move to the left or right and then shift my weight from one side to the other — ALL while I am giveing my ORAL ARGUEMENTS against the claimant’s. If this thing buzzes to loud, I am NOT sure what he will think. I do NOT want him to think I have some sort of feminine wand/stimulator or I will NEVER live that down. FOOEY!

    I did NOT post before when asked about comfortable doctor’s clotheing b/c I am NOT in the field and do NOT consider any advise I would give to be competent. So I just read thru the coments. I did learn, tho, that Noah should wear comforteable clotheing and comforteable shoe’s b/c he is on his feet in the ER all day. Mabye I could buy him some special insole’s that are like memory foam? I think I heard of that somewhere. Is anyone in the HIVE familiar with such a product and how much it costs? I do NOT want to seem forward by getting him SHOES–at this point the insole’s seem like a better idea. If he say’s no, I can always give them to my dad, who is a big fitbit fan. YAY!!!!

    Myrna’s freind wants me to meet his freind. I am not all that thrilled with Myrna’s freind, so am not sure what his freind is goieing to be like. Myrna says he has a job on Wall Street, so that is at least a start, but I do NOT want another bald internet doosh like Evan who pick’s his nose, even if he has alot of money. FOOEY! I have had enough of that!

    Rosa said that Ed is being very nice to her now that she started to be more attentive to his need’s. Rosa got some books from the Internet about being more wifeley to him–meaning being more UNINHIBITED. The one thing she told me she is doeing is coming to the door when he comes home with almost NOTHING on! FOOEY if it is cold outside. Beside’s he still has all of his clothe’s on, but she then take’s care of that. I will NOT go in to more detail, but you SHOULD get the picture. This lasts for an hour BEFORE dinner. She does make him shower as soon as he gets home and before she start’s in with him. Ed is evidenteley VERY satisfied by dinnertime! YAY!!!

  4. This is interesting. I am also a sloucher and I have recently been trying to not slouch in pictures and it is AMAZING how much nicer I look when I do that. This makes me think I should try to improve my posture more but I didn’t know there was such a thing as a posture coach. Hmmm…. I remember there being posture-improving bras in the past, I was thinking I’d just get that, but maybe this is better.

    PS: Kat, I love when you make a personal recommendation/review! My favorite finds from this site (from both you and the commenters) are the “I love this, you should try it” items.

    • Baconpancakes :


      I started The New Rules of Lifting for Women (as recommended here repeatedly) and I immediately noticed a difference in my posture. And I can almost do correct form pushups now, which apparently I’ve been doing wrong my entire life.

      • What kind of weights do you use? Can they be 5 lbs ones or do I need to actually do heavy lifting?

        • You can probably start with the 5lb, if you can’t do the reps with something heavier, but you’ll need to progress to heavier weights as you move through the program.

          • Baconpancakes :

            Yes, the reason weights help with slouching is because they build muscle, which pulls you back into good posture (I’m guessing). If you’re only using 5lbs and never challenge yourself, you won’t build muscle. You won’t get bulky, I promise. If you’re more worried about having to buy the weights, yeah, it’s annoying, but a gym is the best way to go. I really recommend the book above, NRoLfW, for more on all of this. See if your library has it if you’re not sold. (And I am ignoring the menus and just adding a ton of protein to my diet, because I am so not into protein shakes.)

          • The real reason weightlifting helps with posture is not strength, but awareness. You will improve your proprioception and your bodily awareness, which is an issue for most of us who sit at desks all day.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I used to have pretty much perfect posture and it has become terrible over the years. I try to remember to focus on it and sometimes I’m able to remind myself every time I walk through a doorway.

    • Must be Tuesday :

      Ballet is great for improving posture. When I started taking classes several years ago, I noticed an improvement in my day-to-day posture.

      • I feel the same about barre classes (although I’ve only been doing them since October).

        • When I did barre class consistently, think 3-4 times a week for a couple months, I noticed a huge change in my posture!

    • Agree about the personal recommendations.

    • I also need this device. My dad has a hump and I’m trying not to get one but my default comfy position at work and home is seriously slouched and hunched. I think it would be going off constantly in the beginning. Hopefully I could adjust how “slouched” I needed to be before it corrected me so I could work my way back to good posture.

    • I find that how your desktop is set up (location of keyboard relative to chair, location of screen relative to your height, location of your mouse, etc.) is important to keeping good posture. I had terrible posture and am now improving now that my desk is set up to be more good-posture-friendly (and ergonomic basically)…

      I also notice I eat, type, and write at different levels of “table” so having an adjustable chair is good.

      As for walking, tbh, I have the best posture when I wear heels. Something about heels requires me to actually stand in a way so I won’t topple over, which often results in me having to stand with good posture.

      When I was little I used to balance a book on my head when I was learning how to type to keep my back straight.

  5. I’m pregnant with kiddo #2, and we found out this baby has a severe heart defect, which will require a series of surgeries, beginning shortly after birth. We’re currently researching surgery centers, doctors, etc. One of the best hospitals for treatment is about 4 hours away from us and would require us to be there 6+ month – 1 month prior to delivery and then through the 2nd round of surgeries. We could make it work (husband can work from that office, grandmas are willing to rotate through to help with kiddo #1 who is not in school, etc.). For whatever reason, my brain is currently focusing and fretting on our 2 big dogs. What do we do with them? We might be able to rent a place for 6 months with a yard and that would allow the pups, but I haven’t found that place so far… And we’re going to be in and out of the hospital with lengthy stays during that time. All of our friends locally have multiple dogs, or no yard. Plus, one of our pups is a bit of a special snowflake – she’s a rescue and unquestionably sweet, but very anxious and it takes a while for her to get settled/warm up. Any suggestions?

    • Any local fostering options that may temporarily foster the dogs? A dog walker that can visit daily for an extended period? A recommendation for a temporary home through a doggie daycare?

      • +1 I work with both my local humane society and a breed-specific rescue. Search for rescues in your area (breed-specific, if your’s are a particular breed, or general if not) and see if they could help you out. Trust me, they see enough irresponsible animal owners who dump their animals when the become inconvenient – I’m sure they would be more than happy to help someone who had the forethought to make arrangements for their dogs during an incredibly difficult time. I would also suggest contacting your local humane society or animal shelter and seeing if they have a program you could use. Our humane society has a program that temporarily cares for pets of women in a local domestic violence shelter until they can make other arrangements, and they also have a foster program for animals that cannot be adopted out right away for whatever reason.

      • Meg Murry :

        Did you get her from a breed-specific rescue? Can you contact them for help/resources either in your current city or the hospital city?

        And if you are going to be in and out of the hospital can I suggest you investigate daycare/full day preschool for kiddo #1 and get on some wait lists? It would be good for him/her to have some day-to-day stability and routine, as opposed to rotating grandmas. The hospital social workers might even be able to recommend one close to the hospital or one that will give you reduced tuition or a scholarship since I’m assuming you won’t be able to work during this period – our daycare is a non-profit and offers scholarships and tuition aid to families in circumstances like where one parent is out of work because of an emergency.

        And good luck to you and your family.

        • Our rescue was from the vet (previous owners dropped her off to be put down because she needed a special diet). But I will definitely reach out to some rescue organizations we know of…

    • First, hugs to you and your family. You sound like you are tackling this and taking care of your family so well. Don’t underestimate the power of your network and others’ compassion. I don’t know where you are, but off the top of my head, I can think of several friends who are such child/ dog lovers, they would be clear candidates to foster a dog for a family like yours, even if they didn’t know you. Put the word out. Don’t feel guilty, just work out the best situation you can.

      • This. Put the word out to everyone you know – work, clubs, religious organizations, yoga studio – and someone will appear. Also, maybe ask your vet for advice.

        Hugs. What a difficult thing to manage. Let people help you.

        • Coach Laura :

          I’m pressed for time so I haven’t had time to read all the responses, but wow HM I’m so touched by your concern for the dogs. Won’t repeat ideas but perhaps social media is your friend. Set up a gofundme or facebook or even a caringbridge site and blast it to your contacts/friends and ask they they blast it to others to help you find a foster or temp situation or to provide funds for dog sitter. Heck if I could now I’d send money for that.

          Sending good thoughts and prayers out into the internet for y’all and your Little One.

      • I agree with this. If a friend mentioned this situation to me, I would take her dogs in without question. And I have two kids and my own dog. Don’t close that door before you’ve investigated it.

        Hugs and thoughts to you and your family.

      • +1. Some friends of ours recently traveled for several months and found a young woman to keep their dog while they were away. She enjoyed having a temporary pet. They did pay her.

        • Coach Laura :

          Perhaps pet sitting at your current house would work. I know lots of starving student types – someone might do it for a monthly stipend. Or someone studying for the bar.

    • Wildkitten :

      I agree with asking everyone you know. When I had to board my dog for a long time they gave me a sizeable discount, so if you end up having to do that make sure you ask.

    • My best friend’s son was born with HLHS and they were in the same situation as you. They had to spend 6 months away from home, as they lived in a very rural area and no one could keep the dogs for various reasons. The hospital’s social worker actually set them up with a local fostering group that would foster animals of the patient’s families for this very hospital. It was the only children’s hospital in the area, and families came from across the state, often staying for extended periods. While your specific hospital may not have the same fostering-group resource, chances are that they can point you in the right direction and give you some guidance on working through the various challenges being away from home that long will present. Best wishes to you and your family!

    • If you’re willing to post your general location (and the hospital’s general location), I’m betting someone here will be able to point you in the direction of resources.

      • We’re in Dallas, currently looking at treatment in Houston.

        • Check out Paws in the City, Animal Rescue of Texas, and the Dallas SPCA for resources. I also used to DFW Pet Sitting for daily petsitting when I had two dogs. The owner, Olga, and the manager, Paula, are wonderful people and may also be able to provide advice or resources if you explain your situation.

          • Consider looking at groups that provide long term fostering for the pets of deployed members of the armed forces. You might be able to talk to one of those groups about extending the service to y’all in this circumstance.

        • Anonymous :

          If you consider long-term boarding, talk to Gwen at Downtown Dog. She and her husband live on-site and my little furbaby absolutely adores her. I know they take in rescues and fosters, so they may be willing to set up a special arrangement for you.

          • I second the suggestions of the groups to try to find a temporary foster. Also love the suggestion of negotiating a discount for long term boarding. Rhonda at Happy Tails has been wonderful working wih us when we have had special circumstances over the years. She is the owner but not there every day, so you may have to leave a message for her.

    • la vie en bleu :

      definitely reach out to any foster/rescue organizations in your area. Some might not get back to you, but if any can help with something like this, they will probably get back to you right away. The rescue I foster for does have a medical fostering program for long hospital stays, other medical emergencies.

    • hoola hoopa :

      We drove our dog to my IL’s house, where he stayed happily for 6 months. It was a good set up for everyone.

      GL in the coming year.

    • Agree about reaching out to everyone for help. For gaps in coverage, you could also check out rover dot com. We’ve found great sitters for our dog for short timespans. Also think about whether having the dogs near you will be stressful or comforting. If it’s the latter, finding a place that would accommodate the pups may be a better option.

    • Check out the Ronald McDonald House. They were a great assistance for a law school friend while her father was passing away. I’m not saying they will let you bring the dogs but they can probably point you towards the right resources.

  6. SF Air BnB? :

    I was looking for a place to stay in SF for a summer vacation. I know that a few months ago, someone posted that they have a place they rent out via Air B n B. Can you let me know how to contact you? I am very interested and my details are firming up.

  7. Shopaholic :

    Any suggestions about the best area to stay in Boston? I’m visiting with a group of girlfriends this summer.

    Also, I’ve never been so if anyone has any suggestions on things to do, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Back Bay might give you the best options for sights, restaurants and things to do. Very central. But, Boston is small – from the waterfront to the North End to the Back Bay.. .it’s all quite walkable and, if deemed too far, a cheap cab ride.

    • Must be Tuesday :

      I stayed in Beacon Hill and Back Bay when I visited Boston, and really enjoyed both areas. Very walkable, close to places I wanted to visit, easy access to public transportation, lively neighborhoods with lots of shops and restaurants.

    • I was in Boston last summer and we had a nice time staying at the Onyx hotel. Room was nice and modern, price reasonable, location great, staff was lovely. It was very easy to get to everywhere we wanted to go.
      Things to do: one of those swan boat rides if you want to do something touristy, plus just walking around the public garden is so beautiful. It’s like jumping through one of those pastel squares in Mary Poppins.
      Also, you could have a nice dinner in Little Italy, get some cannolis for after, walk the freedom trail if you like the history stuff, and whatever you do don’t go to Legal Seafood (one of the most disappointing meals I’ve ever had).

    • I like to stay in Cambridge near the T (Think Cambridge Marriott) because you get an amazing view of Boston and it’s only a 2-stop ride to the Commons.

    • I’m living in boston right now, I would say the back bay or somewhere near Faneuil hall/waterfront since you will be close to the back bay and close to some of the bars on the water and the seaport which is a fun place to be in the summer!

    • boston anon :

      I’m also just going to second that boston is really easy to uber around. My parents stayed at the Charles hotel in Harvard Sq when visiting (it is a bit pricey) and really liked it. Lots of bustle in the square and it’s on the T so you can go downtown very easily.

  8. Is it necessary to wear a suit just to meet with a recruiter? Technical field, not law.

  9. Work brag, since I can’t do this in my office: 4 months into my new job, I just got sign-off on changes to staffing and workflow which will net our team 4 new hires and save $400-500K each year. My analysis was strong enough that the VP just needed to be walked through it to make sure his understanding was correct.


  10. Researching pay in your field :

    When researching compensation (i.e. salary/benefits) at your level in a particular field, would it be unwise to contact HR? This information is posted on the website at some of the larger institutions (higher ed) in the area I am looking. However, the position is at a smaller institution where there doesn’t seem to be a policy on certain benefits. Thought of talking to someone at a different institution but also wondered whether to go direct to the source i.e. someone at the very place I am interested in. FWIW, this idea came after learning that people, women especially, do better in negotiations when they have information to backup their argument. Advice?

  11. My fiance and I are getting married this fall and are trying to plan our honeymoon. We are both fortunate to have traveled a fair amount, so we’re looking for something new and off the beaten path, with a mix of opportunities to explore and relax. We will have about two weeks for our trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    • I always like the NYT “places to go in X year” section for inspiration.

    • hoola hoopa :

      Costa Rica?
      Black Sea?

    • Anonymous :

      Have you been to South Africa? It’s a popular destination so maybe not off the beaten path. If not suggestions: Cape Town, wine country etc
      Alternatives: Kenya or Tanzania for Safari, there are also some great beach destinations–Malindi, Diani etc

    • Anonymous :

      If you say where you’ve been it might be easier for people to make suggestions.
      Some really big “bucket list” types trip for me that aren’t quite as common as Italy/France/Hawaii etc. are: Thailand (Bangkok, Elephant Nature Park and some islands), an African safari, Antarctica (not sure you can do this in 2 weeks and might be the wrong time of year), Norway (a few days in cities + fjords), Australia and/or New Zealand (I think you could easily spend 2 weeks in each, but I know people who have combined them in that time), French Polynesia (Bora Bora is a must, but in 2 weeks you could definitely visit 2 or 3 different islands), Russia (St. Petersburg especially), Eastern Euro cities (Prague, Budapest and Krakow? The latter two especially are two of my favorite cities). I honeymooned in Greece so I’m biased but I think the Greek Isles are the ultimate honeymoon spot, and with 2 weeks you could really hop around a bit and see a few different ones.
      If you fly IcelandAir to Europe, you can stay in Iceland for up to 1 week for free, so with 2 weeks you could do a week in Iceland and a week in Europe without the tickets costing any more than just going to Europe. Iceland is super cool.

    • My husband and I went to hong kong, singapore, bali and lombok for our 3 week honeymoon. Lombok and the nearby Gili Islands are a little more off the beaten path (and just an hour long boat ride from Bali). If you like scuba diving, or think you might, there is great diving around there. I got certified on our honeymoon. We liked having good food options in all four places, and found it to be a good mix of city, culture, water activities, and relaxation. We have also spent time in Vietnam and loved it. In two weeks, you could definitely hit two to three places in the region.

    • Taiwan!! :) Lots of great places to explore, and a lot of outdoor activities too. Lots of suggestions on their tourism website

    • Coach Laura :

      Estonia, Helsinki and Stockholm, all connected via ferry.

    • Where are you flying from? That may impact the relaxation part of your trip (by how long it will take you to get there). For me, Namibia, Colombia, and Iceland would all be on the list.

    • Travelanon :

      Oman? You need a car but the roads are great, and you can go hike wadis that feel nearly untouched. I’m talking “swim in between two rocks that in America would be covered with warning signs, and poof you’re in a cave with a waterfall” type beauty. Plus there are dunes and beaches. Weather in autumn should be perfect.

  12. How do you (or don’t you?) announce a new job on Facebook?

    I went back to law school at an older age and have pursued an unsexy niche practice. One of the people I interned for and have stayed in touch with is leaving his position and has asked me to take over. I’ve been dreaming about this type of job for 20 years. No kidding, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

    There’s no reason someone just 2 years out of law school (I was Class of 2013) should have this job, other than that I chose an unsexy niche and other practitioners are few and far between, and that I interned for the guy and he liked me. Meaning, I don’t necessarily “deserve” this job. I wasn’t the smartest in class; I was just drawn to this type of work, really enjoy it, and knew someone.

    Because this is a dream come true, I absolutely want to share my excitement on FB, but I’m sensitive to my classmates who are very unhappy professionally. (Many are still doing doc review; some moved home with parents to practice small town law. There’s been drama amongst the class before when people posted good news. People were defriended…it was very soap opera.)

    How do I share my good news without seeming like a braggart? The job title comes with a built-in wow factor that I worry about sharing with my law school classmates…but I still want to share my excitement with all my far-flung cousins and friends.

    • Taa devil :

      Just put the announcement on your linked in page, and save Facebook for more personal news.

      • OP here.

        This IS personal for me. To skip over a million details, I got a divorce so that I could make this dream come true. I can’t think of anything that’s more me than this finally happening for me. I’ve been waiting 20 years.

        My long-time friends and family on FB will understand this and will rejoice for me; recent classmates who don’t know me deep-down will, I guess, think I should have put it on LinkedIn.

        • Anonymous :

          Look, either you’re going to obnoxiously brag about this or not. There’s no non-braggy way to FB this. Either you’re okay with that or not.

          • Whoa there — that’s pretty harsh. Just share the good news in a genuine way, which should be easy since you’re clearly thoughtful about this. If you want to go the extra mile, limit who the post is shared with. And congratulations!

        • Also, if your recent classmates really can’t be happy for you, they probably aren’t really your friends (FB or otherwise). I rarely post anything serious on FB and refuse to keep negative people on my FB feed, so if someone defriended me for posting happy news I would view it as they saved me the trouble of having to weed them out of my life.

          • Seattle Associate :

            This. Why would you stay “friends” with someone of Facebook when that person isn’t really your friend?

        • Killer Kitten Heels :

          You can control who you post FB news to – just set the entry to only show to a specific list of people (the close friends and family who will rejoice for you), and not to show to everyone else.

          • No need to go to the trouble of hiding it from your peers. It’s your dream job. Post it. If someone is going to be sad, so be it. If it spurs an underemployed acquaintance to seek out their dream job, yay!

          • Killer Kitten Heels :

            Emily, normally I’d agree, but OP said there’d already been strife in the law-school-class-circle over posts like this. Assuming she wants to keep these people as professional contacts, I don’t think you can take the “if they can’t be happy for you, you don’t need them anyway” approach in this particular instance (it’s not exactly good for your professional reputation to be remembered as “that snotty b!tch who rubbed her job in our faces,” whether that’s an accurate portrayal of what actually happened or not).

        • I’ve been divorced. If you really left your husband to make this “dream” JOB of yours come true, then the ill will of others (FB or otherwise) will likely persist both before and after any announcement of this kind.

    • 1. Keep it off FB public-facing entirely and just email / text / PM the people that you want to share with.
      2. Don’t do an excited status update blast – instead just update your job info. Same news-spreading effect, but less “I’m affirmatively telling you all how awesome I am.”
      3. Learn how to use different friend lists – i.e., have a list for law school acquaintances, and then say “share with friends OTHER THAN acquaintance list.” This is not foolproof, however, because friends of friends may eventually see it.

    • I would leave it off facebook. If you really must put everything on FB, then figure out how to change privacy so your law school classmates don’t see all your posts. But really, I wouldn’t. And shake the “I don’t deserve this.” Congrats!

    • I’d just share the good news personally with the people you are friends with in real life. Assuming your LinkedIn profile is set to notify your connections of any changes, all of your professional/law school contacts will already be getting a notification of your job change through that channel.

    • First of all, congratulations! Very exciting for you.

      One way to do this would be just add the new job to the workplace section of your profile. I think people will see the change, but it doesn’t carry the same emotional weight (and attendant fawning comments and likes) that a status update has. And this way, you don’t have to wordsmith it.

      Personally, I wouldn’t put this sort of thing on Facebook at all. Why not just keep it on LinkedIn? Aren’t you connected with friends there? Your cousins will probably hear from their moms, who will hear it from your mom… just like in the old days!

      • This.

        Also, I would tell a family member to acitvate the phone tree and pass the news along. Or you can write letters, or whatever. There are avenues other than FB with which to announce good news.

    • hoola hoopa :

      I see posts about new jobs on my feed and don’t think anything of it. Getting your dream job seems like a reasonable thing to share on your personal FB page. I agree it is personal news. Usually it’s along the lines of “Just got the job I’ve been dreaming about for 20 years!”

      Granted, I’m not in law and neither are any of the people I can recall posting.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Oh goodness yes! I’m a lawyer stuck doing document review and I’m still totally happy for my friends who get awesome law jobs. Just because my situation sucks doesn’t mean I can’t be happy for other people.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          Agreed. Plus, given the interconnectedness of the legal world, it’s nice/potentially useful to know where friends are.

    • Think about the people in your life who love and support you. If they wouldn’t find the post obnoxious, then you’re good to go. Everyone else isn’t going to find fault no matter how you go about it. And congratulations!

    • Since you don’t want to put anything on Facebook until it is signed, sealed, and delivered anyway, I’d wait until your first day on the job and say something like, “So thrilled to be taking over as [Boss of All Things Legal] at [Super Awesome Co.] today! Dream come true!” Still braggy, but also more informational, to my mind.

    • I need to know what’s considered an unsexy niche position in law. My mind is going to ERISA or some kind of insurance law. Can you please give us some kind of hint?

      And Congratulations! Good for you to pursue your dreams.

    • What if you put it in a business seeking context instead of bragging context?

      “Anon is now the head of Trusts and Estates at XYZ law. If you need a will, please keep me in mind!”

      If your specialty is not conducive to business hunting you could say something instead like “Excited to start my new position as head of Land Use for Boring Municipality.”

      Also, I think we all need to brag a little bit every once in awhile. Not for every little accomplishment but for the big ones.

      I understand your concern though. I got a reach job through OCI in 2009 (mostly because I was willing to move when most of my classmates weren’t) and there was definitely a lot of resentment. I really kept it to myself but word still got out.

    • Veronica Mars :

      Congrats! I think the classiest way to do it via Facebook is go to the About tab and add it as a new employer. It’ll give you the option to specify when you’re starting (so add your future start date and it’ll say ‘in X months’). Then once you’ve added in the information, it’ll give you the option of making it a news feed post. It’ll pop up on your friends’ feeds that way, so they’ll be informed and you get to skip the whole, “I’m so thrilled to announce XYZ” which can come off as smarmy.

  13. Anonymous :

    I’m in law and it’s totally normal for people to post about getting good new jobs on Facebook. Posting about, say, the amount of your bonus is braggy and materialistic, but saying “I got a dream job that I’ve been working towards for a long time!” seems totally reasonable (and common). I don’t understand avoiding posting about it because some classmates are unhappy professionally. Lots of people have miscarriages or have trouble conceiving, or get divorced or are unhappily single but that doesn’t stop people from flooding the facebook newsfeed with news about marriages and babies. Enjoy your new job!

    Oops this was supposed to be a reply to Anon at 4:19

  14. For those who were curious about the fate of the Of Mercer comments, I just sent Kat this email:

    Hi Kat,

    I’m writing to inquire regarding whether you deleted critical comments on the Of Mercer sponsored post. If you did do so, I think that it would be appropriate to disclose to your readers what policies apply to comments on sponsored posts and, specifically, whether only brand-positive comments are permitted. In addition, if you did do so, I would urge you to reconsider that approach. I know that you read the comments, although you don’t often interact in them (a policy that I understand and have defended in the past). That said, I suspect you know that for many of your readers, the primary value of Corpor*tte is the community that you’ve built – the community of commenters – and the value of having honest feedback on brands and styles available from other professional women. It would be a great shame were that to be sacrificed to satisfy your advertisers, and it would eliminate most of the value, to me at least, in coming to the site.


    • I’m looking into this now, cbackson — did you make the comments under this IP address/computer? I always caution advertisers that I do not delete comments, and as far as I know none were deleted.

      • Is this the comment? It’s on the pants thread and doesn’t seem to be about Of Mercer at all but rather the Theory pants.

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