Deal Alert: The Nordstrom Secret Sale is Pretty Great

nordstrom-secret-saleNordstrom usually trumpets their sales, so it’s a bit surprising that they don’t have any messaging on their homepage or anywhere about this — but there are a ton of great workwear pieces on deep discount. Below, see some of my top picks — most are either 50% off or have 5-star ratings.


(The page may take a second to load…)


  1. Maddie Ross :

    Don’t get your hopes too far up. In the less than 10 minutes since this post went up, the pleione blouse is sold out. :(

    • madrilena (for now) :

      I just ordered the pleione mixed media blouse in the bright blue and black for 12.97 each, after your post. so i don’t think all hope is lost!

      • Maddie Ross :

        Maybe just my size. :( Just tried again and still out.

        • Stephanie :

          The Pleione blouse was actually on sale for a couple of days – I keep adding it to my cart but it won’t let me check out because it says it’s sold out. Very frustrating.

    • UGHHHHH.

  2. lucy stone :

    Kat, I opened this in an incognito tab so I could see the sales. I know you make money off of ads, but could your add networks screen a little better? Most of the ads have very inappropriate photos for the workplace.

    • Yay Kat! I love NORDSTRM’s but did NOT know about this sale! It is fantastic! I need for ROSA to buy stuff for me b/c dad took away my AMEX now, so I just have her buy it and then have ROSA get the money directley from Dad since HE control’s my brokerage account, where there IS cash. I could alway’s use my ATM, but that would make me exeed the $400 I can get out each day and I do NOT like walkeing around NYC with to much cash.

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  3. lucy stone :

    In a Nordstrom related note, I ordered this skirt and it’s great:

    It runs a little large, but the fabric is substantial compared to what I was expecting.