Deal Alert: The Sale is on Sale at Nordstrom!

sale-on-sale-at-nordstromNordstrom is doing another day of “extra savings” (although allegedly this time it’s through 11/30) — the sales are great!  Be warned, though, when they did this last week (the first time I’ve ever seen them do this!), stuff sold out — I had a number of things sell out before I could check out last week. Sad trombone! (My solution tonight: first I shopped for my son and checked out, then went back and shopped for myself and checked out… then decided to do a sales roundup about it.)  Some of the nicer things I’m seeing:

  1. BCBG Generation Pinni Pump, was $79 now $38, lots of colors and sizes left
  2. Corso Como ‘Penny’ Pointy Toe Pump, was $128 now $48
  3. Sam Edelman ‘Linda’ Half d’Orsay Pump, was $109 now $55, 2 colors left
  4. Ivanka Trump ‘Sophia’ Pump, was $109 now $59, 10+ colors on sale
  5. not pictured: COACH ‘Rileigh’ Wedge Pump, was $195 now $87, 3 colors on sale
  6. (at top): SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Diana’ Pump, was $365 now $165 – 18 positive reviews, 3 colors left
  7. TONS of Stuart Weitzman (up to 62% off) and AGL flats (up to 55% off)… no “extra” savings on Ferragamo but tons of shoes marked 40% off.

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  1. Yay! I showed my dad your p’ost, Kat about Nordstrom’s sale and Ivanka’s stuff being up to 70% off and he told me he would UNLOCK my credit for Black Friday — I am so stuffed today that I will not be there when it open’s but I still will try and get a few bargan’s. Everyone was NICE to me today! I can’t beleive it b/c useueally Grandma Leyeh is after me for taking the $50K and NOT bearing her a grandchild, but she actueally said that I should NOT just have sex with a man just to have a child. Dad agreed, tho he said that Sheketovits would probabley have been a good father to our child. — He is wrong b/c Sheketovits drank to much! What kind of father would drink and then vomit all day on my white carpet? FOOEY!

    Anyway, I am afraid to shop for a size 2 after eating so much food today, but I promised mom that I would not eat to much for the rest of the weekend and gave my pie to Myrna, b/c dad says she should eat more pies if she even want’s to have a tuchus. Myrna laughed, but then ate my pie! YAY!!!!! Once she has a tuchus, we can be sisters, Grandma Leyeh told me. YAY!!!!

    • This can’t be real.

      • Pb- it’s not real. Just the resident troll. Ignore her/him/it. I personally hate that Kat/Kate lets these posts in, however some others like the comedic effect. I just scroll on by any post with CAPS.

        • Nora & Joan & Robin :

          Oh ptooey on you two dullards! I as well as the six sunshine girls totally love Ellen! She’s a breathe of fresh air for anyone who’s worked in Biglaw as well as all of us who ever hope to escape it! If you do not like it you’re free to scroll down. But honestly, we think that y’all protest too much!

    • This could be any one of us! With all of the nibbling I’ve done over the last 4 days, I bet I’ve put on 5 pounds. Without someone to hound me, I could be as big as a house by Cheistmas. Girls, let’s agree to swear off any sweets for a month so we can all look like Myrna. Well, almost! Happy T day to all!

      • Right back atcha girl! My ass is huge after this weekend! But so is all of ours!

  2. Kat, thanks for this post! The Kate Spade bag is going under my tree. I admired it at full price so was thrilled for 50% off!

  3. Away Game: Shopping help :

    My husband asked for a replacement for his ancient, beloved, pilled-and-now-stiff half-zip fleece pullover. It’s an old one – I think it predates our first date, so more than 16 years of regular use- from the Gap, in a heavy gray fleece. I just ordered one that looks sorta similar from Lands End, but doubt it will be as heavy as the old one. Gap doesn’t seem to have anything similar, nor does Eddie Bauer or JCrew. Has anyone come across a heavy gray fleece half-zip? Suggestions on possible places to find one? IF he really likes it, he’s likely to wear it at least once a week in coldish weather for the next decade or more, so I’m not particularly price sensitive. Requirements are deceptively simple – fleece, gray, no hood, not full zip -but he’ll notice if it’s not as well-made as the one he has now (uh, how nice it used to be, I guess).

    • You may want to check LLBean. Generally they have very good quality fleece clothing. They also have 10% off your entire purchase and 10$ gift card for purchases over $50 going on. I just quickly glanced and found this:

    • REI

    • Patagonia

    • DisenchantedinDC :

      For longevity? Patagonia all the way.

  4. I’ve seen one on Orvis’s website. Patagonia or Columbia would be worth checking. REI, too.