Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: DKNY Cap-Sleeve Scoopneck Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

DKNY Cap-Sleeve Scoopneck DressI’ve been ogling this beautiful scoopneck dress for a few weeks now — I love the pleat details at the shoulders and gathering at the waist, especially when paired with the scoopneck.  The red is a classic, and the whole dress has a timeless elegance.  It’s $245 at Saks Fifth Avenue. DKNY Cap-Sleeve Scoopneck Dress

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  1. Love this dress. Shape would be very flattering to lots of body types. I struggle wearing a solid outfit of this shade of red. Is it too aggressive or is that an old-fashioned way to think about it?

    • I think I’d only wear this paired with a darker top — like a black blazer or cardigan — and very sedate shoes (perhaps the nude in the picture).

      Otherwise, I kid of agree…its a LOT of red.

      Oh…and PRETTY.

      • Also love the dress, also not sure I love/would want to wear this much red. I do like that it’s a more orange-y red, as opposed to a blue red, which makes it feel more modern to me (and thus less 80’s/early 90s).

        I don’t love the fact that it’s a dry clean only synthetic. Acetate & polyester for over $100? No, thanks. But if I stumble on it at Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off Fifth in 6 months and it’s marked down about 60%, it comes home with me! :)

        • Jade Moon :

          I think that blue-red vs. orange-y red is choice that depends upon one’s skin tone. For me, blue-red — in modest quantities — is flattering. I’ve really fair skin tone. When I have a tan, the orange-y deal looks better.

          Same with purple — with me, doesn’t work with a tan, does when I’m pale.

          I look for flattering, not era.

    • Also, it appears to be available in black at Neiman Marcus.


    • I don’t like red on me, especially this tomato-y shade. But if I did wear red, I’d wear this dress with a beige v-neck cardigan and a skinny belt. Love red and beige together.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Oh good call on the red and beige. I was trying to figure out what I would wear with this but trying to avoid black. What do you think of a charcoal gray with this?

      • Beige and red together remind me of some uniform… what am I thinking of? Oh yes. The boy scouts.

  2. I love this shape of dress. It’s so easy to wear and dress up or down depending on occasion.

    Not too keen on the price, though, but I expect I’ll find something similar and cheaper somewhere else.

    • I bought a very similarly shaped dress at Ann Taylor last week in a lovely pale green (black was also available) for $88. I can’t seem to find it on the AT website though to post the link!

  3. This would be nice for the office with a jacket or structured cardigan over. It’s a nice alternative to a sleeveless sheath dress. Good pick, Kat.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I actually said “oooh!” out loud when I saw today’s TPS. Thanks Kat for a pretty start to Monday.

  4. I totally thought her hair was some sort of interesting asymmetrical detailing on her left shoulder. Oops!

    I love it in general, but it would have to be a magical fit for me to consider paying that much for a polyester dress.

  5. Love and totally want! Good thing it’s decidedly out of my price range.

    I actually own a sheath dress this same shade of red that I LOVE. With a cardigan or blazer, the cut of the dress is very office appropriate (the dress itself is sleeveless). But I just cannot get passed the idea that that much red would be alot for the office. It just seems a little too Joan Holloway (though I love LOVE Joan Holloway and this shade of red).

  6. I have a dress this color red, but I am in Florida where it may be easier to pull off. I have a coworker that has a full pantsuit in this color and I think that may be too much.

  7. Gorgeous dress!

  8. Love! Don’t know if I could ever buy it, though, because it’s exactly the same color as my car (named Ruby Lou, hence the moniker). That might look a little over the top. :-)

    Threadjack – I just found out that a Charming Charlie store is opening near me. I think I remember hearing about it on Corporette before – anyone have any thoughts on their selection, quality, etc.?

    • Love, love, love Charming Charlie! I buy most of my trendy accessories there-handbags, scarves, costume jewelry. The prices are great, and the quality is marginal (related to the price), but I usually only wear the trendy stuff for a season, so I don’t mind. The selection is honestly incredible, in every color of the rainbow. I’m so excited for you! I miss the store in Atlanta.

  9. Threadjack… Any suggestions on how to gracefully turn down a job offer? Over the course of the interview process, I have grown friendly with the person who would be my boss, and he has gone to great lengths to put together an attractive package and offer. However, the job doesn’t feel right and I’m really not interested (I had that feeling early on in the process, but thought I would let everything play out to see if I would learn anything along the way to change my view, and unfortunately I haven’t). I’m worried, however, that he is going to think I have “led him on” (in a professional capacity only, of course!) if I express my concerns at this point. How do I tell him “it’s not you, it’s me”?! Thanks for your thoughts!

    And love the red dress– bought one last year for my high school reunion that I absolutely love wearing and found it to be surprisingly versatile with all sorts of colors and for all sorts of settings.

    • This is a tough one. I had a similar situation this summer, though the job was within my company. I ended up being very candid with the hiring manager and telling him that I really wanted the job and was flattered he made me the offer because I had no technical expertise in the area, but I could not make it work. It would require too much adjustment on my part (large move for my family, etc). I specifically said, “I realize that we have negotiated for a few weeks, and that was because I was so interested in the job, but ultimately the rest of the offer didn’t work for me. I’m sorry that it took so long, but it was a very difficult decision. Was there a better way that I could have handled it?” He responded that I couldn’t have handled it differently. I’m not sure he meant it, but at least it showed him that I struggled.

      Fortunately, he was so understanding that he came back to me 6 months later and said they were getting ready to extend an offer to someone else but wanted to take another run at me. This time I took the job.

      It’s probably not exactly the same situation, but I found that showing how difficult the deliberations were helped the situation overall. Hope that helps. It’s a tough spot, but congrats on the offer any way!

      • I think this makes sense. Remember how it goes when the shoe is on the other foot, and an applicant is being turned down for a job after a long period of being “led on.” How does the employer try to smooth it over? They emphasize how hard a decision it was. That’s why they say it took so long. Not necessarily true, but you can’t argue with it–and the same logic applies to you here.

        Also that way, as Anon2 points out, if this person ever knows of another similar opening in the future, hopefully he will still think of you. Maybe next time the terms of the job will be more appealing.

      • This would be my advice 100%. Tell them how tough of a decision it was for you, but that ultimately you decided against it. I think communicating that really would make all the difference.

  10. Very nice! I really like the detailing at the waist. The sleeves look like they might come down a little bit low at the armpit, though – has anyone seen this dress in person?

    • I was wondering about that as well. The way the model has one hand on her hip and the other shoulder pushed back could be disguising a baggy under-arm area.

      Otherwise, the dress is lovely but out of my price range. Possibly also too red for my office, but that’s really a moot point.

  11. Beautiful dress. I wish it were a little longer (which is pretty much what I say about everything since I am tall with not-so-great legs).

  12. FYI folks there’s a nearly identical dress at Ann Taylor in green and i think possibly other colors — i just scooped it up at the store and it’s gorgeous and way prettier than the anntaylor website makes it look (the model on the webpage is holding her hand over the slight ruching/tailoring at the waist, totally obscuring it = dumb). medium-weight jersey, i think maybe $80-90. perfect for work or going out.

  13. Love this! I have an almost identical one from dkny in black and it’s my go-to dress.

  14. found a peanut :

    it’s available at bloomingdales (in-store) in black. I wish it were available in literally any other color than red (way too loud) and black (way too boring).

    • SF Bay Associate :

      And Bloomie’s friends and family (20% off) starts today.

    • found a peanut :

      i actually misspoke: it’s available online in black, and on sale ($206.50) plus 20% off with the friends & family code (springff)


  15. Anyone have some great suggestions for positive, encouraging things to say to your s.o. right before they take a huge set of academic exams?

    I don’t like “good luck” (what does luck have to do with it?) or “you’ll do great!” (how do I know?) and I’m struggling for something not cliche and very reassuring. What helps YOU when you need that last bit of “Yeah, I’ve got this!” feeling right before you sit for something major?

    • How about something along the lines of “You have worked so hard on this. I am so impressed with everything you’ve done. You’ve left it all on the table. I believe in you.”

      • This. My BF is still in school and when he has exams he’s worried about I usually just like to remind him that I think he’s an awesome and hard-working man no matter what happens.

      • Good advice.

      • What does ‘left it all on the table’ mean?

        • Similar sentiment to “left it all on the field” or “left it all on the track” which you might say to someone after an athletic endeavor.

    • I usually just tell people that I’ll be sending good vibes their way/thinking of them, etc. I have to tell you, it SUCKS when people tell you that “you’ll do great!” because when you don’t, it’s the most awful feeling in the world. Not only have you not done well on an important exam, but you feel like you’ve disappointed someone who was probably just being nice. And then you feel bad about it.

      If only there was a some e-card for this… haha

      • Basic, but I simply say: “Baby, you’ve worked hard to prepare. You know this stuff. I’ll be with you every step of the way. And I love you!”

      • People were terrible about this with the bar exam (though I know they meant well and would never get mad at them about it). “You’re smart! You’ll pass!” Awful.

        • Haha exactly. Worst possible time to basically equate the bar exam with a spelling test. That’s like telling someone to just “sound it out!”

          I’m particularly bitter about the whole thing being that I failed one of the 2 bars I took. Womp womp womppp.

          But I know and love that people were cheering for me, and that they didn’t read into the cheers as in any way possible of backfiring.

        • My personal favorite was “Look at all the stupid people who are lawyers, THEY passed the bar.”

          Also, when I was waiting for results, one of the partners at my firm said “A trained monkey could pass the ____ Bar”…that made me feel really nervous of what she’d think of me if I failed!

    • What about something similar to the other suggestions along with “What’s the worst that can happen?” That way he/she will not feel like a complete loser if they fail, and it also puts things into perspective. Yes, it is a very important exam, but if he/she fails, it’s not the end of the world. People fail the bar exam, and others, all the time, and it doesn’t mean that they are not smart or didn’t prepare well.

      • I agree with this. When I was freaking out about the bar the SO had a little mantra: “I have faith in you, you’re prepared for this. And if something goes wrong, we’ll deal with it together. I’ll still love you, you’ll still love me and nothing’s a big deal if we’re facing it together.”

        I return the favor now that he’s back in school and has difficult exams and I’m the one working. It really kinda puts things in perspective.

    • somewherecold :

      I like things along the lines of “you are prepared for this” and “I’m proud of you.” My dad always says “I’ll have my brain shut off for you” (so I can use his brain power, of course), which always makes me smile.

    • These are all really thoughtful replies. Generally, I try to make DH laugh so he relaxes rather than try to come up with something inspiring. I usually end up doing something ridiculous, like slapping his a** and shouting “encouragement” a la the creepy yoga guy in “Couples Retreat.” He knows I believe in him, and he knows if it doesn’t work out for some reason that we’ll work together to fix it in the next go-round, but in the meantime he just needs to relax and not psych himself out.

  16. Love this dress! I’d wear it with a cardigan during work to sedate the red. I think this is something that FLOTUS would wear with some kitten heels!

  17. Mountain Girl :

    Another Ann Taylor Photoshop disaster:


  18. Just wanted to post in case anyone needs a light puffy coat in size M or L —
    Overstock dot com has a couple from Cole Haan in their “clearance bin” for $40/$50; as well as a really cute wool/cashmere pea coat (size 8 only) — pretty amazing, imo. One of those “just had to share” sales!




  19. We were talking about oxfords yesterday… loafers have a similar look, and I think this styling could be translated well into a casual office look:


    Just because they’re clunky, doesn’t mean they’re ugly! (At least, not to me.)

    • I’ve got two pairs of loafers like this that I LOVE, one black patent Cole Haan pair with a slightly pointed toe, and a carmel coloured leather pair. Great for casual Fridays, or even with a skirt suit.

  20. Does anyone have this shirt from J-Crew?


    And if so, thoughts on how the sizing runs and if it’s too low cut to wear under a suit jacket for work.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Check J Crew Aficionada and her followers, and Gigi’s Gone Shopping. There should be reviews and IRL pics of practically everything from J.Crew.

    • Anonymous :

      I saw this IRL and the description is accurate when it states that the shirt has “lingerie lightness”. It trends very much towards the sheer side, and I could clearly see the wearer’s bra (which was a skin-tone-appropriate color, plain style – not like it was black lace showing through!). I don’t think you could get away with this at work.

      • That’s disappointing. Thanks for sharing! And it’s so hard to find good plain silk shells. I’ll continue hunting.

    • It looks really low cut.

    • I have this shirt, it is very very light, and thin, but I don’t find the neck too low cut. I actually do wear it to work, under a suit. It isn’t sheer, just thin, but I still wouldn’t walk around the office in it alone.

  21. Anon in the Midwest :

    All of the “red is too loud/too early 80s” comments above have me a little nervous. I just bought a red wool blazer. Any good ideas on how to style it to avoid the obnoxious?

    It’s basically this: http://www.pendleton-usa.com/product/Women/BLAZERS-JACKETS/BLAZERS-JACKETS/NEW-FIT-SEASONLESS-WOOL-SUIT-JACKET/167646/sc/1692/sc/1692/c/1692/pc/1815.uts

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Anonymous :


      This blog community, which I *love*, can feature some overly concrete thinking about the abstract non-science of aesthetics.

      Rock it.

    • found a peanut :

      there is a huge difference between a red blazer, which comprises 1/3 of your outfit, and a red dress, which is the whole enchilada. I actually love the suggestion above to wear it with beige and I think red would look good with the whole brown family (potentially better with the lighter shades, like tan, taupe, wheat). I would wear it with a wheat-colored dress and brown shoes. And gray, obviously, because gray is the best color.

    • I think this jacket would look great with an ivory/white dress or pants.

      • Anon in the Midwest :

        Thanks for the ideas. Black is always my go-to neutral, so it’s helpful to be reminded of other options!

        And rock it I will. :)