Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Silk-Cashmere Knit Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Finlly, it’s available online!  We’ve been ogling this gorgeous silk-cashmere twinset at the Boss store for weeks now (where they also have it in a navy and a springy green), but this is the first time we’ve found it online to post.  We love this — silky soft, and a really luxurious look to it in person.  Perfect to wear with skirts or trousers over the summer, perhaps accentuated with a set of pearls.  The set is available online through Saks — the cardigan is $295, and the matching shell is $150.  Lovely.  Silk-Cashmere Knit Cardigan



  1. See, if that tank came with cap or short sleeves, it would be EXACTLY the right shirt to wear under a suit jacket.

    • I wish more twin sets came with cap or short sleeves. Same thing with dresses.

      • Delta Sierra :

        Twinsets are made that way because the cardigan sleeves would sit funny over top of sleeves on the shell/tank. Bulky and lumpy and spoils the line.

      • Do people wear twin sets as sets? I usually buy the pieces as separates, but I’ve never worn an actual twinset.

        • Delta Sierra :

          I went on a small twinset binge a few years ago and bought them as sets, since it was the easiest way to make sure the fabric was exactly the same, which is a large part of the point of twinsets. Very nice with scarves or necklaces. At first I wore the shell and cardigan together only, so the wear would be the same. As I got tired of them I started to wear them as separates.

    • If it’s under a suit jacket, why does it need sleeves at all? When I go for interviews, etc. (3L here), I wear nice-looking sleeveless shells and nobody knows the difference. Or is the point that this way you can remove the jacket if you’re hot and you won’t be bare-shouldered?

      • That, and it allows the shell, rather than the jacket, to soak up your sweat. Dry cleaning doesn’t really remove the smell and stain from sweat very well, so you want to have something that is either washable or disposable between your pits and your expensive suit jacket, so you can wear the jacket longer.

        • Yep. I like to protect my outer, dry-clean only wear with washable shells.

          Also, I have found that a properly fitting shell with a bit of stretch to the sleeves to not bulk up under the cardigan….and certainly not under suit jackets.

      • For me, it’s all about sweat. I don’t want to sweat right onto my suit jackets, and when I have a nice shell right up against my underarms, I generally sweat a lot less than I would with suit material against my skin. If this isn’t a problem for you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeveless shells, in my opinion – unless you’re thinking of taking off your jacket.

      • The sweat issue, and I think when you wear a suit to work, you want something with sleeves so you can take the jacket off while you work. With interviewing it doesn’t matter, you’ll keep the jacket on anyway

  2. I have also been ogling it at Saks — love, love, love it!

    • Delta Sierra :

      Same here. Sounds like a gorgeous fabric. Maybe with golden-y toned pearls one day, and turquoise beads another. Be great to travel with, take a padded hanger with you, hang it in a steamy bathroom when you arrive, voila. I like the way the neckband folds over a little, to make a collar, which is more flattering on me.

  3. Maybe this doesn’t “read well” online. It looks like a floppy, short bathrobe to me.. ;-D

  4. The sizing says SML – is this really one size fits all? I am an 8/10 (i.e. a somewhat middle of the road size) and have found “one size fits all” is so rarely accurate.

    • I’m reading that as “small.” Which means only a navy small is available.

    • I think it means small only as well — It’s hard to imagine a high end clothing company making something in one size fits all (although I’m sure some do… and it never, ever works!)

    • It does refer to “small” – if you look, the tank is only available (somewhat inconveniently) in “XLRG”.

      Love it though!

      • Customer service may be able to find your size if you call. They’re usually very helpful.

  5. I think this piece is lovely for the women here to love A-line skirts. (My thick waist would ruin it, sadly). And a great price for “Splurge” Monday!

  6. sorry for the threadjack, but…
    what is everyone getting their mothers for mothers’ day?
    any out-of-the-ordinary ideas for a mom who has everything and doesn’t want more “stuff”?

    • Is there anything she doesn’t like to spend money on for herself? Mine is a SAHM and hates to spend money on typical “homemaker” things that she does perfectly well herself, like sending my dad’s shirts out — so I am getting her a gift certificate to the dry cleaners to save her several weeks of ironing chores.

    • If she has a favorite animal, you can adopt one for her through the World Wildlife Fund or a similar charity – I adopted a lemur for my mom last year (her favorite) and she was thrilled. Heifer.org and donorschoose.org are also good charity gifts because you can point to the concrete results the donation accomplished and, in the latter case, the gift recipient will even get thank you letters from the kids whose school project was funded.

    • When I get my mom gifts (we don’t do gifts for mother’s day, only a card), I get her pampering stuff (eg massage, manicures etc) because she would never spend that $$ on herself otherwise.

    • My mom is similarly difficult (and let’s face it, between mother’s day, birthdays and winter-holiday-of-choice, we have to be creative fairly often!). This year I’m taking her to high tea on Saturday. I’ve found that planning time together doing something fun (one year I took her to a Broadway show, another we went to Cirque du Soleil, we’ve trekked out to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania…) is the best gift I can give her… like you said – these are women who already have what they want! :-)

      • Similarly, I got mine an expensive tea set from Tea Forte (the fancy silk teabags and the it comes in a box with a little kettle and gorgeous cup and saucer set).

    • This isn’t that creative, but I am getting my mom a facial because that’s what she wants. It’s a great way to get her to take a break (she is the busiest person I know!) and spend a little time on herself. Plus she already has everything, like so many of our moms. I really like the other ideas mentioned though.

    • At Red Envelope last year I got my mother a memory book where she could answer questions (kind of like a diary but classy) and then show it to the grandkids.

    • Fresh flowers, delivered, are always a good choice with my mother. Maybe it isn’t out-of-the-ordinary, but because flowers are by definition perishable, it is a gift that seems always welcome.

      • Those are my standby gift to my grandmother… I like 1800Flowers – Never had a problem in all the years I’ve used them (which is a lot by now) — And they’re a luxury that we rarely buy for ourselves!

    • I gave my mom a gift certificate to kiva.org last year, and she loved it. She liked the idea of lending to women business owners all over the world, and it allows her to keep microlending over time as the loans are paid back.

      • This year I am driving home to see my mom so I will be making her a french toast breakfast and giving her some fancy chocolates from a local chocolate shop. When I don’t go home, I usually send her flowers (Organic Bouquet is my go-to online store for flowers). (I do this for Mother’s Day and her birthday; for Christmas I either get my parents a gift certificate to a restaurant or I buy them something for the house (this year it was a decanter) or their RV.)

    • I’m going to visit mine at Memorial Day.

      Making a donation in her name is always a thoughtful and appreciated gift. You could also buy her an “experience,” such as a yearlong membership at her favorite museum, tickets to a play or sporting event (if you’re sure of her schedule and availability), or a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

  7. housecounsel :

    I have one of those moms who has everything (and spas are a weekly indulgence for her), so I try to buy her experiences as gifts. I take her to plays, concerts, even dinner and a movie. I did buy her a Kindle recently, because she travels a lot and was always hauling heavy books around. That went over really well.

    Nobody is asking me, but what I really want for mother’s day is a big block of time alone in my own house. Is that wrong?

    • I’m not even a mother (married, live in condo in city) and I secretly love the occasional Saturday with the place to myself. So – not wrong!

    • Not wrong at all. My request for Mother’s Day is that everyone just do what I ask without rolling their eyes at me.

    • I totally agree . . . I realized about a year ago that, more than anything, my parents just want to spend time with me. I have stopped buying them “stuff” and have redirected my efforts towards experiences such as spa/theater/concerts for mom and football games for dad (which is great because I get to join in the fun, and I have some great memories!). Fortunately, I have a mother who NEVER thinks to go to a spa, so we are having a spa day for mothers’ day.

    • This is always a big weekend in my family. My mom’s birthday is May 8, my parent’s wedding anniversary in May 9, and Mother’s day is always around the same weekend. Here’s how we handle it.

      Mother’s Day is typically a brunch day. We go out to brunch as a family, even the in-laws come along. There are lots of cards, maybe flowers, but really my mom just wants to see her 3 little grandbabies. Any gift for my mom (and my MIL) now comes from my daughter. Last year I did her hand prints on plates. (Father’s Day for the grandpas was a coffee mug with lots of pictures of my daughter on it!)

      Mom’s Birthday: GCs for a hair cut or hair color are always appreciated as are GCs for manicures. My mom and I love tea so we sometimes go into Boston for High Tea at the Ritz and then hit some shops on Newbury Street. I actually helped my mom redecorate her spare bedroom one year. My mom has already hinted that she needs some new sandals for summer so I’m going to Nordstrom with her on Thursday and I’ll buy her a pair.

      This year it’s my parent’s 40th Anniversary so we’re throwing a party on Sunday (no brunch this year).

      • When I have kids I suspect that I will do the same inter-family big brunch/gifts from the kids route — I’m not even married yet and my mother is already not very subtly hinting that she’s looking forward to grandkids!

        • My mom’s no so subtly hinting to my siblings and me that 3 grandkids isn’t enough! ;-)

          • It’s Monday. The above should read…

            My mom’s not so subtly hinting to my siblings and me that 3 grandkids are not enough!

          • My standard response is that I’ll have kids when she retires and can watch them for me… I figure that should buy me at least another five years!

    • Ask your husband to take the kids out for the day on Saturday, then do a family activity on Sunday. Kids would have their feelings hurt if you didn’t spend time on the actual holiday with them, but this way you get your day off and they get to do some fun activity with Dad.

  8. Similar question as anon2 above–any suggestions for my mom? She is retired and travels a lot in an RV, so if I buy things for the house she will rarely enjoy them b/c she’s always traveling. I can’t buy her things for the RV b/c it’s full, or even things for herself (like clothes) b/c she has to store them in the RV or not wear them.

    Also, mailing things to her when she’s traveling is a royal pain. This year, she will actually be home for mother’s day, so that’s not as big of a problem as usually is.

    Any thoughts?

    • Concert tickets for a city she is traveling to soon?

    • National Parks Pass? Or State Park Pass if she travels largely in one or two states.

    • Any online memberships? Netflix annual memberships are great since they include streaming movies over the internet (if of course, she’s set up for mobile internet in the RV!)

      • Great suggestion, but she’s definitely already moved into to electronic age–satellite internet and TV, digital camera, cell phones, even sometimes blogging her travels. She doesn’t hesitate to buy the newest gadget! I guess makes RVing a lot less isolating than it probably was back in the day.

    • A digital camera and small photo printer…use the HP photosmart at the office and home … shaped like a small handbag actually :)

      Also have succeeded with donations in her name…was even able once to buy sheet music for the local Symphony as it was “lost” in the floods from hurricanes.

      I have also “paid for” services and that’s been great…maids, tile install, fish pond install, gardens, etc. Things she enjoys and can’t do herself.

      For the MIL we tend to use netflix as a gift.

      For those on budgets…food! We use Omaha steaks. Been very reliable and delicious. Lots of price points.

      Finally, I agree with events if the mom is young enough.

    • Does she have satellite radio? I bet the radio + a year subscription would be lovely for someone on the road as much as your mom. I know when I travel the radio options are often abysmal and I get sick of my iPod selection. There’s something for everyone on satellite radio.

    • As someone who lives full-time in our RV, what I like as gifts are restaurant gift certificates, DVDs, and books. We use restaurant.com certificates all the time on the road. Type in a zipcode, look for a nearby place, check for good reviews, click and go.

      Other suggestions: fuel gift cards, gift certificate to Camping World, maps and atlases, a fancy new GPS, Sirius/XM radio with subscription, membership in an RV towing service such as CoachNet (like AAA for RVs).

      Another fun thing we’ve done is arrange for non-RVing friends and family to meet us somewhere for a visit. If your mother is planning to visit a vacation area, how about a promise to fly there to join her for a couple of days? You could either stay at a nearby hotel or sleep on her sofa.

    • Ideas for the RV mom:
      -Gift card for a chain restaurant that she enjoys and can eat at in the different cities she visits.
      -An AAA membership if she doesn’t have one
      -National Parks pass
      -Membership at a campground with multiple locations where she can park her RV
      -Pass for an activity in one of the places she visits – like a season ski pass or beach entry

  9. Love this sweater — I have a similar (much less expensive) variation from a couple seasons ago, and I found it shockingly flattering in disguising my pudgy stomach — the soft fabric is very forgiving!

  10. I have a quick question about interview dress code. I have an interview with a judge for a post-graduation clerkship next week. I will have to drive about two hours to the interview (staying overnight in a hotel to get dressed right before the interview and not travel in between isn’t an option because it’s in the midst of finals). Is there a higher level of formality for interviews with judges? Any tips on looking fresh after a two-hour drive? Thanks!

    • This has already been discussed a ton if you search older threads. Short answer is yes — definitely a higher level of formality. Wear a conservative suit, conservative button down or shell, pantyhose (if you’re wearing a skirt and many people on this site will say you definitely should wear a skirt for an interview with a judge) and good quality pumps. Good luck.

    • When driving long distances for interviews I would suggest wearing flats/driving shoes for the drive instead of heels, bringing an extra pair of stockings and extra shell/shirt with you ‘just in case’ — blowing an interview because you had to slam on the breaks and got covered in coffee is just a shame!

      I would stop off at a hotel near where the interview is being held – they have the best public restrooms – and take a few minutes to fix your hair, freshen your make-up, check your stockings, etc…

      And don’t leave your car a mess — I have heard more than one interviewing senior partner in various law firms and accounting firms note that they often walk an interviewee to their car — a messy car (with trash/magazines/etc. all over the place) reflects poorly on the candidates.

    • I would wear comfy driving clothes and then stop off at a Starbucks or something near the interview and change into the suit.

      • I second Jay’s suggestion – don’t wear your suit for the drive. But I love the hotel bathroom idea – they do have roomier restrooms (generally).

        • I would definitely try to find a place where you can change before hand if its possible and drive in gym shorts/comfy clothes

    • This has nothing to do with your questions (I like the responses already posted) but in order to make your trip as smooth as possible:

      (1) If your car needs any routine work (oil change?) get it done this week.

      (2) The night before your trip, fill up with gas.

      (3) Budget 2.5-3 hours for the drive, and do a google search for the closest Starbucks to the chambers, so you can relax for a bit if you arrive early. If there is a big traffic snarl, the judge will be impressed that you planned ahead and budgeted extra time.

      • Love these ideas!

        One more – check your tire pressure (should be done regularly in any case)

        If you’re going to a city, take a look on Google Maps, etc., to see what your parking options are (especially if you’re – like me – less than fond of parallel parking)

  11. love! and the skirt too

  12. I have this same sweater in black from last year (in cotton) BR. I match it to various sweaters and shells also in black. I get a lot of use out of it. It goes with many skirts and pants and always looks great. I recommend this. By the way, it goes great over short-sleeved sweaters, no bulk, no bulge.

  13. Oh, I LOVE this sweater. I wish it was less expensive…

  14. Delta Sierra :

    I dunno about not wearing it with a thick waist, one of which I have, too. Do you think the not-too-bulky tie belt would help disguise a thick middle a bit, or accent it? I’d give it a try-on, if I were in the store. The dark cardi would be nice over a thin jewel-toned (my favourites) knit shell with black pants.

    • Delta Sierra :

      Oops. Meant to tuck this in after KLo at 17.

    • I’d think that it would “create” a waist and would be good for a thick middle. Sad that it’s sold out online – it’s so pretty, and there is really no chance that I will actually haul myself to the store.

    • For me, I have a thick waist, big boobs and small hips. So if I wear a cardigan that’s unbuttoned at the top and bottom with a pencil skirt, my thick waist is visually narrowed and my narrow hips then make me look skinnier (I fake an hourglass). However, I think if your thick middle comes with a thicker bottom (moreso than top), this cardigan would be great. I honestly love it, and do think it could minimize a tummy. Does that make sense?

  15. Beautiful and so elegant…. love this for the office or for even a chilly summer night….



  16. I LOVE this sweater. This looks so cozy but so chic!!