Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: St. John’s Fringe-Trim Tweed Knit Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Wow — gorgeous tweed jacket from St. John’s.  We love the fit of it, the delicate fringe outlining the collar, and the simple black buttons.  We’d wear it, most likely, as shown — with black trousers and a black top.  iconIt’s $1295 at Saks.com (free shipping if you use code SeptShip9).  St. John – Fringe-Trim Tweed Knit Blazer

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  1. Love it! If I ever have $1300 to spend on a nice jacket I’ll let you know. LOL.

  2. Like the coat and would probably love it if it were 1,000 dollars cheaper. I posted a question earlier, but no one responded, I’ll try again here:

    Just curious what you all think of this sweater from Ann Taylor: http://www.anntaylor.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=21297&No=14&loc=LN&pCategoryId=3939&Ns=CATEGORY_SEQ_181&N=1200006&Nty=1&categoryId=181&defaultColor=Plume&defaultSizeType=Regular

    Pretty or too frumpy for a 25 year old? I try to avoid bows normally – does that extra material look like a bow?

    • While I have reservations about the asymmetry of the sweater, I don’t think it’s frumpy. I’m 25 as well, and I would wear a cardigan like this – although not this particular one because I’m too Type A.

      It does, however, look kind of like bow or at least, might make the wearer look sort of a sweet or naive feeling.

    • Woman of Color :

      I like the sweater. It is something a bit different, and the colour is great as well. I may just go and try it on (Bustiness be damned, although this would decide whether I would buy it). I really like the direction that Ann Taylor is going (I know many may disagree).

      On another note, how would any of you wear (or gasp, would wear) over-the-knee boots to the office? Arty, tarty, or save for the weekend?

      • I would say “no” to over-the-knee boots. But what about knee-high boots? And more specifically, what about non-black, knee-high boots? I generally feel comfortable wearing black leather high boots, but I have some beautiful gray suede and burgundy suede boots I would love to wear. Thoughts?

        • I think brown, gray, and camel colored boots are all neutral enough to wear without much worries, as long as the style is fairly understated. The burgundy is probably going to be a little bit harder to pull off, but I think it would work with a simple black dress or black suit with a neutral top.

          As for over-the-knee boots, I have to agree that they’re a no.

          The sweater isn’t really my style, but I don’t look at it and say it’s too dowdy for a 25-year-old to wear. I don’t mind AT’s new direction either, especially since I live close enough to an outlet that I can get more conservative suits there if I need to.

        • I think knee-high boots are OK, as long as worn with a knee-length skirt (eg not slutty-looking) and tights. No to over-the-knee boots. It depends on how dressy your office is though. I think the colored ones would also be fine as long as the rest of the outfit is more subdued.

      • No over-the-knee boots, imho. Knee-high maybe, but not for a conservative office.

        Besides, wouldn’t they get hot if you wore them all day in most offices?

    • I’ve been eyeing that sweater, esp. since it went on sale! Really can’t justify another sweater at the moment though. I saw it in the store: the cashmere is good quality, and the button details are well done. The assymetry may make it look dated next year perhaps, but that’s why its a good “sale” buy.

      Over the knee boots for the office? In a word, no.

    • EmeraldPeacock :

      Just FYI, I have tried on this sweater. It only looks nice if it is buttoned up entirely. If that’s how you wear your cardigans, then you’d be fine. However, I generally leave a few buttons undone, and with the asymmetrical ruffle (bow?), it doesn’t look right.

    • The asymmetry takes it out of frumpiness. I think it is very chic, in a sort of casual French girl way. I think I may order it now, in fact!

  3. Love the jacket… questioning the choice of shoes. In my opinion, if it is cold enough for tweed and a turtleneck, it is cold enough for closed toe shoes! I’ve been seeing this a lot around town the last few weeks (as well as the shorts/flip-flops/granny sweater look) and it is driving me crazy!

  4. ms. c.

    I don’t like the sweater. It looks like you stuffed a napkin in your shirt to eat lobster or something. Then again, I’m an old fart so what do I know. ;-)

  5. Ms C – I actually do like the sweater! And love the colour in the linked photo. I think the material adds interest, I don’t do bows either but I’d do this.

  6. divaliscious11 :

    Wow, something pretty and not frumpy from St John.

  7. Love the jacket. Way too expensive.

    Ms. C, I like the sweater. I think it’s professional and conservative enough for an office, but age appropriate for a 25-year-old. I like the extra material, and I don’t think it looks like a bow, though I do like bows.

  8. I think it telling that everyone seems more interested in discussing the AT sweater than the $1300 blazer!

  9. I think the AT sweater is hideous. Love the St. John’s though… At least if you spent the money on the St. John’s you could wear it the rest of your life. You’d be tired of the AT sweater before the season was over (if it even held up that long).

    • Delta Sierra :

      Anonymous: second vote here, on both the sweater (bland) and the jacket (better 3 or 4 fantastic jackets than any number of cheaperinos).

  10. I have no strong feelings one way or another about the Ann Taylor sweater. Wouldn’t shriek in horror if someone wore it, wouldn’t tell them it was so so so cute either. As for the jacket, I like the fabric, but have never been fond of large lapels. Most likely I’d spend my $1500 on something else. I have no issue with the $1500 part, just the I better love the way I look in it part.

  11. i think the sweater is really cute – and i like what they have it paired with on the link

  12. Anyone think you have to reach a certain age before wearing St. John? I’m nearly 32 and thinking I might not be there yet, though I’ve seen a handful of items that I like. Or is there no minimum age and it’s all in the styling?

  13. That’s always been my impression of St. John’s, jr., though I suppose there’s no real reason why younger people couldn’t wear individual items like this.

  14. I love the jacket and think it is fabulous. I would probably wear closed-toe shoes with it. I am 28, and if I were shopping for a $1300 jacket (which I’m not!) I would certainly consider this one. I know a lot of St. John’s stuff looks pretty mature, but this jacket is great.

    As for the sweater: I don’t think it is too frumpy for a 25-year old. I think it looks very cute with the skirt in the picture, but I think it may be one of those things that looks wierd on normal people.

  15. Thanks for all your comments on the sweater! For those of you who like it, you should check it out. I saw it in the store on the weekend and it is made of a really really soft cashmere – that was what I liked the most! =)

  16. The Jacket: I love it- the color doesn’t make it look too frumpy, it looks like it would be a flattering fit, and tweeds are my fall staple. I think the only thing that I don’t particularly like is the steep price (and honestly to fork over almost $1300 kind of overrides the free S&H)

    The Sweater (from ms.c): I think the color is very pretty, but I’m not sure if I like the styling of the sweater. I think it’s the sleeves that are throwing me off- I don’t like when they “cuff” near the wrists. I don’t mind the detailing around the neck so much- I think if the ruffles were centered the look would seem more frumpy; but when its to the side it’s a little more modern. Would I wear the color? Yes. Would I wear that exact sweater? Likely not. (I’m 28 btw)

    The Boots (from Woman of Color and K): Knee-high boots are ok, but personally I think over-the-knee boots are a bit excessive, especially for a professional environment. And knee-high boots in neutral tones like browns and grays can be very flattering when paired well with the rest of the outfit. Boots don’t have to be exclusively black- there are oodles of other options

  17. housecounsel :

    I never thought I’d love a St. John jacket, at least not before I qualified for Medicare, but I LOVE this one! It isn’t even a possibility . .

    As for over-the-knee boots, I bought a pair when I was in law school (mid- 90s) I was studying in the library one day, and a guy-friend classmate came in and tucked a five-dollar bill into the top of one. From then on they were known as the “five-dollar boots.” You can bet I will never be wearing over-the-knee boots again.

    • Aww, don’t let one douchebag ruin your boots for you! Wear them after hours and ignore the sexist jerk offs.

    • Gorgeous St. John jacket. St. John is my staple for business wear. It never wrinkles, packs beautifully, can easily be tailored for a perfect fit, lasts forever. The company has been doing beautiful tweed jackets for a number of years, and they have a much younger feel that the old flat knits. They’re very professional with dress slacks and blouse/shell, but also can dress down with jeans and a turtleneck.

      And if the price tag is beyond your price point, take a look on Ebay, where you can get enormous discounts on both new and, if you’re a vintage shopper, “gently used” clothing. You can also do well at the St. John outlets, particularly when they have a sale. Remember, it’s the per-wearing cost that counts, and these really go the distance.

  18. I’m loving the purple tweed but would like to see it at a lower price point!

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