Tuesday’s TPS Report: Elie Tahari’s Holly Double Knit Skirt

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
We love a sale on a good basic, and today we’re loving this stretch pencil skirt from Elie Tahari. The high waist, the leather belt, and clean lines make this a sure bet. Was $398, now $237 at Nordstrom’s (available in sizes 2-12). Elie Tahari ‘Holly’ Double Knit Skirt

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  1. I like this a lot, but does anyone know if the belt can be removed? The description says the belt is attached but obviously it would be more versatile if the belt is detachable.

    • I can’t answer your question but I’d like to add to it – what does this skirt look like from the back? Does the belt extend across the back or is it only on the front of the skirt?

  2. Love this skirt! I’ve had great luck with Elie Tahari clothes in general – but be careful and don’t buy from the Tahari ASL line, which generally doesn’t hold up.

  3. Don’t like the belt, wouldn’t buy it if the belt couldn’t be removed.

    Does anyone else have trouble walking in pencil skirts? I take big strides and end up getting annoyed whenever I wear a narrow skirt, because I can’t walk normally.

    • I have had this problem too. I’m 5’8″. Pencil skirts with splits aren’t too bad, but I have one business suit which has a calf length skirt with only a small knife pleat at the hem. I have to walk quickly in it because my length of stride is reduced and after a few hours I find the restriction really irritating! This looks a smart skirt though – great for the office. Personally I think the belt looks good on it.

  4. The skirt is cute, but it looks like it might hit me (5’3″) somewhere in the calf region, which I think is just the least flattering length. Makes me look short and, since it hits in a thicker part of the leg, stout.

    I’m also not crazy about the leather belt, but I think that is just because I’m not terribly adventurous.

    • Cleo–I’m just under 5’3″ and I get all of my skirts hemmed to just above my knees (grazing top of knee cap). Nordstrom does this for free if the clothes are full price; if they are on sale, from a different store, or if you are doing something more complicated than a simple hem, it will cost $10-20.

      Very, very few people should wear clothes off the rack. I’ll admit to doing this when I suddenly realize that I don’t have enough suits to get through a week that requires I dress up a lot, but I immediately took it in to be altered after one “emergency” wear.

      I really like the belt, although I would be curious to know what it looks like from behind.

  5. Love this, but $240 is still a bit much for a skirt. I realize it’s still Tuesday though, so no complaints here.

    • I think $240 is too much to pay for a “Viscose rayon/polyamide/elastane” skirt, and it’s even on sale. I really don’t understand how these fabrics can command such price points. If someone can explain I would love to hear.

  6. Armani, et al, use a lot of viscose/rayon/polyamide blends–they drape beautifully and weigh next to nothing–synthetics can be very high-end–natural fibers are often inexpensive, too–Target sells cashmere sweaters, for example.

    I bet it won’t look bad after a long plane ride or a day in a conference room, either. Don’t know for sure–crumple it up in your hands first. I won’t be buying it, though–size 12 is as large as it goes (!?!?) I guess they don’t care about selling to the larger half of the population.

    • The skirt originally came in sizes up to 16, but the 14 and 16 have sold out. So, Tahari just doesn’t make enough of them!!!

  7. I like the skirt, but I wish it hit just a tad higher than smack dab in the middle of the knee (I find it really hard trying to walk up and down stairs when they’re at the length in the photo- haha!). I’m kind of on the fence in terms of the belt- I think I’d need to see it from behind to decide. It’d be really great of you could remove it, because I don’t know if it’s appropriate for every occasion or client. I’d definitely consider buying it, though…

  8. Hurray! Finally a skirt that hits in the most flattering part of the leg, just below the knee. I am with Lulu about tailoring. It’s well worth the trouble and expense.

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