Sponsored: MM.LaFleur Delivers Polished, Professional Looks to Your Door

MMLafleur ReviewThis is a sponsored post, but I really am delighted to tell you about my experience with MM.LaFleur. I’m impressed with their well-made, beautiful clothes, and I thought the Bento Box experience — where a stylist chooses and sends you a box of clothes to try on at home, for free — was smooth as well as fun.

But first, let’s back up: here’s what I knew about MM.LaFleur coming into this. There is some serious fashion and workwear cred behind the brand, which was founded by two ex-management consultants, Sarah LaFleur and Narie Foster, along with their head designer, Miyako Nakamura, formerly of Zac Posen and Jason Wu. Their mission: to take the work out of dressing for work.  They make luxurious clothes with fabrics imported from Italy and Japan, ethically made (mostly) in NYC. Plus, a lot of it is machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, and that’s made clear right on the shopping pages (not just the product pages!), which I really like.


mmfleur-bentoThe Bento Box: While you can shop their online store yourself, they’ve recently started offering a “bento box” — you fill out a quick style survey, and then (based on your preferences and needs), you’re sent a box of hand-picked, office-ready looks. You keep what you love and send back the rest.

My Experience: I filled out a quick survey online, and got a box of hand-picked items the next day in the mail. It was reminiscent of a bento box, with fun compartments (including one with a lovely red notebook — mine to keep — emblazoned with “Luck Favors the Brave”). My box contained several dresses (most below: Etsuko, Felisa, Toi, and Lydia), the Tribeca Skirt, the Angelique sweater, a silk scarf, and a luxe-feeling belt (Greenwich Avenue). I loved almost everything — the only miss for me was the skirt, which fit too long for my taste. I was really impressed with everything they sent — the fabrics felt lovely and had the right amount of stretch, the fit was great, and the construction was solid. There were no obvious workwear gaffes like a super deep V, high slits, or things like that, and instead there were intelligent details like pockets and washable fabrics.

A closer look at some of my favorites:

mmlafleur-toiThe Toi: First, the dress: it’s a classic fit-and-flare style that’s got just a hint of stretch. It’s easy to see why it’s one of their bestsellers. I was sent one in a “bold new fabric: subtly textured Italian jacquard inspired by Mencervetto marble.” When I first laid eyes on it I thought it was a lace sheath dress — it was only upon closer look that I realized the pattern was woven into the cloth. I was pleasantly surprised by this — I’m not a fan of lace for the office, plus lace is a lot more delicate than the stretchy suiting fabric. The fact that this is a black and white dress (versatile!) with a pattern I’ve never seen before (exclusive!) makes it a winner. It’s available in six colors, sizes 0P-14, for $265-$325.







MMLaFleur-Angelique2The Angelique I really liked this jacket cardigan, and thought it felt really luxe — there’s a sturdiness to well-made knit jackets that was definitely evident here. I liked that it walked the line between a cardigan and a jacket, and I liked the seam detailing on the back. It’s available on the site for $195, sizes XS-L.


The Etsuko:  Another of my favorites was yet another of their best sellers: the Etsuko dress, which was sent to me in a gorgeous plum. I was surprised (in the best way) to find that this was machine washable — I’d never have guessed that from the feel of the fabric. I liked the unobtrusive pockets, the comfortable stretch, the bust-friendly seaming. It’s $195, available in sizes 0P-14, right now offered in black and “safari” (pictured) and available for pre-order in plum.mmlafleur-washable

The Felisa: I liked this dress, and was surprised to find that this one is also machine washable — I never would have guessed that (again, in the best way) from the fabric. I liked the pockets, the cap sleeve, and the front V, which is supposed to be reminiscent of a wrap dress. This is the kind of thing that I would look at online and say, nope, that will look horrible on me — but I really liked it, even on my busty, hippy self. I would wear a camisole beneath it (if not layer a longer-sleeved scoopneck or the like beneath it) because while the V laid flat for me (and that’s a big deal, considering I’m nursing and my bust is… impressive, shall we say), I would worry about it gaping open if I leaned forward or whatnot. The dress is $295, available in size 0-14.

Ladies, which is your favorite MM.LaFleur dress? What do you think of the “bento box” shopping concept?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MM.LaFleur, but written by your usual friendly blogger, Kat Griffin.


  1. IDoNotLiketheConeofShame :

    Sounds a little like StitchFix, but more corporate and polished?

    • StitchFix shops for you, it sounds like these are all made by MM lafleur and then sent to you.

  2. Not a Lawyer :

    I have the Etsuko dress in plum and I love it. I have the Felisa in two colors – black and purple – and I love them to death and practically lived in them all summer. They are washable, stretchy, yet structured and flattering. They are also my go-to travel clothes. Always get compliments.
    However, you really have to find the styles that fit your shape. They have a variety of options and not all work on all figures.
    I bought the Bobby at their recent sale and found the top to be unexpectedly wide.

  3. The designs are nice, but it seems that most fabrics are polyester or viscose.

    • I hear you. I think of what I could save on dry cleaning for the ones that are washable and then I stop caring so much.

      I think this is Office Garanimals? I might need to dry it. Would seem to solve my problem of having a full close and yet nothing to wear.

      • I’m looking at “Office Garanimals” and stumped — was that an autocorrect or am I just moving very slowly today?
        And I agree that washable/polyster is a pick-your-poison situation.

        • Not an autocorrect — it is my dream. Since abandoning suits (mostly), I really struggle to make outfits out of pieces.

          In suits I could easily get an A on how I looked each day with a minimum of fuss. Now, I’m a C- on some days, even if I put in effort and thought.

        • Garanimals are clothes for little kids that they can mix and match. They have little animals so kids know what goes with what. A capsule wardrobe for the preschool set.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXceQWHxcpo

      • Oh, it’s Garanimals for sure. Lovely beautiful Garanimals, but yes.

      • I built an office garanimals wardrobe based on “The Skirt” – that in 3-4 colors, and various neutral tops that go with them. I treat almost everything as a neutral.

  4. anon a mouse :

    Clothes are beautiful. I’d love to be a customer if they would expand their sizes.

    • Rogue Banker :

      Seconded. Oh well, guess someone else gets this fat girl’s money. :P

    • Yup! Back to Nordstrom with my money.

    • agreed… why do so many brands not even offer an XL?

      • From a fashion design perspective, it is more work. You have to retool all the proportions for larger sizes significantly, in a way you don’t have to going from a S to M.

        • I don’t mind paying more money for my XL! I just happen to be that size where you have to straddle both departments… do I shop in misses or plus? I never know and it really is brand dependent.

    • Agreed! Would love to shop from some place like this that offered such beautiful clothes for plus sizes.

    • Hi there! MM here, and we totally hear you. When we first launched, we were forced to keep a limited size range so that we could keep our inventory small while we tested and grew. Happily, we’re going to be offering a size 16/XL by the end of the month, and we’re excited to keep at it–so thanks for checking us out, and we can’t wait until you shop with us!

      • Thanks for the update–and thanks for adapting! Looking forward to it.

      • I have tried 5 times to sign up and it keeps hanging….annoying

      • glad to hear this! I will check it out in a month or so!

      • Anonymous :

        Hello MM. I just checked out your site and find your business model intriguing. I even went all the way through the questions to get my first box of clothes to try on! But when my browser said there was a certificate error and warned me against continuing, I dropped it. I’m not going to enter my credit card on an insecure site. Just FYI, as you may be losing lots of potential customers for this reason.

        • Hi there! Thank you so much for checking out the site, and so glad to hear you’re interested in trying a box!! It must have been super frustrating to see the certificate error — we had an issue with our certificate last week, and while it has been fixed, you might be seeing a cached version of the site. If you clear your cache, you should be good to go! Please also follow up with us directly if you have any other questions or are experiencing other issues–we would be over the moon to find you some great new things.

    • Same!

  5. Hmm. Had not heard of them. Might have to try. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous :

    Kat, any info on the hemlengths? I love the style of the dresses but I’m a very tall girl (almost 6’0″) and really need at least a 40″ hem to be work appropriate. I can’t find this info on their website, which is frustrating.

    • Ditto. I actually just sent them an email about this – will report back.

      This is one reason that Boden gets a lot of my dress money. Things dont always fit and i return a lot, but at least i know the length will be acceptable when i order!

      • Response was as follows – They are in the process of redoing the website/size guide to include hem lengths. Also introducing size 16 later this month.

    • Hi there–writing to say hello from MM directly! We are working on updating our size guides, but in the meantime we can help over email to find styles you feel good about wearing. We have a several dresses that should fit the bill for you, and would highly recommend reaching out to our resident stylist (and resident tall lady at 6’0″), Annabel. You can reach her directly at [email protected]

    • I didn’t measure them – on my 5’4″ self I thought the hem was perfect, at/just below my knee. Not sure if there’s enough fabric to take out.

  7. Anonymous :

    Got to try these on at event. Every single dress/skirt looked terrible on my size 10 self. My size 2 friend walked out with about 3 dresses though. Just for what its worth.

    • Jumpingjack :

      I had the same experience. The dresses looked great on the hanger and on all of the size 2s in attendance. But almost nothing worked on size 10/12, hourglass-shaped, me. The biggest problem was in the bust area – two dresses (especially The Jenny) fit perfectly otherwise but gaped ridiculously at the bust.
      I did get the Etsuko in plum. It looks nice on me, but spectacular on smaller sizes.

      • Fwiw, I’m between a 12 and 14 right now, and tried them on without shape wear (and a lousy nursing bra on)– and I still really liked everything.

    • I’m a size 10 (in their brand) and love their dresses. (I have four of them.) The straightest silhouettes don’t work for my pear shape frame but the ones with waists and more of an a-line work really well for me. One of my dresses is the Etsuko and I think it looks pretty spectacular on me even though I’m not a small size.

  8. Not a Lawyer :

    MM LaFleur fits smallish on me. I usually buy size 10 but I’m a 12 in their sizing.

  9. I have two of the Tarantin wraps. The first one (oatmeal I think) arrived with several snags. I sent it back for a replacement. The replacement had green marker down the back inside (sent them an email with no response), and more snags. I kept it, but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.

    I gave them another chance with the black Tarantin because I loved the first (even with the flaws) so much, but the black one looks different on me; the fit is off. It’s not nearly as flattering, and I have only worn it once or twice. After $400 on two wraps that I’m not completely satisfied with…I’m done with them. The price point is too high for ‘meh.’

  10. Pretty Primadonna :

    These pieces are pretty! I might give the Felisia a whirl.

  11. Do they even make any pants? Not seeing much for this non-skirt-wearing engineer…

    • Their philosophy was to start making dresses because all they could find were pantsuits in drab colors

  12. They’re pieces look amazing but so do their prices…

    I like the little details of the cap sleeves,appropriate length, pockets, bra snaps, machine washable..I just drool.

  13. I just looked at their site and love the styles, but they have already sold out of my (smallish to average) size in nearly everything, even the pre-order items. I do like that they label styles “petite-friendly” and “tall-friendly.” I am long-waisted and have a terrible time finding dresses that fit. I did find one “tall-friendly” dress in my size and am considering ordering.

  14. I was very excited to try after seeing your post. I filled out the questionnaire and anxiously waited for the box to arrive. I received nothing like your “bento box” experience, but instead just three dresses in a bag. Granted one dress was a keeper that I am very happy with, I was profoundly disappointed. I was hoping for the office-ready outfits you described. I think your experience may have been unique.

  15. Stephanie :

    I am so sick and tired of my Brooks Brothers inspired business wear when I saw this I thought I would give it a try. I have literally not worn a dress in 10 years. I got a box and loved everything. My 11 year old son even gave me a thumbs up. I am a size 12 and everything but one skirt fit. It is a little big and I am hoping to just exchange it. I just ordered another box. This is a God send for someone like me stuck in a fashion rut who does not have the time or brain power to get out of it. Unknown know that me and Tina Fey are soul mates. The fashion survey said.