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1For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

We are loving this suit from Andy The-Anh today — we love the pleated neckline on the dress, as well as the almost shelf-like pleats on the waist of the jacket — it looks fun and modern, but still likely to flatter any woman’s body. We’re normally not fans of beige, but the contemporary design is particularly great when paired with the muted tones. The jacket is $620 (Peplum Boyfriend Jacket), and the dress is $515 (Pleated-Neck Dress), both available at Neiman Marcus in sizes 2-14.

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  1. so beautiful… so spendy!

  2. Anonymous :

    Love the dress…not so sure about the bottom of the jacket.

    And why, oh why, must nice suits always be styled with such horrendously unsuitable shoes?

  3. Corporate Tool :

    I like that the jacket covers the detailing on the dress so that there is only one “unique” aspect about the suit that shows at a time.

  4. Love the dress and the jacket…too bad it’s out of my price range.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, too bad it is WAY outside of my price range. Also I’d be worried that the line under the chest would not exactly hit at that same spot for us large chested women

  6. I love it, but I wonder how the pleating at the bustline looks when you’re bending over?

    • … or when you have anything larger than an A cup. This, like the CE jacket Kat promoted earlier today, is definitely a style meant for the less curvy woman.

  7. anonymous :

    i have been waiting for this to go on sale. love!!

  8. great pick!!

  9. Dissent – I think it looks cheap (not trashy or tarty – just in poor taste and poorly made). Both in the details (I don’t really want a panel defining my body from below the bosom to the top of my hips nor seams running up my bosom) and the fabric (no way should you be able to see the outline of the model’s thighs as you do). This looks to me like a two-piece dress you might find in the dress department of a mid-market department store.

    • Legally Blonde :

      I agree. It looks like something one could pick up at JCPenny for 50 bucks or so. No disparagement of JCPenny intended-just using it as an excample of the level of store that would sell this.

      • Legally Blonde :

        That would be “example”, not “excample”. Oops.

      • I was thinking more Jaclyn Smith for KMart.

        • Corporate Tool :

          I think that the buttoned-up jacket (if that makes sense) is what gives that impression. I generally find that jackets which button all the way up, but don’t have a round collar don’t look particularly sophisticated. Also, they often come in colors that are completely unacceptable for work.

    • I didn’t notice the way the fabric was draping until you pointed it out – thanks — I agree about the waist – I try to draw the eye away from my hips, not exaggerating them so you can’t help but stare! Cannot imagine a scenario where this is worth even a fraction of it’s obscene price tag!

      • I agree, the workmanship looks shoddy on the suit. The hem seems sewn with a machine (not by hand, which is a mark of quality). The jacket seems really puffy and poorly sewn too (or maybe it just needs a good pressing?). Either way, I’d buy Dior or Armani for these kinda ducats.

  10. I love it, especially the dress. But I am really annoyed by the overuse and misuse of the description “boyfriend jacket.” Boyfriend jackets are blazer-style jackets that are a bit longer and slightly more oversized than a normal women’s blazer. This is most definitely not a boyfriend jacket, it actually strikes me as an anti-boyfriend jacket.

    • I agree – I was confounded by that description. It doesn’t look like a boyfriend jacket at all – it’s fitted at the waist! I am not sure why the people who write product descriptions can’t do a little homework.

      I really love this – color, detailing, etc. I think it’s way too much money to spend on a suit that will probably not “age” well.

    • I’ve seen this mis-discription a few times (including last week’s suit of the week, I think).

      It is annoying.

  11. Love it!! Too bad so expensive.

  12. If you look closely at the top pleats on the waistline of the jacket, it looks like it would collect all my cracker crumbs if I wore it while eating lunch. I’m just sayin . . . .

  13. Walking Barefoot :

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silhouette and the details – but zoomed in on the Neiman’s website, the fabric looks cheap. Wonder how the fabric is IRL. No matter really for me – waaaay out of my price range. Nice to dream…

    • and when you zoom in, you can actually see the thread coming off the top buttonhole – not nice in such a pricey jacket.

  14. I am curious about the sleeveless suit dress – I just started as a first-year associate at a relatively conservative firm. I have a sleeveless suit dress:,default,pd.html?dwvar_80071643_color=001&start=6&cgid=womens-suits

    I feel a little strange in the office taking my jacket off. Am I crazy?

    • Nope – you’re not crazy. If your firm is even remotely conservative, a woman’s arms should rarely (if ever) show. The rare times where I may *think* about it would be if I’m at the office late after-hours in the summer and the air conditioning in the office has shut down for the day resulting in a really hot and stuffy work environment. And even then, I would probably shut my door if I were to take off the jacket. This is why I always keep a cardigan or wrap in my office so I can take off the non-breathable outer layer but still keep a modest look by throwing on the cardi or shawl and covering up any exposed skin so I don’t have to shut my door and close myself off to the world.

      • Thanks for the guidance! I’m currently wearing a cardigan over the dress as I type so I can run to the bathroom w/out putting my jacket on. The sales woman looked at me like I was crazy when I posed the same question.

        • You’re not crazy. I agree with above. Just wanted to add that it’s a beautiful dress! Love theory and it’s a great, classic cut.

      • As someone wearing a cardigan over her sleeveless dress today, this is (possibly) sad but true

      • I agree (and never bare my arms at work). But I wonder how Michelle Obama wears sleeveless sheaths when she meets heads of state. How is it possible that her dress code is less formal than ours? Or is it that when you get to be 1st lady, you can flout with abandon?

  15. Honestly, I don’t understand photographers, designers or whoever assembles suits and accessories for print or online catalogues. Beautiful suit, yes, but I cannot get past the terrible choice of the shoes. Do they really think that whoever is going to spend $1100 on this suit would wear it with THOSE shoes? Who is their target audience?

  16. 1L intern-to-be :

    In keeping with the shoe critiques… any suggestions for neutral-colored summer heels? Ideally less than 3″ high, closed-toe, not extremely pointy… I’m going for that elusive mix of style + comfort here. I’d be wearing them with a navy suit and a navy sheath dress. Thanks!

    • Anonymous :


      • 1L intern-to-be :

        Ideally less than $150, but that can be a little flexible – I’d like these to last.

    • I have been on a plain neutral-pump hunt for like 6 weeks, and haven’t found ANYTHING. any suggestions?

      • How about:

      • How about these subtly reptile-print ones, which come in wide, medium and narrow for $129? Thank you Talbots, for having some sophisticated and/or cute shoes in wide widths!!

    • divaliscious11 :

      That is a tough one this season. I’ve been looking too, and while I found a nice patent Stuart Weitzman, finding a matte leather has been tough.

    • Anonymous :

      don’t know if pointy or patent will work for you, but these look good to me in the “light neutral” color:

    • I would love this in beige with a navy suit:

      This in the grayish color is also nice:

      I wear Naturalizers to work a lot and I can generally walk 4 blocks comfortably in them and they are sturdy – definitely will last you a while. You might find them cheaper on 6pm or Endless.

      My other go-to pumps are Rockports. They are super comfortable. They’re having a sale on their website now.|Pumps&parentPage=family|Pumps&parentPage=family

  17. I’m a 1L who will be working in DC this summer and am on the hunt for a tasteful, but not boring, black tote/hobo bag.

    What do you ladies think of this one?

    It will definitely fit my Macbook and a notebook, but is the gold hardware too gaudy? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    • anon - chi :

      DC is more formal than Chicago, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it’s fine. I wouldn’t think twice about what purse someone was carrying as a summer associate/intern unless it was wildly inappropriate (leopard print, nylon, massive chains everywhere, obvious knock-off, etc.) or outrageously expensive.

    • Sorry to say, while I do like the bag – not for work, especially when you’re trying to make a good impression. HTH from a practicing attorney in style-liberal California

      • Really? I think it’s fine. I’ve practiced on both coasts and it would pass in any of my offices. I don’t really think people are going to judge you for your bag choice.

        • I agree with that once you are practicing, however, being an intern is a different story and this bag screams trendy to me – although, I do really like it – I think it’s more important as an intern to be taken seriously and I’d shy away from carrying that around a partner – but, like C says that’s just my .02 cents

    • It’s definitely on the trendy side — What about this one?

      Less hardware is a little more streamlined…

      • legalicious07 :

        I honestly don’t think the bag with the goldware is a problem. Granted, I’ve only worked in two East Coast firms (and as a summer associate at that), but I’m pretty sure that no one would really have batted an eye if a summer or junior associate was carrying such a bag. That said, I think the suggestion that Shayna put forth is even better — not so much because of a firm’s culture, but rather because the less obvious hardware makes the bag that much more versatile.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever noticed what purse a summer associated carried.

      • Definitely better and not boring – good find

      • I like this one better because personally I don’t like hardware. Just my style choice – nothing wrong with it at all. And I don’t think I would bat an eye to see a summer or intern carrying the hardware bag at my Midwest BigLaw firm.

    • DC attorney here. In black it’s fine. I’d be a little surprised to see someone carrying it in green or purple to a business meeting or something. Bright colors plus hardware are a bit too much for work IMO.

    • Loved this one – it was on sale for 170 at Saks…not sure if still there.

      • Thanks everyone! After reading the comments and looking at my other non-black bags, I realized I’m not much of a hardware person – I think I was just drawn in by the low price and a coupon I had. Instead I’ll order these two and see which one I like better:

  18. I just found a lovely pair of neutral pumps at Nordstrom. They were reasonably priced at just under $90 and they are the Sofft brand which, if you have not tried before, are so comfortable.

    I also bought this slingback in the Navy patent, but there is a neutral beige tone. I am wearing this shoe today. It’s after 5 and they’re just as comfortable as when I put them on this morning. Me too brand. The navy is a really great color. The picture on the website doesn’t do it justice.

  19. Regarding this suit – it is so perfect. I once had something just like this custom made – I wanted it so badly, and it didn’t exist. It was the greatest. But – this suit or any other – you cannot just get up and throw it on. Suits have to be accessorized very carefully and just right. Also needing some thought – what coat or jacket to wear over it if tyou need to do that.

    I was just in San Francisco and everyone was in all black including black tights. That is looking very good. No color. The skirts and the pants (if wide) are somewhat short. San Francisco is a riot of color with flowers in bloom everywhere, so maybe that’s why the clothing can be so very balck!

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