Suit of the Week: J.Crew Classic Herringbone

We love, love, love the ruffled/ruched V-neck collar on this J.Crew suit, as well as the hidden singular button closure.  Available in bright papaya (pictured) and “heather carbon” (a dark gray/black).  The jacket is $188, and the skirt is $118.

red tweed jcrew skirt suit


  1. Let me ask you this–if you’re under a certain age, can you get away with colorful suits, or are you condemned to the black-gray-brown palette? Because I see lots of older women wearing colorful suits–reds or pastels, but not a lot of younger (<35). Any opinions? Obviously I’d stick to dark conservative colors when going to court, but for other events?

  2. I once read somewhere, I think the WSJ, that for women, the higher up the corporate ladder you get, the lighter or more colorful your suits can be.

  3. Yeah, my thought looking at this suit was that I could get away with the jacket or the skirt (probably mostly the jacket), but not both.

  4. I have never heard that suit color was tied to age — but now that you mention it, I am quite sure I wouldn’t wear a pastel suit (I’m 30). However, I have a red suit, a dark red suit, and I have been seeking a dark purple suit. I don’t see a problem with it. Anyway, who cares? If I have to be in a suit, I don’t want to be bored. We should be able to change the rules a little bit. Men, on the other hand, well… a man in a colorful suit looks like a pimp at any age. I have always pitied their lack of options in professional attire.