Suit of the Week: Monogram Gray Pinstriped Skirt Suit

Each Wednesday we’ll feature a suit we think is nice. Fashionable, wearable, businesslike, etc, etc.

There are four brands that most young businesswomen purchase suits from: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J.Crew, and Theory. It’s actually hard to find suits that are a good “step up” from those — while you can get one of those suits for $300-$700, the next price range seems to be in the $2000s. Anyway, we were intrigued when Banana Republic announced that it was going to have a new “higher” line, Monogram. We’ve read that it hasn’t been doing so well (perhaps because the website stinks!) but we are loving this gray pinstriped suit from the Monogram line. We love a lot of things about it: the fit, the seasonless dark gray fabric that is 60% wool, 40% silk. We’re also intrigued by the wrap collar — so many times a suit with a bit of detailing is a bit too “society lady,” and little less “business lady” — there may be fur detailing, or sparkly buttons, or bows attached. This wrap collar is the perfect kind of touch to a suit — it’s unique and innovative without detracting from the fact that the suit means business. The pencil skirt is $115, and the blazer is $275. Close-up of that wrap collar below:


  1. Don’t forget Anthropologie!

  2. anthropologie for suits??

    corporette, i love the idea of your site–i’ve been looking for something like this, but you need to get your comments to line up with the rest of your site and allow people to comment as “guest” (ie: no email or name required) to actually get people to comment, a la above the law. i was reluctant to comment, but thought i should let you know why.

  3. Anonymous :

    Boy. I don’t know. If I were a judge listening to argument by someone wearing that suit, I might be distracted trying to figure out what was going on with that collar.

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