Your Job, Your Career, or You: When to Quit Your Career

hate job or hate careerWhen should you quit your career? How do you know when you’ve chosen the wrong one? How long should you give yourself before you quit — and how many jobs should you try in that career? Reader F has SUCH a great question about this:

Question for you: how do you know if you hate your particular JOB or hate your whole CAREER? I’m a first year associate in (the biggest of) big law, and I know it was supposed to be hard — I knew I was going to bill 200 hours a month coming into this! — but I think my position might be particularly hard because of people I work for. How do I know the difference between a challenging environment (and maybe should switch jobs) or a terrible career choice (and maybe should switch careers)? At what point do you throw in the towel and say, “It’s not them, it’s me”?

I can’t wait to hear what readers say here because I think this is something a LOT of people — particularly entry-level BigLaw lawyers — struggle with. We’ve talked about changing careers before (the pros and cons of different careers, as well as my own experience in career changes. While I had yet to find my fit in the law before I decided to focus on this blog, many of our readers are happy lawyers, and hopefully they’ll have some great advice for Reader F. For what it’s worth, though, here’s my take:

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Tips on Changing Careers

how to change careersThis came up a bit on the weekend thread, and I thought we should delve a bit further: if you’re unhappy with your job, how can you change careers? We had a post about how to transition from one job to the next a while ago, but I don’t think we’ve properly explored changing careers. (Pictured: Changing Tracks, originally uploaded to Flickr by stargardener.)

First:  I’ve been there, and I’ve seen a lot of friends there.  You hate your job, you have no idea what you want to do with your life, and you feel like you’ve made a colossal, expensive, time-intensive mistake to spend multiple years and lots (and lots) of money on the degree you already have.  So how do you get out, and get to a new career?

Some immediate thoughts come to mind: [Read more…]

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