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Samsonite - xSpace 21.5" Exp. Spinner One of the smartest things I did unwittingly a few years ago was to buy a blue carry-on — and now I always know exactly which one is mine when I have to gate check it or really check it. eBags has a number of great bags on sale right now, and I like the look of this dark purple carry-on from Samsonite — was $360, now $161 (with free shipping and guaranteed delivery by December 25!). Samsonite Luggage xSpace 21.5 Exp. Spinner Solar Rose

Readers, which is your favorite carry-on?  Any fun travel tales to tell?

How to Plan for Your First Business Trip

Plane landing against the Manhattan skyline by John Wardell (Netinho)Today’s guest post is written by reader and blogger RoadWarriorette, who blogs about business travel.  She was nice enough to collect some of her best tips for us here on Corporette…

When you find out about that first business trip, anxiety can ensue. You have questions about what to take, how to pack, what suitcase to get, what you need on the plane, etc. There are even more questions if you happen to be traveling with your boss!  When I first started traveling for my job four years ago, there were no resources for women business travelers. The only article I could find had a tip about not putting on your nylons—yes, they said nylons—until you arrived at your destination, because if the plane crashed they could catch on fire. Seriously. [Read more…]

The Hunt: Appropriate Bags for Summer Associates

The Best Bags for Summer Associates | CorporetteWe got this request in from a reader, and thought we might resurrect an old feature — The Hunt — in which we look for a great basic, available now, in a variety of price points. Here’s the request:

As an incoming summer associate at a large NY firm, I’ve been wondering – what kind of bag would be appropriate? I’ve been told that Longchamp is too casual, and would be interested to hear your thoughts on it. I don’t want to break the bank before I’ve even made my first paycheck, but would like something nice and versatile that will last a long time. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

We would actually disagree with that — we think Longchamp is fine for a big tote bag. It’s functional (fits a ton of papers), is made well (is strong enough to carry a ton of papers) and — especially if you get the black on black versions available in Canada or at the physical stores in New York City, quite appropriate for work. [Read more…]

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