25 Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies

25 ways to repurpose office supplies

2017 Update: We still stand by these ways to repurpose office supplies, but you may also want to check out our most recent roundup of our very favorite places to get cute office decor!

Ladies, what are your best suggestions for ways to repurpose office supplies? Everyone likes to stock their office with the stuff they need — but from time to time you find yourself caught off guard and just need to make the best of a bad situation. We rounded up ten other uses for office supplies a loooong time ago, but I thought we’d expand on the topic and discuss today!

First up: ways to repurpose office supplies to help with fashion emergencies:

Clothing Hacks with Office Supplies

  1. If you need a lint brush, try a Fed Ex mailing label or packing tape.
  2. If you need to stop a run in your hose and don’t have nail polish, try using a glue stick or white out (obviously best if the run starts somewhere hidden).
  3. If you need to reduce static cling with pantyhose/skirt, try rubbing hand lotion on your hands and then smoothing it on your pantyhose.
  4. If you need to fix a fallen hem, try double-sided tape or packing tape folded double, or try stapling your clothes with the solid bar on the inside — many readers noted the holes rubbed right out when the staple was removed later in the day.
  5. If your pants are too tight after lunch (and/or you’re pregnant), try a rubber band or hairband to help extend the waistband.
  6. If you need to fix a broken zipper pull, try a paperclip.
  7. If you need to fix a broken bra strap or shoe strap, try a teeny tiny binder clip.
  8. If you’re going desk to dinner and forgot to wear or pack a racerback bra, try a paperclip to make your regular bra a racerback.
  9. If you need to remove a stain, try hairspray (for ink), or wet paper towels beneath your shirt with dry ones on top (especially for coffee stains).

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Coffee Break – Resin Dot Box

Resin Dot BoxI think this resin dot box is so, so pretty — it’s the kind of thing I love to keep on my desk to put everything from post-it notes to eyeglasses inside. Of course I love the blue the best, although the green is a close runner up (it’s also available in a very preppy black and white). The box was $38, but is now $19 at C.Wonder (and if you sign up for the email list you get free shipping on your first order.) Resin Dot Box


Check out more great deals at the Corporette Bargains page!

Open Thread: The Best Notebooks

2017 Update: We still think this is a great discussion of the best notebooks, but you may also want to check out our latest discussion on our favorite office supplies.

When we talked about the best pens a few weeks ago (which I’m still in the process of trying out — many of the ones mentioned by the readers were subsequently sent to me by Jet Pens, so thank you! — others I’ve bought myself) some of the readers noted that we should also talk about notebooks. This took me a wee bit by surprise, I realized, because I feel so strongly about my notebook choice — so I’m really curious to hear what the other ones that people love.

best notebooks: Mead Composition notebookMy favorite notebook is your simple, cheap, Mead Composition notebook, at least for use at my personal desk. I like how the pages stay together no matter what, and how the book can take a beating and still hold up. I’ve spilled coffee on these notebooks, doodled on them, ripped out pages, photocopied them — and they still hold up incredibly well.  I’ve used them for years to keep track of personal things — I still have the notebook containing my budget from back in my lean days, right out of college! — but when I switched jobs from a big firm to a small not-for-profit I rediscovered my love for this kind of notebook because I think it’s great for when you have multiple small projects going on and you just want everything in one place.  I tend to only have one notebook at a time — the front part of the book (at least the first page going forward) is for business stuff, and the last page going backwards is for personal things.  I’m also incredibly ADD when I get on phone calls, whether for business or personal matters, and I find that it helps me to focus if I’m “taking notes” during the call, even if it’s something as simple as arranging a furniture delivery. [Read more…]

Open Thread: What’s Your Favorite Pen?

favorite pens2017 Update: We still think this is a great discussion of favorite pens, but you may also want to check out our latest discussion on our favorite office supplies.

When I was a kid, I loooooved going back to school shopping. New pens! New folders! All that crisp, white, lined paper… It seemed like everything had possibility and promise. (Yes, I was a dork.) These days, I still love getting new supplies, but it seems like too many of them let me down — I’ve literally thrown about 5 different brands of pens across the room because they work inconsistently, or stop working. And a good pen is really important.  To be clear, all I want is something that I can pick up from my pencil cup or my desk, and use it for something simple like signing my name or writing a brief note, WITHOUT having to scribble somewhere else to make sure the ink is flowing.  Is that really too much to ask?  (Let’s not even get into something more arduous, like taking notes for an extended period or writing a letter… sigh.)

So I thought we’d have an open thread: what is your favorite pen? (Pictured: Ball point pens by Caran d’Ache, available at Plastica for $23 — they also seem to be available at Amazon for a bit cheaper, though. Hat tip to Daily Candy.) [Read more…]

Coffee Break – Catherine Collection File Folders

DiVOGA Catherine Collection File Folders, 6pkWhile manila folders are great for most things, every so often I like to buy a pack of brightly colored, festive folders — I usually use them for a project that I’m constantly pulling out the folder, or for personal paperwork (healthcare fun, paycheck stubs, etc.), or more. The result is that I can immediately find the folder, and — now that I’ve been doing it for a few years — I have this lovely, crazy, file drawer full of brightly colored, mismatched folders — and when I pull out an old folder, I fondly associate it with whatever was going on in my life at the time. I’m loving the look of the entire Catherine collection from DiVoga, especially the file folders — bright, beautiful blues in feminine patterns.  (If you are not so into the “mismatched” look, note that there is an entire coordinating suite — binders, letter holders, laptop cases, notepads, and more.)  These file folders are $4.99 for a pack of 6.  DiVOGA Catherine Collection File Folders, 6/pk


Ten Uses for Office Supplies In a Pinch

other uses for office supplies2016 Update: We still stand by these tips for other uses for office supplies, and links have been updated below — you can also check out our newer discussion on ways to repurpose office supplies here.

Have you found any good ways to use office supplies for other uses? It’s like reader J is reading my mind…

How about a story on re-purposing office supplies for fashion/lifestyle uses when you’re in a pinch? For example, using binder clips while commuting to fold up pants that were hemmed for high heels, using scotch tape instead of a band-aid to prevent blisters when shoes start to rub, notebook paper as blotting papers, etc.

Somehow this came up at a recent bridal shower I attended, and my friends and I had a great time trying to think of other uses for office supplies.  Thanks to my friends N and G for helping me brainstorm!  (Pictured:  Coloured Paperclips, originally uploaded to Flickr by Dysanovic.) Here are our MacGyver-ish suggestions… [Read more…]

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