Taking a New Job While Pregnant

pregnant new jobShould you look for a new job while trying to get pregnant?  If you’re already pregnant, should you take a new job without telling your new employer what’s what? Reader S has a great question about this very subject.

I have a dilemma. A while ago I applied for a great government job that is only 2 years with the possibility of extension. I was prepared to take that risk. Had the interview and didn’t hear anything and assumed that I did not get the job. However, I got a call yesterday and surprise! I got the job. Here is the problem, I am now 12 weeks pregnant. The job starts in August 2011 and ends August 2013. If I take this position, I will be gone from December 2011 to December 2012 (here in Canada we get 1 year mat leave). Do I take it? It is exactly where I want to be in my career.

For my $.02, I really, really think that you must talk to the prospective employer about this development — taking an entire year for a maternity leave during a two-year job seems like a decision made in bad faith. Two other thoughts: If the government always offers this job for two years, perhaps they already have a maternity policy in place for it — that might be the way to start the discussion and test the waters without disclosing your situation. The second thought: I’m not familiar with Canadian law, but are you sure that a mandated law like that would apply to a worker who is less than a full employee? There are a lot of exceptions to US laws (for example if your office is smaller than 15 people) and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that temporary/contract workers are outside the scope of the law.  (Pictured above: Button Front Bi-stretch Suiting Maternity Jacket, available at a pea in the pod for $59.99 (was $119).) [Read more…]

Guest Post: How to Make the Transition from Maternity to Post-Baby While Dressing Professionally

postpartum professionalToday’s guest post is from Jenny Hamilton, who is a senior in-house lawyer at a Fortune 500 company and the mother to a 5 month-old little girl. Jenny explores the world of fashion, dressing for the corporate world, and motherhood daily at JennyHamiltonStyle.com.

Just as you don’t pack on the baby weight overnight, once you have your baby, your body is going to go through another major change – this time in reverse! So how do you make the transition? Here are five easy tips:

1. Large, open cardigans make excellent transition pieces because they can double as a comfy jacket for the office and they can be worn during maternity leave with a pair of soft leggings. [Read more…]

Open Thread: Hiding a Baby Bump

how to hide a baby bumpHow do you hide a baby bump? This struck us as a great question…

I’d love to see some suggestions on hiding a baby bump while dressing appropriately for the office. Hiding my growing belly wasn’t hard with my first baby. It just wasn’t that big. Now I’m pregnant with my second and, true to everything all my friends told me, I’m much bigger, much earlier. I prefer not to tell everyone until the first trimester is over. That means hiding my expanding middle. I moved up a size in trousers (no expand-o waist pants yet). However, I can’t seem to find any good ideas for tops. I’d love your (and your readers’) help. Anonymously, of course. Any hope for me? :)

Having never been pregnant, we can’t really offer any advice, but it does strike us as a very worthwhile question. (Fine, here’s our best guess — we’d stick with empire-waisted tops such as the one above, or very blousy tunic tops. Pictured: Banana Republic Garment-dyed linen top, available at Banana Republic for $59.) Still — readers, what is your best advice on how to dress professionally while hiding a baby bump? Any other tips on dealing with pregnancy woes, such as morning sickness?

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– We talked business card cases earlier this week — if you’re also in the market for a Rolodex or way to keep the cards you collect, Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News collects some interesting address “boxes.”  (For our $.02 — we throw most business cards away after we enter the information in our Palm pilot.  We keep the cards of close friends, cut them up (about 5 slits along both long edges), and wrap delicate necklaces around the card as a way to keep the necklace from getting tangled.)

Jezebel reports on new tests that allow you to predict your risk of “early ovarian aging.”

The WSJ continues to wonder whether jeans are appropriate at work, and gets up close and personal with an article on shapewear.

– Can you pay off a sleep debt by sleeping late on the weekends? The NYT investigates.

The NYT profiles a new Facebook application that will let you delete objectionable photos.

The Blushing Hostess advises how to be a gracious host to colleagues and improve your team’s working relationship at the same time.

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