Finding and Joining Professional Organizations

Finding and Joining the Right Professional Organizations | CorporetteHow do you find out about professional organizations that could be a good fit for you and your goals? How do you decide which organizations to join, whether for networking in your niche, business development/new clients, or just better opportunities? Ladies, what are your best tips for finding worthwhile professional organizations? 

Psst: We’ve also looked at volunteering and joining a nonprofit board.

Many readers offered their advice when we last discussed professional organizations, and we’re including their best suggestions in our list of tips:

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Members Only: Which Professional Organizations to Join?

which professional organizations to join2016 Update: We still stand by this advice on which professional organizations to join (and the advice nuggets in the comments are awesome!) but you may also want to check out our newer discussion with tips on finding and joining professional organizations

Today, reader D wonders which professional organizations to join for the biggest bang for her buck in terms of time and energy:

My firm expects/requires us to join a professional organization, which presumably leads to networking which eventually leads to clients. Some attorneys are members of the Bar Association relevant to their practice area. The top female attorney in my group is in the Junior League. Another is a member of the city’s business development group. I’m not sure how to find what organizations are out there, and what the right way to evaluate those options is. Whether to go for a more women-centric one? A practice group focused one? Help! I wonder what other Corporette followers are part of.

This is a great question on so many levels.  First, just wondering which professional organizations to join is an excellent networking question — this author’s tactic when I was really junior was to send a brief email to everyone I admired and ask which organizations they had found to be worth their time.  [Read more…]

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