How to Keep White Blouses White

How to Keep Whites White | CorporetteWhile Kat recently rounded up white work tops for spring, we haven’t discussed keeping those tops white in quite a while. Before researching this post, my knowledge of how to keep whites white was limited to “wash them in the washing machine” (or more realistically, just don’t buy white shirts!), but to my surprise, there are many simple strategies to keep white blouses white. (If you haven’t seen it, check out our advice on washing “dry clean only” clothes, too.)

Pictured: Deposit Photos/fizkes.

Here are several easy tips:

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How to Keep White Blouses White

How to Keep Your White Blouses White2016 Update: check out our newer post on how to keep whites white!

How DO you keep your white blouses and tees white? Reader L wonders, and as summer’s heat is upon us I think now is a great time to discuss this…

Currently, I’m living in hot and sunny south Florida. Not to be overly gross, but my whites just do not stay as white as they should simply because of all the sweating that I do here! I know that I could go see a dermatologist or I can try a new deodorant, but that’s not my question/issue. My question is: other than bleach, what do you do to keep your whites fresh and white? It’s my opinion that Florida living prevents white clothing from ever looking totally clean, and that’s a total damper on a DC girl who lives an ill-fitting black/gray/blue suit and a white button-up. What do you do?

We actually have talked about the best deodorants for the working woman — but as you note, this is a different question. (Pictured:  Stretch Poplin Blouse, on sale at Saks as part of their new designer markdowns (up to 40%!) – was $395, now $237.) The tips that I know of for keeping whites white: [Read more…]

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