The Hunt: Sophisticated, Strappy Flats

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Maybe I’m the only one with this problem — but my dirty little secret is that I’ve never found a truly “walk for miles” comfortable pair of flats that hasn’t had straps. I just can’t do the ballet-style shoes, even though I see millions of women happily wearing them. So if you’re like me, I thought I’d round up some sophisticated flats with straps. Readers, which are your favorite flats? Do you prefer strappy flats, also?  (Not pictured, but: I also found two sportier pairs that might be great for commuting or on the weekends: the Patagonia – Maha Strap and the Crocs – Alice Work.)

 LEGGATI haven’t tried Aldo shoes in a few years, but I really like the look of these pointy-toed flats from Aldo. The beige and pink combo (pictured) is marked down to $50, while other colors (blue/yellow and black/beige) are still full price at $70. Aldo Leggat
JIMMY LONDON Ballet flatsWow: I’m kind of surprised these flats are only $65. I just think so many features look more lux — the sophisticated leather-on-suede, gray-on-black … and with a comfortable rubber sole? Wow. They’re $65 at Yoox (limited sizes only, alas). JIMMY LONDON Ballet flats
Dune Lexus Suede Strap Ballet FlatsAnother new brand to me: Dune. I looove the almond toe here, as well as the low cut around the sides. Gorgeous. They’re available in coral (pictured) and a pale “taupe” for $91.14 at Asos. Dune Lexus Suede Strap Ballet Flats
Delman 'Fern' FlatPeep toes are not appropriate for every office, but:  these peep toe flats by Delman are really cute.  I love the strappy details at the back, as well as the fact that they’re on sale — they were $250, but are now marked to $125 at Nordstrom (also available in “nude”). Delman ‘Fern’ Flat
Belle by Sigerson Morrison Varda T-Strap FlatsOf course I love the purple suede T-strap ones. The metallic leather on the cap toe is great (it’s also available in black suede with an almost gold metallic cap toe), and the non-slip rubber patch on the sole sounds perfect. They’re $225 at ShopBop. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Varda T Strap Flats
Amata FlatsOooh: Love the double straps on these, and the studded suede panel at the heel is awesome — it’s a great little bit of attitude. These are $275 at ShopBop. (They’re also available in beige.) B Brian Atwood Amata Flats

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    C*rp*rette SWAP MEET POST! Post here what item(s) you have to give away. Remember to be detailed when you post (ex: work appropriate dresses, size 8) ! Postings can be anything from clothing to linens to kids’ items to small appliances to whatever you’re willing… or if it’s too big to ship, include your general location so a local can possibly pick it up! Lastly, include your email address so the person is able to email you directly about the item. If/When the item(s) have been claimed, come back and post that as a reply so folks know! Happy Swapping!

    ~(the forever barefoot so it makes sense I’d post this in a shoe post) K…In transition


    Post here what item(s) you have to give away. Remember to be detailed when you post (ex: work appropriate dresses, size 8) ! Postings can be anything from clothing to linens to kids’ items to small appliances to whatever you’re willing… or if it’s too big to ship, include your general location so a local can possibly pick it up! Lastly, include your email address so the person is able to email you directly about the item. If or When the item(s) have been claimed, come back and post that as a reply so folks know! Happy Swapping!

    ~(the forever barefoot so it makes sense I’d post this in a shoe post) K…In transition

    • karenpadi :

      One unopened bottle of YSL “Young Sexy Lovely” eau de toilette. It’s a discontinued fragrance and I stocked up two years ago but now it smells too “young” for me.

      San Jose, CA
      karenpadi at hotmail

      PS, fragrance experts, if you have a rec for a more “grown up” fragrance that’s like the YSL, let me know.

      • Kontraktor :

        I loove Elle by YSL, although I haven’t smelled the one you are getting rid of and so I don’t know if Elle would be too young for you as well. I find it smells girly, fresh, and lingering.

        My more sophistocated scent is Burberry Brit. Oh I loooove that too. :-)

        Chanel might also have some nice fragrances that aren’t quite as old smelling as No. 5, so they could be worth checking out.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Oooh, very cool. I need to go home and go through my stuff!

    • My dignity.

      Size: somewhat diminished after years as a lawyer.
      Price: negotiable.

    • Sugarcane :

      I have some AT work appropriate clothes that do not fit me. Most are size 10. I would love for someone to get some use out of them. I am currently looking for size 8. If anyone wants to talk specifics my e-mail is sugarcanegrad at gmail dot com. I am located in Southwest Florida.

      • Congrats on the new smaller size. I’m in SW Fla too, have been “planning” my wait loss for far too long…

    • a passion for fashion :

      what a fun idea. I wonder if someone more tech-savvy than me could set up an actual spin-off cite/blog to keep this going but w/o taking up space on the everyday threads. Maybe it could be a seperate site, or maybe kat could set up a section off to the side or something where we post. if the description sounds interesting, you could email a photo of the item to the potential buyer/trader.

    • I have a J.Crew lady day coat in brown I want to give away. I wore it for one winter several years ago and it’s in great shape; I’m only giving it away because they’re cut so closely the 2 is a bit small for me, but I got it on final sale so I couldn’t return it (the next year I got the identical coat in a 4). The Dress for Success store says they mostly want clothes in larger sizes, which is why I’m posting this here rather than giving it to them. Let me know if you want it!

      • Oh! I’d like this! You can email me at purrplegrrl at YAY :)

      • Birch Tree :

        I LOVE the Lady Day and 2 is my size! Can I please have it?? thanks in advance

        birchtree61 at gmail

      • Jo March, I just e-mailed you. Sorry Birch Tree, but hopefully someone else posts something good that you want!

  3. For me, the key to “walk for miles” flats is good arch support. I’ve had good luck with B.O.C. (a shoot off of Born, which make super comfy shoes). Naturalizer also sometimes has good ones.

  4. I tried these on yesterday at the Kenneth Cole outlet (except that the straps were black and a little cuter). If they’d had my size I would have gotten them. Really cute and comfortable!

  5. PharmaGirl :

    I was a huge supporter of the Me Too flats and recommended them all the time but my most recent pair is damaged after only a few months of irregular wear. Bummer.

    • I have some Me Too black patent flats I have worn absolutely to death. I would seriously go hiking in them–wonderful.

      • My Me Too flats fell apart within 6 weeks of purchase – dry rot in the soles. Exacerbated by rainy weather, but still can’t recommend them.

        • I’ve had mine for 4 years now. But I will say that they do not keep the water out. If the ground is wet, wear something else. I bought a second pair in copper, and my only complaint with them is that they have a funny smell–kind of chemical. It has finally faded, but only after a couple of years. They also run a touch small, I think. It’s a half-size-up kind of shoe.

    • Associette :

      I LOVE Me Too flats and am wearing the nude patent “paige” pointy toe as I type this. I wear them daily as commuter shoes and in the office on casual days (I have them in black leather as well). Thay have held up very well for quite some time and are mighty comfortable. Highly recommend and am surprised to hear that others haven’t had the same experience.

  6. I am currently obsessed with these.

    • I hit submit too soon. Wanted to add that they are way cuter in real life than in picture.

      Also love the look of the aldo shoes and the b brian atwood ones.

      I have these and they are pretty great, too.

  7. The only truly comfortable flats I have found are a company called Gentle Souls.
    They are a bit pricy but really well made and worth it. I stalk them on sale. I am surprised they never get mentioned here. There’s a Bay Unique style on Zappos that’s actually really cute, although others are definitely more of a comfort shoe look.

    • awesome brand, super comfy. i need to size-down quite a bit for the right fit though.

      • Love my gentle soles! Expensive but so comfortable. And cute. Highly recommend.

  8. Pool Party :

    What is appropriate for the wife of a lawyer to wear to the company pool party? I’m not planning to wear a swimsuit, but can I get away with a dress like this with jeweled sandals? I probably wouldn’t wear this dress to a party for my own company which maybe a sign I shouldn’t wear it to this either.

    or should I go with one of these options?

    I also have wedges I could wear if sandals are too casual? Thoughts??

    • I think any of those are fine. Why wouldn’t you wear the first one? Too low on the chest?

      Jeweled sandals probably fine, but go with the wedges if you aren’t certain.

      • Pool Party :

        I was worried the first one might be too much skin. I think I’ll try them all on and see what feels best. Thanks for your help!

        • The first shows more skin, yes, but the second emphasizes your body more.

          Why wear something to your hub’s party you wouldn’t wear to your own? Is there zero chance of cross-pollination with any of the spouses or anyone else there?

        • I would pay attention to what you’re saying, and not wear anything that you’d consider questionable for a party of your own. As we keep saying here, a work party is still a professional event, even if it’s not yours :-).

    • Need more information. Is this a daytime pool party, and actually at a pool? (I mean, as opposed to being at a country club, for instance, where there is a pool but the party isn’t on the pool deck itself). Will at least some (brave) people be swimming? I think if some will be swimming, then the dresses that you linked in are too dressy. The two Anthropologie dresses are cute and appropriate if it’s in the early evening, or if it’s just near a pool but no one’s actually swimming. If there’s actual swimming involved (even if not by you), I’d go with something a bit less dressy — cute capri pants or a casual skirt.

      • Pool Party :

        It’s in the evening at someone’s house. I *think* most people will just stand around the pool, but who knows?

      • Ah, ok, then I wouldn’t even call it a “pool party.” A cute summer dress is perfect, then. I think the strapless one is fine given that you are the “wife” (though I’d also take a little wrap sweater or light shawl in case it’s cool or you feel the need to cover up a bit).

  9. Quick TJ: The challenge: Week-long CLE in NYC, billed as “business casual.” Any tips on what business casual means in NYC (I’m coming from rural TN, where it pretty much means _clean_ overalls)? There are also two evening c-cktail receptions.

    The twist: I’ll be going into third trimester that week, so my wardrobe choices are already limited. I cannot for the life of me find a decent pair of maternity khakis that come in (my needed) long sizes.

    • I’m no expert on NYC (also from TN), but when I was pregnant, I ordered khakis from JC Penney – they come in long, which I needed as well. I don’t normally shop JCP, but found them to be a good option for long maternity wear.

    • When are you coming? Bc if it’s during the summer, be prepared to melt. Seriously, summer is the worst time to come here. Skirts all the way.

      • Next week! Well, dresses are relatively easy, and tend to travel well, so that may be a good option. I just hope the facilities aren’t ridiculously air-conditioned. Must remember stash-able cardigan.

        • They will be ridiculously air conditioned, so pack a shawl and/or casual jacket also, unless it’s not ridiculously air conditioned and then you will die of the heat. A big enough tote for said shawl/cardigan/jacket plus water and snacks.

          I totally blame this site for always being overdressed to training classes tho. Engineers show up cargo khaki shorts to training classes (no joke), while I’m actually in business casual. Sigh. I’m jealous of the lawyers who actually get to dress like grown-ups.

        • You can always pick up a pashmina on the street corner for $5 if it’s cold. Seriously, there’s a vendor about every 3d block. And unless you’re wearing maternity overalls don’t worry about what to wear – skirts and tops or sheath-type dresses are pretty typical summer business casual wear; I think the message they’re really trying to give you is that you don’t need to be in a suit.

    • Generally, business casual tends to mean wool-blend (or otherwise “nice”) slacks or skirt paired with a button down shirt, or a nice sweater. But you’ll be in your third trimester, so people will cut you a lot of slack. I’d recommend work-appropriate maternity dresses. And if this will be in July or August, consider the heat and humidity more than anything. I was in my third trimester in NYC in August. It’s disgustingly hot, and you will be outside sometimes. I recommend layers – short sleeve or sleeveless dresses that you can wear outside, along with a cardigan for inside in air conditioning. One thing to keep in mind – if you have maternity dresses now, they may be too short for your third trimester. Maternity dresses have a tendency to creep up as your belly expands…

    • Check out Gap maternity. I lived in their work pants in “tall” lengths.

      • Blackbird :

        I wholeheartedly second the Gap recommendation for maternity work pants.

        I would do the following:
        – dress pants or skirt
        – sleveless shell that you’d be comfortable wearing on its own if too hot in a non-airconditioned conference room (or if your hormones turn you into a walking furnace)
        – cardigan or other non-blazer completer piece to keep you cold in the over-air conditioned conference room (or if your hormones turn you into a walking freezer)
        – flats (cute peep toe!)
        – accessories
        – tote to pack the water and snacks you will need as a woman growing a baby

      • Third the Gap maternity pants. They are the only pants that worked for me for either pregnancy. Jeans too.

        Check out target for maternity dresses and tops. I’d also recommend the dresses, tops, and skirts from Japanese weekend if you want something nicer. Jersey is your friend.

        I think you have some leeway with the wardrobe considering the pregnancy.

    • people dress mixed for CLEs – some people come to/from work so blazers etc. some dress down for CLEs. I’d say dresses and cardi or blazer would be good.

    • Wrap dress or other jersey-fabric dresses (assuming you’re visibly pregnant, jersey is absolutely appropriate, and in most offices it’s fine even if you aren’t pregnant). Make sure the girls are adequately covered; wrap dresses can be a bit low cut. A shift dress or maternity sheath would also be appropriate. If you like pants, black maternity trousers and a nice top are fine. Most people will wear the same thing to the reception they wore to the CLE course.

  10. I recently discovered Dune as well. I have two pairs of their classic ballet flats- and I absolutely adore them. They are incredibly comfortable and have held up well. Also, they have rubber soles (at least the ones I bought) so for the frequent business traveller they are fantastic for running through airports.

  11. long time lurker :

    I live in NYC and think of business-casual for summer as skirts or dresses worn with a blouse and/or a cardigan. Cardigan because you may be cold in air conditioned environments. I try to balance, if I’m wearing a pencil skirt I’ll wear a slightly less structured top (not a T-shirt, but a blouse, maybe with a ruffle or tie at the front). If I wear a more a-line skirt I keep it more buttoned up up top, maybe a button down or cardigan. For the OP specifically, I think you will get some leeway being obviously pregnant, and that you should dress for the heat and comfort and dress yourself up as necessary with a nice purse and jewelry. Black is always a safe color for NYC especially for the cocktail events (stereotypical but true).

  12. I would feel so elfin in these shoes.

    • LOL. They’re interesting, but they don’t seem sophisticated. Ankle straps really cut off the leg, and the ankle-straps on these flats just look weird to me.

    • I would feel like an elf….

      An elf with canckles.

  13. new york associate :

    I just bought a great pair of flats at Macys – the brand is Giani Bernini, and they are seriously the most comfortable flats I’ve had in years. Highly recommended.

  14. THANK YOU, KAT! I can never wear ballet flats, either, so these look very promising. I just ordered the Sigerson Morrison T-straps (last pair in my size in black!) AND the Jimmy London flats. Fingers crossed one or both of these works out!

  15. Threadjack: I’ve been thinking about Ellen’s 4th of July dilemma. I think her only hope is to invest I a full coverage swimming suit. That way Harold and the Managing Partner won’t spend all day staring at her tush. But I’m a little confused as to why her 2 nieces and their nanny will be at the Managing Partners house.

    • I mean, if Ellen wants the Manageing Partner to respect her boundaries, it seems like she should respect professional boundaries as well…and not bring her nieces (and their NANNY) to a firm function.

    • Maybe she should bring a DATE of her own, even if it’s one for HIRE.

    • Oh snap, I just think you found my birthday present to me. Now me and Ellen can be matcheing!

      • Ru, I hope my snarky response to Ellen didn’t offend you. I truly meant no offense to ladies who need modest swimwear.

    • I don’t think Ellen should be swimming in the manageing partner’s pool, ya know?

  16. It might be just me, but…

    …I really really really am not a fan of these shoes. Maybe it’s my area of the country, but I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a woman in any of the offices where I’ve worked wear something like the shoes above.

    Not to say they’re not office-appropriate. Just not my cup o’ tea.

  17. TJ: Anyone have solutions for facial redness/flushing? My face tends towards redness. Any products to help with this? Time for a dermatologist? I wear sensitive skin moisturizer that has zinc based sun protection, plus primer and mineral makeup.

    • There is a Clinique line specifically for redness.
      I have the pressed powder and it works well – it’s not going to cover anything, but evens out tone and takes away redness. Maybe it would work under your makeup? I don’t wear any foundation, so I usually just do the pressed powder and go.

    • The clinique redness foundation is really nice, I’ve found my skin has improved quite a bit.

    • Gooseberry :

      I use the Paula’s Choice (after it was recommended here) toner for redness relief. I have rosacea, and it seems to have helped at least a bit, and better than anything else I’ve ever tried (including prescription medicine).

    • I have this problem and I use the Shishedo color correcting stick. It is in their stick foundation line and it is the color that has a slight green tinge to it (to counteract the redness). I apply only to the parts of my face that has the redness and then normal foundation/powder on top of it.

    • If you think it might be Rosacea, I’d see a derm. There’s lots of good prescription stuff available – Finacea, MetroGel, and others. In fact, it’s probably worth seeing a derm regardless. Lump in an annual skin cancer check while you’re there.

      • Seconded! Rosacea is really easily managed if you start treating it before it really flares up. It sounds like you’re at a stage where you could totally keep it under control with Finacea or MetroGel, if it is indeed rosacea. I let it go for too long and had to use antibiotics and laser correction to get back to my normal appearance. Also, a good derm can give you recs for triggers to avoid (for instance, I had no idea that not sleeping enough was a big trigger) and products that will help.

        For makeup, I definitely recommend the stuff that has a slight green tinge to it. Weird looking in the package, but it works wonders.

      • And no matter what’s the cause, I swear by Avene’s anti-redness moisturizer. Milder than clinique’s, less rebound effect, more effective..

    • Thanks everyone.

  18. Ahh! So i got engaged this weekend (yay, but knew it was coming) and i finaally get to wear my ring that i designed. It fits perfectly, but its a tad loose around my actual finger, but it needed to be so it would go over my knucle, which are a little big from a former bad cracking habit – anyways, this may sound dumb, but do people wear engagement rings all the time? I run a lot and i’m nervous about wearing it to run/shower…but is that stupid? It’s platinum, tiffany ring, tiffany setting…any words of advice on my first piece of real grown up jewelry?

    • I may be in the minority, but I only ever wore my engagement (and now wedding) ring when I went out of the house. I have a ring holder in my bedroom and the second I walk in the door, I take it off. So I never wear it exercising, house-cleaning, sleeping, bathing, etc.

      • same here. i can’t comprehend wearing it all the time.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Me too. As soon as I walk in the door, it goes straight into my jewelry box. I don’t wear it showering, cooking, cleaning, working out, hiking, or sleeping.

      • AnonInfinity :

        I’m the same. And I often forget to put mine back on when I do things like go to the grocery store or go to work.

    • Kontraktor :

      Apparently you can get some sort of ring… not sure what they are called. Fillers? Spacers? Balls? That make the ring fit more snugly without adjusting the physical size of the ring.

      I wear my rings all the time, except for in the shower because I am afraid the conditioner I use will make the ring slippery and slide off. I also take them off to apply goupy hair products or to do things like mix meatloaf. But I wear the rings all the rest of the time.

    • emcsquared :

      Much to my husband’s chagrin, I take mine off basically anytime my hands will either be wet or near chemicals – so for running/sports, showering, swimming, cleaning, anything involving power tools, the ring comes off and goes into a safe spot. I don’t think it’s that unusual, especially if the ring spins a little when your hands are wet (mine spins a lot when my hands are wet).

    • “Ring people” like insurers and the like say that the most likely time that any ring is to get lost is when you take it off (due to knocking it off a ledge into a drain, leaving it somewhere, having it stolen, etc.) That said, I don’t shower with it because it creeps me out to have it in my hair, it sort of catches. But I keep it on otherwise.

      I do run with it, if its a bit loose it shouldn’t be much of a problem, your fingers swell anyway when you run. I do take it off though if I’m swimming, just in case, because that seems like courting disaster.

    • Congrats!!! I wear mine all the time, except when doing messy things like making hamburgers. But I’m the type who is way more likely to forget/misplace it than to lose it by falling off. When I do take it off, I put it in an ultra-secure spot in my wallet that I know it can’t fall out of.

      And they do make spacers really cheap, if you want to fit it a little more snugly. We got a set at Claire’s for DH after we lost weight, and it worked really well. On the other hand, if you know it can’t slide easily back over your knuckle, it may not be worth it to you.

      • Oh yeah, I also take it off for mixing meats or anything else e-coli or bacteria related. But that’s just good common sense!

    • The setting is top-heavy so it’s going to spin and shift. I have a diamond solitaire as my e-ring and it drove me nuts at first. It fits better now that I wear my wedding band because it sits further up my finger (The wedding band is actually a quarter size smaller). I don’t sleep or exercise in my rings. I make sure to put them in a safe place when they aren’t on my hand. I am hesitant to recommend those sizers that fit on the inside of the ring. My mom had to have her ring cut off in the emergency room when one of those sizers slipped out from under the ring. She also was one of those people who never took her rings off, including for exercise, so when her fingers got bigger from working out, her rings were stuck. Morale of the story: don’t work out in your jewelry and make sure you can get your rings off regularly.

    • I don’t wear mine for messy or active stuff, though sometimes I’ll just wear my wedding band w/o the engagement ring (my band is plain, no bling) if I’m doing active stuff in public. Good idea to have a safe place for it when you’re not wearing it, though, especially in spots you’re likely to take it off. More than once I have put mine in my pocket before making meatloaf or something and forgotten it was there when I folded up my pants for the night (thus spurring a panicked hunt). Now I have a special spot in the kitchen for rings when things are about to get messy. If you go to the gym during the day and want to take it off for the workout/shower, have a special box or something in your gym bag where it can be safe.

    • Congrats! I don’t wear mine all the time, but when it’s off (sleeping, exercising, showering, messy cooking, running errands when I don’t feel like wearing it), I put it in a padded basket next to my bed–I try not to leave it in random places around the house. I got a very slim, low profile wedding band (no stones), and I never take that off (it is comfortable to wear hiking, sleeping, doesn’t catch in my hair, etc.).

    • Congrats! Also, if you go back to the jeweler that made the ring (or to a full service jewelry store), they should be able to solder in these tiny balls in a few places — they keep the ring on/in place, but you can still get it over the knuckle because they’re small/spaced-out (so it’s not like it materially shrinks the circumference). Terrible description, but a jeweler should know what this is!

    • I wear my wedding set all the time. The only time I have ever taken my rings off was during my third pregnancy when my hands got really swollen and they were painful. Otherwise I shower, swim, run, clean, everything with them on. (I don’t eat meat, so I would never be mixing hamburger in the first place otherwise I might take them off for that….)

    • Buy yourself a Waterford ring holder:

      Amazon and Bloomie’s sell them, too, but the links were too long. I visited someone years ago who had one of these in her bathroom next to the sink and I thought it was brilliant. I got one right after I got engaged and I still use it every day for my rings (not wedding rings, but I wear an antique diamond and a pink pearl ring every day). I don’t wear mine when I’m cooking or working out or at night or when I shower. I go to the gym after work and I have a little pouch purse for all of my jewelry. I know that the safest place for them is on my fingers but I don’t want to damage either of them. In fact, the only reason the antique diamond still fits is that the bottom bent somehow when we were evacuating for Hurricane Katrina.

      • karenpadi :

        I’m not engaged, but I do have a rotating supply of right-hand rings. Yeah, I decided many years ago that I not going to wait for a man to buy me a decent ring so I’ve bought myself 7 over the years.

        I’ll take your waterford ring holder, and raise you a baby elephant:

        • GURL, I AM WITH YOU. Which is why I have this in hott pink But it looks like I need to acquire me a baby elephant.

          • And also, I have this, which pleases me immensely


          • karenpadi :

            Ru, both are gorgeous! I am drooling over that ring…it it comfortable enough to wear to work ?

            (because, yes, I wear my 15 carat topaz “c-tail” ring to work on a regular basis just because I like it)

        • So cute! And affordable to have one in every bathroom. What I really need is one in the kitchen because I end up taking off my rings when I cook. I think Waterford would look a little pretentious there…

    • I take my rings off to shower and that’s it. Otherwise, I wear them all the time.

    • Congratulations. On the engagement, not the early signs of arthritis :-(. Those are not the consequence of cracking though, that’s been studied quite thoroughly and is not true. I won’t even quote the admirable self-scientist who conscienciously cracked one hand and not the other in order for decades in order to prove to Mom that she was wrong about that :-).

    • Same as pretty much everyone else. I take my engagement ring off to workout and if I’m doing something messy like painting or gardening, and usually leave it off to shower and sleep (I workout in the evening). It goes right back on in the morning when I put on the rest of my jewelry. Actually, now that I think about it, I pretty much only wear it out of the house. I wear my wedding band all the time though, unless I’m doing something really messy, especially if it also involves bacteria/germs (i.e. I’m touching raw meat and don’t want any kind of cross contamination going on).

      I will say that when I was engaged, before I was married, I wore the engagement ring a lot more because it made me sad to see my finger bare.

      I’ll add this because you asked for advice and because you run a lot (I do too). When I picked out my wedding band, I picked a completely plain, totally unadorned, slim band. I wanted something I could wear to workout that wouldn’t bother me or slip around or fall off or lose a stone etc. I can’t stand running or working out with jewelry on, but I wanted to be able to wear the wedding band all the time. I am 100% happy with my decision – when I don’t wear my engagement ring, I can barely even feel the wedding band, but I can see it and I know it’s there.

    • Anonymous :

      My e-ring is from Tiffany and they will install a ball on the inside to make it more snug. My fingers shrink a bit in the winter, so if it’s really lose, I just wear the wedding band on the top.

      I used to take my rings off, but now wear them basically all the time after I almost lost them at a spa. (I forgot I had placed them into the pocket of my robe after I showered, so I dropped the robe into the laundry hamper, which was taken away. Luckily, the laundry staff checked all the robes before sending off that batch and found my rings.)

  19. Silvercurls :

    Thanks for the inspiration! I just checked Zappos on behalf of those of us who have remarkably wide feet (D width), bunions, and/or lower price point preferences. Based on the review dated 2/22/12 (sent by another bunion-ed person) Tatianna, by Softspots looks interesting. It comes in black, navy, white, light tan (I’d say light brown) and two multicolored combinations. Full disclosure: I haven’t yet purchased them!

    In the now-distant past I’ve had good luck with fisherman-style sandals from Reikker, Ecco and Propet, but these may be too casual for some people’s taste or offices.

  20. Here are my walk for miles commuter flats (no straps)

    • Those are cute. It made me laugh, though, that the darker brown color is called “Russet.” Cause that’s just what I need when I look down at my wide, stubby feet– a reminder that they look like potatoes. :)

    • Those are cute! Do they run TTS?

  21. emcsquared :

    Plug for my favorite ballet-style shoes; What’s What by Aerosoles. Not much to look at, unfortunately, but they are good for my mile-long walking commute. They have a little air cushion and support in the soles, are wide enough and soft enough in the toe boxes that my toes don’t get smooshed, and have a narrow heel so that I don’t get blisters from the shoes slipping around. I’m on my second pair.

    I haven’t tried the wedges, but I’m interested to see if they are as comfortable as the flats.

    • emcsquared :

      Here is a link:’s Shoes

  22. transition :

    Does anyone know a good place to exchange flight miles for another airline or for cash? I have over 30,000 jet blue points and now live in a place where jet blue does not fly, but I need to book a flight to nyc in early august and would sure love to either exchange them or sell them!

    • In case no one here has a brilliant answer for you, Flyertalk dot com has the best forums for all things miles/points related. The folks there should definitely know if it’s possible and if so, where to find the best exchange rate.

  23. Have any of you tried Jambu shoes? They have a couple sandals that have a strap that goes down the back of the heel. I was thinking they’d be good for momming around town, because that little strap would make it easier to chase my little one across a playground or whatever. I’d have to mail order them–none of the stores here carry the 2 kinds I’m thinking of. Have you tried them, and does the strap do what I’m hoping?

  24. Let me put in a little plug for the Crocs flats. I know people think they’re fake if they’re not ugly clogs :-). But I’ve found them really practical, especially for those not too cold days where rain threatens, as they dry really quickly. I usually can’t do strapless ballet shoes, but these stay on my (wide) feet well. The arches aren’t as much as I’d like but they are there, enough, they are very cushy, and they are very slip-resistant. Miles of walking without discomfort. They can pass muster in many work situations too, especially in black.

  25. Those t strap flats are atrocious. T straps in general make me think of 70 year old women; t straps on flats are even worse.

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