Thursday’s TPS Report: Calvin Klein Crepe Shirtdress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Today’s TPS item was suggested by reader C.  We like the classic styling, the high-collared split neckline, and the flattering belt.  (We also think this is also a great example of a dress that will greatly benefit from wearing a slip beneath it.)  It’s available in regular and petite sizes, in black and ink; it’s $98 at Nordstrom.  Calvin Klein Crepe Shirtdress

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  1. This dress looks cute in the photo, but I have several caveats to pass on. I have the equivalent Calvin Klein suit (same collar, buttons, and waist-tie), and the fabric is pretty cheesy and a bit cheap-looking. Also, the plastic buttons are large and shiny— this, along with the fabric, makes the suit look pretty 80s. However, this dress doesn’t have the massive shoulder pad problem that my suit has (“I’m right on top of that, Rose!), so maybe it would look nicer than my suit does.

  2. very skinny model!

  3. I’ve been looking for a shirt dress but I agree with Amanda–this looks cheap.

  4. I’m with k. The pic of this model made me want to run out and get a venti java chip frappucino with whip and a donut. And I don’t even like sweets!

    It also made me realize that any cheap looking issues aside, this dress probably looks horrible on someone who is short and doesn’t have a defined waist.

  5. I ordered several CK dresses from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Every single one of them had to be returned because the finishings–buttons, belts, zippers–were SO cheap looking. Very disappointing.

  6. One can always replace the buttons if they look cheap. I’ve done it to several suits and dresses and it can really increase the “class” of the outfit for a small amount of $$$.

    I’d be careful at the bottom of the dress: There’s a long distance between the bottom button and the bottom of the hem. This could mean you flash a lot of thigh when crossing your legs.

  7. housecounsel :

    I tried it on. Serious risk of flashing.

  8. OMG this model needs to eat something. All I can look at is how skinny she is and not the dress.

  9. I bought this dress and i think it looks classy. The risk of flashing can be solve by using pins underneath the dress. The buttons of the dress i bought do not look cheap at all. It has the signature calvin klein on it and dis not overwhelm the dress. I got alot of compliments from friends and family who liked the dress. I am petite and i was able to wear the regular size dress with 3 inch high heels. I will recommend this dress.

  10. Pity that this model didn’t do this dress any justice. I like this dress alot and looked for it at different Macy’s and Nordstrom locations in our place but they don’t have my size so i settled for a different Calvin Klein dress. I suggest you look for it in store and try it and not based your judgment on this picture.

  11. I found a store in NYC called Rebecca and Drew that carries button down shirts and shirtdresses that are sized by bra size. It’s genius, really. They also have two body shapes and two lengths, so basically a million sizes total. I have two shirtdresses from them and have two more on the way that I custom ordered with them. They let you choose the material, buttons, sleeve length, and I even got a monogram on one. They have a website you should look at, too, which I’ve posted here. Honestly, I have never had a more well-fitting garment of any kind, let alone a button down shirtdress. I wear a 34DD so these are truly a revelation for me. Hope this is helpful!

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