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For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

2 Piece Satin Tweed Suit With Skirt, Ships 6/15
This cotton skirt suit is simple, wearable, and just slightly preppy — the small “cactus stripe” running through it reminds us of men’s seersucker suits.  To make things even better, it’s on sale — was $240, now $160.  (And, apparently through 9/07, and get free shipping on $100 or more.)  It’s available in sizes 4 through 16.   2 Piece Cactus Stripe Jacket And Skirt Suit


  1. I admire a crisp white suit. I admire women who can pull off a crisp white suit – especially on summer days with temperatures over 100. Unfortunately I’m not one of these women. That would look great on me for 30 minutes. Between kids, the car, and general office grime something would be on it in no time. Then the dry cleaner would inevitably leave some yellowish discoloration somewhere – from the cleaning fluid? the pressing? Not sure but white just doesn’t last long enough for me. Sigh.

  2. My go to outfit is definitely the suit. Ive always wanted to get a white suit … but given the u npredictable in my city I can’t risk it ! It would get dirty very fast!

  3. or coffee, or grime from brushing against the car..and then the cuffs get dark from just wearing them and rubbing against a desktop……sigh….

    and white is elegant, but not slimming….

  4. I have never seen a white suit “in the wild”, nor a white jacket.

    Has anyone?

    • White is quite popular here in Florida. I own quite a few white pieces myself and generally wash them on the same schedule as I wash other pieces.

    • I used to work with someone (partner) who frequently wore a white pantsuit — winter white — but it was a beautiful suit. I heard her say it was Valentino.

    • there’s a woman in my office who wears a great white suit and everytime i see her in it, i always think she looks fabulous. and she’s not particularly tall or thin. it fits her well and just screams confidence. i haven’t attempted it, though.

    • I would never wear a white suit to work. Even when I lived in the south, it was not something I personally wanted to wear (although it would have been ok– I saw plenty of white, seersucker, linen etc. suits down there).

  5. I have a coordinating white jacket and black suit (I know – waiter – but the piping on the suit is black. But the whole thing is linen and by the end of the day it’s dirty and wrinkled. Too bad because the suit is gorgeous on.

  6. I wear white regularly. But I find I sit up more and walk more elegantly to keep clean. And I eat with a different cardigan on (you know, the ugly one on the back of your chair). But I make sure it’s washable – Shout is amazing – I had a cherry drink spilled on a white sweater last week and it came out of the washer looking brand new.

  7. housecounsel :

    I have children and drink Diet Coke all day. That suit would be destroyed!

  8. Does anyone else think this suit looks frumpy on the “model?” She looks like she has no neck and a thick waist.

    • I’m totally with you on that; I think it makes her hips look big. The closeup of the jacket IS nice, though, but I always think, if it doesn’t even look good on the MODEL, what hope do I have?

  9. I love it! I have a white suit but have never worn the skirt. I just pair the jacket w/ more flowery spring skirts to make them look business appropriate. It is a very thin white jacket so the look works. It is hard to describe. The skirt would require a slip b/c it is very unforgiving.

  10. I’m referring to my unworn skirt, not the one in the picture.

  11. I agree, this particular white suit looks a little frumpy on the model.

    Also, agree with Mel that in (South) Florida, people do wear white suits and jackets. More to depositions than court. I’ve seen some women, the type who never wrinkle or muss, wear white cotton poplin or sateen pants suits. Usually petite/slim women, come to think of it, but not always. The suits usually look a bit more modern– one-button jacket, slight bootcut pant. I’m not describing it well.

    I myself, not being tiny OR unmuss-able, have worn a white cotton poplin or picque (sp?) jacket with khaki-colored or black linen or cotton sateen pants, or a khaki-colored skirt or dress. It’s really tough in Miami to wear even light-weight wool in August if you are walking even a block or two downtown…

    It’s funny, I never considered the waiter aspect. I think off-white wool (the fluffy kind– is that boiled?) would look nice in winter.

    All of which is to say I think, with white, one has to pay even more attention to cut, fabric, style (and spills!) since it is less forgiving than black, but it can work.

    Oh, and this summertime dressing has me thinking of the patent discussion of a day or two ago. I either heard, or read, years ago that patent was for summer.

  12. CrimLawGirle :

    I think the model looks great, she’s just more petite than we’re used to seeing. It’s nice to see a different-sized model. Real women come in all different sizes!

  13. Annapolis Grad :

    It really reminds me of the white uniform female Naval Officers wear to formal daytime events. The only thing that’s missing is the gold at the cuffs. Service Dress Whites.

    These days the skirt is cut just like the suit pictured, not A line like in the 1950’s.

  14. This is a lovely suit, but I find it frustrating that it doesn’t come in any size smaller than a size 4. I find this to be the case in many women’s brands. So virtually all of my suits are from Banana Republic or Ann Taylor. Any advice on other places to look for suits in smaller sizes (that aren’t completely unaffordable)?

    • Semantiks in Nordstrom goes down to a size 2. It’s well made and priced a bit below either AT/BR.

      Antonio Melani in Dillard’s goes down to a size 0 and is roughly in the same price range as AT/BR.

      BCBG goes down to XXS in jackets, which I’ve found is smaller than AT’s 00P. It is a little pricier to start, but there’s usually a large selection of small sizes in the sale racks.

      You can find a lot of $99 Tahari suits in Macy’s or other department stores. It goes down to a size 2 and runs very small.

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