Thursday’s TPS Report: G. Cooper Charcoal Pinstripe Wool Suiting Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
We have just discovered this site, Shabby Apple (through a mention in Marie Claire, we think) but are very impressed with the dresses, particularly for the price, and in the huge variety of sizes.  (It’s been a while since we found one cute store that carried a lot of things in sizes XXS – WL (basically, sizes 0 through 28).  In any event, for this Thursday, we’re liking this great pinstriped dress.  It reminds us of something from Mad Men, but without being costumey.  And for the price ($94) you can’t go wrong.  This particular dress is available in sizes XXS-XL.  G. Cooper Charcoal Pinstripe Wool Suiting Dress

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  1. I have a gray skirt that looks like the bottom half of that dress and I love it.

  2. It looks like it has a weird bubble hem though, especially if you look at some of the alternate views at the link. Otherwise I like it a lot.

  3. Love this!

  4. I like it, but would flatten the hem (it looks a mess). The model’s sizing looks off; way too tight in the chest. All in all, fit and quality seems suspect and I wouldn’t take a chance on it.

  5. Wow, thats a great site – good find Corporette! Does anyone happen to know about this line’s quality?

  6. I love it! It’s a nice, classic look (pattern, color) with a twist (bubble hem). I just ordered one, and hope the quality is good!

  7. @BB & Lawgirl

    It appears that the hem was shortened for photo shoot and the stylist just didn’t do a good job of taping the hem flat.

    It’s a cute dress- I’d wear it. I also love the site.

  8. This is a beautiful dress and I think would be flattering on almost all body types (except maybe the super busty?). Great find, Corporette.

    • I LOVE this dress, but it would look awful on me: big bust, thick waist, small hips … I’d look at least 30 pounds heavier than I am (sad, right?) But I agree – great find!

  9. I like this brand — decent quality and consistently cute items. I also buy for my daughter. Sign up for the email newsletter and you get 10%.

  10. I love this dress, assuming the skirt isn’t a bubble skirt. It’s great for pear-shaped women, but would probably look good on any shape! Many of the other dresses on the site are equally attractive.

  11. I just noticed that most of the dresses on this site are cotton. Too bad, because I really like several of the styles….

  12. Wow — great find. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I just signed up for the website, and I’m considering ordering a couple of dresses to see how I like them.

  13. Report back, ladies, when you try these on. I’m intrigued… I’d like to support the founders of the company; they are trying to address an overlooked niche (non-hoochie mama dresses for work).

  14. I would also like to see what others think once they get it. First, I also am suspect that the sizing may be off with the bust being too tight. Also, the hand wash makes me nervous and makes me wonder if the quality of fabric is low and they are worried about it losing its shape through dry cleaning.

    Finally, did anyone notice that one of the models has her hair tied up and has a large tattoo on the back of her neck? That is a surprise. Wonder what sort of message they are trying to send with that. Could have easily been covered up or have used a different woman.

  15. I have a dress in the same vein as this that I bought for work –

    however, I want to wear it to a wedding in a week (just had a baby, having to buy new clothes for my “new” body)…anyone have any great ideas on how to dress this up and make it a bit more party-ish? thanks!

    • I love this dress. I would do (1) big, costume earrings and bracelet, like vintage-looking rhinestones or pearls and (2) colorful heels, maybe red or purple. I’d also think about making my make-up a little more dramatic than my everday style OR wearing my hair up or differently, though I’d try not to go overboard.

      • Thanks, Emily! Perhaps a silly follow-up…if I wear colored shoes, should I still wear black tights?

        • My personal thought is that tights tend to dress down a dress (maybe because you’re showing less “leg” with tights?). Since that isn’t what you’re going for, I’d probably go the nude hose route. (I’m not one for bare legs in the winter – burrr!) What I envision is a basic pair of heels in red – patent perhaps (darn those who say it’s for summer). Then you could do neutral make-up, except for a classic red lip with your hair on the sleek side, pulled away from your face to show off some chunky earrings.

    • I can’t really wear jewelry since I have a metal allergy, so I tend to go with colorful shoes, belts, and purses. I’d probably find a great belt and pair it with some complementing shoes. I usually have good luck finding interesting party-friendly belts at Stein Mart that aren’t too expensive.

      I think black tights look good with a variety of colors as long as the shoe isn’t too light. I think most metallics look great with black.

  16. Nevadamtnbear :

    Oooh, I like the site! Some of the dresses are too cute!

    No clothing budget right now (clothing $ diverted to Christmas gifts this time of year), but I’ll be trying a couple items after the new year!

  17. The 10% off lured me into buying this dress and the black one with a cowl neck. I love both of them – I am all about the dresses I can wear in lieu of a suit. And this one looks like it might even be court appropriate. I ordered a small – it said the sizing was generous on both – whatever that means – according to the size chart I should have ordered an xs – but to be honest that freaks me out – I’m really not that small. I have the same sizing issue with Boden. btw – I should thank corporette for the boden intro – the brodensbury blazer is one of my favorite purchases ever and is one of the only jackets that doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing a straight jacket.

    • Erica Foley :

      RI Girl – thanks for the feedback. Can you address the questions above about the hem? Is it a bubble hem, or did they just get careless when they altered it for the photo? I’d appreciate any guidance because other than that I love the dress. Thanks! E

  18. Anonymous :

    This looks to pretty! What could I wear over it to make it more office / cold weather appropriate? The sleeves look like they might stick out akwardly with a cardigan over the top… so what kind of jacket?

  19. To me, this dress is ultra-feminine, and draws unnecessary attention to the bust. This is a look I try to avoid at work.

  20. This is such a great shape.

  21. That is a fabulous dress that would flatter almost any figure.

  22. Update – dresses arrived yesterday. Hem is not a bubble – however it is SHORT and a bit flouncy – really a very cute swirly look – but too short for me unless I was a school girl (I am 5’7″ and it hit me about 2 inches above the knee). Quality was ok. Biggest problem was although I ordered up a size from what the size chart told me I still could not zip it. My chest (straight up C) was too big. I think I would have to go up 2 sizes to fit and then the rest of the dress would not be flattering. If the s&h wasn’t so much I might try a bigger size, but I won’t. Black cowl neck dress is cute, but also SHORT (mid-thigh), not work appropriate and the quality is not such that I want to keep it for the price. The belt loops are huge and don’t work with the belt. I took it out of the loops and tied it – much better. Dissapointed. Seems like a good comapany with a good mission but it didn’t work for me.

  23. I ordered this dress, too and it is adorable! Seriously. It’s very work appropriate without being frumpy. The bottom half could use some ironing to flatten it out, but when I tried it on for a really picky friend, she didn’t notice it needed ironing. I’m 5’4″, ordered the XXS, and it hits me right at the knee (maybe mid-knee). I’m pretty top heavy – (between a 30C and 30D), but the bust area fits well and doesn’t draw unnecessary and work-inappropriate attention. I found this $5 off coupon at retailmenot: Made the shipping costs a little less painful.

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