Tuesday’s TPS Report: Crest Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Trina Turk Dress - Crest Solid Ponte I’ve been ogling a number of Trina Turk’s ponte dresses for quite a while, but I don’t think I’ve posted one here. For shame! I love the look of this cap sleeve dress. Love the pleating at the neckline, the pockets, and the brilliant fuchsia color (although Bloomie’s also has it in plain black). The dress is $298 at Bloomingdale’s. Trina Turk Dress – Crest Solid Ponte

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P.S. As many of you guys know I’m in NYC, so Team Griffin is hunkered down hoping Hurricane Sandy doesn’t affect power/WiFi/etc. On the off chance I am without power, though, the three posts today should go up automatically (although I may be a bit slower to moderate comments). Best wishes to all the readers affected by the storm — here’s hoping none of us are too inconvenienced.

Update, Tuesday, 11:05 AM: We’re fine.  Power still on, no flooding on our block.  WiFi/Internet is spotty but considering everyone else in NYC I’ll take it! Hope everyone else on the East Coast is staying safe.


  1. Woods-comma-Elle :

    Checking in on the East Coast ‘rettes, hope everybody is ok and not too badly affected!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Everything ok for me. We never lost power or Internet and there wasn’t any flooding where I live. My office is closed again today, so I’m just watching the news hoping there might be a good announcement that my sectin kf the subway will be running again knstead of trying to figure out how to get to work in midtown tomorrow.

    • No power and no internet at home, so I’m glad to be at work today (DC), and happy we are safe.

  2. It feels strange to be back at work today… funny how an crazy start to the week can do that.

    Just wanted to send good vibes to any and all of you affected by the storm. You’re in my thoughts. Be safe!

  3. Gorgeous! One of those days. I fell down a flight of steps today but the tutorial I was subbing for thought I was a student! I am taking this as a compliment rather than a commentary on my skirt that I thought was a bit longer.

    • Definitely take it as a compliment! I hope you’re not hurt from your tumble.

      • I’ll be sore tomorrow (I’m a fairly regular tumbler) but otherwise unharmed. Somehow managed to land on my butt rather than my face.

    • I hope you are ok and I guess being mistaken for a student is the silver lining?

  4. My parent’s power is out. Myrna will drive me out to help them. My dad is very smart but I am the practiceal one. Yay, just what I need. The Manageing partner is cancelleing the pilgrim party. FOOEY! David wanted to go as Miles Standish. Maybe it was not to be anyways. I can’t think of men now Roberta says. And Jim called about to see about do dileigience but not to see if I was ok. Roberta was right. He is a jerk even if he pays his bills. FOOEY!

  5. TJ: Have any of you used the Pomodoro method as a way of increasing productivity? If so, thoughts? Any other methods of increasing productivity? I’m a lawyer and really struggling lately, so I’m grasping for straws.

    I hope everyone on the east coast is doing okay!

    • I use Pomodoro and I really like it. When I use it I feel like I get way more done. When the timer’s going it’s easier for me to ignore the internet and stick with what I’m supposed to be doing.

      I use the KeepFocused app for Windows.

    • Mountain Girl :

      I use Pomodoro pretty religiously. I have a little timer that I downloaded and find that is much less obtrusive than an actual timer. But the process of focusing intensely and exclusively for 25 minutes seems to really drive my productive time. And, I reward myself with five minutes of internet time on my breaks.

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        My problem is five minute internet breaks never seem like enough. It can take me 25 minutes to get through the comments on one post here. I don’t have the will power to just read half.

      • attiredattorney :

        Do you have a link for the timer download? I’m intrigued.

        • Blonde Lawyer :

          This is the one I use. I’m trying it out again today thanks to this post. I can’t get my post to go through with the link so I’m going to spell it out –

          timer dot onlineclock dot net

        • Mountain Girl :


          I downloaded several but found this one to work best for me. It was the least intrusive but I was able to set it to always stay on the top of my desktop. It has an audible chime at the end of the pomodoros and breaks. And, the sessions and breaks are customizable.

    • We’ve talked a lot about the Pomodoro method around here, and I think I actually need to start using it – I’ve been hopelessly unproductive the last few weeks (with the exception of last week) and I think it’s starting to be noticeable, which concerns me a little bit.

      How do you deal with a lack of motivation? I’ve actually been dreading coming into work lately…

      • Yeah, this is my underlying problem. For me, a lot of it is biological– lack of sleep, not eating right, and hormonal issues can really undermine my desire to get anything done. I also find that without a sense of urgency, it’s really hard to get myself going. I recently set up a weekly check-in meeting with a supervisor, and that at least gives me a sense that I should get something done so that I have something to report. I try to set myself deadlines, too, but it often just makes me unhappy/stressed that I’ve missed the deadlines.

        I recommend downloading a timer (several have been mentioned), then start your day by doing one Pomodoro. Just work on something for 25 minutes straight (or whatever your interval is). When I start my day by being productive, even for just a little bit, I feel much better and am much more productive all day. When I start it by, say, checking this site and commenting, less so….

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Me too, me too. I need to get back on my Pomodoro’ing. I use the Focus Booster app, which is nicely unobtrusive. Like JessBee, I haven’t been eating right, getting enough sleep, or exercising, and I’m missing that sense of urgency.

    • I do, and when I commit to using it, it works very well. I just need to have more days when I commit to it! I use Focus Booster for Windows.

    • I have the Promodoro app on my phone and like it.

    • I use it when I really need to focus. As I haven’t written anything in the last 3 months, I should probably break it out tomorrow.

  6. Divaliscious11 :

    Gorgeous – I love Trina Turk!

    Hope you guys manage the post storm difficulties, Kat.

    Some of the pics are hard to look at, but bless the first responders, and those nurses carrying babies down 9 flights of stairs while pumping air into their little lungs etc….

  7. momentsofabsurdity :

    Glad you’re okay, Kat! My sister has no power or running water in Manhattan — nerve wracking! Hopefully she’ll be okay.

    I’m in Boston and yesterday after the storm passed (around midnight) I went for a run. The city was incredible (and slippery – leaves everywhere!) Completely quiet, trees downed, etc. I was so surprised this morning that things looked almost back to normal. Very impressed by the utility people that must have been working through the storm and through the night to get everything up and running again.

    • I had a package delivered yesterday (!) during the storm. I’ve never been so impressed with USPS. It’s amazing how hard everyone works to keep things running.

      • I’m waiting for my Smitten Kitchen cookbook to be delivered!

        • You just reminded me that I still need to order that. I made the scones recipe recently on her blog over the weekend :)

          • I’ve been thinking about ordering it, too. I made the butternut squash farro salad for lunches this week (although I made it with barley). Yum!

          • Order it while it’s still on sale! I also ordered Thomas Keller’s Bouchon cookbook.

            Scones are really so good and homemade straight out of the oven ones are the best. Hmmmm. NOLA, I have a butternut squash waiting for me – might have to do that!

          • My comment’s in moderation. I’m dying to know what I wrote that put me there.

            Anyway – I can’t wait to try her new recipes.

          • @eek I had never made scones before and thought it would be a huge undertaking – probably because cutting cold butter into flour can be a pain. But using a mixer, it was so easy! I’m already brainstorming different flavor combos to try next.

          • Making dough using a mixer or food processor is the way to go. Those that can do it by hand with a pastry blender have my undying respect…

          • @NOLA – I made the butternut squash and farro salad for lunch this week too, but I had to use feta rather than ricotta salata! It’s still delicious.

          • Ha ha, well I didn’t have to use feta but I did. I prefer it to ricotta salata. I took her at her word that the recipe was a jumping off point. I used roasted butternut, barley, feta, toasted pepitas, and I made a red wine vinaigrette. As much as the pickled red onions sounded good to me, my stomach can no longer tolerate raw onions. It’s still great though, and exactly how I like to cook.

        • I got it yesterday (in the middle of the storm).

        • I picked up my SK cookbook at Costco Sunday (shocked to see it there!) and drooled over it all afternoon – everything looks yummy and I can’t wait to make something.

    • Not to nitpick, but we don’t know how Kat is! Context suggests she queued these posts before the storm in case she didn’t have power the like. So I hope Kat has power and running water.

      And I hope that for all people in the tri-state/mid-atlantic/northeast regions this morning.

      And I hope when your power comes back that Cory Booker’s twitter feed entertains you as much as it has the rest of us.

      • We do now – she updated at 11:05.

        Here’s hoping that all the other east coast readers are equally OK. Here in the DC metro we’re OK and miraculously have power (though many do not).

  8. I love this dress and this color; I’ve been looking for a pink fall/winter dress and this might go on the list. Anyone know how Trina Turk fits?

    Hope everyone is safe after the storm. I’m one of the lucky ones that never lost power.

    • Trina Turk fits pretty TTS for me. I’m 5’2″ and hourglass and I order my same size, dropping the P. Sometimes, conventional wisdom says when figuring out your size in regular clothing that you should size down, but I haven’t found that to be the case. Also, I’d check the length of dress because the dresses I own hit me right at the knees.

    • I don’t wear pink, but wow, this is like a dream dress. Perfect cut for my shape, Ponte, and pockets!!! Siigh… Hope you get it and enjoy it and post an update so i can live vicariously through you and your dress! ;)

    • If you can try it on before buying I would. I’m usually between a 6 and an 8, skewing more toward a 6. I have a few of her ponte dresses in a 6 and they’re great if I have spanx under, otherwise I feel a little conscious of how tight it is. The 8’s required a little tailoring up top in the arm area to get rid of some extra fabric. If you’re between sizes, I would go up and tailor for a perfect fit. If you’re always one size, you’ll be fine in that size.

    • Thanks for the advice. The dress has gone in my shopping notes and I will be watching it like a hawk. Too bad the F&F for Bloomies has already come and gone.

  9. To Gail the Goldfish :

    The guy with the leaf blower is back at it. Hope you have power and made it through the storm safely!

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      hah. My neighbor with the leaf blower has not emerged, but I suspect he will soon. We have power! How’s your neighborhood?

      • e_pontellier :

        My neighborhood has power too! And cable! I feel super lucky…. and I am loving this break from classes. Glad you’re alright.

  10. The picture from the PATH station in Hoboken is just crazy! http://now.msn.com/sandy-causes-flood-waters-to-pour-into-hoboken-path-station-in-photo

    I hope everyone is safe and that power is coming back on.

  11. An interesting article for those childless by choice.


    • What a silly article! Of course some people are child-free by choice, happy about it, and also love kids. I have seen this many times firsthand among my friends/relatives in the helping professions (nurses, teachers, and the like). But the author, who acknowledges the many types of child-free adult, seems unwilling to acknowledge that some people are positively blissful parents. Of course, others are miserable. For me, like most, it depends on the day. Silliness.

      • Agreed. What bothered me about the article was not the proposition that there are happy, childless people out there, but the proposition that people who have had children are all secretly miserable. Also, what the author doesn’t really seem to address is the parent-child relationship past childhood and how having children may affect a parents happiness/fulfillment later in life. I can only speak for myself – as a child I’m sure I gave my parents my fair share of grief, but as I’ve grown up our relationship has changed and become one more of equals/friends/companions. Not sure if that adds anything, but it’s just a thought.
        I will say one thing that makes me feel a little sad for this author – her mother actually TOLD HER she regretted having her. Really?! Who the heck says that? Mind you, we don’t know if she said when the author was an adult or a child, but I can’t help feel that maybe that experience colors the author’s opinion just a smidge.

    • I didn’t find it interesting at all. Must have been a slow news day.

    • I feel like there’s a bunch of child-free women writers lately who are just desperate to have everyone celebrate and shower them with accolades for their decision not to have children. It almost seems to speak of desperation to convince themselves that they are making the right choice.

      I have no problem with any man, woman, or couple deciding that they don’t want kids – that’s a perfectly fine, rational, and sometimes even commendable decision based on personal preferences and individual situations. It’s a good discussion point to bring up when relevant to the conversation. But I’m not going to give you a cookie and tell you how fabulous you are for it.

  12. Diana Barry :

    Back from the storm. We have power, luckily, AND my mom is visiting today. Doubly lucky since my nanny no-showed yesterday (yes, there was a storm, but CALL FIRST?) and no-showed again today (she is sick, I called her). So I can finally get some work done today.

    We have big tree branches down, but no damage to the house or the cars. Yay!

    • OMG, WTH was she thinking?

      • Diana Barry :

        See, just when I was feeling good about our nanny remediation project, she does something like this. RRGH.

        • I am certain you have made your expectations clear. I’m in a similar problem with a new team I’m working on and the difficulties come from employees that aren’t from my company which makes it harder to manage, especially since I’m not the PM. I feel like I’m being a jerk in my calendar invitations and e-mails now with a lot of “if then statements”. If I don’t hear from you by xx date, then I will assume xx. I guess the level of professional etiquette doesn’t always correspond to the billing rate.

        • I think SA was being sarcastic…

          • Not being sarcastic, I’m a mom with a nanny and I can’t imagine a no call no show I’d be pissed.

    • Here in north of Boston as well, we survived the storm relatively unscathed as well — some branches down but no trees on our house — thank you whomever is responsible for that department (mother nature, jesus, fate, etc.) Several of my neighbors weren’t quite so lucky.

      And over at Tumblr if anyone is interested, Ru is doing okay as well, though is without power. But is otherwise safe.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      If you live in a state where the governor declared an emergency and ordered all non-essential workers to stay home and off the roads, I think your nanny was justified in not going to work. Yes, a call to make sure you were on the same page would have been nice but, governors orders is kind of a get out of work free card. I would only change my stance if you were a nurse or fireman exempt from the governor’s stay home order.

      • Uh, the nanny should absolutely, totally have called. If she was sick, if she couldn’t/didn’t want to leave the house b/c of the storm, whatever the reason- if your job is to take care of someone’s children, you don’t just no-call no-show.

        • Blonde Lawyer :

          I’m not talking about someone not wanting to go to work b/c of the storm or unable to because her road is blocked. I’m talking about the states where, unless I misunderstood the news, the governor ordered all businesses closed, all workers sent home, and all non-first responders off the road. My parents live in an area where that was ordered and I doubt people were calling their employers to see if they complied. They stayed home like they were ordered to. If I was the boss and someone called to “make sure we were closed” I would think they didn’t know how to read the headline “governor ordered all business closed, all workers sent home, all non first-responders off roads.”

        • I don’t know, I didn’t call my work and tell them. Did you call your work? I saw the government was closed, so I knew I wasn’t going in to work.

  13. Hope everyone is safe!

    I need a TJ.

    Found out yesterday that our office is going to be sold December 10, we have another across town but not enough room for everyone. The assistants will move there. I’ll share a conference room space with 6-8 others in a “Hotelling” situation until our new office is constructed. It’s not even under construction yet, completion date 2016.

    In theory, I’ve always wanted to work from home, but now that it’s upon me I’m freaked. What about my adorable new wardrobe? I’m just gonna need yoga pants. I’m worried.

    They’re giving me money to set up a home office and we have a bedroom we don’t use, that will be nice, but I really think I’ll be lonely.

    Anyone else been in this situation?

    • I worked from home for about 2.5 years. It wasn’t for me – but my apartment was never so clean! On a boring conference call I’d clean my bathroom.

      Everyone says to get outside every day and it’s true – I work out in the mornings and it was great to get up, go outside, then come home and get ready for work. It gave it a bit of a transition in my brain. I made sure on days when I needed it to take a break and do something like watching The Daily Show while I ate lunch. I found it really tough to motivate myself and for me the days working at home seemed really long. I loved it when I went to my head office – time would fly by! One thing I’d say to keep in mind is to make sure you still make small talk with your co-workers on the phone, I felt kind of silly doing it but it made a difference. There’s a lot of small interaction that you lose when you’re working from home (particularly if others are in the office). Good luck and enjoy the yoga pants! I loved working from home days when I wasn’t feeling well, or the weather was bad, or I just didn’t want to decide what to wear! (You save a lot of money too..)

    • The Polar Seal :

      I work from home a few days a week, and due to the storm was home the entire week this week. I have to say, I completely savor the days that I work from home. I do not miss seeing people at the office, or the sense that even if I get everything done by 2pm I have to pretend to work for the rest of the day. Its a perfect opportunity to increase your productivity and create more time for you and your hobbies, and to escape office drama. I think you will come to find it relaxing and refreshing, and probably will not want to go back to the office! Let yourself ease into it, and if you are feeling lonely take yourself down to a coffee shop or lunch place with wifi. I am honestly very jealous of you!

    • I looking forward to having time to clean! I’m also worried that my husband sees this as a Stay at Home Wife situation, and I don’t want to go down that path.

    • Some great advice so far. I just wanted to add that there’s nothing that says you have to wear yoga pants. You can absolutely get dressed up to work at home if you want! I worked at home p/t when my children were young, and always felt better when I was wearing something other than a t-shirt & jeans. And if I actually did my hair and put on a little makeup (even if it was just lipgloss). I was happier, more productive, and a better worker & parent. I think I’ve even read studies somewhere that said people who worked at home were more productive when they got dressed for work. Something about the psychological “getting ready for work” routines that we have, I believe.

      • People told me that too and I’m sure it would have given me a different outlook, but I’m clumsy and have 2 cats and when I actually tried dressing for work it was a disaster of spilled tea and cat hair. So I went back to my jeans and hoodie and didn’t look back!

      • Agree. My sister worked from home for a few years and she barely got out of PJs most days. She said she was getting depressed looking like a “hag” (her word) all the time. So we started a project where she got dressed in something cute every day and sent me a cell phone photo to prove she did it. It was actually pretty fun for both of us.

      • When I worked at home, I usually tried to wear a pair of loose fitting wide-legged slacks (yeah, I wore the same pair quite a lot). It was something that was entirely comfortable, but still basically work-appropriate enough that I didn’t feel gross. Even if you have to get a couple of inexpensive new pairs (mine go-to pair was from Old Navy), it might help enough to be worthwhile.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Could you work in public spaces sometimes like in coffee shops, public libraries and what not? Then you could at least get out more often.

    • Could you lease a desk in a co-working space? Working in a relatively busy environment but without anyone to pester you sounds like my idea of bliss.

  14. Okay, TTC question here: I’ve been very regular since I started tracking my cycles – to the day, so I was quite surprised this morning when my test showed an LH surge about four days early! I had my whole week planned about when we would be TTC in advance of the surge, but it really sneaked up on me. How common is this? What could be the cause? And, more importantly, did I miss the sweet spot? I wanted to TTC before the LH surge this month! Aaaagggghhh. Why is this so difficult??? How do so many women get accidentally pregnant????

    • Diana Barry :

      Are you temping too, or just using the ovulation tests?

      • Just the ovulation tests.

        • Diana Barry :

          I never trusted those. I just temped every day and the pattern was very clear, within 2 days (when I was ovulating regularly).

          Try to DTD tonight right after work! :)

    • LOL, I have no idea about how people get accidently pg. We tried for 16 months for my son. I think my husband and I just aren’t fertile people.

      Eventually, we just went with his method of “let’s just do it all the time” and that worked better than my charting.

      • That’s funny. Apparently our method of “let’s try NOT to get pregnant this month b/c hubby just had surgery” worked well. Thought we were safe and, yep, pregnant.

        • In-House Europe :

          Same here! Going on vacation? Drinking lots? Nope, should not get pregnant…aaand now I’m at 7 weeks. :)

        • Oh yeah, that worked well for me too. Let’s not get pregnant since we both just lost our jobs! Had two losses before that, but of course that one stuck (thankfully!). and thankfully we both found jobs quickly.

          • I mean this in the nicest possible way; I just feel like you should know this is not the best response to someone who is TTC and asking a question about the technicalities. It kinda stings a bit. It’s really difficult for some people, so just saying flippantly, oh it’s so easy, just stop worrying about it, we didn’t even have to try, etc. etc. is not really helpful.

          • Honey, I’ve had 6 pregnancies and 2 live births. Don’t tell me how it feels. I know it’s not easy, trust me, just making a commentary on the strange way the universe works sometimes. I’m going to assume that you meant to reply to one of the posters above me.

            I won’t tell you that everything will be ok, because maybe it won’t. But the fact is that the vast majority of people who want a family get there eventually somehow, even if it’s not in the way they initially imagined. Here’s to strength.

          • I don’t really know how to respond to that super defensive comment. I guess I can’t tell you that your comment stung me a bit because I can’t tell you how it feels.

          • Well, you said nothing in your original post that you were having trouble conceiving, only that you were trying to figure out something about your LH surge. Perhaps you should give more information if you want people to treat you with kid gloves.

          • Another anon :

            To Anon at 1:17

            And you didn’t answer anything in her original post about the LH surge, just chimed in with your own story which as the OP pointed out is completely irrelevant to her. She didn’t ask you to tell her it will be okay or ask for advice on how to have a family. She pointed out that your flippant response stung her and you attacked her back. If you aren’t being helpful to her, at least don’t be rude. How would you have felt if someone flippantly commented that they found it very easy to carry all their pregnancies to term while you only have a 2 out of 6 record?

          • Happens all the time. I’m not sensitive.

            And, as noted below, she asked how people get accidentally pg. I was even the first to answer that question, just chimed in. Would love to know why my “flippant” response was the only one that “stung” even though I was careful to point out that I’d had two previous losses.

        • You’re right, it was thoughtless. I should have thought through it before posting, and now I feel awful. Apologies.

          • Thanks. That’s okay. It was just that suddenly my thread about worrying about TTC turned into a thread about all of these people who got pg without trying. Obviously I’m sensitive about it, but I also wanted to make sure you knew just in everyday life that that stings. If you’ve never had to TTC, you may not know that. (I didn’t know until I started TTC. It’s just not something you think about.)

          • Just to follow up we had been trying for a while and then decided to take a break b/c it was wearing on us. I actually meant to tell that story b/c I ovulated a bit early that month and that is why I got pregnant. Just didn’t type it out properly.

          • Thanks for following up. That’s helpful information. Maybe this will be the month!

          • Sorry again, and good luck!

          • I don’t think you were out of line at all. The original post DID ask “how do so many women get accidentally pregnant????” And then people told their stories of getting accidentally pregnant.

            Also, Anon, your post did sound like you were freaking out just a little bit, so naturally people want to be reassuring/calming. Because in the long term, there is sooo much about getting pregnant, and childbirth, and having children, that you cannot predict, you cannot plan, that you have to be able to roll with it when things don’t go as scheduled.

          • This is not a fertility board :

            Anon, you may be happier on a TTC board. I don’t think you can come onto a general board and demand that people only reflect the experiences of those TTC, when you even specifically asked about people getting pregnant accidentally.

          • To “this is not a fertility board”: this is also not a relationship advice board, a cooking board, a dysfunctional family advice board, etc. etc. etc. I appreciate this community because I can get advice and viewpoints on an array of topics from the perspective of professional women. Skip what doesn’t apply to you.

          • This is not a fertility board :

            Yeah, but I didn’t hear those people complaining and telling everyone else what to do ;-)

    • It’s probably more common than we think. Not every month is the same, and I don’t think there’s any way to really tell what causes a surge to come earlier or later than expected. If your OPK is saying it’s time, just DTD and hope for the best.

      You have my sympathies; TTC is such a frustrating process. I sometimes think it’s amazing that anyone manages to get pregnant and have babies.

    • anon for this :

      How long have you been trying? We have been trying seriously for about 6 months and just got a confirmation. I used a phone app to track my fertile week – my cycles were regular so I didn’t temp or use ovulation tests… I asked my gyno if I should use them and she said she didn’t think the tests would be much more reliable if I was regular anyways. Also my obgyn told me I needed to start a few days before my peak ovulation. So around day 9-10 of my cycle, esp if hubby and I hadn’t DTD right before. I’d say you try tonight and regularly for the next few days.

    • Anon in ATX :

      I know from my personal experience that the Ovulation predictor kits can be wrong, because I was also take my temperature. I saw the surge, but my ovulation was delayed almost a week. I take the belt & suspenders approach of using the predictor kits AND temperature readings. Good Luck, I am right there with you.

      • Anon for this :

        Please excuse the potentially-stupid question, as I’ve never been pregnant and am not currently TTC, but is there any reason why simply having s*x every day or every other day isn’t a good method for trying to get pregnant? Why are charts/temping/ovulation kits necessary?

        Again – this might be a dumb question. But I’m genuinely confused.

        • Not a dumb question – but consider trying to get pregnant for 12 months, 16 months, 24 months, etc. – keeping up a rate of everyday or even every other could be exhausting. Also if you have fertility issues your doctor needs to know if you ovulate and what sort of timing your cycle is on to help diagnose and treat. If you are one of the lucky people that gets pregnant in the first few tries, then the method you describe is perfectly reasonable.

        • Anon in ATX :

          Its not a dumb question, in fact I think too often I focus on trying to DTD on just the right date and forget that it is possible to, you know, DTD more than once! But yeah it gets tiring. Also, I like to delude myslef into thinking I can plan/control things in my life that are in reality not in my control.

  15. For fans of Lo & Sons bags: Does the OG bag fit under the seat on an airplane? Any fans of the TT? I’m trying to decide between getting an OG to use on its own for short trips or a TT to use in conjunction with a rolling carry-on.

    PSA: They are having a 20% off sale right now, ends tomorrow.

    • Yes, the OG will fit under the seat. I use the OG as my carryon. I actually preferred the TT but my laptop was too big for the sleeve. The TT is definitely small, so I would get it only if you want to use it for laptop, phone, wallet and charger. If you want to carry more stuff (cardigan, change of shoes, water bottle, etc.) then the OG is the way to go.

      • Thanks, so much, that is very helpful!

      • SF Bay Associate :

        I’ve been eyeing that bag for exactly that reason. One of the posters on here loves her Lo & Sons OG. Mamabear, maybe?

        • I am a banana. :

          I love mine! But I have the OMG. I’ve used and abused it for about a year and it still looks perfect.

          I like it so much that I want to buy an OG for myself for Christmas to use as a gym bag. The OMG is a little too small for work/purse/lunch if my gym stuff is in it.

        • It’s not me. I ordered one and have used it occasionally, but it’s not my favorite. I’m a Jack Georges loyalist.

          • Thanks for posting this. I was thinking there was a brand someone had recommended for bags, and I think it was you. I couldn’t find it in the archives.

          • Flamingo, TCFKAG loves Jack Georges too, and several commenters chime in when we talk about the brand.

    • Young Consultant :

      These bags are perfect! I travel a lot for work and absolutely want one that can be a laptop bag, carry on, and hold extras! But now i am stuck on which one to get! (the laptop bag, the omg, the travel tote…. so hard to decide how much space you really need!)

      • I am a banana. :

        I used to travel a ton for work and the OMG is the perfect carryon. Seriously. Except that it might not accommodate larger laptop sizes very well in the built in laptop sleeve (I just put mine into a separate cute sleeve instead).

  16. Anyone want to help me find a beautiful dress to wear to a December wedding? I’m an hourglass/pear, size 10/12, and in my mid-20s. It’s an evening wedding in Florida. I’d like to stay under $150, and would prefer something with sleeves. Any takers?


    • In case I have time to look around, do you have color preferences? What level of formality are we looking for? Can you describe either your general style or, if you have more specific ideas about this dress, what those are? :)

    • So, there’s an “under $150” section of Nordies where you can sort dresses by type. But I’ll throw this one out as something slightly different. The review is great and says its super flattering for hourglass shapes and I think the bright pink would be fun for Florida, even in December.


      What do you think?

    • Hmm. I got mod-botted. I don’t know why. Maybe the post will post eventually, but the dress was the Adrianna Papell Asymmetrically Ruched Jersey Dress at the store everyone on here loves (I don’t know what got me in the mod-bot’s cross hairs).

      Also there’s a section of that store’s site where you can see only dresses under your preferred budget and you can sort by sleeve length which is helpful. Gah, its hard to avoid mod-botting when you don’t know what you did wrong!

    • Fun! What about a pretty lace number like one of these?



      • Anon from FL :

        I absolutely LOVE both of these! Now, if only I had some place to wear them!

    • Almost There :

      if you’re still following this thread…

      This is $170, so a little over budget, but I think the shape would be perfect for you, cap sleeves, and metallic for a winter wedding is perfect


  17. Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

    Shopping / Wishlist / Budgeting Threadjack (Repost fromYesterday)

    Reposting today – because my reply was very late last night and then stuck in moderation for some time. I’m working from home because the office is closed and this presents many opportunities to online shop. I avoid buying stuff by first logging everything in my “Ultimate Wishlist” (an Excel spreadsheet), and then culling into semi-finalists, and then finalists. If I buy all of the finalists (19 items), I will spend $2528.50. I’m happy to sleep on this list, though, and if my past consumption patterns continue, I will probably buy half of the “finalists” but over a period of 6 months.

    Some of the finalists are:
    1. Alexis Bittar – Teatro Moderne Large Radiant Dust Bracelet in “Warm Gry” $325
    2. Anthropologie – Goldleaf Cocktail Dress $258
    3. Ann Taylor – Spaced Geo Print Keyhole Peplum Shell $68
    4. Mango – Contrasted belt lace dress $119.99 x 2 (I want to get this dress both in black and in the cobalt blue shade)
    5. Mango – Herringbone combi dress $99.99
    6. Paper London – Rayleigh Dress – in multi 375 GBP

    • Do you have these items in shoppingnotes so you’ll know if their price decreases substantially?

      • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

        No, because I want to maintain my “Buddhist” approach to shopping for non-essentials. I have all the clothes & accessories that I need for work, play, and other (special occasions). This Ultimate Wishlist is just for ClothesLust items. Stuff that catches my eye but stuff I could actually live pretty well without.

        If there’s a substantial price drop say, on the Paper London dress tomorrow, and I don’t remember to look back until 3 months from now and it’s gone, then I shrug and tell myself it wasn’t meant to be and that there will always be more pretty dresses out there.

        That way, if I return to the item, it’s because it’s an organic thing that’s driven by me and my wants. Not because some site is pinging me and tempting me. I don’t need more temptation!

    • Nice! Do you worry about your items going out of stock, particularly if they’re already on sale?

    • That Anthro cocktail dress is perfect for the holiday parties I have coming up – thanks!

    • TO Lawyer :

      Thank you for reposting! I saw your update on the other post but didn’t have a chance to check it out. These are all awesone pieces. I especially love the Mango lace dresses (in fact, may have to order one for myself…)

    • eastbaybanker :

      I just googled your list and have to say you have great taste! I’d never heard of Paper London before but that dress is smashing.

  18. Echoing others’ sentiments; I hope all you east coasters are safe and sound, and your homes intact. Having lived through so many disasters in NYC, I’m getting extra pangs of nostalgia right now (which, I know, is messed up).

    Also, Cory Booker is a legit hero, y’all.

    • Barrister in the Bayou :

      I loooove Cory Booker. Get thee a copy of the documentary Street Fight!

      • Barrister in the Bayou :

        BTW, I lived in Newark, NJ while some of the events in the documentary occurred.

      • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

        Ditto. He’s a good egg, and I hope he has a long, successful political career.

  19. I know we’ve discussed this in the past, but can anyone recommend a Couch-2-5K app for the iphone that they like? Thanks!

    • Get Running is a solid app.

    • I use Interval Run – although very few people seem to use it – I never see it recommended. I know I paid a little for it, don’t remember how much. It allows me to program my intervals (I’m past the C25K stage, but still do run/walk intervals) and listen to my own music. It has a couple different options for cues. It does not track your run through GPS, however. Not sure if that’s important to you – when I want to figure out how far I’ve ran I use mapmyrun dot com.

      Anyway, I really like it & have been using it for about 2.5 years without any problems.

    • Zen Labs C25K

    • Thanks for your response. Will try the free ZenLabs app and see how I like it! Thanks again!

      • Maddie Ross :

        I used the ZenLabs C25K app this weekend for the first time and loved it. I’m a long time runner, but was “benched” for several months while TTC and then on pelvic rest. I’m cleared to work out/run, but wanted something that would rein me in a bit. I was really happy with the program. I felt like I got a work out, but it wasn’t killer and I could definitely see how it would work really well for first timers.

    • 5k Runner is great. I use it concurrently with Nike + Runner. I actuslly started with the Zen Labs one and I hated it.m bc it was constantly glitching out on me. Otherwise it was fine, but I like 5k Runner better.

      Good luck ! I love C25k…one more week to go here and I can honestly say that it’s doable and enjoyable.


      Previously Would Have Only Run if Being Chased by Murderer/Bear (…and even then….meh)

  20. I love this color! And so many other bright colors!! Do you think this dress is actually work appropriate for more conservative offices how it is styled in the picture? Maybe with a black blazer? I’m dying to work more color into my wardrobe, but I’m at a big NYC bank that leans conservative so I’ve been hesitant.

  21. Hi ladies! Just wanted to give y’all a heads up about this lovely pants suit I just got on sale at Neiman Marcus. Yes, only $260 from Albert Nipon. I’m very happy with it!