Tuesday’s TPS Report: Antonio Melani’s “Chelsi” Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

iconOk, we’re totally loving this black and gray plaid dress. Great neckline, great hemline, great pattern. In order to keep the floaty fabric from seeming too “dinner party” we’d keep everything kind of neutral and professional: black or white cropped blazer (not a cardi), and closed-toe pumps to match. It’s available at Dillard’s for $169 (among, we might add, quite a few cute other Melani dresses that reader C alerted us to!) Antonio Melani “Chelsi” Dress

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  1. Has anyone seen this dress in person? Just wondering what the quality is like up close, but it looks cute in the photo.

  2. Delta Sierra :

    Beautiful, beautiful dress. Would a narrower belt work better in more conservative offices?

  3. candeejaye :

    love love love it – and the thick belt too…how conservative ARE some offices? :)

  4. Love it. I have to agree that I must be out of touch with conservative means if a wide belt is too risque. I’ve never really worked up north before but would wearing a colored blazer/belt with this really be a big no no? Is color forbidden even in the summer? I can understand that bare arms might be a no no, but feel like this dress really needs a little pop of color somewhere.

  5. love! and a more structured cardi could work just fine, I think – black, purple, deep rose – just no pastels.

    on a somewhat unrelated note, may I make a tagging suggestion? I’m not sure how useful a designer’s name is as a tag given how infrequently a particular name comes up (except Banana, J.Crew, and other usual suspects). It’s also somewhat difficult to remember who designed a certain item if you want to look back for reference… instead or also, maybe tag by color or price range, bluefly-style?

  6. It’s a really great dress, but perhaps a bit too rock star for a law office?

  7. @Liz – do you mean it’s too bold or too edgy? as styled it does look a little attention-getting, but with regular office hair and standing like a normal person, I think it’s appropriate. perhaps one of those dresses that seems to change in appearance with the personality/setting of the wearer.

  8. I love his dresses! This one is really pretty and the price point is a nice one :)

  9. Love the dress! Nice pick!

  10. SeaTownCute :

    Love this dress! Love EVERYTHING by Antonio Melani. I can’t speak to how well made his dresses are, but I have a Melani handbag and it’s beautifully put together!


  11. Actually, a lot of those dresses would work in the office. Just throw a jacket on to cover your arms.

    It would be more obvious if all the models didn’t look like they were trying to seduce you. Hello, ad folks, the people making the decision about buying are women. Put the models in the poses that make us want to buy. Would it kill you to let us see how these things work in the office? not everyone walks down the street all day with the wind blowing their hair. Kthnx.

  12. I work in Antonio Melani section and all that i can tell u girls is that these dresses are awesome!! It doesn’t matter if you are skinny like a model they look good on any body type, i promise you!!!. If u don’t believe me, go to Dillard’s and try them on.

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