Tuesday’s TPS Report: Charles by Charles David’s Melange Pump

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Women's shoes/bags: Charles by Charles David Melange - Dark brown
Happy first day of fall!  We’re liking these simple but interesting 3″ pumps from Charles by Charles David — the three different colors of brown make it sure to match something you own that is brown, and we like the layered look of the leather.  It’s available in navy, as well, in sizes 5-10 at Piperlime, for $115.  (There are pretty good sales going on at Piperlime, anyway — use code TREAT through 9/23 to take 20% off all shoes and handbags; if you’re buying from Piperlime and another store in the Gap family you can get free shipping with code SHIPPL. Gap also has a “take 20% off through 9/25” code, EXTRA20.)  Women’s shoes/bags: Charles by Charles David Melange – Dark brown

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  1. More shoes? Any fall coats that you can recommend?

  2. Though the designs are very attractive, I have had terrible problems with quality with this brand.

  3. charles david shoes are cute but HURT. You NEED to break them in!

  4. I really like the navy, too… I am constantly struggling with which shoes to wear with grey pants – especially when I am not wearing a black top, but am wearing a light pink (blush) or light blue, etc.

    Here’s a question for everyone:
    What color shoes do you tend to wear with grey slacks?

    • Absolutely any color goes with grey–it’s a neutral–that’s the beauty of it. It depends on the feel of the outfit for me. If it’s a sporty rustic fall tweedy one, I’ll wear browns or other fall colors. If it’s spring colors, the same family as the top or navy, or black patent. Navy and cream and/or red classics tops–classic shoes in those colors, especially with spectator details.

      Grey is so much fun. Wear whatever you can’t figure out how to wear with anything else–green shoes, bright blue, fuchsia….yellow

    • With grey slacks, I’ll be wearing grey, burgundy or black shoes, depending on the shade of grey.

  5. This looks like a great work shoe — the shape of the layering reads “wingtip”/winter spectator, i.e. business, but the mix of colors is more appealing than plain pumps. My only question is whether the front of the shoe is too low cut.

  6. Those look like they would hurt.

  7. Love them! Perfect amount of color.

    @Ashley – with gray pants I wear black, deep (not bright) purples or turquoise, occasionally browns. Brown is hard, but would probably work with pink.

  8. 3″ heels… hmm. Can’t rock those anymore.

    With grey pants–burgundy shoes, or mustard yellow (gasp) or grey, or black. Depends on the tops and look I’m going for. As well as the setting of course! I like the notion of burgundy shoes with a pink top. One has the echos of color without being too matchy-matchy.

  9. Not sure, since I haven’t worn them, but my experience with this type of heel is that it kills after 20 minutes. It is set so far inward that your ankle will try to compensate as you walk, and it’s not tall enough that the height would help you balance completely on the ball of your foot.

    • I actually love this type of inset heel – because it is closer to the ball of the foot, when your heel strikes the ground, your toes aren’t as far in the air as they would be with the same height heel that comes straight down from the back of the shoe – so, less force when the ball hits the ground.

      Then again, the balls of my feet always suffer the most in heels (never had an ankle issue).

  10. Yuck! I think these are really ugly.

  11. I think this style of shoe (with the bands of different colors) can look really cheap, even if it’s not. Not awful, but not classy enough for a serious workplace. I’d actually go down a bit in the heel height. You don’t need 3″ heels to look professional, IMO.

  12. I like these! But good call on the forward-set heel …

  13. I think these are cute, and I’m glad to see them in navy too. I had a horrible time trying to find decent navy shoes last year. But they do look painful!

  14. What’s with the only going up to a size ten? Must be a cheap shoe….

  15. I have a pair of Charles by Charles David shoes and they’re verrrrrrrry comfy despite the height. The heel is pretty thick though; I’m not sure about this skinny heel.

  16. I’m with Laura. How these are professional is a mystery to me, not to mention looking clunky and and unflattering.

    I agree with grey pants going with a number of different colored shoes; I love charcoal grey pants with rich tan shoes.

  17. housecounsel :

    I think they’re kind of cool. They’re different, but not weird.

    I love wearing grey pantsuits just because they’re fun to accessorize. Today I wore a grey croc-print pump, but I’ve worn may different shoes with them, including dark purple, a mauvish shade, an olive green-gray, and pewter patent.

  18. I think the shoes are fabulous, but like pp, I can’t rock three inch heels anymore. And they would never work in an airport! Too painful.

  19. I just ordered a pair in the navy/grey version. I work in a professional environment but in central Africa, where women have all sorts of amazing crazy shoes. These do not even compare – they will still look conservative with a grey or blue suit. I was shopping for grey shoes and blue shoes, and now I’ve found both in one! Now I’m just hoping that they are wearable despite people’s comments on the inset heel, etc.

  20. I generally pick on Corporette for its choice in shoes (sorry!) but I really really like these ones. Good height (depending on personal preference as per last week’s big debate!), color, etc…love them!

  21. I really like these shoes. If I were not currently suffering for my shoe addiction, I would seriously consider giving them a try.

  22. I just bought these shoes in black at DSW for $65.

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