Wednesday’s TPS Report: ‘Riley’ Stretch Wool Pants

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

‘Riley’ Stretch Wool PantsThese gray trousers strike us as a great basic for fall, winter and spring — and they’re 50% off and available in almost every size.  Note, however, that they are unhemmed, but Nordstrom will do it for you free of charge.  Lovely!  They were $218, now $129 at Nordstrom.   Lafayette 148 New York ‘Riley’ Stretch Wool Pants

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  1. I’m always in the market for black pants . . . why do these show up in my cart at Nordstrom as full price? Is there a coupon I don’t know about?

  2. sorry to post twice, but I now see that Corporette said only the grey were 50% off . . . I don’t see that as an option, though. The link only brings up espresso and black?

  3. Just search “Riley” on Nordstrom and the cheaper ones will come up.

  4. How does the hemming work if you’re ordering online?

    • If you don’ t already know your inseam, just measure the inseam of a pair of pants that is the same length you would like these ones to be.

  5. got them!
    I figured out the searching after posting my nine million questions . . . oops!
    and yes, AIMS, it does. I buy almost exclusively online and always get the free hemming. Just make sure the hours your Nordstrom Tailor works. I always just call and make an evening appointment and then know I will have no problems.

  6. Just a note that if you’re buying sale items, Nordstrom will charge for the hemming. It’s annoying, but there it is. Nice pants though.

    I just bought several of the Athena Bree Semantiks pants ($78 full price, some sizes on sale for $51). My favorite pants from Nordstrom are from that line and I have been very happy with them.

    • really? I wonder if it differs by area? I buy almost all my pants on sale and I have never paid for hemming . . . hmm. Is this a new thing? That would be unfortunate because I don’t want to pay for hemming — kind of destroys the great deal!

      • I’m in the DC metro area, and that is what I was told. I have only recently starting shopping at Nordstrom, so no idea if it’s a new thing or not. I hope you won’t have to pay!

      • Same is true in SF Bay Area, free hemming only when you pay full price. It has been that way for as long as I can remember.

  7. Unlined. Ick.

    • I agree. And look at the rise. How high do these go? You’s be better off at Ann Taylor or Express. These are not impressive for the price and they aren’t anything special. Why buy them, even on sale, unless you are desperate.

      Next suggestion, please. This is not a good choice.

      • I must heartily disagree. The quality of Lafayette 148, lined or unlined, is far, far above what you can find at either Ann Taylor or Express. Every Lafayette 148 piece I own is cut impeccably, is made of amazing fabric, and wears like a dream. Comparing these pants to something you could get at Express is like comparing Craftsteak to McDonald’s. They both serve beef, and that’s about where the similarities end.
        I have a number of pairs of unlined wool work pants and I love them. I especially love that in a pinch, I can wash them on gentle with Woolite, hang to dry, and iron them, and they still look great.

        • All right now. I’ve been hearing some grumblings about Craftsteak lately. :) But I think your analogy is probably pretty on point.

        • Are you really comfortable in unlined pants? Maybe its only me, but I have never been able to wear wool pants, unlined, without spending the day itching (which, I can assure you, does not look professional (-: ).

        • Just cause you own a pair that works doesn’t mean these do. I am also not suggesting the express will come up with high quality, but they are a hell of a lot cheaper for a summer session that these wools. Unlined wool gives you “swamp ass.” If you don’t mind go for it. I PROMISE you I have spent more time in wool pants than you ever will. Unlined is not the way to go.

          Can’t follow your food analogy, I don’t eat meat. But McDonalds serves beef by product. Get your story straight.

          PS. Thees pants still suck.

          • Sweetheart, maybe it’s time for a spa day? A cocktail perhaps? Or you might want to call your doc and get him or her to up your meds. These are pants. There’s no reason for hostility or snarkiness, unless of course you’re just here to troll. I’m going to take a guess that’s really what this is about, and ignore you from here on out. Hope your day (life?) gets better.

          • I think that even comparing Express to Ann Taylor is like comparing McD’s to Craftsteak…Express sucks.

            “swamp ass”?! Haha. I think anon2=big C from yesterday

  8. Yes, the hemming for free is the kicker:).

  9. So many problems with these.
    Too short.
    3 foot rise.
    I can’t think of anyone that these would flatter.

    • amen. OMG amen.

      • I’m long waisted and the higher rise actually looks lower on me so they are perfect. Too low a rise and my legs look like tree stumps.

    • The unlined part is annoying, but since you can get them hemmed to whatever length you choose I can’t see how they’d be too short, and long-waisted people like me prefer a normal rise to the current trend of ultra-low, muffin-top creating rises.

      • Can someone pls explain to me the unlined vs. lined pant debate? What purpose does the lining serve in suiting anyway (is it the extra silk material that comes in suits)? If it’s what I’m thinking, then that extra fabric always makes me sweat in any season and I have actually had them removed because of that.

        • Linings extend the life of pants a lot longer and IMHO make them lie cleaner.

        • It makes it hang better, without clinging. I usually wear footless hose under unlined pants or a slip under an unlined skirt. It’s especially important in a skirt or dress so that you don’t get, um, camel toe.

          • Huh? I am totally not understanding how one would get camel toe in a skirt or dress.

      • Yes – the low rise pant is the bane of my shopping experience… I hate that I have to worry about my pants being too low when I stand up!

        • I am endlessly tugging my pants up after I stand up! This is especially embarrassing in church – and I’m Catholic, so there’s a lot of sit-stand-kneel-stand-repeat.

  10. thread hijack: does anyone have any opinions of the brand Tahari ASL? I wanted to buy a bunch of dresses from Bloomingdales but was wondering if anyone knew of the quality…

    • I have several Tahari ASL items and love them. They last.

    • Great quality. My favorite suits are all Tahari ASL. They fit me especially well as a petite.

    • Love Tahari ASL. You can also purchase these items at Macys and Nordstrom. Lots of pluses to this line: it comes in petites, the suits are always lined, sometimes you can even get three pieces (jacket, pants, and skirt).

    • Check Marshall’s (and Ross if you’re lucky) for Tahari.

    • I really like my Tahari ASL suits. Bought them all at Macy’s on sale – I’ve never paid more than $139 for them (even though the tags show “retail” at $280).

  11. Is there anyone who finds unlined wool pants comfortable? I can’t have wool on my skin all day like that without itching and being extremely uncomfortable.

    I do love the prospect of free hemming though – although the Nordstroms nearest to me is about 45 minutes away, so the thought of having to drive there and back for the pants if they can’t be hemmed that day sort of kills the savings

    • I am okay having sweaters on my skin, but wool coats/pants that directly hit my skin really irritate it and make it blotchy. I can’t imagine wanting to wear unlined wool pants all day.

      That said, I don’t know if I would mind the higher rise as much as other people since I have a long torso. I would have to try it on to see how I feel, but of course that’s not going to happen with no lining. It just makes no sense to me that $218 pants wouldn’t start out with a lining.

      • Agree – Glad to know I’m not alone! I wouldn’t spend $218 on pants that first required adjustments… for that much money they should be perfect as is and make my butt look fabulous. Also, it would be preferable if they were capable of washing and drying themselves for that much — Considering the fade factor on black pants, and how I only get a year or two before they look worn at the knees, or accidentally get shrunk.

    • I would have to have them lined. I wouldn’t be able to last all day. And, at that price it’s just not worth it to me to go through all the trouble of having them lined.

      As for your situation, it seems the costs in gas/travel would defeat the “bargain” of the free hemming. You’d probably be better off spending $10 at the dry cleaners and having them hemmed there. But, like C says that’s just my .02 cents for what it’s worth.

      • Definitely not a bargain for my case – so jealous of those of you with Nordstroms nearby – they have a great petites’ department!

    • I find unlined wool pants totally comfortable and am wearing them today. Never understood what the big deal was about lined pants. I have both lined and unlined and frankly, I prefer unlined because I think they generally look better on me.

      • I’m totally jealous of you Clerky — My sister can also wear wool sweaters, pants, etc. without itching… there are so many beautiful wool options :-/

        • Hmm, maybe I just don’t have sensitive skin? Not sure why the lack of lining doesn’t bother me. :)

  12. Pants are fine – basic work attire; hemming is kind of a pain. I can usually buy off the rack and be good with an almost 2.5 inch heel.

    Also, wanted to share a coupon code for free shipping at Spanx until March 29th if anyone needs any: SPRING10

  13. Ok, dumb question alert: the pants are unhemmed….. what does that mean in actuality? Like the ends are completely unfinished, awaiting your effort to finish them (no, right?), or they are just really long and therefore there’s more to work with to customize them?

    I’ve never heard of this before, somehow!

  14. FYI – almost all Lands End pants come unhemmed and they hem them for free. You just choose your inseam if you order them online.

  15. Rue La La is going to be having a sale on Lafayette pieces on the 26th so, if you have a membership, have at it.

    • Delta Sierra :

      Those membership places, the membership part really annoys me. Is there some real reason for it, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

      • I don’t know what the deal is about the “memberships”. I have gotten some pretty good deals on handbags and cosmetics (of all things) from some of the sites though.

  16. Anonymous :

    I have these Riley pants in three colors and love them. I prefer unlined pants if they are the soft light wool/spandex fabric that Lafayette 148 uses and these are super comfortable, not itchy at all. (I find llinings that are made of nylon get way too hot and do not breathe). The quality is very high. They also have matching jackets which make terrific suits. I wore my navy Lafayette suit to court yesterday and felt vey chic and comfortable, a rare combination in professional suiting.

    I would love to be able to buy on RueLaLa. Can anyone give me an invite? Email me at [email protected]

  17. Anonymous :

    Got the invite already! Thanks so much. I will take a look at the Lafayette 148 boutique tomorrow and hopefully grab some bargains. Thanks again. What a supportive community!

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