Wednesday’s TPS Report: Ruffled Peplum Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Ruffled Peplum JacketI really like ponte knit jackets, and this one has some great details, including a mandarin collar, ruffled lapels, and a peplum back. Reader E wrote in to sing the jacket’s praises, noting; “This jacket is marvelous. A feminine cut and details. The semi-nehru collar adds a little twist and really accents either a torsade necklace or a turtleneck. Although it’s polyester/rayon, it seems lightweight and possibly an all-year option for those of us in warmer climes.” The jacket (Ruffled Peplum Jacket) is $148. (Alas, according to customer service there are no matching pants or skirts.) Ruffled Peplum Jacket

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected] with “TPS” in the subject line.


  1. I love this, but could NOT buy this for work. The manageing partner would be asking all about it, then stareing at my tush.

    I need something that COVERS everything. The manageing partner just waits for me to come in with somthing new, and he imediately has to make coments about it.

    Right now, he is looking OVER at me across the hall, and I KNOW he will be comeing over to see how I am progresing on the EBT questions.

    The things I must do as a working profesional to make ends meet! FOOEY!

    • Ellen, it’s getting very demanding to keep coaching you in your Corporet posts. Quantitey is up, but quality is down. Please just wear an ankel-length PONCHO to work every day and FOCUS on the EBT prepearations for a whiel.

    • anon for this :

      ladies, i just had a thought.

      what if . . . ellen . . . is . . . real?

  2. I like that it’s out of the ordinary, but something about the shape of the collar and upper lapels skews a little Sgt. Pepper to me.

    (Also, are skinny cords happening? Is this real life?)

    • Like the jacket and the skinny cords AND the email I just received telling me I passed the bar. Woohoo

    • I have some skinny cords I got last year from J Crew and I haven’t gotten hardly any wear out of them. It feels strange to wear them with tall boots and let’s just say that corduroy doesn’t exactly “give” when I put on my winter weight the way my jeans do…

      • I have grey skinny cords, and I adore them. They go with everything.

        • Me too. I spend my weekends in skinny cords and boots with sweaters.

        • found a peanut :

          I wish I had gray skinny cords! I tried to buy ones from J. Crew last year but J. Crew pants simply do not fit me. Sad story.

          • I think these are the ones I bought last year:
            I can’t wear J.Crew either.

          • Law Student 2L :

            I have grey skinny cords from gap from last year. I wear them way too much, they’re running thin!! I like wearing them with flats. I always wonder if I can do the cord – boot combo

        • LOVE my grey skinny cords from JCrew. They are my Friday wardrobe staple!

          • I enjoy wearing my maroon stretch skinny cords with boots and a tunic found at a thrift store that looks like the top half of a salwar kameez.

        • I purchased a dark gray pair from GAP last year and don’t know how I ever lived without them. Such a great winter staple.

      • Maybe gray cords would work better for me. Mine are sort of a strange color and that might have something to do with the lack of versatility. Do the Gap cords have some stretch to them? The J Crew pair I have are not comfortable because they have zero stretch. (And maybe a little tight. haha)

        • They do. I’d actually suggest buying a pair that fits tight in the store because they do stretch out.

        • Somebody last week recommended the Land’s End Canvas skinny cords. I have the skinny jeans and they’re awesome.

          • These ones are on sale for only $16.99 right now, too! Thanks for the suggestion!

          • I have these and wear them a lot. They’re not perfect for me, but good enough, and who is complaining at $16.99?

        • Thanks for the recommendations! I will have to pick a pair up to avoid the denim doldrums I tend to get over the colder months!

        • This might offend some people’s “am I wearing pants” sensibility, but the Gap legging jean/cords are really great. Not wanting to scare the living bejeezus out of people, I sized up. They are really comfy, versatile, and surprisingly flattering. I have the aubergine color, but there is a great mushroom too.

      • I bought two pairs of skinny cords for $11 bucks a piece at banana republic last january — black and taupe. The quality was sub-par and I already ripped the black pair and shrank and gave away the taupe pair but I’m looking for replacements. they were such a fabulous basic and on days i was too tired to get it together, i even wore them to work with tunic-style sweaters

    • actually I like the skinny cords look; I ‘ve got a couple pairs from Vince that are awesome

      • Vince makes some awesome stuff. (The kind of awesomeness that makes me forget the outrage of paying $150 for knitwear because I’m so dreamy wondering how I ever lived before this $150 tee was in my life.)

        • Would you get the high waisted skinny cords from J Crew or the toothpick? Trying to decide between the two

  3. Diana Barry :

    Jacket looks very short for taller people – only 22.5″. Cute, though!

  4. found a peanut :

    For anyone who is interested, the jacket part of the Trina Turk suit that Kat posted a while ago is on sale at Nordstrom:

    The pants are still full price. I am debating whether I should buy the jacket to wear as a blazer…don’t know how much use I’d get out of it though….

    • I hate it when they only discount half of the suit. I was looking at a suit at Nordies. The skirt is 50% off but the jacket is still regular price. I’m sure that by the time the jacket is marked down, the skirt will be sold out. I’m tempted to buy the skirt now and wait for the jacket to go on sale.

      • found a peanut :

        You should. Nord’s has a great return policy. You could buy the skirt, hang on to it for a little while to see if you get any use out of it without the jacket, and if the jacket doesn’t go on sale just return the skirt. Win-win.

        • So you’re suggesting wearing the skirt a few times and returning it if you don’t get the jacket? Doesn’t seem win win … used returns to Nordies? Maybe I’m confused.

          • Well – Nordies will likely take it back used – but we’ve had the whole ethics debate about that before.

            peanut could be suggesting shopping your closet to see if you had enough other items already to justify keeping the skirt on its own, even without the matching jacket. I know I tend to need to see the pieces together in person to get a sense of whether they work together.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      The pants will come down. Buy the jacket, leave the tags on, hang it in your closet and don’t wear it, and wait for the pants. If the pants bizarrely don’t come down, just take the jacket back. The jacket will still be brand new and unworn, so you shouldn’t feel guilty in the slightest.

      • found a peanut :

        I would do this but I don’t generally wear pantsuits. Even if the pants were on sale I would only buy the jacket. I’m trying to figure out the versatility of the jacket just as blazer.

    • Oh, wow, I love that skirt!

    • That amazing plaid skirt is on sale – you should get it to wear with the blazer.

    • Yes, love the plaid skirt.

      • The sale price was just removed. The skirt is no longer on sale. Sad!

      • Just kidding…there were some glitches with the Nordies site, everything is fine now. :D

        • I added the skirt to my shopping notes and received an email this morning that it was now $129. Between getting out of bed and jumping in the shower I bought it. Good start of the day!

  5. I am obsessing about this dress,, but don’t know exactly where I would wear it. It doesn’t seem right for work or weddings or church . . . But I WANT IT! Where would you wear it?

    • Oooooooohhh… I love it! But I don’t know where I would wear it either! It’s a dress like this that makes me long for a less stuffy career :)

      • I have a less stuffy career (at least not conservative law firm) and I wouldn’t wear that to work.

        I just spent a few minutes trying to conceive of an office or job where that dress would fly. If I ran an art gallery or was a fashion editor, I could wear that dress. So basically, per Mindy Kaling (see link below), if I were the lead in a rom-com, I could wear that dress.

        • I was thinking exactly of the art gallery/fashion editor type job. The same type of job that would allow me to wear many of the outfits featured in Lucky magazine. I tried to think of a few more jobs where such a wardrobe would work and I couldn’t come up with any more! Haha

        • Thanks for sharing the link – so true about romantic comedies!

    • found a peanut :

      I would wear it to work with a sweater or blazer on top to cover the leather sleeve-lets. The wide leather belt part by itself, to me, does not make it inappropriate for work. I would also wear it to less-formal evening events, such as a bar/bat mitzvah or an evening engagement party, or to your firm’s holiday party, or a daytime wedding. Basically, I would wear it to a not-formal event that took place in the evening or a formal event that took place in the daytime.

      If you love it, buy it. It’s on sale and there will always be events for which you will need a dress.

      • Always a NYer :

        I agree, you can’t go wrong at $68 for a dress you love. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with the different occasions you wear it for. Splurge ;)

        • Agreed. With a blazer it would absolutely be office appropriate. And fun to wear out to a dinner. And for $68 … a great “splurge”!

    • Dinner at a nice restaurant. Vegas weekend with the girls. More casual weddings.

    • That is very pretty. I agree with found a peanut; I think that it would be appropriate for work (with a sweater or blazer) or to any dressy event that’s not out and out formal (most weddings, nice dinner out, parties, church).

      (No, Lyssa, you don’t need a new dress right now. No, bad Lyssa, bad. If I could go to a brick & morter and get it before a nice dinner planned for this weekend, I think I would.)

    • Corporate Tool :

      I think you could wear it to work, styled correctly. With a blazer over it, nice hose and heels I think it’d look very sharp.

    • Agree with all the comments on places you could wear this dress. It’s lovely, I might need to see if it’s in my size. I could see dressing it up with heels, then maybe down with brown knee high boots and a sweater on top. $68 seems like a great price, too. Plus it’s Nordstroms, so you get it, play with it a bit to see how it goes with other things in your wardrobe, then return if it doesn’t work.

    • I agree that if you love it, buy it. And I don’t think it’s wrong for weddings or church, and it would be great for one of those after-work holiday c*cktail parties. Wear a cardi or jacket over it for work, shuck that layer for the party and you’re all set.

    • Eh. What are the chances that exposed zippers and leather will both be trendy at the same time again after this year? I don’t think you’d get a lot of use out of this, honestly. It’s really trendy and it would look dated fast.

      • I agree. And I keep thinking of how much it would cost to dry clean because of the leather accents.

        • The “leather” is faux, which means the whole thing could be washed in gentle cycle. Dry cleaning a nylon/rayon/spandex dress makes no sense to me. Cold water wash, hang to dry.

    • I tried this dress on! I too loved the look- it didnt look great on me so I didnt get it, but the quality was good. I say go for it!

  6. Argh! Two day seminar featuring personality quizzes and growth workshops… how do I survive this hell? Help!!!

    • See if you can answer the questions such that your “personality” is defined as the opposite of what it really is? Sorry, probably not helpful, but I, too, hate these things and think they are about as useful and predictive as a horoscope. Plus I was raised in the Midwest, we don’t like to talk about feelings much.

    • I did that once. I am an “orange.” That’s all I remember.

    • law talking girl :

      With your iPhone under the table and sharpened pencils to stab yourself with in the bathroom at breaks.

    • karenpadi :

      Food poisoning at lunch on the first day…make enough noise in the ladies room that no one questions you are as you walk out the door and don’t come back the next day.

      Otherwise, take it for what it’s worth. I usually get one or two small inspirations at those things. The rest is just paid meditation time.

      • Research, Not Law :

        This. I find if I stop fighting against it, it’s actually kind of fun. I try to focus the child on a field trip within me.

        But if there are hugs and crying at the end, count me out.


    • Bourbon in your coffee mug and vodka in your water bottle.

      • Love this! I used to put Baileys in my coffee, but I do realize you were (most likely) joking.

        • Anonymous :

          I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who despises these things! I like my personality flaws and limitations! Why can’t they just let me be my flawed self?!

  7. MaggieLizer : about the Nordie’s sale. I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s successes! And maybe some haiku critiques?

    If anyone tries on 367124 could you please let me know how it works out? I’m concerned that the seam across the bust will fall in an odd spot. TIA!

    • Excited to splurge
      I deserve something, don’t I?
      Bought children’s rainboots.

      • Haha, I got an excellent deal on 316699 – boy’s Benetton sweater! There is a bad review on the site, but it really feels very soft and good quality.
        I was surprised to see some Mini Boden merchandise on the sale rack – didn’t know Nordstrom carried it.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      My favorite Under Armour workout pants went on sale (272967), as did my favorite Nike workout tops (351279, 344452). I picked up a workout jacket to try (345758) because it’s getting so darn cold at 5:30am. Fun tights (353036) and belts (253036, 375977). Jeans that probably won’t fit (310152). And a dress that fits like a dream (379982) that I’ve been sale stalking. I bought this all online a few days ago, and expect that some or most of it will go back. I’m sure I’ll end up getting more things in store this weekend, and am eyeing various purses. I’m overdue for a new one.

      • Beautiful dress. Can you comment on the fit?

        • MaggieLizer :

          I tried on the dress and it was gorgeous through the body. I am quite large of bust and the pleats at the top stuck straight up from the largest part of my bust like they were trying to choke me (think crumb catcher but taller) and/or give someone taller than me (i.e. everyone) a really good view. It was really stunning otherwise, I’m super jealous of those who can wear it.

        • SF Bay Associate :

          I’m a pear. Smaller bust, bigger hips. I typically take an XS/2 in tops, and a 4 in bottoms. ET dresses, like Classiques Entier, have hip room, so I can buy the size that fits my top, unlike most brands where I either have waaaaaay too much room in the bust, or too little room in the hips.

          One of the cool parts of the dress is that even though it’s got a zip back, the waistband has hidden snaps in the back, so after you zip the dress up, you snap the waistband closed, giving a lovely waistline.

      • LOVE the color of the dress. I already placed an order, but may have to make another after seeing this!

    • Oh, why, Nordie’s, why?
      Always forget to budget
      For upcoming sale.

      • Don’t forget to use E * bates. 3% cash back from Nordstrom. I promise I don’t work for them, but it’s awesome to get a check every quarter!

        • SF Bay Associate :

          Agreed. I love eBates. We even used eBates for my e-ring from Blue Nile.

    • MissJackson :

      Is anyone else experiencing something weird on the Norstrom website? I thought that I placed an order this morning, but I did not receive a confirmation email yet, and the order is not showing up under “my account” (actually none of my previous orders are showing up). I’m going to call customer service, but I’m super confused.

      • MissJackson :

        I just talked to cs — the system was/is apparently down, so you might not immediately receive a confirmation email.

        I went a little crazy – the purple T Tahari dress that someone posted yesterday (376026), the Classiques blouse that I have been sale stalking (372042), a fun Vince Camuto blouse (375510), a Halogen blouse (367526), and a CK dress that is one of my yearly favorites (351359). I originally had $1,000+ of stuff in my shopping cart, though, so it could have been a lot worse. I’d love to get to the B&M but I’m not sure that’s in the cards for me this week.

      • Love your style! Also having trouble with the Nordies site and haven’t got my order confirmation yet either.

  8. I love ruffles on anything. That’s an adorable jacket!

  9. for Dutchfan :

    How’s your retinoid treatment going? I just got a prescription from my dermatologist yesterday for Retin-A and started last night – I’m kind of scared of the “purging” section of the process – is yours over yet?

    • Wow! I didn’t people would be curious about a folllow up!

      I think I’m done the purging- the cystic pimples I had are healing nicely (small marks right now which will fade). So really, they all came at once and lasted for about 4 days. Not bad.

      I learned that I peel about 1-2 days AFTER I apply it. I’m glad I realized that because I was upping my dosing thinking that my skin reacted nicely the next day, but in reality the side effects weren’t there yet. I make sure to exfoliate well then really layer on some rich, non-pore clogging moisturizer at night so I don’t get flakies during the day. Eye cream is a must for this, too.

      My skin definitely feels softer, I can even tell just from putting my hands on my face to wash my skin. Haven’t noticed much else, maybe some pores smaller/blackheads gone. I started the prescription October 1st, so I know it will take some more time to see the visible results.

      • Always a NYer :

        What moisturizer do you use? It seems like all the ones I try are greasy, not moisturizing enough, or totally clog my pores. TIA!

        • Try Mario Badescue. There is a website and a spa in NY. The products are very afffordable and excellent for sensative skin, which I have.

        • Try Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Moisture Gel. It may not be moisturizing enough if your skin is particularly dry, but it’s worked really well for me.

        • CPA to be :

          I have very sensitive skin, especially in the winter, and I started using pure jojoba oil (that I got in the cosmetics section of the whole foods) as a facial moisturizer recently. I really shyed away from using an oil for a long time, thinking it would clog pores, but it doesn’t at all. It took a couple of weeks for my skin to get used to it, but my skin looks the best it’s looked in ages. Jojoba oil has a ver distinctive smell– a sort of nutty coffee like smell, which I was not expecting, but it goes away very quickly, and now that I’m used to it, I don’t mind it. If you dont like the smell, I’ve heard that grapeseed oil is also great.

          • CPA to be :

            *very distinctive…

            ALSO, forgot to mention– these things are cheap. For a smallish bottle, it’s about $8-12 dollars depending if you get organic or not. Since I only used 3 or 4 drops at a time, I think a bottle will probably last me about a year.

          • About jojoba oil : just be careful because oils can go bad quickly (they get a very nasty smell that stick to everything, yuck).
            I don’t know about jojoba, but I use avocado as a make-up remover and it’s prone to go rancid. Buying only small bottles and keeping them in the fridge usually do the trick.
            For greasy skin, hazelnut oil is great. Avocado is good on eyes for its anti-aging properties. I heard nice things about prickly pear cactus oil, but haven’t tried it yet.

        • I have used Retin-A for years and I find it’s hard to find a really good mosturizer that doesn’t also contain Retinol, and that’s a double whammy I don’t need. I like Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream (non SPF version) for a basic, rich, non-irritating moisturizer I can wear that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. It has also never broken me out.

  10. Threadjack – Looking for recommendations from DC corporettes. It’s my birthday soon, and the BF and I usually go out for dinner somewhere nice on birthdays. I’m in a rut and can’t think of any place I really want to go. So, any suggestions on nice-ish restaurants in DC? I don’t want to get too expensive, so probably not Komi/Cityzen/Inn at Little Washington. Has anyone eaten at Restaurant Eve? It looks good – my hesitation is that, although I love tasting menus, lately I find the amount of food a little overwhelming. I’m an omnivore, BF is trying to avoid carbs (he’s following an Atkins-style diet).


    • I like Restaurant Eve but have not had the tasting menu. How about Blue Duck Tavern or Kinkead’s? If you want more of a “scene,” Rasika and Graffiato have good food.

      • I was going to suggest Blue Duck Tavern – it’s so great. PollyD, if you like classic American food and don’t like trendy places or small plates, Blue Duck is a great choice.

        I’m also a big fan of Kinkead’s, but Blue Duck is better IMO.

    • Hey PollyD, I went to the tasting room at Restaurant Eve with my then-BF, now-husband for our anniversary a few years ago and loved it. It was delicious but warm and accessible (I don’t love shellfish, for example, and they worked around it). We did the wine pairings, too and I have to admit that between all the food and wine, I dozed in the cab on the way home. It was the first really expensive meal we had done together (he was a summer associate at the time, so we were feeling flush) and I think it was worth it, but it is definitely pricey. I did like it much better than CityZen.

      Our recent celebratory meals have been at Rasika (to die for!), Bibiana and Birch and Barley.

      Hope that helps! Now I’m hungry!

      • Sorry – just have to pipe back in to second Graffiato. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it. We did the tasting menu there and it’s much cheaper than Eve and it was really fun and delicious. The service was great and man oh man, that pepperoni sauce…

    • I had a fantastic dinner at Bibiana a few weeks ago and would also recommend America Eats (the Jose Andres pop-up) for something fun/different/historical. Happy birthday!

    • I love love the Tabard Inn. It’s small and intimate, perfect for a romantic dinner with the BF. Their food is consistently wonderful and not over the top pricey. Their desserts are TDF, so save room!

    • DC Food Lover :

      My favorite special occasion dinner spot is Marvin or any Jose Andres restaurant. I’ve not been to Restaurant Eve but it does look good.

      Not that anyone’s suggested it, but I recently tried out Lincoln and was unimpressed.

    • Thanks so much, everyone! I have not heard of Graffiato, will check that out. The others sound good, too – I think I have heard of most of them, but somehow they slipped my mind.

      I am very tempted by Eve, it just seems pricey. I keep telling the BF that I’d rather go out for a good, even if expensive, meal, rather than get “stuff” but I think he doesn’t quite get it. Oh well, I can’t really complain too much.

      • I’d suggest Graffiato for lunch (amazing lunch; haven’t had dinner though as I’m not quite prepared to spend that much for dinner when I can get some of it during their lunch menu).

      • I love ardeo bardeo

    • If you like sushi/asian-fusion food, I highly recommend Zentan (in the Donovan hotel on Thomas Circle). The quality of the fish is really good, and they have a large appetizer/crudo/sushi menu (in addition to larger entrees), so you can still try a lot of different foods but without such large quantities.

    • If you’re willing to venture outside the District, one of my favorite special occasion restaurants is in Silver Spring – Jackie’s – its awesome, and they just opened an amazing cocktail bar.

    • Willow in Arlington

    • Restaurant Nora — very romantic and intimate.

    • I had the Restaurant Eve tasting menu a few years ago, and it was awesome, but a LOT of food.

    • Hopefully not too late for this..
      As amateur foodies on a law student budget, my fiance and I have really enjoyed a couple places we’ve been to with Savored discounts. Vidalia, Panache, Prime Rib and Sonoma have been wonderful and 30% off :)

      Other places that come to mind– Proof, Rasika, Central (although not romantic atmosphere there), Tosca, Kinkeads are our faves.

  11. time is on my side :

    Threadjack….Maybe I am having problems with the search, because I know I’ve seen comments on time tracking apps. Can anyone recommend a time tracking app for the iPhone?

    • If you search using Google site search (type in before your search term) you may find it. The search function on the site only finds terms in posts, not comments.

  12. Always a NYer :

    What’s everyone wearing today? It’s been a while since we’ve played this game and with the season change I’m curious to see what you’re all wearing now.

    I’m wearing a light brown and cream tweed jacket (no collar with hook and eye closures from JNY), a light plum silky long-sleeve blouse, and a dark brown pencil skirt with a subtle windowpane. I’ve also broken out the plain brown riding boots and matching color tights. Oh, how I love the colder weather!

    • dark-wash jeans, brown and red-orange printed Zara blouse from several years ago, khaki safari blazer from Ann Taylor that’s also a few years old, brown belt, brown 3.5″ wedges, silver necklace and earrings (i’m a grad student, so this is pretty pulled together considering I’m spending all of my time in a library).

    • consultant :

      I’m wearing old jeans, a tee shirt, no bra, and my leather jacket! working at a coffee shop on my laptop :P Friday will be a dress up day though…not sure what I will wear yet…but I think it may be time to bring out my new born brooks brothers herringbone suit I just got this summer

    • I’m wearing a black cashmere crewneck 3-quarter sleeve sweater from Ann Taylor, black tights, and the skirt in chalet green (it was $25 on Nordstrom Rack last week). I’m also wearing black Aerosole wedges. I love these shoes so much I just bought a second pair to keep at my desk:

    • I love this game! Today I’m wearing a taupe-and-black herringbone tulip skirt that I found randomly at Marshall’s four or five years ago for like $20; a cream Gap cotton turtleneck sweater; a camel corduroy blazer from last year’s Banana outlet store; and knee-high flat Franco Sarto boots that are, oh let’s say taupe suede. And an ivory beaded necklace that my dad brought back from his Alaskan vacation, with promises that the ivory was harvested from long-dead animals and therefore humane :-)

      I’m learning to love the turtlenecks recently, since I just had a mole removed on my neck and have to go back for a more extensive procedure to make sure they got it all. At least my skin picked a good time of year to misbehave!

    • Diana Barry :

      I’ll go with yesterday’s outfit since I am working at home today:

      Black/grey/bluish kimono print jersey dress from Athleta ($30 sale), green seaglass pendant, black maternity tie cardigan from Gap ($40), medium grey BR blazer, black maternity tights, black knee-high riding boots from Clark’s.

    • I’m in brown pinstripe pants (Gap perfect trousers from last season), a bright purple cowl neck sweater, and grey suede pumps with a cone heel. Also wearing an amethyst pendant.

    • Teal wrap dress, brown sweater tights, brown wooden bead necklace and my new Miz Mooz riding boots. Love them!!!

    • The skirt in mustard (the teal color sold out! darn!), brown sweater w/ orange belt over. Mustard tights and brown boots.

      • You totally just depressed me in regards to the teal skirt. I decided that this year I’d get the skirt for my sister, mother and sister-in-law (based on both my own and this community’s reviews). I got the petite skirt in red for my mom and teal for my sister when they went on sale earlier this week. My sister-in-law actually requested the teal, but since it wasn’t on sale, I decided to wait until closer to Christmas. Alas, it’s sold out. Now she’s at the mercy of my color choice.

        • Oops. Further explanation. My sister-in-law and I are not petites. My mother and sister are.

    • a passion for fashion :

      navy/dark purple glen plaid elie tahari suit, pale purple LOFT sweater, long pucci scarf, SW conservative navy kitten heels. I am about as conservative as I get today.

    • I love these memes.

      Black Talbots wool suiting pencil skirt (unzipped halfway and held up with black Bella band); bright green cowl neck cap sleeve shirt from NY&Co about 3 years ago; camel open front cardi with puff shoulders from Nordstrom Rack; skinny leopard print belt over the cardi and over the baby bump; and black pointy-toe flats from Target.

    • I had to be conservative today so am wearing a black sheath dress, a black and white 3/4 sleeve swing jacket, silver Tiffany’s beads and black flats.

      • Haha, I am also wearing the “skirt” in purple. Everytime I see a woman wearing this skirt on the street, I wonder if she’s a corporette. :)

    • I am excited that the changes to Corporette allow me to comment again after months upon months of silence!

      Cool day here in the midwest with a chance of snow flurries later on. I’m wearing camel wool herringbone pants from J. Crew, a cream cable knit cowl/turtleneck from gap, brown Franco Sarto booties (which need to be replaced), and some small dangle earrings with pearls/beads in cream and taupe tones from Charming Charlie. I am in love with that store.

    • Brown/black/orange/red plaid-ish sheath dress, black long open cardi belted at waist, black tights, black ballet flats (will change to heels if necessary)

    • I just realized my entire outfit – less the shoes – is Ann Taylor: a green/brown 3/4 sleeve patterned cotton dress (which sounds really ugly when you type it out, is much cuter in person), a longer brown v-neck cardigan, and a long gold necklace with an interlocking circle pendent at the bottom.

      Other accessories include gold stacked Amrita Singh rings and a vintage gold ring with tiny diamonds & sapphires from my mom. Shoes are suede brown Jessica Simpson pumps.

    • Navy scoopneck tee, denim trousers, long camel-colored sweater duster. Multicolored with navy background silk scarf tied like a necklace, teardrop shaped pearl earrings.

    • Ekaterin Nile :

      I’m wearing a gray sleeveless Calvin Klein dress (with four side pleats), a striped BB button-front shirt underneath (gray/black stripes), black tights, and black very slight platform pumps (Cole Haan).

      It’s the first time I’ve tried the shirt-under-dress concept, and I’m not sure about it.

      • Navy wool ruffled jacket from JCrew, red sweater tank from Talbots, and the red/navy geometic floral skirt (canvas like fabric) from Boden. Red “prixie” shoes from P.LaVictoire, silver watch and bracelet, white gold wedding rings, silver collar (James Avery, ancient) with a heart shaped grey mabe pearl pendant (Maui Divers), grey mabe pearl and silver filigree earrings (Argenta Silver).

        Looking forward to fall making another appearance tomorrow, these 20-30 degree swings are normal for us this time of eyar here, but wreck havoc on the wardrobe!

        • Tan corderoy knee length skirt, white long sleeve tee, purple cashmere cardigan, brown pumps. This has been a TERRIBLE outfit week for me — just totally uninspired. It may have something to do with my impending cold, or with the fact that I have a huge pile of ironing to attend to before I get my wardrobe back.

          (Sorry for the ELLEN-style caps, btw.)

      • I recently tried the shirt-under-dress with a scoop neck gray sheath dress (the Allora from J.crew) and a light green pinstripe shirt and nude heels. I have to say I loved the effect – I felt bookishly on my game and got compliments all day. I’ll be trying it again!

        • Ekaterin Nile :

          I definitely liked having my arms covered without having to wear a cardigan. And nobody recoiled in horror upon seeing me . . .

    • Pink, purple and forest green argyle sweater with a white tee, grey skirt (Old Navy – awesome value), purple tights and black flats that I really dislike but decided to deal with. My nails are still a subtle purple from being a bridesmaid this weekend, and am wearing the drop pearl earrings the bride gave us.

    • Research, Not Law :

      Dark wash jeans, aubergine cap-sleeve v-neck sweater, and black cardigan. Toddler had a rough morning, so accessories didn’t happen.

  13. Can anyone recommend a standing desk? I’m looking to purchase an inexpensive one.

    • Geek Desk! I love mine. It is sit/stand and moves around with a button (needs an outlet).

      • Looks awesome but totally out of my price range. :( I was hoping for under $200.

    • Not sure what inexpensive is.

      I saw some recommendations in the past week for Geek Desk, Anthro Elevate, and the Herman Miller electric lift desk. I think Geek Desk is cheapest of this bunch. These are all motorized, so you can easily adjust them from standing to sitting and back.

      Someone else recommended the Ikea Frederik with the shelf set at a standing height. It’s technically adjustable, but you’re not going to switch it back and forth easily during the day.

      TreadDesk also sells adjustable and stationary standing height desks.

      If you want one that stays standing all the time, then you just need legs or file cabinets the right height and a laminate desktop.

      Not a standing desk, but OneLessDesk is elegantly beautiful. :-)

    • Ikea Fredrik Work Station. You can’t go wrong for $149.

    • Thanks guys! It will be a supplement to my normal desk, not a replacement, so the Ikea one looks great.

  14. Diana Barry :

    Threadjack – can anyone help me to find bras in large cup sizes for not too expensive?

    I am almost 15 weeks and busting out of current bras (34E-F), and I need some 34Fs or Gs. Are there any with stretch such that they would fit if/when my boobs grow more? (I am anticipating 2 more cup sizes of growth through this pregnancy.) Is it possible to find them for less than $50 (more like $30?)?

    • Check out barenecessities dot com. You can search by price and they have a wide selection. Nordstrom’s sale may also have good deals.

      For under $50 (full price), my favorites are Wacoal. The full cup ones with lace stretch enough to accommodate my monthly fluctuations, but probably not a full cup size.

    • I am basically your current size and was surprised to see that Nordstrom Rack online had a few options in my size and larger.

    • herroom dot com has some good sale options and a wide range of sizes.

    • Seattleite :

      It’s been a long time, but IIRC my nursing bras had adjustable cups. Maybe just buy those now?

  15. SoCal Gator :

    I love that jacket and own so many great pieces from White House Black Market. My favorite WHBM jacket is a burgandy strech corduroy jacket. It’s on sale!

    • just Karen :

      Love it! How is the sizing? It looks short on the model, but she might be 6 feet and 100 pounds…

  16. Tired Squared :

    Whoever was asking about hair dyeing last week inspired me to get my hair henna-ed this morning. I have today off until early afternoon, so I’m curled up with my cat and a head-wrap full of henna! Can’t wait to wash it out and see my new reddish-black color…

  17. MlleCroissant :

    Do you all think ponte is too casual for work in a relatively conservative office? It’s so comfortable but I worry that it looks like I’m trying to get by wearing sweats! I bought tahari ponte slacks yesterday and am wearing them today, but I’m not totally sure about them…

    • MissJackson :

      I think that ponte skirts and dresses are perfectly appropriate. For some reason, I’m not so sure about pants. I’ve never even tried ponte pants on, though.

    • karenpadi :

      I think it’s great in the Silicon Valley–structured without being formal. I know it wouldn’t fly in New York or the South but I am thankful that Kat included a business casual item for those of us who can’t dress up in the office without being asked where we are interviewing.

  18. Which one is “the” skirt? Ponte knit or seamed? And do people usually size down from say, a BR or JCrew size? Reviews seem to be saying size down. I want one.

    • I sized down from J.crew/BR. I’m a 12 and got a 10 in the skirt. I would just look for “seamed pencil skirt” on nordstrom and that’s the one. I got it in the pink and it’s gorgeous!

    • just Karen :

      It is the seamed one – the one labeled ponte knit is unlined. I got the skirt on sale in two colors last month and already have another one on order. It absolutely lives up to all of the hype. My recommendation on sizing is to look at the Halogen sizing chart, and then size down one from what it says.

  19. Posting a review of the JCrew tall memo dress. Will post the link in a following post so as not to be stuck in moderation.

    When Jcrew had the discount code for 25% off a couple weeks ago I got the dress in a size 8 tall in peacock feather. It is an absolutely beautiful color but sadly the dress did not fit well. I usually really like Jcrew talls for suit jackets since its the same size in width as the normal size but just longer length and sleeve. Not so with this dress. It’s definitely about an inch or two wider than a similar dress I have from Jcrew in a regular size 8. I suppose I could reorder the size 6 but the sale is done so I will just be sending the dress back.

    For reference, I am 5’10” and 150 and sadly lack curves. I usually take a size 8 pretty much everywhere.

    • And this is the dress

      • Dang, I really want this dress… thanks for posting! I’ll consider ordering it before final sale (if that ever happens).

      • I think if you just do an exchange by mail, you’ll still get the sale price. they’ll send you a dress in the new size at no additional charge.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Bette, J.Crew sizing is very inconsistent, so the size chart is useless. Before I order anything, I always call or chat with customer service. They have the actual measurements for every item they sell, so you just say “what are the measurements for item #### in sizes 6 and 8” and they will have the length, hips, waist, and often sleeve length in inches.

      • thanks. i need to just bite the bullet and take my measurements. right now i basically do the “guess and check” method of online shopping.

    • I got the Memo dress on sale too. The size 6 was fine, consistent with AT/Talbots for me. It fits nicely too, and the color (warm sienna) is a good neutral. BUT the v-neck is just weirdly low, not appropriate for my fairly conservative office. I tried wrapping a silk scarf into it (if that makes sense) but it just seems fussy. Really wanted to love the dress, and it’s so close, but I feel like if I wear it to work Ellen’s boss will be trying to look down my front all day!

  20. 20th Century, Esq. :

    Does anyone know of a good rolling briefcase? I am not concerned with price, just durability. It would be to carry legal sized paper files and to endure outside wintertime.

    • Try Tumi. Tres expensive (and manish) but tough. Could probably survive being dropped out of an airplane at 30,000 ft without a parachute.

      • Here is a link. Many choices.

    • Second the rec for Tumi. I believe they have a really good warranty, on the off chance it doesn’t prove to be durable enough, but I think Tumi is really the best brand out there for durable luggage.

  21. Dear Corporettes,

    I have a bit of a problem. I work in a small regional office which is part of a large international business. I have a very close relationship with my boss and his partner, who also works with the firm. They are friends as well as superiors and people who have taken the time to mentor me and develop me over the past year.

    They have taken…let’s just say…A LOT of interest in all aspects of my development – including the fact that I am…well…if this was a period novel…’a spinster with few prospects.’ Now my boss’ partner is trying to begin to resolve this situation by setting me up on a date with my boss’ BROTHER. She has mentioned it on a number of occasions since August and I have generally been like, ‘well, I’m not really sure as he is my boss’ brother and that’s not something I feel comfortable with.’ She has usually responded to this with comments like ‘well, you’re not exactly marrying him, it’s dinner!’ To be perfectly honest, I do not think this person is my type anyway, so regardless I would not want to date him but I cannot exactly say that.

    Anyway this evening I basically found myself in a situation where my boss’ brother texted me with a dinner invite. I haven’t responded and am sort of freaking out because I do not know how to respond. i don’t really want to go – but if I don’t, will I then jepordize my good relationship with my bosses?

    For what it is worth, I am a pretty conservative person and haven’t given out any vibes to this individual who I have met on a number of social occasions. I am super stressed right now and need some advice

    • OMG, that is so inappropriate. I am so sorry you’re in this situation.

      I don’t know exactly what you should do, but I know what you shouldn’t do. Don’t agree to go on the date. Going on the date would only make the entire situation worse.

      In the future, I would respond to every insinuation or suggestion about your dating life with “I prefer not to discuss my personal life with work colleagues.” And stick to that, no matter what.

    • Bursting out :

      If he proposed a particularly date, maybe you could say that you’re out of town/ swamped with a family or personal event that day?

      If it was a more general ‘we should get together,’ maybe you could thank him for his kind invitation (key! since he reached out and he is the boss’s bro), but suggest that you have recently become smitten with someone and want to see where it goes… This option would, of course, require that you no longer discuss your personal life with your boss, other that to make vague references to the one you’re smitten with.

    • For what it’s worth, and this will probably be an unpopular opinion, I think you should go to dinner. I’m of the “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs” persuasion, and you never know – you might like this guy in a one on one setting.

      And then if you still don’t want to date him, you can say really complimentary things like, “Thanks for thinking of me, he’s such a nice/good looking/smart guy, but just not a match for me,” when your boss’s partner brings it up, and she will.

      • I disagree. Sometimes people take it very personally when it doesn’t work out – even if you are very nice about it. My sister was set up on a blind date, and she wasn’t attracted to the guy and didn’t want to pursue it further. The couple who had set her up on the blind date was disappointed and hurt that it didn’t work out, and the whole situation put a damper on their friendship with her. It could be a million times worse with your boss’s brother! Don’t put yourself through that. Just decline. His brother should understand that this is an awkward situation for you. This is just not a good idea. There is a very slim chance that this would benefit you and a very large chance that it would add more unwanted drama to your life.

    • Agreed, this is inappropriate. That said, if it were me I might consider going on the date. Hear me out: it might build goodwill for you to go on the date, be nice and polite, and report back to the boss and partner that you had a lovely time but you’re just not a match, romantically. Obviously this is not a suggestion that you do anything physically, or do anything more than just coffee or a meal (I wouldn’t choose to go out for just drinks, personally). This may very well end up being the case, and maybe the guy is nice enough that you’d want to be friends with him.

      Also, keep in mind that you don’t know where the brother is coming from. He might also feel forced by his sister into going on a date with you and may not be particularly into it either. While I personally would hope for a recreation of the blind date scene from “Better Off Dead”, in reality the two of you might actually be on the same page — just doing it as a favor to the (wholly inappropriate, but probably well-meaning) boss/sister — and at worst will have to suffer through a few hours of polite but meaningless conversation.

    • Research, Not Law :

      Does boss know? If I’m following correctly, boss’ partner set you up, so baybe boss can help you out of it. Since they know you and their brother, maybe they’ll agree that you’re not compatible?

      Geez, I’m sorry. I have no read advice. What a bizarre situation. I had a coworker try it on me with another coworker’s son, but managed to dodge long enough.

      I think I’d meet him for coffee, but more out of curiosity. It seems polite, but I have no idea what’s “correct” or safest in this situation. I’d think you could tell boss that he seemed great but that you’re just not interested in a relationship right now… although, you’ve probably tried that… I’ve only been on one blind date, and I married him, so I’ve never had to tell the matchmaker it didn’t work.

  22. Ballerina Girl :

    I have been experiencing some major (if you’ll excuse me) bloating problems lately. It seems like my clothes fit differently from one day to the next and I can’t figure out what’s causing it or how to stop it. Any suggestions or ideas? It’s all in the lower abdominal area. Sigh.

    • Drink as much water with lemon as possible. As in you should be taking a bathroom break at least every hour. Lemon is a natural diaretic and will help with the bloating.

    • I had this problem a couple of months ago. Watermelon helps, assuming you like watermelon.

    • Maybe you have a gluten allergy– bloating is one of the most common symptoms. If that’s the case, the best way to get rid of it is to stop eating gluten. You may want to cut it out of your diet for 2-4 weeks to see if you notice any difference, and if not you can add it back in.

    • AnonInfinity :

      I started having bloating issues, then stomach problems a couple of years ago. Turns out, I developed an intolerance to lactose, which is relatively common as people age. Maybe try cutting out dairy for a few days and see if that helps.

  23. Karen Bee :

    I just wanted to mention that I own this jacket in a purple color(maybe it is a copycat or a few seasons ago, since it was only $40 at TJMaxx). For fuller figures, it is very flattering. I wear it for more “casual” non-court days at the office, or with my LBD for those business/cocktail functions that are hard to dress for.

    I got it in size 16 and it fits perfectly. Even the sleeves are long enough (I am almost 5’10”) and the jacket makes for a very feminine hourglassy shape. I love it!

  24. I posted this somewhere else before but was advise this post might get more feedback here. So here we go…

    Sorry for the thread jack but I am hoping to get some opinions from especially the more senior women here:
    I am relatively early in my career and have been with the my current employer for a little over a year. Our department is small with only 3 professionals including myself. One of my colleagues left about 2 months ago so we are currently only two people but have plans to hire a replacement which will likely not happen before February of next year. Ever since my colleague left, who was one position above me, I have assumed 80% of his old responsibilitie ( and the rest just doesnt get done right now, mainly relationship type things). My workload has definitely increased though I usually get it done in my typical work day. My boss meanwhile trys to keep many things off my desk, he says, to make sure I get along with the new workload. Now here is my question: do you think it would be justified for me to ask for a raise when review time comes around ( which won’t be before march)? (Or would it even look reasonable to do this earlier?) At that point I will have had these additional responsibilities for about 6 months and will have been with the firm for about 1.5 years. From what I heard my company does not give raises or promotions unless employees ‘demand’ it or are about to leave. I for my part have no experience in these types of discussions and generally, like probably many females, don’t like talking about money. At the same time I am working in a very male dominated industry and don’t want to be walked all over because I did not say anything.

    Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any type of feedback.

  25. Review time should also be raise/bonus time. Be sure to document how your workload has increased over the year, what new skills you bring to the table and your achievements.

    I’ve seen some of my female colleagues let the negative part of the review (there will be one) dissuade them from asking for a raise. Any good review will have things to work on. Accept those and commit to working on them AND tell them that they need to pay you more.

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