Weekend Open Thread

The North Face 'Liana' Insulated Jacket (Nordstrom Exclusive) | CorporetteSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Happy Weekend! I’ve historically been against puffer coats — but this one is barely puffy at all. Still, with a brand like North Face behind it, I’m sure it’s nice and toasty. I like the fitted style, also; it looks great for zipping around town on the weekend or for a casual day at work. It’s available in three colors, sizes XS-XL. It’s part of the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom — it’s currently marked to $138, but after the sale it will be $185. The North Face ‘Liana’ Insulated Jacket (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Psst: See our early access NAS picks and also today’s NAS roundup for more!



  1. Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s and North Face and Nordstrom’s! What a great way to start the weekend, even with a puffey jacket!!! Doubel Yay!

    I am prepareing to go to Ocean City NJ with Myrna next week, where we will ride bicycle’s on the beach’s boardwalk and do other things in a town that suposedly is non-alchocholic. The last thing we want are drunken guys comeing up to us slobbering with bad breathe from beer and wanteing for us to be their girlfreind’s. FOOEY ON THAT! We found this place b/c we were lookeing for a beach type place without all of the partyeing and drinkeing that is in the Hamton’s and also without old hornbag’s like the manageing partner’s brother sticking his hand’s under my batheing suit to protect me from UVA and UBV sun ray’s. DOUBEL FOOEY — He was just tryeing to feel where he did NOT belong. I am NOT married to him nor am I even dateing him. Otherwise I would NOT compleain about that. But he is still married tecknically, so he could still do that with his wife, but he specifically told me his wife wants him OUT forever. No wonder. How could she get anything done at home with him sticking his sweatey hands all over the place. Dad has to meet him tomorrow when I am there, and I realy do NOT want to have to explain anything to those two sitting there stareing at me. TRIPEL FOOEY!

    It will be peaceful next week in New Jersey, I hope, and the manageing partner promised NOT to call or text unless no one in the office can handel it. I have already made my billeing quota through the end of the month, so that is NOT a probelem, and my social life is stuck in NEWTRAL, but mabye I will meet a Romanian Prince who does NOT like to drink who can sweep me off of my feet! Don’t I wish!!!!! More likely, we will be beseeched by a bunch of greazy local townie’s who will pressure us to do thing’s for and to them we do NOT want to do, just b/c we are from NY City and are big city gals. We can deal with that type of loosers if we have to.

    I will try to p’ost from NJ, but am not sure about the wifi. I can use my iphone if I have to but the screen is to small for good workeing condition’s. Appel, are you listening? Make the Iphone bigger and I will upgrade. After all, we should do that with men all the time! Happy weekend to Kat, Kate and the entire HIVE! DOUBEL YAY!

  2. Anon in NYC :

    Just what I want in July! But seriously, I will want this come October. Cute find!

    • This isn’t bad, but last winter was so cold that I am wanting an even longer version of a puffy coat (which I think that LE and NF both have). Anyone have some thoughts on those? I am even plan to buy early so that I can get a good color before other people do.

      • My daughter has a mid-thigh puffy coat from Lands’ End that looks good on her. The below-knee lengths from LE are a little iffy; I think they can be dowdy (but may be worth it in a cold climate). My mom has a knee-length North Face that my SIL gave her and it’s beautiful.

      • Anon in NYC :

        A friend has one. It’s not the most professional looking coat, but when it’s that cold out, who cares?

      • The longer the coat, the warmer it will be. I think a knee length (as opposed to mid thigh) is probably a good length and was what I used in MN for this past winter. And bought a new knee length down coat from LE at the end of the season (on sale), mostly because I was so damn sick of the current one I had.

        The down fill measurement is also important as far as warmth. LE will usually give a temp range for its coats to give you an idea about the temp range it will be good for. If you live in the NE or upper Midwest, I think it’s an appropriate investment in winter outerwear.

        • I am a complete tenderfoot. In the southeast. But I freeze if I am having to be outside standing around (not a problem in my pre-kid life, but I just cannot keep warm if I take them to a park and they aren’t quite old enough where I can run laps or something while they play on the playground). And they can’t keep up with my walking pace, so even if we are walking somewhere, they are moving fast enough to stay warm and I freeze.

          [I freeze in the office, too. I need to live in the South of France, for this and many other reasons.]

        • SuziStockbroker :

          Canada Goose, calf length. Not cheap but worth every penny this past winter.

          • I have seen people wearing those and they look totally worth it (but slight overkill and probably more of a status symbol where I live in the South of the UK,)

      • Equity's Darling :

        I live in a city that can get very cold. I love my Patagonia tres-in-one parka, and it’s about knee length.

        It is sucha versatile coat. While not cheap, it has been worth every penny. The down liner looks quite a lot like this coat, is not very puffy, and it’s probably appropriate to -10C or so. The shell is great in the spring. Together, they keep me toasty in -40C, it’s great at blocking wind, snow, etc.

        • Another vote for the Tres-in-one parka. Not cheap, but worth every penny, and it holds up well.

          As a bonus – mine is black, and because it is a sleek exterior, I feel completely comfortable wearing it with business-formal clothing/to business-formal occasions in the winter. I don’t think it looks at all out of place with a suit and sleek boots underneath.

      • I have a coat this length from LE and it keeps me warm in DC winters. I have thougth about getting something longer that I could wear with a suit. When it’s really cold I give up on looks and laugh at the people who are shivering because they’re trying to look cute.

    • Well, we ARE in the midst of another polar vortex.

  3. This is probably a 20 to 30 deg coat (IMO). It’s lightweight and thin and will have some warmth, but I would want a heavier weight for anything below 20 deg F.

    • Seattle Freeze :

      More like 30 – 40 degrees – it looks just like the liner to my North Face 3 in 1 coat, and the liner alone is fine for a PNW winter, where it rarely gets below freezing. I wouldn’t wear the liner (or this coat) to the mountains in the winter, or expect it to be very warm in a colder climate. The liner plus shell is very warm, perfect for below freezing weather.

      • Well, admittedly, my perception of cold is skewed. Mid to high 20s are almost balmy in my book (especially after this last winter). Though, it’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

        • Seattle Freeze :

          Yup – I grew up in the far north on Lake Superior – it doesn’t get cold here, just a little chilly :) What I meant was that this coat, like my North Face liner, isn’t that warm – too little filling, polyester not down.

    • What worries me about this as a winter coat (rather than fall) is that it doesn’t look like you could fit many layers underneath it. If a jacket can’t fit over my bulky winter layers, we’re not going to get along.

  4. Today I tried an experiment where I had a bigger breakfast than usual (2 eggs, scrambled, 2 slices of toast, baked beans, and a couple of slices of sandwich ham) to see if it meant I could skip my mid-morning snack.

    Not only did I not feel the need for a mid-morning snack, I also didn’t get shaky at 3.30 as I usually do, so it helped me stay ready to go all day.

    I’m converted.

    • Breakfast :

      I AM the most important meal of the day. Your mom wasn’t lying to you.

      • I’m oddly excited that meals are now stopping by to comment.

        • Michael: What do we always says is the most important thing?

          George Michael: Breakfast.

          Michael: Family.

          George Michael: I thought you meant of the things we eat.

        • Seattle Freeze :

          If happy hour would like to stop by, I’ll chat!

  5. Has anyone bought a wedding dress (or any dress) from BHLDN? Yay or nay on quality, customer service, whatnot? I’m going to try on some dresses in their Houston flagship next weekend.

    • have not purchased but ive been to one of the stores and the quality seems great. :) there are some really gorgeous dresses

    • My wedding dress was BHLDN (the Modern Mythology Gown). I didn’t actually make it to the store until after my wedding — I was out of state and was pretty sure I’d have anxiety issues with the bridal salon concept anyway, so my mom ordered several dresses, and I tried them on with her. I was pretty impressed with the quality of all of the dresses, and I LOVED mine. And it had straps!

      My bridesmaids wore BHLDN too, and both Houston-based ladies tried on their dresses at the store and had great experiences — one went back there for her own wedding dress. Another bridesmaid forgot to order her dress before it sold out online, and customer service helped her track one down (and suggested several replacement wardrobe strategies if they couldn’t track one down).

      My mom also bought her dress from BHLDN and was very happy with the style and quality (and price, as she managed to get it on super sale).

      I swear, I didn’t set out to have an all-BHLDN wedding. It just happened!

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      I can’t add anything on quality as I haven’t actually seen any in real life, but I absolutely love the look of their dresses. Please report back after you try some on to satisfy my curiosity as to if they’re as pretty in person as they are online.

    • They have very good customer service! I bought a wedding gown from them online. It was nude for me lace that featured pewter colored rosettes. Gorgeous. The only problem was that the lace laid over my b__bs in such a way that it looked like I had pewter n_pples. And they were pointing in different directions! Once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it. My friend and I laughed so hard that my husband insisted on coming into our room to check it out. So obviously I sent it back, and I even described why to them. They took it back no questions asked. Go for it. Just watch out for rosettes!

    • My earrings were from BHLDN and I lovveeeed them. I chatted with a customer service rep who was very helpful before buying.

  6. has anyone bought carolinna espinosa shoes and comment on quality etc?

    • I have two pairs. After buying the first — nude patent, I went looking for others because I found them so comfortable and well-constructed. I bought two more pairs — black patent and a fabric shoe. As it turned out, the patent really cut my feet (as many patent shoes do), so I returned the unworn patent pair, but kept the fabric shoes. I am very pleased. They are extremely well-balanced, at least for me.

  7. this anniversary sale is the worse thing to happen to my wallet. How comfortable are Frye boots? Do they take a lot of breaking in? I’m in NYC (read: lots of walking) and wandering Europe in the fall (more walking) and they’re so pretty but I’m not sure how practical…

    • anecdotal :

      No direct experience but my boyfriend got a pair and they were a disaster. The biggest problem (for him) was that the leather folded under the toecap and hit his foot with every step. The company let him exchange the first pair for free, but the second pair had the same issue. Not sure if they’re just wrong for his feet, but caveat emptor.

    • I have the frye paige riding boots. Being all leather (leather inside, leather sole, leather upper), they are reasonably comfortable. Mine required very little breaking in and from the get-go, I was able to wear them for whole days of walking around the city. However, if you are only used to cushioned footbed, rubber soles, and synthetic uppers, they might not be very comfortable to you. The sole is a stiff leather, so if you are not used to how to wear those (you will walk a little different), that may be something to consider.

    • I have a few (flat, knee-high) pairs and I tend to agree with Nutella. They will take a little breaking in, but now I walk for miles in my flat pairs.

    • I have the Melissa Button and the Jane Strappy boots from Frye. The Melissas are stiff leather and they took a little breaking in, and I still have to wear them with very thick socks to prevent rubbing (but then I have very sensitive ankle skin), but I walk miles in them. I have taken them on trips where I walked a bunch and I thought they were great. The Janes were pebbled, soft leather, and while I still wear them with thick socks, they were immediately comfy. I also have Frye ballet flats in their softer leather and they didn’t take any breaking in at all.

      • I have the Melissa buttons too and have the same experience–irritation where the button snap hits on my ankle. The shoe is also a little stiff that I wouldn’t wear them for miles. They work for walking from the car to the restaurant, or standing all day at work, but my feet would be killing me if I walked in something that restrictive all day long.

    • I haven’t had any problems with my Frye boots and wear them all the time with skinny jeans and leggings. I do have to say that they are not very comfortable for all day walking because the soles are slippery and they are not cushioned.

    • I bought the Frye Courtney boot and couldn’t be happier. There was no breaking-in period and I’ve worn them all over NYC with no pain whatsoever.

    • I hate them – majorly uncomfortable. Quality is great but far too much breaking required for my taste.

  8. kristi_midwest :

    I have tried on this in black and navy: http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-quilted-insulator-parka/id_257399
    which is surprisingly flattering and more stylish that one would think, it would be a great option for a “light winter good” as in 10-20 degree weather

  9. Anonymous :

    I am considering buying a condo that is in the process of being built. Any horror stories to share? Any specific questions you wish you had asked?

    • Be prepared for the possibility of construction defect lawsuits that will require extra HOA assessments. I wish I’d researched the record of the contractor/owner before buying ours – not sure if the red flags would have kept us from buying it, but the shock would not have been so large.

      • I’m late to post but I’m a claims examiner doing CD work. Personally – I would be VERY hesitant to purchase a new build condominium these days. Check the record of your developer and be extremely cautious and detail focused. The models tend to looks great and the condo may look great when you move in but you can basically expect some sort of litigation right before the SOL is up.

    • The developer goes bankrupt and you lose your deposit and don’t get a condo. Or they can’t sell enough units and the rest of the building is rentals (of people paying less than you) when the builder’s bank takes the project over. I think you can google a lot of horror stories.

      Your location (city and within the city) matters, as does your local economy. I can think some 2001-2004-era inventory that was incredibly under-priced, so YMMV.

    • Senior A t t orney :

      Here’s my horror story: Many years ago I (well, my husband before we were married, but I moved in shortly thereafter) bought a condo that had been built on landfill that turned out not to have been properly compacted. There were issues with the fill settling and causing cracks in the building. Lawsuits, depressed property values for years. We were able to sell and get out because it was a crazy hot real estate market but we still lost a bunch of money. Ultimately the value came back but it was a long road and a lot of people lost a lot of money.

      I wouldn’t buy new construction of any kind because I don’t trust the builders not to cut corners. I litigated too many construction defect cases back in the day…

  10. Sydney Bristow :

    Sorry for another wedding planning question. Does anyone have a recommendation for a wedding dress shop in NYC?

    I’m a little nervous about the whole dress shopping experience. I wear a size 14 or 16 in street clothes so I don’t want to go somewhere that only has the small sample size. I’m also looking for something that isn’t poofy or strapless and my budget is around $1000 (maybe $1500 tops). I’ll be shopping with my stepmom and future mother in law. Any recommendations for somewhere with great service that might have larger samples and dresses in that price range?

    • Sydney, no specific experience to share here, but the anthropologie store on 3rd avenue and 70th has a BHLDN boutique and lots of dresses to try. You may want to call ahead to make sure but from what I’ve seen there should be some beautiful ones that meet your criteria. Their customer service has always been lovely.

      Whatever you do I would recommend bypassing the whole Kleinfeld’s experience. It used to be awesome when it wasn’t on TV and was still out in Brooklyn, but it’s a bit of a zoo now. I went with a friend and it was all a bit of a disaster area – dresses in horrible shape, lots of people who just want to see it from the TV show, pushy sales people, etc.

      PS: How exciting! Congrats!

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Thanks AIMS! I was planning to avoid Kleinfelds because I’m just not into the craziness factor and it looks nuts there. The cheapest dress they have is $1800 anyway and I’m way too overwhelmed by their sales.

        I didn’t realize the Anthropologie store had the dresses there. I’ll have to check that out.

      • Congrats! Maybe try the Demetrios boutique in Macy’s? They have a ton of dresses of all kinds… I started there because someone I know had a f&f discount there and while I wounds up getting my dress elsewhere it was only after winnowing down what I wanted at Demetrios. Good luck!

    • Kleinfelds :

      Take the subway. You can try on a few of everything.

      Oops – I see we’re done with Kleinfelds. I used them in 1989/90 and it was great. I guess I am showing my age…

      • A friend of mine almost got married in 2003/04 (long story) and needed a wedding dress on relatively short turn around time and with certain restrictions (long sleeve & modest). I remember going with her to Kleinfeld’s in Brooklyn and finding the perfect thing, within budget, amidst hundreds, if not thousands, of gorgeous dresses. Very different experience in 2011 when another friend was shopping for a wedding dress. It’s too bad really.

    • Not Jcrew. Oddly the Soho location was fine, but when they consolidated in the ‘wedding boutique’ uptown it became a total nightmare.
      Macy’s, LaSposa, and Bridal Garden will all have dresses in your budget/size range. Bridal Garden was a bit crazy but a large selection and cheap for what you get. I really liked Desginer Loft. When I went it was practically empty (Sunday) and they let me try on anything I liked. Not the largest selection, but definitely very reasonable prices.

    • saja has amazing dresses. not sure of their plus size selection.

    • RK bridal, for sure. Huge selection at/under $1k. Huge variety of sizes. Good luck! Get there early (first come, first served).

    • http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/adrianna-papell-dress-cap-sleeve-pleated-empire-waist-tiered-gown?ID=643762&pla_country=US&CAWELAID=120156340000614154&CAGPSPN=pla&cm_mmc=Google_Womens_PLA-_-Adchemy+-+Ready+to+Wear+-+Dresses+-+PLA-_-27313932421_adc_pg_305_11057_51dc8eaae4b0a3ee5b28b137_27313932421_c-_-_mkwid_886732244062USA%7Cdc_27313932421%7C-%7C886732244062USA

      Sidney, I have been following your comments on wedding planning, and it sounds like we have a lot in common as far as staying on budget and avoiding crazy cost creep. I wasn’t interested in the wedding dress salons, and ended up ordering this dress, in a petite size, which was the perfect length for 5’6 me. I generally have a terrible time fitting into dresses and this was a miracle for me. I worried up until the final day that the dress wasn’t “bridal” enough, but with a long fancy veil, it was perfect. Also, the sizes are regular sizes, not special wedding sizes. So just a nod to buying a regular dress online and avoiding the crazy. It was one of the best decisions I made on the wedding, as far as avoiding stress and not having a $1500 pile of taffeta to store in my closet for the rest of my life.

      • I had a great experience at amsale. Just a really lovely serene place. Of course it only works if her dresses suit your style and budget.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Thank you for all of the suggestions! I hadn’t heard of a few of them so all your suggestions were very helpful.

  11. Ladies, I need some major help. I am looking to lateral as a junior corporate associate. I’ve had a couple of phone interviews but the process seems to stop there. I don’t know what is wrong. Are there just more qualified candidates or am I butchering my phone interviews? What is the hiring person looking for? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • The lateral market for junior associates is terrible. Awful. Very bad. Its because most listings for “junior” positions get tons of applicants with several more years of experience than requested – I actually think this is a strategy the firms are using to hire more experienced attorneys but pay them less because they were “looking” for someone junior.

      You will probably do a TON of interviews before anything comes of it. You have got to be patient and develop a very thick skin for rejection (and focus on where you currently work so you get good experience and have good references.) But, if you really are worried about it, get a friend (or possibly a recruiter you’re working with) to do a practice interview with you and get advice.

      But honestly, its hard out there for young associates. Be happy you have a job now and be patient with the job search. Something will happen eventually.

      • Diana Barry :

        OH HAI LADY

        WE MISS YOU

        • Yes indeed tcfkag you have been missed!
          Signed, general lurker occasionally under handles, and who misses reg commenters like you

  12. Lady Tetra :

    Speaking of BHLDN, does anyone know about sizing, specifically of the Annabelle dress? I’m a 14/16 pear, and I’m thinking of ordering the 14, 16 and 18 and see what works.

    • I don’t, but I hope you’ll report back with the results of your experiment. I love the look of their dresses and I am in about the same boat.

  13. MovingToNYCAnon :

    Hi everyone, I am moving to NYC next month to start an LLM program. It is only one year and after that I have a job lined up in Houston. I’m from the south and have received conflicting advice on what I need to survive a NYC winter. Are snow boots a must or can I survive in wellies (Kamik) with thick socks? I’ve seen a recommendation for La Canadienne Romana boots on some of the other posts on this site but they seem awfully expensive given that (1) I will most likely never have the opportunity to wear them again after this upcoming winter (not much of a winter to worry about in Houston!) and (2) I won’t have a salary for the next year since I am going back to school. Also what kind of coat do I need to have? I have a puffy black coat but it is only waist length. Think I need to invest in a warmer and longer mid-thigh or knee-length jacket to get through the winter or can I make my current coat work for one season in NYC? I lived through the beginning of a Russian winter and the end of an Austrian one but I was a college student so it was a long time ago. I am mostly worried about appropriate weather gear since I will be doing all of my commuting on foot! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • You need snow boots, but they don’t have to be expensive. I bought Sportos for about $70 three winters ago, and they’re still going strong. If you do buy La Canadiennes, you can always sell them on eBay after the winter. And you need a hip-or-thigh-length, or longer, puffy coat or insulated wool coat. We do sometimes have relatively mild winters, so the waist-length jacket might possibly be enough, but there’s always a decent amount of snow and some super-cold days.

    • Get snow boots. They don’t need to be serious Sorel types, but something geared towards snow specifically – and then sell them when the season’s over if you don’t think you will need them again. Wellies + socks are not a substitute if there is frequent snow fall and cold – cold does stuff to rubber. And unless you are working and need formal business attire I don’t think you need to go as upscale as La Canadiennes, I’d be more inclined to look at a Columbia/North Face/REI/Lands End type boot. Or a hiking shoe/boat to give you traction in the snow. Get it in a subdued color without frou frou on the top and it won’t register that you are wearing snow boots.

      Get a winter coat that covers your butt, and that is roomy enough to wear a couple layers (more than a t-shirt or thin sweater). A waist length coat is better than nothing, but it makes such a difference to have the gluteus covered (sitting on cold things, keep the wind from sneaking up the back of your coat, general heat loss from uncovered body parts). Mid thigh at least, maybe knee length if you think you’ll be prone to getting cold. Again, sell it at the end of the season if you don’t think you’ll use it when you get home.

      Hat/mittens/scarf – they are your friends. Make sure your purse/bookbag will fit over your coat- sometimes the handles don’t have a long enough drop to fit over your shoulder when you add in the bulk of the coat. Sunglasses – the coldest days are also the sunniest (at least out here in prairie land).

      • And on the Ramonas – those aren’t snow boots. They are dress boots that may do well in the snow, but they aren’t snow boots.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I made it 3 years without buying snow boots and just bought them this past winter. So I don’t think they are an absolute must, but you might want them.

      As for the coat, you really might want a longer one. I had a knee length wool coat from Old Navy that was inexpensive and worked fine with lots of layers underneath.

      • +1. Wait on the boots if you have Wellies and good fleece liners. I made it through 5 NYC winters with those and it was only this last one that it was just too cold and too snowy and my commute to the subway was a little longer that I needed actual snow boots. This is coming from someone who whips out the floor-length down coat as soon as it hits 40 degrees…

    • Honestly, it really depends on the winter. Last year’s was brutal, other year’s I barely wore anything beyond my regular fall coat.
      For an average winter to be comfortable and cover your bases I’d suggest a knee length puffy coat and some good boots. I don’t think snow boots are a must most winters (but again – it depends). I don’t think its available yet but JCrew Factory has a knee length puffy coat with hood that will serve you well on all but the coldest days and you can usually time it with a promo for $100 or so.
      If I were you, I would get the coat early enough but I wouldn’t get the snow boots unless it actually got snowy. Yes, the cutest ones might sell out but you’ll find something workable and you only need it to last one winter.

      • Ditto everything about it depending on the type of winter it is.

        Triple recommend waiting on the snow boots–I too survived many NYC winters without snow boots. Actually, I still don’t have any. I do have wonderful Aquatalia all weather boots which I love for being a tourist as I can walk into a nice restaurant but also not destroy them if it rains, and not slip if it’s snowy/icy. I only got those in 2012 so I’ve survived many more without them.

        If you have hiking boots or wellies as others mentioned, you might be okay.

    • Snow boot are nice, but a lot of people wear Hunter boots with the socks.

    • Anne Shirley :

      Zappos will get you snow boots next day. Wait and see how you do and then buy some. And La Canadiennes are lovely, but you are a student and DSW will have serviceable ones for $70.

    • Canadian Here :

      If you’re going to invest in one thing for a cold winter, boots are it. Warm and dry feet are priceless. Wet and cold feet are like a dementor slowly sucking out your soul from the ground up.
      I’ve had the same pair of Columbia boots for 10 years and they’re only just wearing down from the inside. Maybe try to find a gently used pair on eBay?

    • Killer Kitten Heels :

      I got Totes-brand snow boots from Sears for $40, and they were basically perfect for almost all of the winter last winter (they were 100% waterproof and stayed that way, but weren’t especially warm during the week-long stretches of sub-zero temps).

      If you’re only going to be here for a year, I think they’d probably be fine.

    • MovingToNYCAnon :

      Hey everyone, thanks for all the advice! I really appreciate all the responses!

  14. My husband gave me my modest solitaire engagement ring 7 years ago that he bought from a pretty big, longstanding jewelry store. It came with some sort of “ID” with a map of the stone and its classification info, etc. 3 moves later, the ID card is lost. I have only brought it to one jeweler where it was cleaned and tightened in my presence. I just went into a random jewelry store to ask for it to be tightened and the jeweler put some scanner over it and told me that it’s not a diamond, it’s a cubic zirconia. I didn’t know the jeweler, so I just said thanks and left with my ring. My husband had no idea. I don’t have a trusted jeweler — clearly — so how should I handle this to find out what the deal is?

    • They way they solved this problem on Perfect Strangers was to cut glass with it.

    • I’d try going back to the original store it came from, explain the circumstances and ask if they can examine the ring and provide another copy of the original paperwork. Alternatively, you can approach GIA directly to certify the stone – their website has a fee schedule and logistics for an examination.

    • Out of Place Engineer :

      Do you have access to a blacklight? A real diamond will glow/turn blue under a blacklight — unless it is super high quality — but a CZ won’t. For most other tests, you really need a jeweler to look at it. CZ weighs substantially more & has different conductive properties, so there are “scanners” out there that could test it. Definitely try another jeweler to take a look. If you really think that it is CZ, you might want to avoid the original store in case they do this on purpose.

      What does your husband say?

  15. Anonymous :

    What would you wear to…

    A presentation on something you’re working on directly to the CEO of your (Fortune 500), in an informal industry (somewhere between casual and business casual) at a company where most everyone you work with including the CEO wears jeans & tshirts almost every day?

    Mid 20s & early career, if age matters.

    • SuziStockbroker :

      I would wear some kind of a jacket and non blue jean pants.
      If its a fairly constructed jacket, a Tshirt underneath to make it less formal. You want to look a bit more formal than every day but it sounds like a suit would be too much, given your industry.

  16. SuziStockbroker :

    I have a client that dropped by today to pick up some documents. He kissed me on each cheek upon greeting me and saying goodbye.
    Is that weird?
    He’s never done that before and he has been a client for maybe a year. He was delivering some very exciting personal news and I was very happy for him.
    I do have some other clients that hug or kiss me but they tend to be older women, or they have been clients for over a decade. I can’t think of any other my age male clients that do this.

    I suspect I had a very derpy look on my face, as I was a little disconcerted.

    • Is he European, but living in the US long enough to generally not do the double cheek thing but got lost in the excitement of the person news and reverted to European manners?

    • Do you not know when you have been harassed or are you looking for permission to sleep with him?

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