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  • Lifehacker shares readers’ top five sites for buying eyeglasses. (Kat has also shared her tips on shopping for glasses online.)
  • Alyssa of Runway Chef shares the lighter, summer-friendly beauty products she starts using when hot weather arrives. Do you make your own switches?
  • Who What Wear offers 14 ideas for interview outfits. Their picks tend more toward the business casual side, so you also might want to check out our Guide to Basic Women’s Suiting for more interview-wear tips.
  • BuzzFeed Style introduces you to 18 body-positive style bloggers.
  • The WSJ advises you how to avoid buying something you’ll regret. One hint: beware “sale brain.” Do you have any wish-I-hadn’t-bought-it stories to share?
  • More useful info from Lifehacker: their list of the must-have iPhone apps. Check out their other recommendations (Mac, Android, and more) in the Lifehacker Pack series.
  • Business Insider reveals the differences between the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy regarding views on money (and making more of it).
  • NPR’s blog “The Salt” takes a look at the relationship between food and mood (pumpkin seeds, anyone?). Corporette guest poster Ruth More talked about stress eating in a 2011 post and offered tips to break the habit.

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  1. No article link on the first item.

    • Sorry about that — thank you for catching it. The image was linked but not the text — fixed now!

  2. Ok, I’m a couple years out of college and just starting to upgrade my workwear from Gap, Old Navy, Target, etc. NAS is calling my name, but holy crap, that cart total is literally 2 1/2 times my last shopping spree. Not that I can’t afford it, I guess I’m just having sticker shock. Help me pull the trigger?

  3. Word Choice? :

    The author of the buzzfeed article seems to equate body positivity to being overweight. Odd.

    • I had the exact same thought, and hate it.

    • Cream Tea :

      Also hate it.

      • Word Choice? :

        I was definitely taken aback. I was expecting to see apples and pears and hour glasses, and posters who not only post their own outfits but suggestions for people of other sizes and body types. I was so disappointed.

    • Holy crap. And not just a few extra pounds overweight, either.

      And that bit about hiding my wallet? I am far, far too small to fit anything these women are wearing.

      What a weird article.

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah, how dare anyone be positive about their body when they are *really* fat?

        • Cher Horowitz :

          I just saw this comment so I am guessing it was in moderation. Based on that and other comments that went into moderation in yesterday’s Coffee Break, it seems that “f a t” may send a comment to moderation now…

          • Cher Horowitz, Super Sleuth :

            “f a t” (no spaces) does indeed send comments into moderation

      • Cher Horowitz :

        That was way harsh, anon.

      • mintberrycrunch :

        … but clothes come in more than one size? And you can be inspired by the style of women who wear clothing that is in a different size than what you wear?

        I for one think these women look fierce.

    • I think it’s actually insulting to overweight women, because it assumes that overweight women are by default “body negative”, and that these featured women are the exceptions. I don’t think that’s true, and as demonstrated on yesterday’s thread, even a 5’4″ 125 lb. woman can be intensely body negative.

      • But couldn’t you flip that and say there isn’t a big *need* for “body positive” bloggers who are, say, size 4 or size 6, because society already has a positive view of women who are slim? If the writer had put together a list of thin bloggers and then called them body positive, people would probably say “Well of course they’re body positive — they’re skinny!”

        • I do see your point. There are plenty of thin women, however, whose bodies are far from supermodel perfect. The ideal body (whatever that is) may be correlated, in our society, with thinness, but not every thin body meets this ideal or is even close to it. (For example, a thin woman might be an amputee, or have cerebral palsy, or have scarring or disfigurement from illness or injury. For such a woman, being body positive is hardly a given).

          • Word Choice? :

            Sorry for so many posts, but I am physically disabled (very mildly so) and there is a blogger with my same disability and I find her inspiring. I think she would have been perfect for an article like this.

    • Are you all kidding me right now? Like, SERIOUSLY?

    • Anonynonynony :


      People wonder why so many commenters/readers have disappeared. Please see Exhibit number 576.

    • I was excited for the opportunity to see a range of shapes and sizes, but the range was narrower than I expected.

  4. Red Beagle :

    Did anyone else think that the giraffe print top and tweed skirt on the woman in the “what to wear for interviews” article was a clear “what not to wear” until they actually featured it as an option? No matter how casual, an in-your-face giraffe top is never interview-appropriate… Not that I don’t love giraffes!

    • I love those ideas, but I would never put it for interview! I work in very casual setting in which pretty anything goes (from suit to t-shirt worn with shorts and some sort of athletic shoes or sandals). Still, I will wear the styles pictured after working for a few months. Not for an interview, not for first weeks at work.

  5. I found the Business Insider article about rich and middle class weird and the conclusion even off. Yes, rich and middle class people have different mindsets about money, true, but this is self-evident that you don’t need to read an article to reach this. Now most of the mindsets of the millionaires the author points out are mindsets you will likely only adopt when you are already rich, or when you’re on your way to. I bet for some people with average income, adopting mindsets like 1-3 will rather earn you bankruptcy.

  6. Red Beagle :

    Well, I’ve gone ahead and pulled the trigger on a cheap pair of backup glasses from Zenni. This article was very timely as mid-week my contacts were bothering me and I found out the old glasses in my desk drawer that were there for backup just didn’t work anymore, rx-wise, so I was thinking about either having my optician put my current rx in my old frames (which wouldn’t have saved me much) or going online. $16 wayfarer style frames + my progressive lens, astygmatic prescription (hey, I’m over 40), total $60 plus shipping. We’ll see how that goes. I actually built a pair on 3 of the 5 sites featured and Zenni was the best deal for me.

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