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  • The Onion has put together a handy guide to fitting in exercise time at work — no special equipment required!
  • FiveThirtyEight wonders: how much does a woman’s hairstyle play a role in her success at work? (We hope that someday this can be an Onion story rather than a real one…)
  • The Atlantic reports on a recent analysis of 99 studies about how employees view female leaders. The seemingly positive results seem to paint a rosier picture than reality, however, as the article points out: “It seems that what really matters for female leaders is not whether they are ‘successful,’ but how they behave in their role. And when they behave more like men, female leaders haven’t made nearly as much progress as this study might imply.”
  • Everyone’s been dissecting Jill Abramson’s exit from the New York Times this week, from the Atlantic to New York magazine to Vox. Prime quote (from New York magazine): “Women never know whether they’re being met with a hostile reaction because of their performance — something that they can address and change — or because of both male and female colleagues’ internalized notions of how women should behave.”
  • Mint (via PopSugar Smart Living) shares several tips on how to move toward going paperless at home.

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  1. EduStudent :

    I loved the Onion article – thanks for making my day a bit more humorous :)

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