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  • Bloomberg Businessweek brings news of the latest menswear trend. Yes, the shorts suit. (We asked for your opinion on women’s shorts suits a few years ago… and it’s not too difficult to predict your opinions on this version.)
  • Ever look at an item of clothing that’s calling your name and wonder whether the sale price is the final markdown or if you might get an even better deal if you wait? Lifehacker shares several retailers’ secret price codes.
  • Do you have a messy purse? A perfectly organized one? Cosmo tells you what a peek inside your bag may say about you.
  • The Washington Post talks about warm-weather fashion vs. dress codes at work. Prime quote: “Interns and junior staffers are just clomping down the hall in their $5 Old Navy flip-flops.”
  • The New Yorker talks about women and negotiation tactics and how — like many workplace issues — women should tread carefully.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s At Work blog garners some job interview tips from a woman who’s been through 100 of them.
  • Essentialist or Nonessentialist: which one are you? The Harvard Business Review discusses the difference — and talks about the I’m-so-busy humblebrag.
  • From 100 job interviews to 12 weddings… DailyWorth (via PopSugar Smart Living) has some wedding-party tips from a woman who has been a bridesmaid a dozen times.

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  1. Back Home :

    FYI – When I followed the link to the Moms site (posted in the italics under the final bullet), all I see is a message about behind-the-scenes maintenance.

  2. Anonymous :

    I would never ever wear my Old Navy flip flops anywhere near the office, but I will say that if the issue is “clomping down the hall,” when I wear the flip flops running errands I make far less noise than the women schlapping through my office halls in slingbacks.

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