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  • Angie of YouLookFab shares a tip on stretching tight shoes a bit … with potatoes!
  • The WSJ tests three bags that can charge your phone while you’re out and about. Would you buy one?
  • The NYT reports on the new trend of upgrading the typical social-media selfies to, um, unique professional portraits. In what is likely to be the first time these words have been combined in a single sentence, the article reads, “For her Google+ profile, she wore a theatrical chain-mail top, complete with Kabuki-esque makeup and a gold circlet crown.” (The “she” in question is a software engineer in California.)
  • Above the Law looks at Vault’s latest ratings of the law firms where summer associates have the most fun.
  • The Muse shares Tim Ferriss’ list of nine bad work habits. How many of these do you often find yourself doing? Do you agree with the list?
  • Lifehacker has a tip on using Evernote to save notes and highlighted lines/sections from books you read on your Kindle.
  • Business Insider (via PopSugar Smart Living) provides a big list of discounts available to students, including deals from Amazon, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Apple, and the New York Times.
  • …And now for some humor for your Friday. Has a cat ever scratched your clothes and torn the fabric? Multiply that times 100 to get this story from the WSJ’s Japan Real Time blog, which sort of reads like something from the Onion.

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  1. But if you don’t take the picture yourself, it’s not a selfie. I don’t think “selfie” means “picture where I’m wearing weird clothing.”

    • Baconpancakes :

      My thought exactly. If you’re paying someone to managing clothing, makeup, lighting, and camera for you, you’re getting a portrait done, not taking a selfie.

      That’s ok, I’ve been considering getting portraits done myself, but some of these do seem kind of ridiculous. If you’re marketing your personal brand, don’t you want your brand to say “competent and professional” instead of “dark princess”? I don’t particularly want anyone connected to my professional life commenting “Va-va-voom” on my pictures. A friend of mine got hers done in a veering-casual-business-casual outfit, in front of a background of a wooden wall, her arms crossed, her body tilted away from the camera, her smile towards it. She looks in charge and professional but give herself a more approachable image. THAT’s what we want. No one should think “Princess” when they see your professional photos unless part of your uniform is actually a tiara.

    • Yes, I’m not sure why the Times called them “glamour selfies.” Slate’s blog The XX Factor posted a response — I don’t know if I’m buying it, though.


  2. Meg Murry :

    I don’t understand buying a special bag to charge your smartphone now that there are so many portable battery chargers out there. I have this one: http://amzn.com/B00EF1OGOG and it works great and fits in all but my very smallest purses. I got it right before a trip mainly so my son’s tablet wouldn’t run out of battery power on the plane if he used it the whole time, and pretty much everyone in my family used it at least once that trip. If it wasn’t for the trip, I was going to get one of the smaller ones that are more lipstick sized just to transfer from purse to purse.

    • I have a great portable battery charger from Powergen. They no longer have it on Amazon but it’s the best £19 I think I’ve ever spent.