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  • Well + Good introduces you to a new kind of fashion …workleisure.
  • From Racked: “Clothing manufacturers very often label clothing as ‘dry clean only‘ when, in fact, that garment may very well be machine- or hand-washed.” Innn-teresting.
  • Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest says that it’s a mistake to advise women to take on traditionally masculine traits at work, says Business Insider.
  • The New York Times tells the story of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who became Africa’s first woman president when she won the 2005 election in Liberia.
  • Lauren Collins asks in The New Yorker, “Are After-Work Drinks a Conspiracy Against Women?”
  • Self reports on a new study that found that colorectal cancer cases are “sharply increasing” among millennials.
  • The Daily Beast explains how the replacement for the Affordable Care Act means a big tax on women.
  • Quora says that they will be changing how anonymity works on the platform.
  • The New York Times’ Women in the World talks to Jen Glantz, professional bridesmaid (!).
  • Right now on NPR, you can stream the new musical “Come From Away,” which tells the story of 38 planes’ worth of travelers who had to land in Gander, Newfoundland, on September 11 (Washington Post), and how they were welcomed by the residents.
  • You’ve seen young Joe Biden… Now check out young Justin Trudeau, courtesy of Twitter and HuffPo.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find resources on how to look out for yourself in old age if you don’t have children/trusted family members to do so?

    My husband and I are in our late 30’s and are most likely not going to have children. Neither of us has any family members that would be young enough by the time we are elderly (no nieces/nephews) or close/trusted enough to deal with our affairs in later life.

    I am trying to find resources on how to plan for someone to “look out” for us in late life if we become impaired. Ex: how does one locate and assign a health care proxy outside of family? Are there reputable law firms or other services that provide high-quality and reliable representation to do regular wellness checks and ensure the client is being adequately cared for, not abused, etc. that also are prohibited from taking advantage of their clients? How would we determine whether a financial proxy would be appropriate and how would we select one outside of family? Etc.

    • Anonymous :

      Wow. That is a great question. I’m sort of in the same boat. Husband is almost 20 years older than me and has 2 adult sons. But considering the age difference, I will likely care for him and then be alone. I do have one nice and one nephew that I’m close to now. But I know they’ll have their parents (my sister) to care for so I don’t want to burden them with someone who really isn’t their responsibility. Same thing for his son’s. The only way I see them looking after me is for an inheritance. I hope someone responds to this. Thanks!

      • Anonymous :

        I think your situation is a little different from OP’s as you have a niece and nephew that you are close with. I fully expect to be involved in the care arrangements for my great aunt (Dad’s divorced childless sister). Other nieces/nephews are involved but I will likely be the primary co-ordinator. I would focus on structuring your assets with your husband to ensure there will not be a financial burden on your niece/nephew and that you can be financially independent after he passes/ avoid any disputes with adult sons but the niece and nephew would likely be appropriate candidates for a POA (after your siblings/husband have passed).

        OP’s situation is more difficult in that there appears to be no close family at all.

    • Anonymous :

      As a single woman in my 30s who will probably remain single, this question haunts me.

      • Anonymous :

        It haunts a lot of people! Even married people are likely to end up in this kind of situation. Spouses normally pass away at different times, and many kids are either not in contact with their parents or aren’t prepared/willing to take an active role in their lives this way.

    • Star Light, Star Bright :

      I wrote a massive response to this on the weekend open thread.

  2. migraineur :

    Migraineurs! Can you help me find big dark sun glasses? The ones I can find in brick and mortar stores have narrow temples that let sun in from the side. Sitting on the morning train to work with the bright spring sun behind the trees flickering in my eyes is awful. Help?

    • I can’t recommend specific glasses that are still available and have always found mine through trial and error. My favorites were Valentinos that I picked up at Costco several years ago (I didn’t take care of them as well as I should have and now the lenses are scratched). I look for big glasses with wide plastic earpieces. I get almost all of my sunglasses at Costco because the prices are decent, the selection changes regularly, and for some reason I can remember to check out their sunglasses on a regular basis.

      • migraineur :

        Yes, the good ones with wide temples/earpieces I bought years ago and they are falling apart. I can’t find wide temples anywhere because they are not in fashion

    • Anonymous :

      I need something similar for driving at night. Either people drive with their brights on, which triggers a migraine for me, or else newer cars have brighter (LED maybe?) lights that do the same thing.

    • Maui Jims are excellent at blocking out the sun, and they have some with big frames/lenses that cover the whole eye area and really block everything out.

      • migraineur :

        Yes! Those also seem to have wide temples. Thank you :) The price is more than I could afford right now, ouch

    • Look for wrap around styles? They tend to be more sporty than high fashion, but they cut down on light coming in on the sides. I love my Maui Jims.

      • Anonymous :

        [accidentally posted this outside the thread, trying again…]

        A former co-worker of mine got a pair of ‘theraspecs’ sunglasses and swore by them. I’m not sure which pair she got, but they’re designed specifically for migraines.

        • migraineur :

          I had those years ago. There was a study (15 years ago?) that pink would relieve migraines but it was discredited later. They did nothing for me and don’t help with blocking out the sun either. Thank you for replying and don’t tell your friend that it’s placebo, I’d be thrilled to find an easy relief!

      • migraineur :

        The sporty wrap arounds (marketed as cycling glasses here) let the sun in from above. I think I need to wear a helmet :D

    • migraineur :

      OK. Another post on here lead me to zerouv. They have a wider selection than any brick and mortar in my city. And cheap…

  3. Diana Barry :

    Ladies – I have some clothes that I’d like to make available to the ‘ r e t t e s before I put them on Ebay. Several nice J Crew #2 pencil skirts, a grey Theory suiting dress, etc., in sizes 6 and 8.

    Please email me if you would like to see pictures of them! It is dianabarry r e t t e at g mail (no spaces). :)

  4. Anonymous :

    A former co-worker of mine got a pair of ‘theraspecs’ sunglasses and swore by them. I’m not sure which pair she got, but they’re designed specifically for migraines.

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