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  • Racked has details on Eloquii’s first pop-up shop.
  • Here are the 2016 Award Winning Undies as voted by the customers of HerRoom (affiliate link).
  • Business Insider talks to some reality TV stars about how being on shows like The Bachelor and Survivor has affected their careers.
  • Above the Law shares a Biglaw memo from 1956 that explains how to deal with “Lady Lawyers,” aka “girls.”
  • The Washington Post reports that Harvard Law School will no longer require the LSAT for admission; applicants will be able to submit either GRE or LSAT scores.
  • In The New York Times, Susan Chira puts the sexist political criticism of Kellyanne Conway in the context of reactions to Hillary Clinton and other women in politics.
  • Related: Reason reports that two professors reenacted parts of the presidential debates — with genders switched — and got some interesting results.
  • Huffington Post reporter Carla Herreria comments on the recent lovely incident in which some guy humped the “Fearless Girl”  statue (and got caught on camera).
  • Here’s your Laugh of the Week: Prince William dancing like a dork, from Jezebel.
  • Here’s a different kind of Laugh of the Week, from Tracey Ullman’s Show (video autoplays).

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  1. That memo on ATL –grrr. My granny earned her JD in the late 20s. She did get a job, but she was paid $15 a WEEK, because she was “taking a job away from a man.”

    • Senior Attorney :

      I still remember job listings in the news paper separated by sex. Help Wanted: Male and Help Wanted: Female. And when I was temping as a “Kelly Girl” in the late 70s it was quite usual for a position to be described as a “one-girl office.” Gah…

  2. Midlevel Lateral :

    Hive I need some advice! I am laterally from a midsize firm (50 attorneys) to a big law gig (global firm, thousands of attorneys). I’ve been at the midsize firm since graduating from law school (2013) so I’m pretty nervous about transitioning to the big law lifestyle. Any suggestions or recommendations for making this transition? I start the first week of April and will have a week off between positions. TIA!

    • Anonymous :

      Use your week off in between to prep. Get all your drycleaning done, put all your bills on autopay, hire dogwalker, get shoes repaired, book dentist/doctor/hair appointments for the year which you will probably have to reschedule down the road but you will be able to get to some, call or message friends to let them know you are switching to a new busier job so they shouldn’t be offended if you are less available, pre-buy and wrap any birthday gifts needed in the next three months, automate your life as much as possible….

      Then take a spa day.

    • Yay Kat! I read the article about people bashing Hillary and Kelly Ann Conway, even tho they are completeley divergent from each other. It is b/c of insecurity that people bash successful women, whether democratic or republican. They are jealous, Dad says, of high powered women like us, and prefer us to be seen and NOT heard. FOOEY on that!

      As for the OP, Don’t worry. You can fit in to Big Law just as easily. I have freinds who went to big law and loved it; and now are home with kid’s so you can do both. Just remember to have your manageing partner know what you are up to so that you do NOT find youself isolated. YOu have the POWER of the HIVE behind you if you ever have questions, so GO FOR IT! YAY!!!!

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