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  • Refinery29 has tips on the best ways to take care of your clothes and make them last.
  • Racked wonders how Kate Spade will change now that it’s under Coach’s umbrella.
  • New York magazine’s The Cut helps you shop for shoes in larger, harder-to-find sizes.
  • BuzzFeed takes you on a trip through memory lane — so many ’90s styles are coming back!
  • Bored Panda tells the story of 63-year-old Fordham professor Lyn Slater, who was mistaken for a fashion celeb during New York Fashion Week and now works as a model with Elite London.
  • Stuck in the elevator with the CEO? Business Insider tells you what to say.
  • This week, This Lawyer Life has been sharing posts in its series, “Ten Tips to Ace Your Legal Job This Summer.”
  • MM.LaFleur’s blog features DailyWorth’s founder, Amanda Steinberg, in its Woman of the Week series.
  • Elle talks to Noorain Khan, who left her law firm job to take a 70% pay cut and work at the Ford Foundation. She says, “I’m so grateful to be around people doing the good work or making this world a better place.”
  • Pajiba has rounded up some amusing reactions to Ivanka Trump’s new book.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, Kate Levkoff ponders Mother’s Day brunch, at The Huffington Post.

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  1. Re: The comeback of 90s fashion

    I subscribe to the theory that if you’re old enough to remember it in style the first time, you’re too old to wear it this time. So maybe I’m squarely the wrong market, but why for the love of all things holy did they bring back the spaghetti straps over a white tshirt? It didn’t look good in high school in the 90s, it doesn’t look good now.

    I just… can’t.

    • Ha, my mom always said the same thing, and now I’m finally old enough to agree with her! What’s next, the return of the velour mock turtleneck??

  2. Wildkitten :

    Recommendations for temp agencies in DC and NYC? I’m a lawyer, though my background is in public policy, and I’d happily do some temp admin as well if that could kick in sooner. Thanks!

    • Anon for this :

      I’ve used Special Counsel to hire temps and been happy with the folks they send us. I think we have gotten paralegals and attorneys through them for short term project work, but I think they also hire folks for law firm marketing, secretarial and other similar roles.

      • When I was an associate at a DC firm (8+ years ago), attorneys from Special Counsel helped with large document review projects. The company aND attorneys were great to work with.

    • Anonymous :

      PoliTemps is good too.

    • Im a cpa currently doing temp work. Not sure if this works in law, but have you tried marketing yourself? Temp agencies mark the rate thru pay you up a ton. You can make more and the firm can pay less if they contract with you directly.

  3. Kat/Kate: Thanks so much for linking to my site!

  4. I heart Lyn Slater. She inspires me!

  5. The New York Times wrote a piece “Health Care, Daughters Know All About it” that is worth a read and a call to your elected representatives to assure that there are solid healthcare options for our aging parents and elders. Daughters are not a health care plan. End of life care can affect work and living situations.

    The Onion had a piece a few years back that had a son saying Mom and Dad’s health is declining – and my sister will take care of it. After all, she gave them a ride to one doctor appointment, so she is eminently more qualified than me.

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