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  • ABA Journal offered a look at how and why professional wear has evolved for lawyers, from traditional suit-and-tie ensembles to the fashion-forward looks on politicians and shows like Suits.
  • Racked explained how so-called modesty brands are becoming more mainstream — and more expensive.
  • Fashionista shared how Charli Howard — author, model, and co-founder of The All Woman Project, an organization to push for more size diversity in the modeling industry — shops for clothes, accessories, and makeup.
  • The Strategist investigated the best mascaras of all types, based on Amazon reviews.
  • Ask a Manager answered a reader’s question about whether it was overstepping for a manager to tell an employee not to wear hair extensions.
  • Fortune provided tips for landing a job, according to recruiters at the companies on their list of the 100 best companies to work for.
  • Psychology Today suggested how to address underlying fears when you want to make a fundamental change in your behavior or attitude.
  • The Balance gave advice on what not to say when negotiating a salary.
  • The Broad Experience podcast discussed who supports whom in heterosexual and same-sex couples, and what that support looks like.
  • NBC News reported how female doctors and nurses are seeking their #metoo moment in the male-dominated culture of medicine.
  • The Wall Street Journal shared why fitness retreats that include rosé at sunset, private snorkeling tours, and dance parties at night are growing in popularity.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, The Onion offered a behind-the-scenes look at how Twitter addresses user complaints.

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  1. When a shoe description states “Leather Upper” does that include the inside of the shoes?
    I realized the synthetic insides makes my feet smell… unpleasant.

    • Another Anon. :

      No, it only includes the upper part of the shoe – what you see on the outside and the back part of that portion on the inside, not the part where the bottom of your foot rests.

    • I really like Antonio Melani (Dillards house brand) for their leather-lined shoes. I have to size down in them by 1 or .5 size (1 size smaller for something I will wear with nylons and .5 for something I’ll wear with trouser socks or fleece footed tights) but they stretch very well (good leather) and have really great support even in higher heels. My favorite pair of pumps that just keeps going and looks super polished is their Glove Fit. Nice leather liner with support structure, in dress shoes – that’s a unicorn! Also, ladies with narrow heel + wide foot issues – you should give this brand a shot.

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