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  • Fashionista featured a slideshow of some of the yellow plaid outfits — very similar to Cher Horowitz’s signature look in Clueless — that were on the runways to promote designers’ fall 2018 looks.
  • Elle provided details about J.Crew’s new line of lingerie.
  • The Strategist shared the best undereye concealers.
  • Refinery 29 tested nine different concealers — from super-luxe to ultra-affordable formulas — and pronounced a clear winner.
  • Ask A Manager suggested how to respond to a supervisor’s workwear requirements that are stricter than the company’s dress code.
  • An attorney writing for Medium shared how she paid off her 6-figure student loan debt, even without making a 6-figure salary.
  • Harvard Business Review reported senior executives get more sleep than everyone else.
  • Speaking of sleep, MSN offered 10 tricks to fall back asleep at night.
  • Hello Giggles explained the significance of International Women’s Day next week on March 8.
  • The Washington Post shared suggestions from scientists and researchers on how to cut through the clutter of pseudoscience (like fad diets and quack cancer cures).
  • NPR asked, in light of the recently released “Jane Walker” from Johnnie Walker, do women need their own brand of scotch? Forbes also weighed in on the brand’s marketing, saying the Jane Walker edition fights for women’s equality, not against it.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, McSweeney’s shares an open letter to Greta Gerwig about how her film, Lady Bird, up for five Academy Awards at the upcoming ceremonies on Sunday night, including best picture and best director, passed the Bechdel test way too many times.

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  1. The NYT has an article listing the best drugstore makeup: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/01/smarter-living/buy-makeup-drugstore-foundation-bronzer-lipstick-mascara.html

  2. Anonymous :

    NPR is totally off the mark with that article- it looks like the whiskey is exactly the same, it’s just a limited edition bottle, which is actually pretty cool! I really like the female version of the logo. I think I’ll pick up a bottle.

    • I guess we can agree to disagree :)
      I thought it was sort of silly at best and condescending/gimmicky at worst. But I’m generally anti male/female marketing like this. I (lovingly) make fun of Mr. AIMS for buying Nivea for Men shampoo, etc.

  3. Self care :

    I want to hug the writer of that Medium article. Reading that description of self care was the first time I have ever seen the idea articulated in a way that described how I see it. Friends and coworkers don’t understand why the idea of spending my own money on spa visits, mani/pedis, designer clothes/shoes/purse splurges, fancy hair treatments, makeup, newer vehicles, ritzier house, etc. makes me anxious. I turn down most pricey social outings not because I can’t afford it, but because paying down debt is way more important to my mental well-being.

    • Medium Writer :

      I wrote the article – very glad it resonated with you.

      • This is extremely well written – thank you for writing it! I feel like no one else on earth (except DH) gets it. People who have my same religious views, political views, h3ll people who like the same obscure movies as me do. not. get it. I am so sick of the “debt is good” culture and thank my (grumpy, frugal, weirdo) mom for instilling debt aversion into her children. Let me know how I can help make the change. This thinking pattern is toxic and I don’t want my children to go through this same experience you and I had.

        • Medium Writer :

          Thank you! With the caveat that I don’t have kids, I think talking to your kids about money from an early age, at age-appropriate levels, is key. My parents didn’t do this because they wanted to protect me, but kids can feel financial stress even before they can put words to the feelings. My parents were not great with money but also not super frugal – I had to learn that on my own. Also, who you surround yourself with is key. I don’t have many frugal friends around me, but the online financial independence community is so supportive of one another.

          The political thing is so interesting to me. I’m very socially liberal, but as I wrote, I really have a problem with victimhood culture, especially when it comes to people who complain about their student loans. I could never vote for someone who promised debt forgiveness because it would just reinforce horrible personal finance habits in this country.

      • Extremely well written article. I’m going to save it.

      • Girl, you humblebrag so much in that article I am surprised you can fit your head through a doorway. Also: I have a particular aversion to people who are *proud* of the fact that they “prefer animals to people.” I have an idea, just from the statements you make in your article, who you are on this board and I’m not surprised the tone of your article rubbed me the wrong way, because your posts do as well. So I guess you and I won’t be getting drinks any time soon.

        I like the general concept of your article (I practice frugality/prioritize staying out of debt myself) but here’s some constructive criticism: bragging and then using a blaming/shaming tone is not the way to win people over to your way of thinking. The article would have been ten times more persuasive if you hadn’t come across as so self-righteous about every.single.aspect. of your life. Which is apparently superior to everyone else’s life in every way imaginable. How tiresome. And frankly, when I see pieces written in that tone it makes me immediately jump to the conclusion that the writer is immature and insecure, and is writing primarily to work out their own issues, rather than dealing with those in therapy.

        Part of what I love about Mr. Money Mustache is that his advice is mixed with a good dose of both humor and humility. Your article lacks both, and as such, is going to help fewer people than it could. If you’re serious about advocacy and helping people, you could learn a little bit more about what makes rhetoric compelling and persuasive. Because what you wrote in your article ain’t it. Sorry.

    • Me too. I never would have read it execpt for the comments here about it, so I did. Kudo’s to Medium! She did it even tho she did NOT have a 6 figure job. She is also a year older then me, had no money and does have a boyfreind, so there is hope for all of us! I think that everyone in the HIVE should read this as an inspiration to all of us who think that goals are sometimes beyond reach, whatever they are! YAY! The power of the HIVE is immense!

  4. Suggested Edit :

    Kat, I think the brand name is misspelled in your notes re the NPR article. It should be Johnnie Walker, not Johnny Walker.

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