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  • The Washington Post offered Met Gala fashion highlights.
  • W Magazine shared that in support of sustainable fashion, Cate Blanchett rewore an Armani Prive Couture gown at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.
  • The Cut provided insight as to why we consider long, dark eyelashes desirable.
  • An editor of The Wall Street Journal shared workplace advice she wishes she had known in her early 20s.
  • The Muse suggested 35 things to do for your career before you turn 35.
  • The New York Times explained how the interview question about past salaries influences the gender pay gap — and what to do to stop it.
  • The New York Times also offered an opinion piece on how to survive your 40s. (Also worth reading for women in their 20s and 30s.)
  • Jezebel shared why single women are buying homes and condos at more than twice the rate of single men.
  • Above the Law reported that a Big Law attorney in Miami intervened in a traffic stop she witnessed.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, Vulture shared 14 of the craziest movie posters spotted at Cannes.

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  1. Kay Kate and Kat!

    I just read the Jezebel article about buying condo’s for women, which is in far in excess of the rate that MEN buy them. I agree that we, as women, buy condo’s as INVESTEMENTS, not for quick profits, and for a place of stability to LIVE in. I love this quote, which I will share with the hive, based on the gender pay gap: I think it is terrible that women are making roughly 80 percent of what men make, to the dollar. It stands to reason that perhaps part of this movement towards single woman home ownership is because of this pay gap.

    I do NOT even know why I must be up at 8:00 am on a Saturday, workeing, but I am. I think that I am the onley one at my firm workeing like this, tho I am at my home office.

    “If you’re making less money than a man who does the same job as you, it might make some sense to make that money stretch. The independence afforded by home ownership is an easy means of exerting control in a world where so many other factors are out of your hands.”

    Jezebel knows we want stability and there is no better way to live this out execpt by home ownership, where we will have a place to go when we want a place of safety and a haven from the outside world. Jezebel has better articles then Marie Claire on topics like this, so I will now read BOTH! YAY!!!!

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